Potter Fans for Katrina Victims Effort Update

Sep 08, 2005

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It’s day three of our drive, and the good hearts taking part in the Potter for Katrina Victims relief fund have raised $4,000. Keep it going, guys. Keep it going. Spread the word by posting the PayPal button (TXT file of the code here) or linking to this post, where you can find all the info you need.
We’ve just updated our list of participants with about 30 new sites that came in since yesterday. If you have posted the info about this drive, please let us know at [email protected]; don’t be shy – we’d like the world to know exactly who is taking part in this effort. You can encourage this effort for free by visiting the sites who participate and thanking them.

Do you have to have an HP site to participate? No! By reading about this drive it’s clear you are a Harry Potter fan. If you want to put the links on your off-topic site, please, by all means, do so, and we will thank you kindly.

Also, we are looking into finding a company who will match our effort, as we’ve seen many proclaim they will do. We will probably end up in the $10,000 range – imagine having that doubled, on behalf of Harry Potter fans. So, if you know a company that is willing to step up and match the funds, please let us know. We will thank you very publicly and very loudly, while the contribution does its quieter, nobler work.

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