Finalization of Info for POA IMAX NYC on Saturday

Jun 03, 2004

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Hi all! This post is specifically directed at those who have tickets for POA IMAX NYC on Saturday afternoon, and those who do not have tickets, but would like to try and get in anyway.
For those who have tickets – please be at the theater early. We are going to distribute tickets between 2:00 pm and 3:25 pm; the show starts at 3:30, and we want to see it too, so we’re going to stop distributing tickets after everyone who’s in line at 3:25 has received theirs.

Remember – the theater is at 1998 Broadway (Broadway & 68th Street) – you can use MapQuest to get directions here.

Please bring either a photo ID which has the same name as the PayPal account, or a printout of the PayPal confirmation (either the email or the Details from the History section of your PayPal account will do.

If you do not have a ticket, but still want to go: We may have seats available; we don’t know for certain, because we don’t have a 100% accurate count of how many people are coming. We will be creating a standby line of up to 25 people; it is possible that not all 25 people will get in, and we will only allow 25 people into the standby line. There’s just not enough room for us to have more than that. All tickets sold to people in the standby line will cost $13.00, regardless of the age of the ticket-purchaser.

Any questions that haven’t been answered here? Email us at POA NYC @ the – leaky – (without any spaces).

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