Coverage of TLC Coverage of HBP Scam

Jan 10, 2005

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Update 1/13: The Sun calls us a “genuine fans” Web site in dealing with the scam.

Update 1/11: Today Monsters and Critics talked to editor Heidi about the scam as well:

The Cauldron received over two-dozen emails from fans who had stumbled on the, what is sometimes called, phishing site. Phishing is when Web sites pretend to be established companies in order to corral users into giving out credit card details or passwords.

Heidi went on to say that there is “probably is more of a risk for Potter books, because of the intense secrecy regarding the book’s contents, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these sorts of phishing operations existed for other authors’ e-books, too.”

The BBC reported today on TLC’s coverage of the website that purported to sell ebook versions of the five released Harry Potter books, as well as Book Six. The article quotes our own Melissa, as well as a representative of JKR’s agency, who confirmed that no licensed ebook versions of any Harry Potter book exist.

The article also notes that the site has since been closed down; we at TLC will keep you posted if any illegitimate charges appear on credit card statements.

Edit from Melissa: A lot of you have been asking so I’ll answer: There is so far just one charge on my card, an $8.90 authorization that has not yet gone through. The card has been temporarily blocked from use, and Heidi’s going to do the same. We’ll let you know if any nefarious activity comes out of this.

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