Joss Whedon on Directing Harry Potter


Aug 25, 2005

Posted by Melissa Anelli

whedonthumb.jpgJoss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity mastermind who many Potter fans have said they’d love to see direct a Potter film) – recently took part in a chat with Empire Online in which he addresses the question (transcript on the Australian Serenity site):

Iaamond: Joss, what can a Browncoat do to get you directing a Harry Potter movie?
Joss: ihaamond, awesome question, as I was just thinking about this last night…They would have to wait until all the books come out, as I refuse to see any Potter film till I’ve read them all, because she writes better movies tha[n] anybody shoots. When she’s done, I’ll go back and watch them and wait for the call to direct number seven.

Ohhh, we’ll wait too. Impatiently.
Thank you Jodi!

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Avatar Image says: Oh, wow- I second that notion of having Joss Whedon direct number seven. Wow, what a treat for Harry Potter fans, the HP series and for film in general. The man has got it all- vision, talent, genius. I'd flip to see a Whedon treatment of anything by Rowling, especially book 7. Wow, that'd be freaking legacy right there. JK Rowling, if you're out there: for a quick crash course in Whedon: check out his work, pronto. Here are a few quick picks among many brilliant episodes: (I left out a ton of great ones but you'll still get the idea from seeing any of these! Joss would handle HP like no one else!!!! A Whedon production/script with the full resonance, action, interest, arcs, themes of a Rowling text. It would be awesome... Buffy: Innocence, Becoming I & II, Anne, The Prom, The Wish, Bad Girls, Consequences, Earshot, Graduation, The Freshman, Hush, Restless, Dracula, The Body, Into the Woods, The Gift, Once Again With Feeling, Storyteller, Chosen Angel: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been, Five By Five, Sanctuary, Salvation, Orpheus Firefly: Our Mrs Reynolds, Shindig, Ariel, War

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