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Feb 02, 2005

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There is an email going around from a “Voldemort” suggesting that if you follow a series of steps, you will receive HBP for free. We are unsure whether it means for free on the day of release, or is purporting to give it to you early (it says you’ll have it “first”): either way don’t do it. This is akin to those ads that offer you free iPods and other highly priced items, but first make you jump through a series of Web hoops and spend money before getting to the prize. As the lady herself says, CONSTANT VIGILANCE! The prize at the end of that obstacle course will NOT be book six.
There is also a Reuters story about the big HBP scam and JKR’s warning here; it also quotes JKR’s agency crediting fans for alerting the authorities about the incident. Thanks to the many who emailed!

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