New GoF Spot: Ferret Malfoy, Rita Speaks and More


Oct 02, 2005

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Thank you Xanthian for sending us the new Goblet of Fire TV spot talked about below. In this clip, we see Malfoy being turned into a ferret (and Moody winking about it!), Rita “Everyone loves a rebel, Harry” Skeeter (this is presumably the broom closet), the trio going through the PortKey, Barty Crouch, more of the maze, and some of the graveyard. Enjoy! (Remember, right-click and save-as.)

Goblet TV Spot 2 (5MB)

Update: Grace sent us the files in QT and WMV format – thank you Grace! Enjoy all!

Goblet TV Spot 2 (QT, 5MB)
Goblet TV Spot 2 (WMV, 1.7MB)

Finding Hogwarts

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