Jul 20, 2005

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emersonjomelissathumb.jpgPart two of THE INTERVIEW, along with part two of the report, is up:
The MuggleNet/TLC Jo Rowling Interview, Part Two
Edinburgh Report, Part Two

Update: Emerson has posted a public apology for use of the word “delusional” over on MuggleNet. He also posted a statement that people really need to read. Vent out your frustrations anywhere you like – except on Jo. The vitriol over this is completely uncalled for, and the only thing that makes us angry is that people are calling Jo names for doing what she always planned to do, and for laughing about that which has been stretched to mammothly ridiculous proportions over four years, despite “anvil-sized” hints trying to steer things back on track. I personally am disgusted, as the same people who fell in love with her writing and swore by it are now acting as though she’s not capable of handling her own characters. She tried to tell you, guys. Many times. If that’s not your preference, fine – but as an author she has a right to have a chuckle over an aspect of her books that’s been stretched out beyond recognition. Just relax, all right? And thank you Rachael, from, for your truly adult and sensible letter. I admire you for it, and hope those you lead can follow your example.

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