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May 07, 2005

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Well, the first video clip preview of The Goblet of Fire has been captured with a new look at Madame Maxime walking with what looks like the Beauxbatons. Veritaserum and Hpana(courtesy of Veritaserum) have the :30 clip. Enjoy!
UPDATE: The first interview segment(1:00) is up now on HPANA and Veritaserum.

Update #2 – Veritaserum has posted all three segments of the Goblet of Fire preview. The second one has footage of Harry and Cho Chang. Some great Yule Ball footage as well of Hermione and Krum dancing as well. The third one has the trio talking about the characters relationships. Check it out!

Update #3: We now have complete transcripts of the segments, thanks to Gmth and Gina. Thanks much, as well as to Veritaserum and HPANA!
Segment 1:

60-second spot about GoF from tonight’s showing of CoS.

Shots of Harry jumping, then the trio at the Yule Ball.

Dan: (unintelligible) Harry’s life is out of his hands.

Shot of the Goblet with the Weasley twins and Harry, blue fire streaks past Harry’s face.

Emma: In this film, there will never be a dull moment. It’s just going to be bang, bang, bang, adventure to next adventure.

Shot of the Great Hall.

Dumbledore: This year, Hogwarts will play host to the Tri-Wizard Tournament (shot of Filch firing the cannon, Ron and Hermione in the stands cheering), during which time, a single student (shots of Harry, Krum, Cedric and Fleur) gets to represent his or her school (shot of Krum putting his name in the Goblet) in a series of magical contests shot of Harry looking up — at the Dark Mark?.

Emma: I think it’s great (shot of Durmstrang students entering the Great Hall for people to realize Hogwarts isn’t the only magical school.

Shot of Beauxbatons students entering the Great Hall.

Dan: When the girls enter in, just every man in the Great Hall was kind of going — *gapes, open mouthed* (SO CUTE!)

Shot of Harry jumping again.

Rupert: This tournament’s wicked. It’s like, really dangerous (shot of Ron, Hermione and Neville in the stands, recoiling in fear) (shot of Harry, Fleur, Cedric and Krum meeting Dumbledore outside the maze).

Dan: They’re all kind of potentially fatal tasks they have to get through to be the winner.

Shot of Dan with the underwater crew in SCUBA gear. Shot of the maze.

Shot of a merperson and Dan swimming.

Rupert: There’s the maze, there’s the deep water and there’s the dragon (long shot of the Horntail).

an: The dragon… I think the dragon will terrify you (shot of the Horntail blowing fire).

Segment 2:

Emma: When I first read the script, I knew the whole issue of finding a partner for the ball would be really funny.

Shot of Harry and Ron and a bunch of girls walking by.

Harry: Why do they have to travel in packs?

Dan: It’s a character for anyone out there who’s ever been awkward with a girl (shot of Harry bumping into Cho and Cho smiling), which is probably every male, anywhere in the world.

Shot of Ginny and another girl (??) leading Ron into the Gryffindor common room.

Other girl: He just asked Fleur Delacour to the ball.

Ron: I (something unintelligible), Harry.

Rupert: It’s more sort of fun when you’re sort of acting it, but in real life it’s pretty scary.

Shot of Hermione dancing with Krum, Krum lifts her into the air and spins her around.

Emma: She kind of has a boyfriend in this one, which for Ron and Harry is a bit of a shock, really (shot of the trio at the Yule Ball again, seen through the camera lens), especially for Ron, who’s like, just realized she’s a girl.

Shot of Emma and Dan dancing.

Rupert: We had to waltz around in front of everybody. It was a bit embarrassing, but it was quite funny.

Shot of dancing couples, zooms in to Hermione and Krum.

Emma: I’m watching my feet the whole time. That’s not good, not good.

Shot of Harry and Parvati dancing.

Dan (or Dan as Harry) to Parvati: You trust me, don’t you?

Dan: It was very hard. I got to about halfway through and then I would just kind of like, lose it completely.

Emma: It’s very funny because the girls get up and are really ready to go and dance (more shots of couples dancing), and all the guys are like — *pulls a face, sighs* — “Oh no,” not getting up and dancing. It was great fun to do.

Segment 3:
Shot of Rupert pulling a face in the classroom. Shot of Emma. Shot of Dan smiling, then looking up at the Dark Mark (Mark not shown).

Shot of Harry running to catch up with Ron and Seamus.

Dan: Harry’s character has changed so much, he’s become a teenager.

Harry (to Ron): You’re a right foul git, you know that?

Ron: You think so?

Rupert: Ron gets a bit angry because he thinks that Harry’s always like, the hero (shot of Ron and Seamus pushing past Harry), but in the end it’s quite cool.

Dan: Even though he saved so many people, he sort of wants the celebrity thing to end.

Shot of Ron and Hermione in the stands clapping.

Shot of Ron and Hermione walking together.

Emma: This year, for Hermione, she’s just, more than anything else, on edge for so much of the film.

Shot of Harry and Hermione near the lake, then at the Quidditch World Cup during the DE attack, with Arthur and the twins in the background.

Emma: She just spends most of her time worrying about Harry.

Shot of Ron and Hermione in the Great Hall.

Rupert: (something unintelligible) You sort of sense like, a relationship between them two.

Shot of the trio and Parvati at the Yule Ball.

Hermione: Viktor’s gone to get drinks. Would you like to join us?

Ron: No, we would not care to join you and Viktor.

Rupert: I guess he’s sort of jealous.

Ron: You’re fraternizing with the enemy.

Emma: The stuff that he comes up with, uh… results in quite a few arguments. Which should be quite funny, actually. I’m quite looking forward to those.

Shot of Hermione coming down the steps at the Yule Ball, smiling.

Shot of Ron in his dress robes, smiling.

Shot of Harry, smiling.

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