JKR.com: Poll Question About Mark Evans Answered


Jul 06, 2004

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


Head over to JKRowling.com‘s FAQ poll question to find a highly hilarious answer to the “Who is Mark Evans?” question that’s been plaguing all of us since last year. We’re not posting it here, but the comments are spoiler-areas, FYI. To get to the post on her site, hit the paperclips (FAQ) on her desk, then click the envelope that says “About the Books.” The last option on the side menu that comes up is “FAQ Poll.”
And that’s all I’m saying, as I’ve some author-hunting to do. Make sure that goatee is glued on nice and tight, Jo. (Thanks to the TLC readers who sent this in. That organizational e-mail is on its way; the “Find J.K. Rowling Society” is about to be born.)

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