Mirror of Erised Inspires Prize-Winning Classical Music Composition

Mar 10, 2006

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The world premiere of Mirror, Mirror, a classical wind ensemble composition will be held at the University of Connecticut on Saturday, March 19. The piece, written by composer Stacy Garrop, winner of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Music Composition Prize, was inspired by three stories about mirrors and mirror images:

“Mirror, Mirror involves two identical wind ensembles, each consisting of a flute, an oboe, a clarinet, a bassoon, a horn, a trumpet, a trombone, and one percussionist, to be set up in exact mirror images of each other. One represents reality or the mirror’s subject, while the other represents the mirror’s reflection, Garrop says. . . The first movement depicts the Greek legend of Narcissus, the middle movement explores J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the mirror of Erised, and the final movement illustrates the Grimm Brothers’ rendition of Snow White.”

For more information about the piece, the Sackler Prize, and the concert, click here.

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