Filius Flitwick Rides the Wave


Nov 02, 2005

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Hogwarts! Are you ready for some rockin’ good fun? Then check out this great new footage we have tonight of the festivities at the Yule Ball. Previously, we told you about an interview broadcast on BBC4 with musician Jarvis Cocker that contained a clip of the band playing at the Yule Ball. TLC reader Richard was able to get us this high quality clip from the rebroadcast of that show, and dudes… check out Flitwick! Rock on my man! Enjoy! Note: If you are having trouble seeing the clip, you may need to download this free Divx.
We also have some great screencaps for you below: (spoilers of course)

* Band 1
* Band 2
* Jarvis
* Band 4
* Crazy girl
* Flitsurf1
* Flitsurf 2
* Flitsurf3
* Flitsurf 4-Closeup
* Hermione/Krum in crowd
* Hermy/Krum smiling
* Dancing
* Ron and Harry

Thanks Richard!

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