Where To Go & What To Do at the NYC IMAX

Jun 04, 2004

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Further to my post last night, here’s the instructions for those attending the POA IMAX NYC screening tomorrow at 3:30.
First, one reminder – the show is sold out. If you do not have tickets, but you want to get into the standby line, follow the instructions below, but do not get into the regular line. If you’re there before 1:30, and you wish to be in the Standby Line, please wait by the large Harry Potter IMAX sign one floor below the IMAX level; we trust y’all to keep to the order in which you arrived.

Now, on with the instructions…
This is the entrance to the theater. When you come through the doors on Broadway, do not get in the box office line. Go up the escalator, and then go up the next escalator, and the next, until you’re on the fourth floor. There is also an elevator; the guards or ushers can show you to it, and you can also take that up to the fourth floor.

When you get to the fourth floor, please line up next to the window which is on your right as you step off the elevator. Start the line at the end near the video games, under the blue neon. Again, we trust y’all to keep to the order in which you arrived.

There are no bad seats in the theater, and we’re going to ask everyone to remove their wizarding hats (except those in the last row) before the film starts, so don’t fret too much about where you’re going to sit.

We’ll see you in 24 hours, and until then, have a magical day!

Finding Hogwarts

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