Half-Blood Prince Released in Spanish


Feb 24, 2006

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As we have been telling you, the Spanish-language edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was due to be released yesterday, and there are now several news articles online about this event. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, one bookstore anticipates that between “15-to-18 thousand copies ” of Book Six will be sold this weekend. The AP also reports many eagar fans turned up in cities such as Madrid, Spain.

In Madrid bookstores, the book known here as “Harry Potter y el Misterio del Principe” went on sale at 12:30 p.m. EST, accompanied by magic shows and other activities such as story-writing contests.

“Harry Potter’s publishing house has waited until the end of the day to create maximum expectation,” said Maria Amor Calleja, manager of Casa del Libro, Madrid’s biggest bookstore. “This doesn’t happen with any other book. There is real Potter-mania in Spain.”

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