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Apr 20, 2006

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While savvy TLC users know that our text-only page is compatible with most mobile phones, we’ve gone a step further and opened up LeakyMobile, your on-the-go Harry Potter resource at the very convenient-to-type m.leakynews.com. In this extremely scaled down Leaky page that fits just right on your phone you get the latest batch of HP headlines as well as some info you might be on high alert for, and which you can only get so specialized on Leaky: a book seven info page and news feed, and a movie five info page and news feed. And, very shortly, going to www.leakynews.com from your phone should shoot you right over there anyway. You can also page through our news archive as if you were on the site itself. It’s super-streamlined to keep you on the HP cutting edge when you’re on the run, so bookmark it and enjoy!
Update: Since this went live we’ve been playing with more and more accessibility and content options; there’s now some more info on the book and movie pages, and we’ll be implementing a couple of convenience features shortly as well. Keep checking! :)

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