PotterCast #45: The One Without Melissa


Jun 25, 2006

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PotterCast 45: “The One Without Melissa”
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In this show:

-This week: Our Melissa is away and the MuggleCast boys come to play.
-Andrew Sims joins John and Sue for the Lowdown on all the news.
-Let’s talk Hair on Harry and Neville
-Hedwig’s got a new feather-cut.
-Sue talks about her favorite actor-guess who?
-John will be armed with his wand at the IMAX.
-Dawlish the Cat.
-We ask “What would Melissa Do?”
-Fan Interview with KimmyBlair and Moriah, a peace corp volunteer talk Potter fans in Bulgaria where Moriah is located.
-The Modcast discusses soul splitting.
-Is the soul somehow diluted each time it is split?
-Mailbag with our John, plus Andrew Sims and Ben Schoen from MuggleCast.
-Is Sue really a Death Eater?
-Andrew doesn’t believe in Shipping.
-How do you block out people who tease you about HP?
-Andrew says “Punch them in the face!”
-Info on the Live Podcasts at Lumos and NYC.
-Sue never listens to John (not really)
-John’s alarm didn’t work, so no Melissa!
-Shameless plug for MuggleCast.

Running time: 1:16:54

The final edit of this show was completed by editor Jeff Gregory

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