Spoil Us Not, Sneaks!: A refresher on Leaky’s pre-book policy


Apr 28, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

OK peoples. It’s just about that time: A few months away from the book. THE book. We’re getting a lot of e-mails about spoilers – and not just the kind where you say, “You may not want to read my theory because it’s totally a spoiler.” Thanks for the warning – we had no idea Snape was a body surfer! Awesome!
Anyway, the books will soon be printed. Sometime in the next few weeks we’ll hear all sorts of ridiculous things, such as:

  • The book magically appeared in a field (“Phoenix”: Remember how the person who found it just happened to call the ever-magnanimous tab “The Sun,” who then printed a review that basically read, “Nanny-nanny-poo-poo, we’ve read it and you haven’t”?).
  • Or, a bunch of bets for Harry to live / for Harry to die came out of the town where the books are being printed (“Half-Blood Prince”: Remember the bets on Dumbly?).
  • Even, perhaps, that there was a pistol shootout / watergun showdown / spaghetti-slinging match over stolen copies (again, “Half-Blood Prince.” That is, just the pistol part).

And then there are the little spoiler-zone pockets, which crop up in strange places. Last time, a big leak came from a librarian who decided to dig in a few days early and post the results on her journal. Bookstore workers have also been responsible for leaks (though, we understand how working in a store where unopened Potters lurk evilly can be a form of torture acceptable in old-school Salem). Before HBP’s release, someone on a military base in Malaysia got hold of the book and scanned in every first chapter page, the summary, and the whole final chapter, and sent it to Leaky. Some staffers were intensely spoiled. Some staffers are still bitter. Some staffers curse this person’s name.

The powers that be seem even more prepared for this spoiler scenario this time. There are talks of extreme security measures, of chains and locks and last-minute deliveries.

BRING IT, we say.

Here it is, a refresher on Leaky’s spoiler policy:



Sending us spoilers will get you one place, bucko: sent to Scholastic, Christopher Little, Bloomsbury, and every JoLawyer we can think of. We don’t want to see them, we won’t post them, and we’d want to stop you. Book revelations aren’t to be spurted out in bullet form on a message board. They’re to be read, dispersed at the proper moment, given all the context of the story. This is not like the movies, which cannot contain real plot surprises for fans.

If Harry dies, we don’t want to know about it until J.K. Rowling decides to tell us. And if you decide to tell us before that, you’ll incur the wrath of a staff of almost 200, most of whom have been waiting almost 10 years for these final revelations and can NEVER get back the moment you rob by spoiling them. That’s some wrath, right there. We own pitchforks, hot wax and feathers. And we’re not afraid to use them.

If, between now and July 21, Jo or her people release a fact about the book, it will be posted on this site, but you will be heavily warned about it beforehand. We understand a lot of you want to remain super-pure from now until then. We admire you, oh white angels.

If it comes from ANYWHERE else – from ANY unofficial source – it will not be on this site. You have no need to worry. We might recognize its existence in a news story, but the actual content of the spoilage won’t appear on these pages.

So, bookstore managers, librarians, and people who like to stroll in the fields next to the publishing plants: We appreciate that you feel the need to share your revelations with us. But you’d have better luck and would get a better response if you told your goldfish instead. Watch out, though – we hear the publishing companies are looking into fishbowl surveillance. Mr. FlippityFins just may be a plant.

And if you’re that guy who shouted “SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!” outside the bookshop at 12:01 a.m. on July 16, 2005? Just go away, man. Just go away. Quietly. And we won’t hurt you.

Seriously: we’re almost there, guys, so let’s make sure we respect every other Harry Potter fan we can. It’ll be worth it!

549 Responses to Spoil Us Not, Sneaks!: A refresher on Leaky’s pre-book policy

Avatar Image says: Right on Melissa!Avatar Image says: Amen to that!Avatar Image says: you guys are hysterical! thanks for the warning!Avatar Image says: My sentiments exactly. I hate the dimwits who enjoy ruining it for everyone. Thanks Melissa. Your wordsmithing makes me envious.Avatar Image says: Thank you for posting this!Avatar Image says: Hurray Melissa! Hurray for integrity! Hurray for respect! Hurray for the courage to defend Jo's wishes and the experience of her fans! Let's be sure the folks who would be spoilers know that they will not be heroes, they'll be hated. Thanks for this post.Avatar Image says: People will probably still send you spoilers just because they are jerks, but I really hope none of you get spoiled because if that happened to me I would be sooo upset. Me and my brother decided that we're wearing earplugs to the midnight party just in case someone decides to blurt things out. I really, really, really don't want to know ANYTHING. Good post :)Avatar Image says: LOL!! I take it you guys are really serious about this! The pitchforks was a little creepy though... but seriously, what type of jerks want to ruin the book for people! Damn, I would kill someone if they spoiled it for me.Avatar Image says: Hear Hear. Let's hope the security procedures work out. I am horrified to learn about the military base HBP spoiler - I would have hunted him down and sent him to Guantanamo. Loving your work guys. Avatar Image says: Definitely the post we needed. Some people need to understand it's really not funny spoiling things like they've tried in the past; especially after the whole bets on DD's death before HBP was released. What if it were a series they were into and someone spoiled it for them? Thank you, Leaky, for being a such reliable and responsible fan site :)Avatar Image says: AMEN. I've been building up to reading that book for seven years now, and I don't want any random news -- or some crazed screaming guy -- to ruin that experience for me. Speaking of which, when I finally get that book in my hands, I'm sure I will be shaking like a leaf. Only a fellow HP fan could understand.Avatar Image says: wha? Snape KILLS Dumbledore?!? YOU RUINED THE BOOK FOR ME!? grrr...... but yes, I agree wholeheartedly, spoilers are bad, very very bad. I managed not to be spoiled last time by ceasing to read message boards and comment pages several months in advance and complete shutting all lines of communication to me for about two weeks before I could get the book. Harry kill Voldemort? Words I will not know to be true until very early on the 21st of July. I WILL NOT BE SPOILED!!!Avatar Image says: Here, Here! :} lets here some love for our courageous leader! Thanks Melissa! p.s. if that man had been at our store and said that when im about to indulge in a long awaited story I WOULD have hurt him. heheAvatar Image says: if anybody dare scream a spoiler at the release this year, i will personally beat them with a broomstick. i'm sure many of you would join me.Avatar Image says: Here Here!!! I still want to find the a@#$(^$ who shouted that Snape kills Dumbledore and pound him into the ground. When I returned to work the Monday after the release (I had just finished reading the book on Sunday morning and went into mourning all that day), I was asked by all staff in my office if I had finished the book. I said,"Yes". They would then say," Great, I have a video to show you..." Then they would show me THE video.... Grrr. I hope nothing like this happens agian... especially the night I am in line getting the book. Avatar Image says: T_D_O, I'm doing the same thing as you. I'm gonna charge up my iPod and play it as loud as I can possibly stand and not take it out till I get home. We've all waited so long. If someone ruins it, death will become them.Avatar Image says: Snape is a bodysurfer? Cooo, whodathunkit.Avatar Image says: Right on Melissa! I do hope to not be spoiled for this LAST book in the Harry Potter series. I hated it when I was spoiled for the death in HBP. Question: how will Leaky keep spoilers out of the comments section on here and out of the Leaky Lounge? Deleting such comments after the fact will not unspoil anyone who happened to read them before such deletion. I do hope Leaky can remain a spoiler-free zone. I know I'll be turning off my breaking news text alerts and quit watching tv and listening to radio sometime before the release of the book. I'm concerned that the media may be quick to release the outcome of the series soon after the book's release and before most of us have finished reading.Avatar Image says: We are going to try very hard to keep them off the Lounge and comments, but for a certain period of time all our staffers will be READING. There might be spoilers in those places for the first few days. Our advice is to stay off it if you're still reading. We'll warn you and give details and such, about when we'll be around to moderate these areas. After sufficient time has passed, things like message boards and comments WILL contain book spoilers - but the main page (that is, that which you don't have to CLICK to get to) will remain free of them for months.Avatar Image says: All I can think to say is: Amen!Avatar Image says: Here! Here! Bravo Goodonya!Avatar Image says: Thanks so much you guys! I am getting extremely paranoid (much like the people afraid of tripping in the essay on Scribbulus) and I don't want a repeat of the betting numbers from the publishing city...I can't believe we're almost there!Avatar Image says: well said xxAvatar Image says: "Me and my brother decided that we're wearing earplugs to the midnight party just in case someone decides to blurt things out. I really, really, really don't want to know ANYTHING." I was thinking the same thing, but thought I was crazy. Good to hear that there is someone else out there as worried as me. I am balancing my fear of hearing something either at the book release, or the movie release, and wanting the book right away and to see the movie the first night. I like the Ipod idea, but my friend who I am going to both those things with might thing I am a little rude.Avatar Image says: *applauds* And if anyone thinks of yelling out the ending to DH in the queue at Waterstones in Edinburgh at Midnight, then be afraid....very afraid. Myself, ErinRae and Amoscotia will literally obliviate your sorry ass!!! DON'T SPOIL!Avatar Image says: Nice post, couldn't agree more with you. People who spoil the book are sick.Avatar Image says: I totally agree with Leaky's policy on this. It's not just deliberate spoilers one has to guard against. My sister spoiled the ending of "Survivor" for me in 2 successive years! The first time was by accident, and the second time she said, "I'm not going to tell you who wins, I'm just going to say you'll be SO surprised". Of course, I could immediately guess (correctly) who it was! Both times the whole rest of the series was ruined for me. I'm also going to go the news-blackout route!Avatar Image says: Snape is a bodysurfer? NO. WAY.Avatar Image says: The 11 commandment: Thou shall not spoiler Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I could not agree more with any of you. This will be my very first and last HP realise party and do not want it spoiled for me like the other 6 were.Avatar Image says: Thank you Melissa/Leaky, I remember last BOOK, I didn't turn on my computer, no TV or phone until I finish the book. When I finally got back in the Muggle World, I was so impress with Leaky and Mugglenet, and read all they had posted since the book came out. I know and appreciate how the work the volunteers do to keep this site, 'Harrypure'. (See, I am now making up words just like Jo does. Remember, the word 'Muggle' is now in the dictionary! Yes I like it, Leaky is 'Harrypure'!) PSS: Melissa, you should tell the Leaky Muggle staff, to fix the 'Spell Chex' here to accept the word 'Muggle' and not for it to be underline when we type it here. Avatar Image says: Sigh. If only it could be applied to the newsmakers, as well. When HBP came out, that very evening the guy on the Russian news said "Dumbledore dies", even though Russian fans - those who don't speak English - had to wait *months*. Gods, if someone - anyone - will say *anything* on the news, I'll just strangle them. And, yeah, I wondered if there were freaks during the midnight release party in US/UK. Here, in Moscow, I got up at eight on the release day and wandered around the major bookstores until about midday - I got my book at noon, and there were very few HP fans around, so I was safe. I was spoiled by "Dumbledore's death" betting and the chapter names last time - but that's because I refreshed the forums every fifteen minutes. I guess I'll stop visiting fan pages after OOTP film comes out - if I manage it, that is.Avatar Image says: I 100 % agree with TLC. I'm in France and it will be my first midnight release ! I'll be very exited and hope that I won't be spoiled ! It's gonna be a very moving moment !Avatar Image says: Hear,Hear! TLC. I hope we all remain unspoiled until we`ve all actually read it and digested it.Avatar Image says: I have never been really spoiled in my Harry Potter life, and I swear I don't want it to begin with "Deathly Hallows". I might lose all decency, civility, and even basic human values if someone spoils me. Let's say that he or she would face a FURY and be riped to pieces... No seriously I totally agree with you... All those persons should be severely prosecuted!!! I also work for a Harry Potter site. My new rules for "Deathly Hallows": 1- I won't patronize any forums for a few weeks before the release 2- I won't read any email from unknown sources 3- I will restrain my web surfing to trustworthy sites such as Leaky and the site I work for. I know it is going to be really hard for you. You should post an abridged version of this editorial in front of the site in HUGE FONT. Good Luck!Avatar Image says: dumb toadstools who ruin everything for others, right on Melissa!Avatar Image says: I agree. I was lucky for HBP, and wasn't spoiled, but I know people who were. They got mass emails with subject lines with Dumbledore's death. I'm so willing to take people down for spoiling the book. This is that important. Loved the post though!Avatar Image says: Hear hear! Melissa, you rock! I had HBP spoiled for me, and I don't want it to happen again.Avatar Image says: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Melissa!!! Back you and Leaky 100%. You still remain the best source for HP with the greatest integrity.Avatar Image says: Yay Melissa! Right-o!Avatar Image says: I applaud you Leaky, though I'm no "pure angel". Jo lets loose with enough to keep the craving alive, and I can't wait for a chapter title or two, or three, four, five... So feel free as soon as you get an official one! -BAvatar Image says: Amen, bruthas and sistahs. I am seriously considering carrying pepper spray to the midnight release... It would be an acceptable form of violence, right? Avatar Image says: Nicely said. Thank You!!Avatar Image says: I definitely agree with you, Melissa. Thanks for posting this. :-)Avatar Image says: hear, hear! no spoilers! Avatar Image says: Amen!!! Heh, I love the pitchfork, hot wax, and feathers, idea. Maybe I should get some for myself...for anyone who dares spoil the book for me. I've given up on any release parties this year. When HBP came out, I went to my first one and while I was waiting in line, this little girl, must have been about 9, who already had her book and was flipping through it, tells her dad, "Dumbledore dies, daddy!" She didn't say it loud enough for the whole store to hear, but loud enough for the people around her to hear. We all turned, giving the little girl a death glare. Her father rushed her out of the store, which is what he should've done once they had the book. So now, I pre-ordered the book and just going to wait for it in the mailbox :)... No little person will spoil this book for me!Avatar Image says: Haha! Word! Thanks for this, maybe some jerks will get the message.Avatar Image says: Thank you for posting this! I agree with every word and I'm glad you won't be posting any news items; the Dumbledore bets from last year have made me scared for being spoiled on Leaky. But now that you've reassured me I can sleep a little easier. I'm paralyzingly, cripplingly, INTENSELY afraid of being spoiled for this book!Avatar Image says: Amen!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I still say : "Empal the culprits". I have some in my basement, should you need any. There are no instructions manual. Just insert, and watch and listen. Music to my ears. Hello! Mr Filch.Avatar Image says: Well, I'm going to spoil Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for everyone: Harry slips on a banana peel planted by Peeves and falls head first into the veil. Seriously, though, I had HBP spoiled for me and it got me really mad, I was in tears for hours because of Dumbledore's death even while I was on like chapter four. I do NOT want to hear about any possible deaths until I have read them IN THE BOOK. Avatar Image says: I'm surprised the guy who shouted "Snape kills Dumbledore!" wasn't mobbed. ;) Only joking. Seriously, though. He was surrounded by fans! I'm surprised a police officer didn't tackle and gag him. I hope that people have realized by now that the #1 way to become unpopular is to spout the ending of the final Harry Potter book. Then again, I think they're going for press coverage and attention, not popularity.Avatar Image says: Damn right!!!! You may think you're funny, you may think you're clever, but spoilers, you are a bunch of sad, ignorant fools who have probably never read a book in your lives!!! Go back under the rock where you belong!!! Avatar Image says: I completely agree, Melissa. When I got HBP, I walked out of the bookstore and plugged in my IPOD really loud, because people just outside the door were reading the chapter titles out loud! I don't even read them. I think I'll stop going online a week before the release. Thanks Leaky for this post!Avatar Image says: "nanny-nanny-poo-poo"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Seriously though, thanks :)Avatar Image says: If someone spoils the book for me- I'm gonna kill someone. Seriously. I'm with you, guys!Avatar Image says: I'm glad you've posted this...maybe it'll stop some people from ruining it for the rest of us. Sadly, however, it's inevitable that SOMEONE will try and spoil us and/or you. It must be tough working for the site...you get all the emails with stupid Death Eaters attempting to spoil it. Avatar Image says: I got the first chapter of HBP shouted at me before I got to start reading... I wasn't happy at all. No one better ruin this one for me!Avatar Image says: I totally agree. why spoil something so...brilliant. It only ruins it for them and us. I mean, just cuz there are unopened copies of the new HP book doesnt mean you have to look, like Pandora's box you know? Im a total spoiler freak but i would NEVER i repeat NEVER EVEREVEREVEREVERVER X a gazillion open an unopened copy of a book that wasnt officially realeased yet even if it was winking me in the face and talking to me in my head, telling me to open it. PERSOCUTED THOSE BAD PEOPLE WHO SPOILSPOILSPOIL! >:(Avatar Image says: Thanks Leaky! Knew you had that "do unto others" common sense and respect for fans; thanks also for the advice re:natural,legitimate(post release)spoilers and the earplug/headphone suggestions posted here & there (I'll need some kinda big ones I think). With Snape---who knows? But at least we can trust you guys.Avatar Image says: Yeah, Leaky. If you catch anyone sending you spoilers, you send every lawyer you can after them--that'll teach 'em!Avatar Image says: could not have said it better. :)Avatar Image says: I'm glad leaky is going through such measures again to combat spoilers. It's just a shame that there's the chance the staff might be spoilt. I for one am questioning whether or not to go to a midnight release because of fears of being spoilt. Arghh. But thanks Melissa and leaky! Avatar Image says: AMEN leaky. It is a great day when someone stands up to the bad guys. Waiting increases the joy of the book and or movie. Spoilers beware leaky is on the stroll.Avatar Image says: "most of whom have been waiting almost 10 years for these final revelations and can NEVER get back the moment you rob by spoiling them." Exactly. Douchebags that would do something like that simply must not have the brain capacity to realise that they are ruining the climax of a ten year old experience that people have a large part of their heart and soul invested in... It's like someone putting out their foot and tripping you on the last stretch of a marathon you're about to win. I'm deathly afraid someone will start shouting spoilers in the queue to Hamrelius in Malmö which is where I always buy my HP books. I will still go there, because I will not be without the experience of gathering with fellow fans in nervous anticipation over a HP book for the last time, but I will make sure to have music on full blast in my headphones. Ack.Avatar Image says: If someone sings CHJ's Filk and sends it to PotterCast, and the quality comes out decent, we'll play it. That is AWESOME.Avatar Image says: Obviously with some slight edits to make it a full filk. But yea. Awesome song.Avatar Image says: "IM ALL FOR HOT WAX, FEATHERS AND ALOT OF PAIN " They into hot wax nowadays? What happened to the good old days of tar 'n' feathers? Anyway, forget torturing women with hot wax, they're used to it, dear.Avatar Image says: wow people wanna do a filk to my lil thing *cries* IM SO HAPPY i cant do it tho cuz I CANT SING >_Avatar Image says: A BIG thank you guys! I can't imagine why someone would be pleased to spoil for the sake of it...Nor why freaggin' newspapers spoiled the ending too. I live in Argentina, and there was this newspaper that had an HP theories section and one dude sent a scan of the tower chapter of HBP. And there it was in big flashy letters: "DUMBLEDORE DIES AND SNAPE KILLS HIM". I just hate the guy who sent the scan and "La voz del Interior" (yes I said your name and I wish I could hit your chieff sorry arse). Avatar Image says: I will literally and physical hurt anyone who tries to yell out info from the book at midnight when I go to buy it...and trust me I can, I used to play football and I'm a 5'11 212lbs biggg boy...so beware people in Michigan that want to ruin the story for me...you'll regret it!Avatar Image says: I would vote for tar.... It sound like a punishment worthy of the crime ^^Avatar Image says: Oh Melissa, I love it when you talk like that! OMTAvatar Image says: And I'd like to reiterate that anyone who spoils it for me is losing teeth. TEETH. I'm going into online media blackout the week before the book hits, and I wouldn't blame Melissa if she does the same.Avatar Image says: Let's add a cheese grater to the list of torture devices! That's my favorite Muggle instrument of pain. I Avatar Image says: Thanks TLC for making sure no one spoils it for anyone.Avatar Image says: Yea, Leaky! I wonder if bookstores will take special precautions in the event of spoilers? Like a large post at the front of the store saying NOT to blurt out ANYTHING under threat of being booted out without a copy. Seriously, I think that anyone stupid enough to do so will not just be given evil glares, they would get positively screamed at and could even come to some real physical harm. I wouldn't be surprised if a riot broke out. Good point bringing along a full-blast Mp3 player. I'll do that. HBP remained spoil-free for me and I plan to keep it that way for DH. Maybe I should hole myself away in a cave until I'm finished reading...?Avatar Image says: "what TLC should do is that whoever spoils it is put on there... WALL OF SPOILING SHAME!!!!!" Naw...I think there are SOME people who would be trying to get on that wall of shame. Deny them the public attention they're seeking and turn them to the LAWYERS' attention--and let them sock it to 'em--that's what I say.Avatar Image says: I happen to know for a fact that Snape is secretly a Muggle insurance salesman and he's going to bore Voldemort to death by discussing actuarials. ;) Seriously, though - thank you. I'm one of of those weirdos who will read the last pages first, but I won't do it until I'm at home where my reaction won't give anything away.Avatar Image says: sweet Leaky! very well written, Melissa! Thanks for doing this. I've never attended a midnight release even though it's so exciting and never will. I usually wake up really really early the next day and get it from the store when they're just opening up boxes with the books. there's no one around then so I'm not worried about any idiot yelling out something!Avatar Image says: GRACIAS, mi amiga! Seriously, guys, this will be my first midnight madness, and I won't let ANYTHING stop me from having a good time. So don't send spoilers, or I'll personally murder you with my bare hands. COS, OOTP, and HBP were spoiled for me, and for just this once I would like to have sincere, suprised tears at the ending. DONT DO IT. i mean it. Avatar Image says: You won't get any spoilers from me, leaky! Lots of love.Avatar Image says: A wonderfully written message to all those who love to spoil others. I was spoiled by someone I know about the plots of OotP and HBP... I still don't talk to him, lol. Good job, Leaky!Avatar Image says: I'm just going to stop reading the net or watching TV soon -- for the last book, someone posted a SERIOUS spoiler as a forum topic that was posted on the right nav bar at Leaky. I heard it was down almost immediatly, but I read the book trying to convince myself it wasn't true. Horrid. Horrid person, whoever you are.Avatar Image says: Well done Leaky! I completely agree on every form of punishment you can think of - i have one request... can you inform me when you're going on the mad axe-weilding revenge drive and I'm sure I will be able to rally the UK tribe of Potter fans to come with you. I'm sure we could come up with even more nasty punishments for spoilers... but we wouldn't want to spoil those peoples' surprise now would we? Rock on Leaky, Rock on Harry and Rock on all those people sticking to the security measures!! We salute you!:DAvatar Image says: My solution is simple; I don't go to release parties or go on the internet for a week before release. I read OotP and HBP (1st day delivery by Amazon) in the privacy of my own home without a breath of unofficial spoilers, and there's no feeling like it. But that's not an option for the doughty Leaky webmasters, so I hope they don't get spoiled by some jerks who don't appreciate all the work they do for the HP fandom!Avatar Image says: Put a simple little jinx on the entire first pressing so that anyone who blurts out any part of the book to someone who hasn't read yet it will have the word "sneak" indelibly etched on their faces with painful red pustules.Avatar Image says: Thank you, Leaky. Thank you. Oh...did I say thank you? Thank you. Avatar Image says: Simple solution: Muffliato! Avatar Image says: Very well said. What I would really love is if Leaky took down that little box pn the top-right with the titles of the most recent DH threads in LL 'cos I've seen people post "spoilers" (which weren't really spoilers) in the titles in the past few days. One of these days, someone might post a real one and it takes only a little peek at that title to ruin all. BTW: Snape is a body surfer LOLOLOLOL! I pity those who have to see those greying undies.Avatar Image says: Melissa, I know there are there are thousands of people who love to post in the comments and on the Lounge, but as this is the last book why don't you just shut them down a month before the book comes out?? It will reduce the chances of some moron spoiling the Leaky staff, as well as us fans. You guys have done so much for us over the last few years and you all deservre to read the book without nowing the ending as much as we do. I'm sure noone would grudge you that, regardless of how much the may want to post something!!!!! Don't give the idiots out there a chance to ruin it for you.Avatar Image says: I understand why you wanted to make this post, but... it wasn't a good idea. It's not going to affect people who wouldn't do it anyway, and you've just challenged every troll in the world to try and spoil it for you. It was also downright irresponsible to give people ideas about shouting out the ending at book stores. Yeah, maybe people like that would've thought of it themselves, but if it even gives ONE jerk the idea, it wasn't worth it, and you've just spoiled a lot of people. Like I said, I realize why you wanted to make this post, but I think you need to think a little about what you're starting. Lecturing jerks is just throwing down a challenge. I kind of wish you would delete this story. Myself, I'm going to stay away from all places that might have spoilers (including book stores). And I agree with the other posters that suggested turning off the forums, or at least make it all moderated. It would be nice if this was a spoiler-free zone, but let's face it... spoilers WILL be posted, and deleting after the fact is too much of a risk for me. Hooray! We're almost there!Avatar Image says: Melissa, I know there are there are thousands of people who love to post in the comments and on the Lounge, but as this is the last book why don't you just shut them down a month before the book comes out?? It will reduce the chances of some moron spoiling the Leaky staff, as well as us fans. You guys have done so much for us over the last few years and you all deservre to read the book without nowing the ending as much as we do. I'm sure noone would grudge you that, regardless of how much the may want to post something!!!!! Don't give the idiots out there a chance to ruin it for you. Posted by Neil in Scotland on April 28, 2007 at 4:28 PM NO, that is bad idea. I don't want this comments section to shutdown. I don't go to the Lounge, so I don't care about that. If someone is determine not to get spoiled, they don't have to click on the comments link to come here or the loungh area. :) Avatar Image says: We won't shut things down; we did that for book five but not six, and liked it for six better. We'll have restrictions, but won't shut totally down.Avatar Image says: muggle... I'm not sure. But I believe I get it the same day the book comes out. The post does work on Saturdays where I live. So, I'm guessing I'll get the book that same day, if not, maybe the Monday after. Avatar Image says: And this is why I am going to be a hermit from now until July 21. I refuse to leave my house except for groceries, or check anything Deathly Hallows related. I got into this series too late in the game and I don't want my excitement to be ruined as it is the only opportunity I will ever have to experience HP like this. Ever. So some jerk had better not spoil it because I will not stop crying, I swear. I'll set the Leaky staff on them! That said, I'd better get cracking on my Hufflepuff robes before the 21st.Avatar Image says: Good Job Leaky! I have been worried that somehow I will be spoiled from whatever source on the internet or TV or whatever. This is why I have vowed to not not get on the computer up to two days in advance of the release and stay off until I am done reading the book. I am also not going to turn on the TV the day of the release just in case. I do not want to be spoiled!Avatar Image says: It's so simple, really, you'll just have to give up your addiction for a while and not read Leaky or the Lounge. Easy peasy. ... Yeah, right. Well, one out of two isn't bad, I suppose.Avatar Image says: Thank you for this article. I was actually becoming very worried. You never know what other "people" might find "amusing" ...Avatar Image says: good job Melissa!! you tell them. although i wouldnt be surprised if they take that as a challenge. but, at least we warn them before they are killed by Jo. hahaAvatar Image says: Thank You Melissa! You said exactly what i wanted to hear - from now on till July 21st Leaky is the ONLY source of PotterNews (as if there ever was anything else...) as a fan i think avoiding the commentaries the next 86 days would be a wise decision: too easy to post something here! this actually might be a leak! HELP!!! living in Germany at least i'm safe from British tabloids screaming out the end on their front pages... hopefully! Love you for taking care of us devoted fans! Your Poodle Of Death a.k.a. Frank SchererAvatar Image says: And that is precisely the reason that I read news about HP here and not everywhere else on the net. I really, really appreciate that y'all take the time to confirm any rumor or story that comes out before posting it Speculation is all well and good, and I've indulged in a fair bit myself, but not nearly as much on this book as on the others. This is such a unique bit of history that I want to thoroughly enjoy Deathly Hallows (will it be enjoyable? maybe not the best word to use) as much as I did when I first read PS/SS, and found my way into Jo's marvelous imaginative world. And I'm so sorry to hear that some nitwit actually took the time to scan and send first and last chapters of HPB. I don't blame the staff for being bitter--I would be too. Can we assume that said nitwit has been banished from posting or emailing TLC and Leaky Lounge? I certainly hope so. PatAvatar Image says: BRAVO! .... Thats all I really have to say. Good for you to be telling those people off. I know I would be PISSED if someone were to spoil me;Avatar Image says: Would closing the comments and lounge for the week of the release help? I know that the minute I'm finished reading I'm gonna want to discuss DH with someone. I almost feel that if you don't want to be spoiled and you go to Leaky and lurk in the lounge during that first week--well, you're asking to be spoiled. Avatar Image says: A-MEN! Cheers to Melissa and all the Leaky Staff! Having this book spoiled is my biggest concern. Thanks for speaking out about this! I know that rude and inconsiderate people think this is all a big joke and that it's fun to ruin it for people but I'm glad that Leaky's speakin up for the true fans! Avatar Image says: i reallllllllly hope this time nobody spoils the ending for me, when it comes out im locking myself away in a dark room!....well room with light to read but no windows for anyone to speak to me.... ok most of the above is a lie apart from the hoping bit grrrrr to yee annoyersAvatar Image says: Amen, Melissa! I think for the last week, I won't be on HP fansites... but I don't know. BUT NO SPOILING!!!! (I think you should add that if someone spoils you, Moochka will attack the person)Avatar Image says: Bravo Leaky! I'll have my pitchfork sharpen and put my tar on to boil. Believe me, anyone who will spoil book 7 will regret it to their dying day! :) Avatar Image says: Thanks to Melissa and the whole Leaky staff for keeping things in check! It's admirable to keep the site open on release day, just make sure you have extra staff on hand! I'm going to savor the book when it comes out, take more than a day to read it--and I'm going to go into self-imposed exile from Leaky for a week or two, or however long it takes for me to finish the book. And even when I come back, I'm going to hesitate posting about DH for some weeks after that, in respect for those who are still reading the book. I just wish everyone had that sort of respect for the readers, and didn't try to spoil it just for the sake of doing so... unfortunately there are people like that out there! (talk about doing what's easy over doing what's right...) I think of them as Crabbes and Goyles, such disregard for others make such people good candidates for Slytherin house generally, and the Draco clique in particular. And I agree with Laura about bringing an MP3 player to the release party (and listen to Pottercast!), that's a good idea! If I hear someone start yelling plot details, up goes the volume (and out comes my most Snape-like *eeeevil* glare. And like the guy in Michigan, I'm a big fella ;-) Perhaps I should volunteer as "bouncer" for the local release party? Bring some muffling device perhaps... not ear-muffs for those in line but some sort of muzzle for any potential snitch (as I haven't quite mustered the "Muffliato!" wizarding charm...) Again, thanks for looking out for us readers by not "leaking", Leaky!Avatar Image says: LEAKY IS THE BEST!!! By the way exactly how many lawyers does Jo have?Avatar Image says: " It was also downright irresponsible to give people ideas about shouting out the ending at book stores. Yeah, maybe people like that would've thought of it themselves, but if it even gives ONE jerk the idea, it wasn't worth it, and you've just spoiled a lot of people". Jack, Leaky did not do anything " irresponsible", seeing as one jerk already did that for the Midnight Realease of our beloved #6. Leaky was reminiscing, not giving any more spoilers new tactics.Avatar Image says: Pulitzer! Thats one mighty moving ready there Melis!Avatar Image says: Thank you very much!!! I read HBP in one weekend,(it would have been sooner, but I had to sleep)and I didn't tell anyone what happened. I would like the same treatment from others.Avatar Image says: Wow that was confusing, but very funny. I hope people will respect their wishes and not put spoilers all over. I am not using the internet until I fnish Deathly Hallows. Avatar Image says: Brilliant! Bravo! And, a heartfelt, THANKS!!!!!!!!!! No wonder Jo respects you guys. So do we.Avatar Image says: >>By the way exactly how many lawyers does Jo have? Oh, 40,000. LOL - no, just a dedicated group of them. Dedicated. As you would be if you were JKR's lawyers. As to the people who think the last bit gives people ideas: For every MORON who gets the idea to do that from this post, are probably 10 people who will be on the lookout/listenig to music/ready in case someone does it, on the night of the release. We're saving lives, people. LOL.Avatar Image says: Thank you Melissa and Leaky!! As always, you have all of our best interests at heart. There is nothing like the feeling of getting that new book in your hands. You take a moment, look at it, take a deep breath and open the cover. Your heart stops for a split second and then you begin to read. Only you guys would understand that feeling and to have it ruined by someone else is just not right. So a big thanks from all the Harry fans in this household. All we can say is "WE LOVE LEAKY!"Avatar Image says: Well said Mel!! Always lookin out for the fans and that's why we love you!!!Avatar Image says: I agree, dont do it. Is anyone else having trouble with the training game on the new www.joindumbledoresarmy.com? I just can't do the Expecto Patronum. If anyone has any tips can they please help? I'm going spare here! ThanksAvatar Image says: urgh, spoilers...they're like terrorists to our kind. Thanks for the anti-spoiler ideas, everyone. I'll miss you guys when I go on my no-potter-news-at-all period before the book comes out. p.s. Leaky Staffers, I fully approve of tar and feathering and I'll be happy to lend my two pitchforks to your cause. :)Avatar Image says: Hehe. Pitchforks. :)Avatar Image says: I must admit I never thought about that... I mean I was never spoiled in any way that I couldn't prevent. Like these kind of sites, but it's my choice or not to be spoiled... But good point there, I totally agree that it will be at least outrageous to be spoiled in such a way... Do these people really exist??Avatar Image says: I have to say, as a Lounge staffer, that spoilers really do suck. I've already come across a few and attempted to vanquish them with a quickness, so others don't read them, too. Granted, the stuff I've come across I am almost CERTAIN isn't REAL, but there is no sense in not taking each spoiler as a threat to all fans. I am a true proponent of keeping literary integrity, and like Melissa said, Jo has the right to deliver what she wants her readers to know WHEN SHE wants them to know it. That's what makes this time so fun...watching her site and Leakynews.com for updates from her, discussing the cover art and the title until you seriously believe you've talked about EVERYTHING you can possibly talk about, listening to PotterCast and getting that "last fix" of pre-DH excitement...these are all things that every fan is ENTITLED to experience. Spoilers suck...they are truly the most cruel form of torture for any true HP fan. Thanks, Melissa, for the reminder...and may spoilers be hereby sufficiently warned. I have my pitchfork and torch at the ready.Avatar Image says: Here here, Melissa & the Leaky Staffers! Here here!!Avatar Image says: You go Leaky! If anyone spoils me, if any idiot screams out the ending like that at midnight.........omg, I can't even express how completely and utterly furious I would be. And you guys are at even more at risk to be spoiled, so I sincerely hope that those people who would spoil us for the fun of it, use their brains and decide not to be hunted down by a bunch of fans.Avatar Image says: What an AWESOME post! Congratulations, Kudos, and Hip-Hip-Horrays for the best post ever (not that I'd ever exaggerate or anything)! I was going to send in a rebuttle/comment on the last PotterCast (about another topic) and then when you mentioned your distaste of spoilers, I was going to add a big giant PS. Well now i dont have to!! I wasnt sure what site I read the betting that took place just prior to book 6, regarding DD's future that just so happened to be right, so I was going to ask... beg... plead... that if you post any news like that that you put it like 3 or 4 links deep. I am SOOOOOO glad that you've posted this and allayed my fears and I am now confident that I read that tidbit elsewhere. Now I know where I will be going exclusevely through at least July (tho Leaky is always my first stop :-) ). I decided to NOT go to a midnight book sale just because of that event last year (the nimrod who shouted out the spoiler). I never even thought of bringing my iPod. Might have to rethink this... Thanks Melissa and Leaky for keeping us all spoilage-free. Avatar Image says: you're awesome, melissa xD i couldn't have worded that any better. mwahahaha! xD xD xDAvatar Image says: I'm actually glad Melissa posted this. This year I'm likely to attend a much larger midnight release party in the George Washington Univ. area, and I'm scared to death that someone will shout the ending of the book. I now know to bring my I-pod with me ;) I'll continue to visit Leaky until the final hour. Except for reading the article on the bets (totally my fault) and a post containing a couple of minor OotP spoilers (quickly addressed), I've never had any problems reading Leaky and remaining spoiler-free for the last 2 books. Staying away from comment areas and Livejournal 2-3 weeks before the releases have generally worked for me. So, in short, thanks Leaky!Avatar Image says: Wonderful post. Very nicely put. Spoilers at the release is going to be a big worry. I don't especially want to be listening to music or wearing earplugs because I want to fully absorb the atmosphere. But then I don't want to be spoiled, either. Hmm...Avatar Image says: kathryn, i'm having trouble too- the dumbledore's army website game isnt taking my log in username, while everything else on the site is....? again, thanks melissa!!! that was one rly passionate speech. Avatar Image says: I'm glad that you made it clear for those who spoil whenever they can that we DON'T WANT TO KNOW. I'll be a white pure angel (or at least I'll try to) and if I can't have the book on the release day (which might happen), I'll stay away from any computers or televisions and try my best to ignore the world until I've read it. Until that time, at least I know I can trust TLC. ;)Avatar Image says: I swear, if anyone, ANYONE ever dares slip a single spoiler to me, I will not hesitate to wringe their scrawny neck over a vat of boiling oil, drop them in, then cut them up into little pieces and burn them in acid, then throw away the remains (like I would let there be any). This moment means soooo much to me (like every other potterhead) and if it is ruin.....I can't even bear to think.......I woul just cry and cry and keep crying.... So pay heed, potter ruiners, or July 21, 2007, may be your last.Avatar Image says: I completely agree, Katie! I have never raised my fist in anger against a fellow human being, but believe me, giving me plot details might make me change my mind.Avatar Image says: A-MEN sistah! Thank you for your "constant vigilance" and your dedication to keep the rest of us from being spoiled. (p.s. I know I'm not the only staffer who has been keeping EXTRA hot wax & feathers on hand just in case....)Avatar Image says: if this happens, I WILL BRING MY OWN PITCHFORK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. thanks Leaky.Avatar Image says: I'm so terrified of that guy. It is my love of the fandom alone that is getting me to go to the midnight release party- I am sooo scared that guy, or a guy like him, is gonna open his book in line and scream out stuff. Avatar Image says: Looks like its that time - time to stop checking the websites and stop downloading the podcasts - i'm tuning out of the potter world til after the book! Its gotta be done - i don't wanna know and i don't wanna run the risk. It happened a lot earlier than i thought - i thought it would be end of May before i had to do this but yep. Thats me gone! Have fun people - hope NONE of you get spoiled! Personally i'm even going on holiday away from everything and everyone to read it! lol - i know its a bit extreme! Last time - genuinely - there was someone who drove by our que and shouted 'dumbledore dies'. Nice. Real nice. Bye! :o)Avatar Image says: Spoliers are not big and not clever.Avatar Image says: This is exactly the reason I bought mine from Amazon.com which promises the book will be on my doorstep on the 21st, the day of the release. So unless the postman tells me about the book I have no worries. Plus I don't have to stand in any lines. If I found out the end of this book before I read it, the person who spoiled it for me would find him/herself on the wrong end of a very long night of torture. And I'm not even one of you folks who have been reading from the beginning 10 years ago. When I started books 1-6 were written so I could just read one after the other, and have done so twice now. I couldn't imagine waiting 10 years for this moment only to have it screwed up by the biggest jerk know to mankind. I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to anyone. BBAvatar Image says: Let me make a suggestion to every harry potter fan: When you buy your copy of Deathly Hallows, be listening to your ipod, have it on full blast and don't go on the internet (you never know where spoilers might pop up). Avatar Image says: Why not, about a week before the book comes out, make it so no one can email you or contact you in any way? Or just refuse to read anything? Avatar Image says: HAHA!! I hadn't looked at who posted this news, but from the writing style, I knew it was Melissa. HAHA!! Anyway... People who would rather spoil the fun of reading the book have no lives. They live in a cave infested with rats and have nothing better to do than ruin the joy of a plot unravelling before our eyes. It makes me sick!Avatar Image says: Don't worry, this librarian wouldn't spoil the greatest surprise in the world come July. This promise i make to you. coursethatdoesn'tmeanotherpeoplewillholdthesame!!Avatar Image says: Bravo, Melissa! GabrielleAvatar Image says: Thank you, Melissa and everyone at the Leaky Cauldron, for implementing these measures to ensure that we are safe from spoilers. I really appreciate that you guys are going out of your way to secure as unspoiled a reading of the book as you possibly can. Hopefully fewer people this time around have the audacity to behave as childishly as they did during the Half-Blood Prince. Just in case, however, I'm going to avoid the internet in the days preceding the release of the book.Avatar Image says: you are doing a very good thing. some people don't care if they spoil it for everyone they just want their 5min. of fame.Avatar Image says: Deputy Master Carpenter at the theatre I currently work at walked in the day after HBP was released with "Dumbledore Dies On Page ..." (can't remember page number). Fortunately I will be spending six lovely hours on a train so probably find myself spoiler free. On the other hand I'm the moderator on a Snape discussion list...Avatar Image says: Dumbledore's death was the worst for being spoiled because he's an iconic character that EVERYONE knows, whether they're a book fan or not, so it was much more of a major news story. Honestly, I didn't feel shocked when I accidentally read the spoiler because I kind of expected it after *MAJOR SPOILER* Sirius bought it in Ootp *END SPOILER, mwahahaha!!* and with DD saving the day in Ootp he really needed to be out of the way for the final book in order for Harry to properly complete his quest and face Voldes (it would be like Frodo taking the Ring to Mount Doom with a powerful wizard like Gandalf with him, it just doesn't make a good story). But I'm so glad I didn't know that Snape killed him, that shocked me so much in a GREAT way. When he drank the potion and was becoming weak I thought 'OK, this is why he's going to die' but then for Snape to kill him that was like...WOW, and I want those kind of moments when reading Deathly Hallows so PLEASE DON'T SPOIL!!!!!! I'm getting the book delivered so I don't have to go to a store to buy it. I'm willing to miss midnight if it means I won't be spoiled. And if for some reason I DO get spoiled I will perform a memory charm on myself so I forget...but it'll probably go wrong and I'll forget the whole series! Imagine how it would feel reading the series from the start again and not knowing what happens!!Avatar Image says: *applause* WE LOVE YOU MELISSA!!! Favorite: "...Bloomsbury, and eevery 'JoLawyer' we can think of." JoLawyer considered as a status...classic! **The fish bowl comment was also extremely funny I, in fact hadn't read the posters' name, but as soon as I had heard the Snape bodysurfer insult, I knew there was no way it was Sue, so for sure Melissa. And, also, (at the book-release) I plan to bring an iPod and BLASTING that baby with the most LOUD, HEAVY-METAL music I can find as soon as that 12:00 A.M. comes. I don't want to hear a THING from ANYONE!Avatar Image says: Cheers Melissa!!!Avatar Image says: Amen, sister. Amen.Avatar Image says: Thank you so much for posting this! I was listening to a different podcast and they recieved manuscripts from the publishing company and took it upon themselves to reveal the ending. My heart is broken and I'm so mad. I'm glad you guys here at leaky respect the fact that some people want to wait. I love you guys!Avatar Image says: Not that this would really deter any determined person wanting to spoil the staff, but eh, you tried. To keep pure on the night of the release I am wearing headphones and listening to music the entire time. I don't think I'll even take them off at the register, can't risk it, haha.Avatar Image says: AMEN, SISTAH!Avatar Image says: so true, im reading this and about ready to strangle any spoilers that come my way, im in 8th grade and have read the books a good 7 years since 1st grade........id have read them earlier if i couldve read! anyone who spoils anything for me like dies.....especially since i have to get the book a day later since im at camp when it comes out :( spoilers prepare to die!Avatar Image says: And so mote it be... *wipes hands of the mess* You know, for such an intelligent fandom, we do attract some weirdos...Avatar Image says: hear hear i say.Avatar Image says: Amen, Melissa! This will be my first midnight release party since GOF, and I hadn't thought about people yelling out spoilers even though I had heard about what happened with HBP. As soon as the store hands the first customer his or her book, my headphones are going on. Nothing is going to spoil me. I've waited for the ending since 1998; it would absolutely crush me if someone ruined it now. Which is why I'm forcing myself to forgo the internet before the release. It'll kill me, but it'll be worth it.Avatar Image says: I TOTALLY AND FULLY AGREE!Avatar Image says: AMEN! And if you need some loud music for your iPod, may I recommend the Wizard Rock EP of the Month's "Voldemort" release. As for me, I am a bit worried about the Midnight Release for the reason of the screaming guy. I was reading HBP slowly and a friend's 10 year old spoiled it for me, "Is that the one where _ kills _? He hadn't read the book but a friend told him so he figured he'd pass on the favor. Aargh! I read the rest in dread of the ending. As long as I can make it home from the bookstore untainted , I'm locking myself in my room with no computer or tv until I'm done. And about that revealing Podcast on the OTHER website, they came clean a couple of weeks later saying it was an April Fool's joke. I'm glad to know that Leaky will be safe!Avatar Image says: QUOTE: "Thank you so much for posting this! I was listening to a different podcast and they recieved manuscripts from the publishing company and took it upon themselves to reveal the ending. My heart is broken and I'm so mad. I'm glad you guys here at leaky respect the fact that some people want to wait. I love you guys!" Kimberly, if you were listening to mugglecast ~ it was a april fools joke. so no worries! :)Avatar Image says: AMEN TO THAT! make these last few months worthwhile! for the person who yells spoilers infront of a book shop: keep your mouth closed and we will all live happily. XDAvatar Image says: I'm getting off the internet and locking myself in my room around the end of June until after I read the book. It's the only way.Avatar Image says: Hmm..sounds like the twin brother of the girl who spoiled HBP for me. I am asking for an ipod for my birthday, just to ensure my midnight party will be spoiler free.Avatar Image says: omg...im crying right now....the thought of someone ruining it for me.....i would never forgive them.....was gonna book the weekend off work but i tink it might be safer to take a month around the date and just lock myself at home....:(Avatar Image says: I have been terribly worried about DH spoilers,so I pre-ordered from Barnes & Noble...but now I've got a new dilemma...we're in the process of selling our house and moving over the summer...I just hope I'm still at my present address when DH is released...then I have to worry about getting B&N my new address and hoping it doesn't get screwed up!!! OMG,my stomach is in knots already!! :)Avatar Image says: If someone spoils, I will join the mob of angry pitchfork weilding fans who will hunt said spoiler down and make them suffer as fans who hear spoiled information shall suffer! Spoiling is just plain wrong!!! It defeats the purpose and ruins the journey of the Book!! I will wear earmuff whenever walking past a book store (or fields next to publishing plants) before I finish the book, and I shall feed Mr. FlippityFins extra food so he may keep up his strength for the strenuous task! Avatar Image says: I have had bad experiences with being spoiled in the past with other series...two weeks before "The return of the Jedi" came out, a friend looked at me at party and said "So what do you think about Leia being Luke's sister?" My reaction was "AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!" I don't want anything like that with this book. It will be hard as the press starts getting a hold of it. I want to be one of those pure souls who experiences the book as the author wants me to. It is her last chance to give us an adventure with Harry and company too. I wouldn't want to have her experience spoiled either.Avatar Image says: Thank you so much. I looked back, and I have been waiting for this book since the release of Azkaban in NINETEEN NINETY NINE. And if anyone spoils it for me, it's justifiable homicide time.Avatar Image says: "And if you're that guy who shouted "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!" outside the bookshop at 12:01 a.m. on July 16, 2005? Just go away, man. Just go away. Quietly. And we won't hurt you." Speak for yourself, Leaky. I WILL hurt him, and any of his ilk, including miserable tabloid rags wanting to increase sales of their vomitous publication. I will have my revenge. I will hunt you down, with the persistence of Inigo Montoya. And when I find you, I will fight you. Not to the death. TO THE PAIN. And when I die I will haunt you, Moaning Myrtle-style, until you die. And when you die, I will haunt you in the afterlife. For eternity. As you can see I feel strongly about this subject.Avatar Image says: I think that the outrageous spoilers that are obviously fake are quite funny, but when someone tries to pass them as authentic-that's when it gets annoying...Avatar Image says: Hear, hear!!! Thank you, Leaky, and may none of you get spoiled.Avatar Image says: Yes! Go Leaky! THANK YOU for saying that. Nobody wants to get spoiled.Avatar Image says: Way to go Leaky!!!Avatar Image says: Leaky,You better shutdown the site because you might as well say theories as spoilers. Now that you've started everything from now on will be considered spoiler. Better stop people from visiting your site as they already know when the book and movie is coming out. What if some mad theory turns out right? oh there you go we are spoiledAvatar Image says: Fantastic! I love you guys. I'm linking this in my journal and one of my hp communities. I hope you guys don't get spoiled and I hope no one decides to drive by ANY bookstores shouting out who dies. I plan to leave the store with iPod firmly in ears. I think my sister might kill someone with a spaghetti noodle if they managed to spoil her. Avatar Image says: Leaky YOU ARE MY HERO! My brother is a speed reader and reads each book before me when they come out and holds it above my head and then in the end says "oh by the way Dumbledore dies." or any other ending. I wish I could do Ginny's Bat-Boggie curse... again THANK YOU!Avatar Image says: Anyone see that alleged spoiler on Mugglenet yesterday? People like that must lead very sad lives. That's the only reason I can think of for going on an internet comment board about 3 months before a much-anticipated book is released and claiming to have already read the book. Oh, and Bob what's your name...if you're reading this and you're not lying; you really have read the book...you're an even bigger loser than someone who is just faking it! Avatar Image says: I don't think I can handle the pressure anymore! I'm shaking with excitement and it's still 3 months away! I have to cut out Potter sites a couple weeks before the big day/night just because I don't want anything about the plot released to me so I don't come up with a good theory like last time. That video of the guy yelling out "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!" was so mean, yet so hilarious. I think I laughed 5 weeks after seeing it. Avatar Image says: Hahahahah! I know I will personally pummel the person who spoils me into a pulp -- with the help of Fred and George. Avatar Image says: Although I comepletly agree with your message, Melissa, you have a little too much time on your hands....Mr Flippity Fins? Roight...And if there are any evil spoilers, I know I dont staff leaky...but could I tie them down so you can tar and feather them...Please? :DAvatar Image says: Frankly, if fans don't want to be spoiled by some ejit they had better just lay off their computers between now & the publication date because some where out there is a person just willing to spoil it for us all. Just hibernate from all HP/news sites till July 21st - I don't think we need a post about this.Avatar Image says: More power to you, Leaky Cauldron. You are the only site I will trust not to spoil it for me. Thanks Melissa and staff. I don't worry about being spoiled in the bookstore. I wear two hearing aids. All I have to do is turn them off and it is nice and quiet. The only way someone would spoil it for me would be if they came up and screamed in in my better ear. Even then, I would probably look and them and say "Huh?" Sometimes, being hard of hearing can be a blessing, not always, but sometimes. Kay (JKMcGonagall)Avatar Image says: Well put Melissa! None of us want to get spoiled and if someone tries to spoil me or others I don't think they are an actual Harry Potter fan. So like Melissa said we have made it so far to find out what happens to Harry and the rest and I for one don't want to find out until July 21, 2007.Avatar Image says: Bravo. I am getting seriously schizophrenic right now wanting to read everything I can about the book but desperately afraid of finding out something I don't want to know; thanks for this policy and my sympathy since you guys are going to have a much harder time of it.Avatar Image says: I was lucky at my midnight book party at B&N for the release of HBP that no foolish person came out shouting the spoiler around midnight. Some people who already got their copies ahead of me were looking at the end of the books, but for the sake of the other fans they didn't say anything about it. For this occasion, I just want to avoid the crowds for the last book, which I've done for SS-OOTP. I'll just have to handcuff myself away from the computer so that I won't come across any spoilers someone happens to put, though. And while I'm sure Scholastic won't be taking as extreme measures taken by Bloomsbury (i.e. putting steel chains on the book crates and delivering it to stores a day before the release), I'm sure they'll have placed timed sensors that go off if someone happens to open the boxes early, or put time-sensitive tape or something else to deter any Potterholics. Still, I'm pretty sure someone will find a loophole or manage to get the book before the release date. Heck, even the online store I've ordered DH from does tend to ship things early (it's not Amazon, B&N or Borders). So IF it ends up on my doorstep a few days before July 21st (and that's a big if, everything I preorder from that store arrives on its release date and not before), I won't be able to resist putting off reading until July 21st. But if it happens (which I doubt it will), I won't put anything up or say anything for the sake of you guys at Leaky and fellow fans. Scout's honor... and I've signed gag orders and kept all of them, so you can trust me on this one. (Plus I don't want to have Jo's lawyers and the book companies suing me for everything I have.) ;-D Oh, and Melissa, there's a solution to avoid any people who might spoil DH for you: an mp3 player/iPod, quality headphones and the loudest music in your collection. That'll stifle the noise come midnight. :-DAvatar Image says: >>Melissa, you have a little too much time on your hands Whoa whoa whoa. You really just said that to me. LOL. I don't know if there's a possible less true statement. :)Avatar Image says: Good, Melissa! Was the stupid person who shouted "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!" on Leaky's video galleries? I remember seeing him on video in some website. If it's not Leaky it must be YouTube. He said "...and I'm just about to ruin the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." or something like that then yells "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE! SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!" I think the stupid man himself filmed the spoiling. I do hope this won't happen this time. WHEN WILL THAT BOOK COME!?! I await its release... Anyone here also pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? I did at a bookstore where I am a member and got a load of vouchers for English language books only and a discount and goodness knows what nice stuff. The drawback is that i still have to go back to that bookshop and get that book rather than having it delivered. Still, that means it would be more or less punctual.Avatar Image says: I predict a fiasco every week between now and the end of July. Ohhhh boy, this is going to be a rough ride.Avatar Image says: "Anyone here also pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?" I did. I'm happy to say that never was I spoiled with plot details from any of the six books until I actually had the books in my possession (I went on HP sites a couple of days before and even on the day before release, but none of the sites I went to had any spoilers). And hopefully it will stay the same for DH.Avatar Image says: Fiasco or not, I'm not attending any midnight release party or do anything of that sort. I'm not even going to some MAJOR bookstore. I'll just go and fetch the darling book from Popular (that's the name of the bookstore), try not to burst, and if there are not too many crowds, grab a few nice english books (for my book vouchere), pay (if necessary) and rush home. I'll probably start reading on the car/taxi/bus/MRT(something like a train)/whatever way i'm getting home. In the distant past when i hardly knew Harry, my friend was a fan and unfortunately, she spoiled be by saying "Would you believe it? Snape killed Dumbledore." and I was like "Oh. Ok. Sad. Hmm." but when i was reading the book it didn't really matter that much as i'm that sort of person. I can enjoy a book no matter what as long as it's a GOOD book. I'm lucky, right?Avatar Image says: "Just go away, man. Just go away. Quietly. And we won't hurt you." Lol, I love how you made it so funny and yet so serious at the same time! I hope none of those jerks out there send you guys spoilers, and I can't wait until 7.21.07! Thanks for this, we all needed it.Avatar Image says: Well, apparently, in the country where I live (Philippines), we are one day ahead of everyone. So we'll be reading 'em first. Haha, but then again, there would be no point in spoiling everyone it's just a day, y'know... =)Avatar Image says: I absolutely agree....I had a co-worker tell me that Dumbledore died a month before book 6 came out.. he said that the book had already been released in Europe (WRONG!) Even though I didn't think he really knew anything, it diminished my enjoyment of the book quite a bit...it was no longer a suprise. I'll join you with that broomstick if I hear any spoilers at the book release. My sister's and I are just going to run in and out, and then proceed to my Grandfather's cabin to read in peace and quiet! -Thank you very much Leaky for having this policy, it means I will not have to avoid your site in the upcoming weeks ( just everyone else's :)Avatar Image says: Hear! Hear! I will never forget (nor forgive!) the idiot who wrote to a local daily ranting about the death of Sirius Black and the dimwit local daily who published the letter with big black bold headlines. And the following year, this #$@!! messaged me without any warning about Dumbledore's death, thinking he was doing me a big favour. Pitchfork and hot wax, huh? I share your sentiments. Throw in some brass knuckles, curses, voodoo dolls etc...Avatar Image says: "Well, apparently, in the country where I live (Philippines), we are one day ahead of everyone. So we'll be reading 'em first. Haha, but then again, there would be no point in spoiling everyone it's just a day, y'know... =) " Actually the only country you will be getting it earlier than as far as the English speaking world is concerned is the US, as they delay the release until midnight in their time zones so they can have their midnight parties. You, and I in Australia, will not be getting our books ahead of everybody else just because our timezone is ahead of the UK. The rules say that the books cannot be released before midnight London time, which means 9am Sydney time in my case. This means I will get the book before my US friends, but at the same time as the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and all the other countries that receive their books at midnight UK. If you in the phillipines receive your book before midnight UK time, they are breaking the rules. By my calculation from the world clock, you are allowed to get the book at 7am Saturday 21st,not a moment earlier. Avatar Image says: AMEN!!!! I am a die hard fan of Jo's books and i care deeply about Harry, i don't need some yahoo ruining it for me. thanks.Avatar Image says: I absolutely agree with Melissa - and really really hope that I shall be luckier this time - meaning that our Sunday-Newspaper (which has a good name) won't print anything about HPDH - not like when OotP came out - and that fool of a reporter, mentioned that Harry's Godfather was going to die!!!! I remember that I tried in vain to send all my friends and family an Instant Message, telling them "don't look at the newspaper today"! Or last time, when I was so naive and clicked on a poll - yes, it was the one who told us that Albus Dumbledore was the "winner"! Grrr....and you won't believe it....I was in Italy on a holiday , when HBP came out (love Italy, Melissa ;-) and I was able to buy the book in the AFTERNOON! Way hours - before the official release of HBP!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even realize this - until my cell ran - telling me that my friends were preparing themselves to go to the midnight opening! And here was I - already reading - knowing what Snape said in "Spinner's End!!!! I am afraid to say- that there are going to be so many "Muggles" who will be thrilled to spoil it for us! Just because they don't understand what the magic is about Harry Potter! One thing we Potter-fans are all going to have in common - whatever they do, say or write - they cannot spoil it for us!!!!! Us who have read so many theories - we are prepared! We are the Potter-family! They can't take that from us!!Avatar Image says: This is the most awsome and hilarious article ever. You rock leaky. I am a bookseller, and I anticipate grabbing my copy and ringing up customers with my nose in it. :) then have my fiancee