PotterParties: Countdown Screensaver and More

May 24, 2005

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pps.jpgIt’s been a week since we announced PotterParties.com and in that time we’ve received hundreds of e-mails, and can tell you that a lot of good news is coming out of that site soon.
First, though, our wonderful designer John Noe was toying around with some “homework” and came up with this amazing screensaver for you all, featuring an HBP countdown so you can keep track even while your computer is sleeping. The good folk at Streamload.com have happily hosted it for us, so you can download the approx. 1.2 MB file easily. It is available in TWO formats: One with the date reading “7.16.05,” and another with “16.7.05,” so it can match the custom you’re used to. To see a preview of it and download, CLICK HERE.

Note: We are currently only able to offer this to Windows users, but if someone can convert a Macromedia Flash file to a screensaver in the Mac format, please e-mail John.

Potter Parties is continually expanding, with more parties approved every day, and the rapid approach of an automated system that will potentially add thousands. The first batch of affiliates has been added; if you’ve contacted us but aren’t up yet, please have patience as we continue to add sites to this list.

We hope you enjoy this screensaver (I have it on my work computer, but am patiently awaiting Mac transformation to use it for my personal), and continue to enjoy PotterParties!

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