Crank It Up: Wizard Rock Hits the Potter Fandom

Sep 14, 2006

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There is a new article online tonight about the newest form of Potter Fan participation that is really crankin’ these days… Wizard Rock. This new feature details the rise of the wizarding- themed rock bands, who are all inspired by and play music related to the Harry Potter books.
In this article, some of the groups listed are well known already in the fandom, like the Potter version of the boys from Boston, Harry and the Potters, who recently played a great show to an enthusiastic crowd Lumos. Other mentions of bands include popular groups such as Draco and the Malfoys, The Hermione Crookshanks Experience, The Sectumsempras, and The Whomping Willows. Mention is made as well that many of the wizarding rock bands have a MySpace page where you can go and check out this music for free. The article also discusses The Remus Lupins, whose talented singer Alex Carpenter (seemingly the Potter world’s equivalent at the moment to a very cool Stubby Boardman 😉 ), recently wrote new music that can be heard during our PotterCast.

“Harder sounds come to us from The Remus Lupins, who really do know how to play their instruments, write songs and avoid many of the really painful rhymes from the bands previously mentioned. Also, it’s nearly impossible to mention this band in Harry Potter fan circles without at least three people, even if they don’t listen to wizard rock, saying, “Wait, isn’t that the one with the really hot lead singer?” Apparently so.”

Editor’s Note: While this article only covers a few of the many cool wizarding rock groups out there, there are indeed many more out there to discover, and when you do….crank it up and enjoy! :)

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