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Sep 15, 2005

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Yes, as we said, the Goblet trailer is here and downloadable in Quicktime here (WARNING: there’s a major spoiler at the very end, that some readers have been saying they wanted to be warned about – and that’s all we’re saying about that!)
We’ve already got Leaky’s trademark shot by shot and more than 200 screengrabs – check it out:

Goblet of Fire Book-to-Film Shot-by-Shot comparison
Goblet Trailer Screengrabs

ENJOY! (It will be updated in the high-res later today; send us screengrabs if you like!)

UPDATE: Courtesy of our very own Wolverine in the forum, we now have a excellent transcript/description of the trailer which you can read below. Enjoy! Thanks Wolverine!
The WB Logo appears (silver grey as in POA) and you can notice a reflection of some sort of landscape on it.

The Beauxbatons carriage making it’s descent. We see the winged horses & carriage past by students overlooking it’s arrival.

(Voice over of Dumbledore: I’d like to make an announcement. Hogwarts castle will not only be your home…)

We see Hagrid signalling their descent and as they get closer he jumps out of their way.

(Continued VO: But home to some very special guests as well…)

We see Dumbledore on the same podium as in POA (the candle wax is bigger this time around).

The Durmstrang ship rises from the Great Lake.

(VO: Please welcome our friends from the North. The proud sons of Durmstrang)

We see Viktor Krum and Igor Karkaroff enter the Hall, passing Filch in the centre (who has a surprised expression on his face)

(VO: And now the lovely ladies of Beauxbatons)

We see the Beauxbatons girls enter the school. Immediately we see all the guys getting up to look at them.

The girls strike a pose and magical blue butterflies (chirping like birds) come out of them.

Harry is in the Great Hall sipping juice which falls out of his mouth.

Words on screen: A Time For Change

Harry in the Owlery asking Cho, “I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to go to the Ball with me” We see Cho’s reaction which looks slightly disappointed & yet pleasently surprised.

An vacant class with students. We see a huge gramaphone in the background which Filch is attending to. McGonagall walks up to Ron and says, “Mr. Weasley, press your right hand on my waist”. Ron’s look of shock and reply, “Where?”

The Great Hall dressed up for the Yule Ball. The entire area is covered in ice. We see an area left out in the centre which is the dancefloor & in the background there are three large Christmas trees. Note that snow is falling from the ceiling, but as in the films dissolves.

Overhead shot of Hermione & Krum dancing.

A sweet shot of Hagrid (dressed in his hairy suit from POA) & Madame Maxime (dressed elegantly in beige) looking at each other.

Hermione in her gown peering below.

Harry & Parvati turn around to look at her.

Ron & Padma look on. Padma says, “Is that Hermione Granger with Viktor Krum?” You can see Ron’s expression and it’s dead on. Krum holding Hermione’s hand and kissing it.

Ron telling Hermione, “You’re fraternizing with the enemy”. Hermione’s slightly annoyed reply, “The enemy?!”

Words on screen: A Chance For Glory

Overhead shot of the First Task stadium.

(VO: Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event)

A night time view of the Maze with Hogwarts in the background.

(VO: The Tri-Wizard Tournament). Only this time he says it in a gentler tone.

A semi-circle view of the stands for the Second Task.

The Hogwarts clock tower at night.

(VO: And now the champion’s selection.)

Dumbledore with his arm raised as the Goblet turns from blue to a dark pinkish colour. In the background you can notice the Durmstrang group along with some Slytherins, including Draco, Crabbe & Goyle.

A piece of paper in the air which Dumbledore grabs. He turns & shouts, “Viktor Krum”

We see Krum clench his fist with happiness.

A shot of the Quidditch World Cup Stadium with a massive view of Krum on his broom in his scarlet Bulgarian robes. (You can notice the Quidditch team flying below)

(VO: “Fleur Delacour”)

Fleur gets up from her table smiling. Then a shot of her bowing.

(VO: “Cedric Diggory”)

We see Cedric in the centre of some Hufflepuffs (inc. Ernie Macmillan) and his happy expression as he hears his name.

A shot outside the Maze with Amos Diggory raising his son’s hand in the air. (You can see Karkaroff & Krum in the background)

The Goblet’s dark pinkish flames rise very high.

Our first shot of Snape as he looks on with Barty Crouch, Karkaroff, Flitwick & Hagrid in the background with the Tri-Wizard Cup.

Dumbledore shouting, “Harry Potter!”

Harry getting up in shock.

Ron’s voice saying, “What did you do?”

Harry telling Ron in the Dormitory, “I didn’t put my name in that Cup. I don’t want want eternal glory”.

Cool shot of Mad-Eye Moody with his eye zooming around.

A view from the eye looking on to Harry.

Ron saying, “It’s Mad-Eye Moody”

Moody in the DADA classroom. He is pointing his wand at a spider in his hands. In the background you can see a chalkboard with the writing, “Moody” and below it “3 Unforgi..”

The spider hovers over Ron. Moody says, “Avada Kedavra” and we see the spider get killed by the curse. Moody again saying, “The killing curse. Only one person has known to survived it & he’s sitting in this room”. Harry looks up at him after hearing this.

Harry entering the First Task stadium.

Sirius’s voice (in a low creepy rocky kind of way) saying, “People die in this Tournament”

The Horntail’s tail smashes into the ground behind Harry. The Horntail rearing & breathing fire.

A shot of Harry escaping from the Horntail on his Firebolt.

Words on screen: And A Return…

A COOL shot of Sirius’s head in the flames. His face is made of fire, coal and embers thus giving off a very cool effect. He says, “The devils are inside the walls.” Harry turns around.

A brief shot of Nagini hissing towards a door which is ajar. You can see Barty Crouch Jr. in a bending position facing a chair. He seems to be talking to LV.

Words on screen: Of Evil

A shot of Karkaroff, Snape, McGonagall, Madame Maxime, Dumbledore, Moody & Crouch turning around.

A shot of what I believe to be Moody on his way to Hogwarts outside the rain. My belief for this is that he is carrying a staff (seen in many pictures), the way he is walking and the coat. It is also raining which is the same weather on the first night at Hogwarts.

Harry saying, “Something’s coming closer. I can feel it” whilst rubbing his head.

A creepily fast shot of a statue of a cloaked skeleton with angels’ wings rasing a blade.

Pettigrew holding something (like a blade) over a large simmering cauldron. You can see Harry struggling as he is held by the statue. Pettigrew says, “The Dark Lord shall rise again”

The Dark Mark (it’s not clear if it is in the sky or just in the air) but we see a hand (can’t think of who’s it is) pointing at it and then quickly lowering itself again.

A shot of Harry opening his eyes.

McGonagall looking downwards putting her hands on her face in shock. You can see the Weasley Twins in the background & Filch is beside her.

Wizards running away from the DE’s who are burning the campsite.

Harry’s backflip in the air during the Second Task.

Hermione running to Harry in the Tent and hugging him. Rita’s photographer immediately takes a picture of this as we see him and Rita entering the Tent. Hermione turns around.

Dumbledore pulling a memory out of his mind.

Harry turning around (either in the Maze or in the Graveyard)

Harry’s hand reaching out to something. It’s unsure what but it looks like it’s cloaked.

Fleur turning around in terror in the Maze.

Rita coming in to view from the smoke of the camera.

Harry & Cedric trying to escape the brambles attacking them in the Maze.

The Hungarian Horntail lunging at Harry in the air.

Harry in Priori Incantatem.

The mermaid shrieking at Harry.

Moody attacked by some sort of spell. This is when Dumbledore finds out he’s an impostor.

The crowd getting up in applause during one of the tasks.

Harry falling down into the Trial Chamber from the Pensieve.

Harry being attacked by Grindylows.

And last but not least, the Holy Grail of shots, an extremely brief and shadowy view of LV’s face …and can I just say, “CREEPY!”

The film’s title comes in to view and we hear Hermione saying, “Everything’s going to change now isn’t it?”

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