HBP Released in Poland Today


Jan 27, 2006

Posted by Melissa Anelli

The Polish translation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released at midnight tonight in over 1,000 bookstores throughout that country. According to an article on the Polskie Radio website, both hardcover and paperback versions will be available. (*Note: The Leaky Cauldron takes no responsibility for the misspelling of JKR’s name in the article!*)

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Avatar Image says: Hi. I know this article is from last year and probably no one reads the comments... But I just wanted to say that Polish people are not as dumb as they seem to other nations; I learned English, which is not that hard, after all. The matter is that everything depends on single unit; if I want to learn English, I do so. Please, do not hold your opinions about a nation on few people. Dumb people are everywhere. Just because someone spelled Rowling's name not correctly doesn't mean that Polish people don't know languages. P.S. I read both original and translated versions of HBP, and I loved them. Notwithstanding, I am sure that the movie will be, as usual, a disaster.

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