Goblet of Fire Test Screening Report


Jul 10, 2005

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A test screening of the upcoming Goblet of Fire film took place this weekend in Chicago, and a report is now online. Posted on the Oscarwatch Forums, this cute report is somewhat detailed, and does contain some spoilers, but overall, the review has some very postitive things to say about the fourth Potter film, especially about the new cast members. The lucky viewer says that Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter is “a hoot”, and says that Rita is shown interviewing Harry only once. Additional postive things are mentioned about Mad-eye Moody, Madame Maxime, and Karkaroff. While the report is also very postive about Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort, there are slight spoilers about the graveyard scene, and the Tri-Wizard Tournament. To read the entire report, click here. Caution: slight movie spoilers.
Thanks very much Bart!

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