Potter Fans for Katrina Victims

Sep 06, 2005

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ribbon_blk.gifWe’ve been watching the mounting devastation Hurricane Katrina wreaked on the Gulf Coast here for a few weeks now, and we don’t feel as if that’s enough. We want to help, and feel as though our readers do, too.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve joined up with MuggleNet for the “Potter Fans for Katrina Victims” drive.
Firstly, for the next two weeks, all commmissions from The Cauldron Shop, the affiliate store that helps fund the site, will be donated to the Red Cross on behalf of Harry Potter fans.

That donation will be part of a larger one. Our PayPal box will be open and receiving donations for the next two weeks. All combined funds will go – in the name of Harry Potter fans, through Leaky Inc, our non-profit organization – to The Red Cross, which helps not only victims of this tragedy but of many others worldwide, including the Southeast Asia tsunamis of last year. The donation will be made in a lump sum in the name of Harry Potter fans.

Our love and thoughts and prayers and hugs go to all our friends in the affected areas. We open the invitation to partake in this drive to all Harry Potter sites – please take the code for this button (available in this text file) and paste it onto your site, and let us know that you’ve done so at [email protected] – we will post a link to your site on a participants page that will be revealed shortly and updated as we go. Thanks so much for your support and in advance for your generosity.

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