Issue 8 of Scribbulus Now Available


Sep 01, 2006

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The latest issue of Scribbulus, Leaky’s essay project, is here! In this issue we have 10 more essays for you, including Harry Potter and the Gothic Novel, by Elizabeth Murray; Harry Potter – the Accidental Horcrux,” by Michael Daniel; Faithful Snape, by Arthura Weasley, and Heaven, Hell and Harry, by Dark Elder. Other essays deal with Hermione’s career, divination, and being a fan. You can discuss all the essays at the Lounge, right here!
If you would like to write for Scribbulus, the next submission deadline is October 1. You can write on any topic, but special focus for this submission period will be placed upon Magical (Meta-)Physics. So you think you know all there is to know about how Apparition works, eh? Prove it! :)

Finding Hogwarts

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