Article: “Rowling’s Success No Sorcery”


Aug 28, 2004

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Investor’s Business Daily has this article about J.K.R’s rise to success in the publishing world. Amoung people interviewed are Arthur A. Levine of Scholastic, the U.S. publishers of the Harry Potter novels.

“She’s very aware that these books have a place in history,” said Levine. “It would be sad if anything was rushed or less than we wanted it to be to meet a deadline. It’s more important that it gets done right. The other side of having a book that’s very popular is that it’s read with great scrutiny. You have a responsibility to get the book out to an eager group of fans, but even more so to put out the best book possible.”

The article continues:

“Committed to getting her characters exactly right, Rowling hasn’t been afraid to make changes during the writing and editing process. Though she is strong-willed, Levine says Rowling isn’t stubborn when he suggests a needed change.

“I do remember there was one character in particular who seemed to be coming across much more harshly than I thought Jo intended,” Levine said. “I cited places where I felt that was coming across. In a situation like that she might say, ‘That’s a surprise to me. Let me take another look.’ At the same time, she’s very strong. She knows where things are and where she wants them to be.”

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