PotterCast #48: Potter in the Water


Jul 17, 2006

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PotterCast 48, featuring director M. Night Shyamalan, is now up and we have the easiest way for you to listen yet: Just look on the right side of this page (—>) and hit the “Play” button. (Also available: iTunes and direct download.) Remember to vote for PotterCast at Podcast Alley if you haven’t. Now, in this show:
-Director M. Night Shyamalan comes to PotterCast to talk about Lady in the Water, modern fantasy, and what he would do with a Harry Potter film.
-“Clearly, I would love to close the series,” he says, while commenting that, “there’s a great need for magic right now. That’s probably why I went to it. We’re all a little lost and this idea of magic is important to us.”
-Night: “You’re going to cause a lot of trouble!”
-Is he more of a Peter Jackson or a Chris Columbus?
-Night would want to be writer/director on Potter: “Screenplays are fun for me. Very, very fun. [I would want to see] a serious emotional conflict…where you really are torn, because power has such a double-edged sword to it…I want the audience to feel that for a moment. To go, you’re full of all this power, but what are you going to do?”
-Reminiscing about the Half-Blood prince release and the JKR interview
-The debut of Jo-ghetti pasta
-J.K. Rowling, the asteroid!
-Night’s kids would attack him with wands if he got a Potter film
-No Melissa in Canon Conundrums, but Steve is back!
-Modcast: All about the Forbidden Forest and its role in the book
-Canon Conundrums: What will the house elves do in book seven (sort of)
-House-elf reproduction?
-John’s put-put-golf cast
-Coming back to PotterCast: Matt Lewis!
-How did Dobby get the letters from Owl Post?
-Have you RSVPd for Lumos at LeakyMug.com?
-Happy Half-Blood Prince Birthday!
-The Kill Sue portion of the show
-Forza Italia! (Melissa sings!)

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