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Apr 10, 2005

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Several new photos of the actors who will appear in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film have surfaced this weekend. Veritaserum posted several photos taken by the London Taxi Tour from filming back in August of last year. These photos are of Devon Murray (Seamus) and Emma Watson( Hermione) along with an extra in the film.
There’s also a piece about Katie Leung in today’s Mail on Sunday, about her life outside filming. It mentions that “JK Rowling insisted that the actress to play Cho had to be a complete unknown.”

Update: Scans here, thanks to reader Lauren. Thank you Lauren!

Katie Leung in The Mail on Sunday #1
Katie Leung in the Mail on Sunday #2
Katie Leung in the Mail on Sunday #3
Katie Leung in the Mail on Sunday #4

A little warning: the article says there’s a kiss in this movie BUT it also says Krum is being played by the actor who plays Karkaroff, so before the shippers and the canon purists team up with pitchforks, large barrels of tar and several geese worth of feathers…please take a few grains of salt.

Thanks to Lauren and everyone who sent these in!

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