Emma Watson on Ron and Hermione: “A Perfect Couple”


Apr 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

A new interview with actress Emma Watson appears in the latest edition of the Italian magazine “Donna,” and thanks to TLC reader Stefano we have the scans here in our galleries and translation of this article. In this new interview, Emma speaks about her role as Hermione Granger for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, as well as her desire to go to University, and perhaps travel more and live in France someday. Emma gives her thoughts on this new film, and says of Hermione:

“Yes, but some things change this time: Hermione takes a stand against professor Umbridge, who is attempting to prevent student from learning and understanding. Hermione, who is so clever and willing to learn, can’t accept this, and becomes the leader of the rebellion. Which is quite strange indeed, considering how she’s always been against rule-breaking and everything. In this film she learns to see things from different perspectives.â€

The young actress also goes on to speak about J.K. Rowling, saying she does keep in touch with the author and calls Jo “always very witty and modest.” Emma Watson also discusses the novels, and more importantly, the relationship of her character Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley.

You can read the entire translated interview below. Thanks very much Stefano!
Miss Watson, in the previous film your look already showed that Hermione was not just a girl
anymore. Now it seems that she has really turned into a young woman

“Yes, and it’s not just about the look. For the first time the young characters really make personal decisions. For the first time they realise that it’s not just Voldemort they have to fight, but also the so-called good people who are in fact abusing their power, like Fudge and Umbridge. The latter, in particular, acts as a dictator who wants to prevent the students from thinking in the first place. The whole film is a journey through the discovery of who really represents the authority; it tells us that the principle of authority can be questioned. Harry and his friends have to make difficult decision alone this time. They have to understand what is right and what is wrong. Yes, they really become adults. That’s probably the reason why there’s a lot more politics in this film.â€

Critics has always considered politics as an important subject of the Harry Potter saga. Libération, a French newspaper—
“I know what Libération is.â€

Sorry. Libération said that Harry Potter is right wing, sexist, neo-conservatist and gives a degrading idea of women. What do you think about this?

“These things really upsets me. Whoever wrote these words can only be an idiot. Harry Potter has helped change loads of stereotypes. Where else, in fiction, can you find a character as clever as Hermione, who is an absolute feminist and won’t accept to be second to none? Gosh! It’s true that they’re children books, but they cover most important subjects, like life, death, politics, the importance of friendship and the choices that need to be made. Harry Potter really makes children think, it’s not just like any other production for teenagers.â€

What do you mean with politics being an important subject of the story?

“This film is closely related to the current situation. Somehow it talks about life after 7 July, the way people behave when they’re scared, the way truth is often denied and all the things our society has to face. Facing the fact that the authority is corrupted means having a non-conformist approach to reality and power.â€

You are as brilliant as Hermione.In this film, is she the same good student she has always been?

Yes, but some things change this time: Hermione takes a stand against professor Umbridge, who is attempting to prevent student from learning and understanding. Hermione, who is so clever and willing to learn, can’t accept this, and becomes the leader of the rebellion. Which is quite strange indeed, considering how she’s always been against rule-breaking and everything. In this film she learns to see things from different perspectives.â€

What do you think are you going to do in 2010, when the Harry Potter saga is over and you’re twenty? Are you also planning to take part in other projects in the meantime, like Radcliffe and Grint did? “I won’t be appearing naked on stage with a horse, if that’s what you mean. But I’m certainly doing something. I’m just waiting for the right opportunity. I don’t know what my life will be like when I’m twenty, but I know that I would like to go to the University and travel a lot.â€

Will you leave Oxford, where you live with your mother, for London? In England it is usual to go to live alone very early.

“I’m just seventeen. I would like to live in France for a while, to improve my French, and spend at least a couple of years travelling around the world. Then, when I’m about nineteen, I’ll have to think seriously about my future: the University — I would like to study Philosophy or Literature — and a home.â€

French — why?
“Because I love France. Paris and Amsterdam are my favourite cities. I also like French cinema, I would love to work there. I actually like almost everything which is not English.

Do you get many job offers?
“Only things I don’t want to do. Most of them are roles for the typical American high school student, which is, to be honest, my worse nightmare. I know I’ve been lucky so far, but I just need another bit of luck in order not to make mistakes in this particular moment of my life. Auditions are really hard, and being rejected is always a bad experience. But I’ll keep trying.â€

Who rejected you? For which film? And who got the role instead?

“I’m not sure if I can tell… [speaking to her assistants:] Can I tell? No. But it was just a couple of them, not many!â€

Have you, like Hermione, ever been in conflict with the authority? At school, at home, with your

“There have been times when other people thought that they knew what was better for me, and that the better for me was not to think. But I’m not a rebel. I usually do what I’m told, if anything I try to negotiate. I’m ready to fight for my rights, but I don’t think it is worth playing the role of the teenager who wants to rebel against the world. I don’t like it. It is overused.â€

J.K. Rowling says that Hermione is the character she identifies with the most. She says that when she was young she was a pain in the neck just like Hermione is. Did you get this impression when you met her?

“J.K. Rowling gives the impression of a very amusing, genuine and incredibly down-to-earth woman. And these are very rare qualities.â€

Especially for somebody as wealthy as she is.

“That’s not the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re talking to her, really. We keep in contact via e-mail sometimes, and she’s always very witty and modest — even when she talks about her everyday life.â€

Do you believe she’s good enough to win the battle against other fantasy sagas, like Eragon and The Chronicles of Narnia, which are getting very popular these days?

“Harry Potter can be read at so many different levels, by children as well as by adults, it is absolutely universal. I don’t think that Jo needs a more developed fantasy or culture than Christopher Paolini. The only thing that matters is touching people’s lives. And she does.â€

In The Order Of The Phoenix Harry gives his first kiss to Cho Chang. What about Hermione and Ron?

“Now it is clear to everybody that it is not just friendship between them. Everybody except them, of course. It is so typical, girls tend to end up with those guys who most annoy them, who most get them angry, who most behave horribly. Ron acts exactly like this towards Hermione. But their relationship will develop somehow, sooner or later. They will become a couple, I’m sure. Ron amuses her, which is what Hermione needs. And she keeps him in line. A perfect couple.â€

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Avatar Image says: She's definitely right. Ron and Hermione would certainly make a brilliant couple. In all, it was a good article, but not very revealing.Avatar Image says: I think that I agree with Emma... they ARE a perfect couple!! I can't wait to see what happens to the two of them in DH!!Avatar Image says: Opposites attract! I hope they both make it to the end of the series though and then end up together!Avatar Image says: Lol, yeah, I agree with Emma about Ron and Hermione as a couple. But is Hermione really a feminist?Avatar Image says: Wow! Emma has Jo's email address! I don't think it was safe for her to admit she even has that email address never mind what it is.Avatar Image says: I don't see Hermione as a feminist. An activist maybe....because of S P E W and D A ......but not a feminist. I don't see it, but if its true you bring your own background into the books and you interpret things based on your own experiences and I am not a feminist, that I wouldn't see any subtle signs. But I don't think there are any... moving on... Ron and Hermione!!! So CUTE!!!!! Avatar Image says: Hopefully it is just the translation, but for her to say she likes everything that's NOT English, and that a typical American high school is her worst nightmare, seems rather rude.Avatar Image says: A feminist is someone who believes that men and women should have equal opportunities in life in all regards. Can you imagine Hermione thinking that she should rightfully be denied any opportunities just because she's female? Yeah, right. She stands up for the girls in the books. Totally feminist.Avatar Image says: No, women do deserve equal rights, I see her as an activist that fights for her rights and the rights of her friends male and female, and what is right...that is not feminism, I just don't see it.Avatar Image says: Lovely interview. She seems to have a nice handle on her career and life. But so jealous that she has Jo's email. I'd be emailing her every day asking questions, if I was her. I'm glad though that they seem to have a relationship that would allow her to communicate with Jo whenever she needs. That just reassures me that Emma truely cares deeply about her character's development.Avatar Image says: i look up to her. i like reading emma watson's interviews. =]Avatar Image says: her tone towards the interviewer bothered me...a little rude. I didn't really like this interview from her. something was off about it. it's just me i'm sure.Avatar Image says: A PERFECT COUPLE, RON AND HERMIONE????? I DON'T THINK SOO, IM SORRY IF ANOTHER PEOPLE THINKS DIFERENT, BUT REALLY IS RON AND HERMIONEEEE !!! COOLL VERY COOL INTERVIEW, THANKS LEAKY!!!!Avatar Image says: "Critics has always considered politics as an important subject of the Harry Potter saga. Libération, a French newspaper– 'I know what Libération is.' Sorry." Does that moment irk anyone else? The interviewer was saying it for the purposes of the reader who might not know of the newspaper, not Emma. The fact that he/she says 'sorry' indicates her rudeness in the tone. Hmm...Avatar Image says: Emma did not say that an American high school is her worst nightmare. She said that playing the role of an American high school student was her worst nightmare, and she is probably thinking of the Hollywood version of an American high school student. I agree with her. There are so many better things for her to be doing. On another matter, I read book 5 twice, and Hermione came across as quite timid most of the time, almost stepping into the background. The changes in the movie version are smart, healthy choices for this character. Apologies to the purists, Hermy needs a bit more voice than she had in the book. I like what they are doing with the movies.Avatar Image says: For those who don't see Hermione a feminist, she really is. A feminist by definition is one who stands outside the norm and is willing to fight for the rights of others including females. They are considered very strong minded and equally strong females who will let nothing get into the way of fighting for those who are less fortunate. They are called feminist because they refuse to follow the norm. I felt Emma was a little sassy in the interview but I don't think she was trying to be rude. It could be the translation. She doesn't want act in an American High School setting, well tell that hasn't been overdone and ruin many of actors careers. Look at Hilary Duff, Lindsy Lohan, etc.. Seems to me the ones who did the high school thing, now all they are famous for is their screw ups. It would be a shame if Emma went down that path. I think Emma was trying to say, when she stated she like everything not English, was that she enjoyed other cultures and is interested in them. I agree with her because I am into everything that is Spanish, including food, language and music. When you grow up in one culture it can be quite boring and something different is very exciting.Avatar Image says: I think the rudeness can be attributed to the translation and also the fact that it's on paper...a lot of times words and attitudes are misconstrued in print, when it might have been totally different in person. Also, being an American, I did not take offense to her comment about playing a "typical American high school student". Think about it, most of the films with teens in it are (bad)horror movies, or the stereotypical high-school-girl-has-rival-for-BMOC-guy or something else stupid like that. Leave that kind of mess for the Lindsey Lohan's of the world, I think Emma is too mature and intelligent for that kind of mess. And Ron and Hermione, is there anyone else besides my 9 yr old daugther who doesn't realize that they belong together?Avatar Image says: Emma is right Geneva, a typical american high school movie would be terrible for her. I like to think her level of acting is slightly higher than those of people like: Lindsay Lohan and that lizzie mcquire-girl. yeesh! Going from magic school, to high school. ugh, I'm shivering right now, that would be a step down. such shallow films Avatar Image says: Frist off, it's a WRITEN article, okay? You can't judge tone in an article when you can't hear people TALKING. So, I don't think anyone can say that she was being rude when you don't know what her tone was like. If it was video or audio interview, yes, okay, then you could judge her tone and say if she was rude or not. But you can't do that with article. I don't see why everyone thinks Emma is rude. My roommate says the same thing. She says she can't stand Emma because she's rude. Personally, I just don't see it. But if other people say so, fine. That's okay. I won't argue with anyone. But I just don't think you can base rudeness on a written article. Avatar Image says: well i can assure you translation has nothing to do with watson comin off as arrogant cos i read the interview and that is the kind of feeling you get while reading it - disappointing, i know, but maybe the whole interview was given the wrong cut: who knows? it's on paper, we don't know why or in which context she said some of the things reported. that happens quite often, sadly.Avatar Image says: "Do you believe she’s good enough to win the battle against other fantasy sagas, like Eragon and The Chronicles of Narnia, which are getting very popular these days?" What battle? Narnia has been around for decades, and Eragon is just beginning. Both owe a HUGE share of their current popularity to Harry Potter readers who want something to read between books! Narnia will always be around, as it was technically the first of multi-book "children's" fantasy adventures, and Harry Potter will be around to be deconstructed and re-created in other media formats and literature classes along with J.R.R. Tolkien. All other fantasy series will be viewed as also-rans. (So perhaps the question should have been: Do you think Eragon and Narnia will ever be as popular as Harry Potter?) Avatar Image says: From the wording, it's difficult to tell whether Emma meant playing the ROLE is her worst nightmare, or American high school is her worst nightmare. But I thought her "I know what Liberation is" comment was unneccessary. How would the interviewer know that she knew? I myself did not know. Avatar Image says: A very interesting article. I didn't like her comment about how playing a typical American high school student would be her worst nightmare. Is that what she thinks of American youth?Avatar Image says: I love this interview. IMO, Emma Watson seems to be an intelligent person, who knows what she wants and mostly says it. Was the Libération comment a bit unnecessary? Maybe. But cut her some slack, she's 16 or 17, you are not always tactful at this age. I surely prefer Emma to be like this, than going from party to party and taking drugs, like other teenstars did. Avatar Image says: Actually, I didn't want to say this but as I'm not alone, I'll say that I agree with those who think Emma came across as rude. I agree with Eva about the 'Liberation' bit and certainly the interviewer seemed to think that it was a put down because he? apologised. The most upsetting for me was actually the comment about Dan- I hope she was joking when she said it otherwise it comes across as a really nasty dig at him- 'I won't be appearing naked on stage with a horse, if that's what you mean'. I got a jolt in my stomach when I read that. Obviously it depends on the expression on her face at the time and we won't know that, so I hope it was a joke and not a jibe. I did take offence at the 'anything that isn't English' bit and it's the sort of thing that's fashionable to say these days so she may have actually meant it.Avatar Image says: *breaks out popcorn*Avatar Image says: Hi, I'm Stefano and I translated the interview. I'm just as concerned about some things she said as you are. Maybe the original traslation from English to Italian was a bit imprecise, but according to the Italian text she did say: "Hermione is a total feminist" "I actually like almost everything which is not English" (but maybe she just meant that she likes different cultures, not that she doesn't like the English one) "The role of an American high school student is my worst nightmare" (the ROLE! she has nothing against American high school students!) And yes, she does sound a bit rude when she says "I know what Libération is". But I can tell you it's the only bit of the interview that sounds rude (as far as the Italian text is concerned).Avatar Image says: Anne, what part of the interview did she say that about Dan? I think she was only joking. Avatar Image says: anne you are right... i too felt the same thing about the remark on Dan..... this interview should have been a video one.... even if the translations were perfect we dont have clues about her actual reactions... but the "i know what is liberation" is quite rude.... may be she herself regretted it...Avatar Image says: I found part of tht interview a bit offensive. I felt like they were saying it is this HORRIBLE thing to be a conservative/republican. I guess its just the way they worded it- and how they basically directly connected conservatism with antifeminism. Maybe I'm overreacting, but it just gets old. Avatar Image says: Ha Ha ! She failed her auditions !!! I know, it's not funny, but it's soooo good to know that even a beautiful, clever, rich and famous girl can fail things too.... Avatar Image says: my favorite couple not ron and hermione.(specially book 6)they bored. tonks and lupin,harry and ginny. I don't like she say that about Dan.because they are friends.and friens must supoport each otherAvatar Image says: There's a quote from her years ago that said that she *would* like to do the whole American high school student role.Avatar Image says: Yep tistitotsy, that's what I thought too ! Funny how time makes you change... for good !Avatar Image says: You know, I don't find the comments about knowing what Liberation is rude at all... Everything I read about Ms. Watson shows me that she is intelligent, well-spoken, and well-informed, and I can understand how a seventeen year old who fits all of those descriptions (and loves French culture, so she probably knows a bit about the newspapers!) as the qualifier being a bit insulting... as if a young woman couldn't possibly know what that was. That wasn't the intent, but many of my students have the same reactions. Kendra, it isn't a horrible thing to be conservative or republican, but most of Europe is FAR more liberal than even the liberals in the U.S. It's natural for an ideology so far left to look down upon a more conservative view (and visa-versa, of course). I truly appreciate the reverence that she has for Jo. Emma sounds like a really nice kid to me! :)Avatar Image says: she was a bit rude and arrogant it´s not like I though she was as a person. But of course I don´t know her....anyway I didn´t like the reference to dan but i do agree with her in almost everything else......Avatar Image says: People judge everything Emma does. EVERYTHING. Can't you people ever be happy with her?Avatar Image says: Ok let me say another couple of things... I think the Dan reference was genuinely not rude. I've read and read again the Italian text and I don't think she was criticising Dan at all. Only, she wouldn't do a naked scene. About her reaction to the French newspaper's view of the books: I think she was reasonably upset about the obviously untrue statement about sexism and anti-feminism in Harry Potter; I don't think she even paid attention to the right-wing/conservatist provocation (which was, in my opinion, what the interviewer aimed at - but Emma didn't catch it I think).Avatar Image says: Emma Watson is the perfect Hermione. Down to earth and quite witty herself. Avatar Image says: The dan comment didn't bother me...I could actualy see her joking about that and laughing...she really likes him, she would say anything nasty about him... as for ron and hermione...*gag* puhlease, those two wouldn't last a WEEK! I think hermione is trying to make Harry AND ron jealous, because she likes harry, and ron likes hermione, but i dont think hermione likes ron that way. whatever that's just my opinion. and lucky duck, emma's got jo's email. what i would give to have it!Avatar Image says: I have nothing against Emma. The only problem I had with the article is that it wasn't very interesting to me. In all, I think she's a nice person who portrays one of the best book characters out there.Avatar Image says: I love Harry and Hermione fans. The author herself tells you they are a couple, and still they insist something else is going on, as if Jo Rowling doesn't know what she is saying. Hah! Ron needed to grow up, that is why he would "behave horribly" and he was never that bad just very clueless like most boys. I think Emma needs to know that. :) Of course I never trust anything in foriegn publication as to authenticity. Avatar Image says: I think some of you people are reading this article with biased glasses. I don't think she came across as rude at all. I think she came across as intelligent, and she seems to have a lot of respect for J.K. Rowling and the books. The comment about the newspaper is the only thing I see that might have been rude, but I don't know if it was. She could've been asking just to clarify what the interviewer was talking about. I also think her comment about Dan was supposed to be a joke, and I would hope that she wouldn't do an American high school movie, that would not get her any respect if she chooses to continue acting. I wouldn't call Hermione a feminist, definitely an activist, but she's never made any comments about female rights. I can't believe this interviewer thinks that Eragon is a threat. The books are good, but they are nothing compared to HP, and I don't think they are universal like the HP books are. I hated fantasy books, yet I loved HP. The books are more about the characters and their relationships then they are about fantasy.Avatar Image says: I admit aswell the Liberation remark did seem a tad rude. The fact the interviewer apologised, does back up the belief that she could have snaped out that response. The American High School comment wasn't though. She was talking about those roles Hollywood churns out. The thing about being naked on stage with horses, obviously refering to Dan, it could have been a joke. But usually in print when someone jokes they laugh or smile which the writer usually puts in brackets like this (smiles) or (laughs) I didnt see that, but maybe it just wasnt in the translation.Avatar Image says: Emma wasn't rude. She was just very well spoken. I guess that means let the hate begin. I don't blame her for not wanting to do a american high school movie becuase outside of Mean Girls, they suck. She was down to earth enough to admit that she has tried out for roles and haven't gotten them. She didn't have to admit that so that tells me her ego is rather small. The Dan reference was funny. She wasn't insulting but straight to the point- she's not getting naked. Good for her. She's young and still wanting to explore the world and try new things. If she wants to live in France during her gap year, I hope she does. It's so cool that Emma and Jo talk though. What they must talk about.... Avatar Image says: Cut the girl some slack! She sounded intelligent and eloquent, which didn't surprise me one single bit. About the translation, when the reporter posed the question about Liberation, he says: "Liberation, that's a newspaper..." she simply replied: "I know what Liberation is." To me it sounded as if the reporter talked down to her, as if she were a child, and perhaps she got a bit ticked off by that. And about the Dan comment, she simply says: "Lets say I couldn't see myself nude on the scene with a horse..." Not "I won’t be appearing naked on stage with a horse..." Which does have a different sound and intent, at least to me. Avatar Image says: emma is very smart. .and rude... and has The Email..Avatar Image says: I didn't find Emma rude at all. Like some of you had said, she is indeed very witty and eloquent. She has spoken the truth about the American high school films, they are rather terrible - the stories are non wholesome, and the characters all have the same personalities. They are nothing short of irritating. I'm glad she has not given in to those offers. Emma has class, which is something that would be desired in American teenaged actors and actresses these days.Avatar Image says: I don't think the comments about Equus were rude, I sort of thought she was joking, and I hope she wouldn't do an American high school thing, because I don't think she'd be good for them, and I do think the Liberation comment might've been a "Don't talk to me like I'm a child" sort of thing. And she is so right about Ron/Hermione. Sorry, folks, but H/Hr isn't going to happen.Avatar Image says: Hermione's not the "leader" of the rebellion. She's the one who gives the idea - the leader is obviously Harry. I understand very well why she wouldn't want a role about a teenage girl in high school - those movies are always terrible! I also usually don't like very much how she comes across in interviews, written or on screen. It's not like I hate the girl LOL, but I suppose I don't care much about how she comes across and all the hype that surrounds her. Hype that I think is not deserved, considering I've never liked very much how she plays Hermione.Avatar Image says: I loved Hermione at first sight, in book one. I like the actress quite a lot. I wish her the best in life.Avatar Image says: Interesting...Avatar Image says: "I don't think the comments about Equus were rude, I sort of thought she was joking" I don't agree, joking or not joking, that was rude. Equus is a fantastic play and if she has not read it, she shouldn't talk about it at all. I thought she was an intelligent girl, but what she said really let me down.Avatar Image says: Beautifully put !Avatar Image says: Every vidio interview I have seen of Emma she has been very light always laughing so when I read an interview from her I think of her in that way. Just look at all the interviews on the DVD and then read the article with those Emma images and the article will not seem rude at all. I can see her laughing about Dan because I see her as to shy to try something like that right now and laughs at the idea of her doing it. She is in that stage in live where you are balaning between teen life and adult life and has to make choices for her future. Avatar Image says: Thought it's true that Hermione initiated the whole idea for the DA, Harry took over after that, but aside from this little bit she said and about Hermione being a "total" feminist, which I don't completely agree with, I didn't find her to be rude; in screen interviews she seems very down-to-earth.Avatar Image says: She's so intelligent. I love her. I kinda wish she and Rupert could be a couple in real life, they're so cute together but it's not meant to be. Sigh.Avatar Image says: From an English person's viewpoint Emma's comment about Dan and Equus is not rude at all. It is worth remembering that we English are very irreverent about everything - religion - politicians - the Royal Family - you name it. I can understand how it might appear rude to people from other cultures with other accepted norms. For instance I hear that most American's still show respect to the position of the President of the USA. That would be a near impossibility for an English person! It just goes against the grain.Avatar Image says: "Equus is a fantastic play and if she has not read it, she shouldn't talk about it at all." Right, so Emma should never mention the other work that her co-stars are doing and speak about them only in the context of Harry Potter. Wouldn't she then be called self-centered because she doesn't care about her costars other projects and such? Cut the girl some slack. She wasn't criticising the play. It would be the same if Rupert or Dan starred in a superhero film and they asked her what other projects she would consider and she said, "Let's say I won't be flying..." or something to that affect. She isn't criticising the film or the actors. Read carefully. She knows Dan far better than the rest of us do and I am sure he can take the joke. Also, when she said "I know what Liberation is," I didn't see it as rude. Unless there are italics or some other indicator present, anyone can interpret the tone of that statement in their own way. She could have sounded rude, with empahsis on the "I." She could have sounded impatient with emphasis on the "know." She could have sounded pleasant with no emphasis at all. She could have sounded snobby with emphasis on "Liberation." I think that however you perceive Emma in the first place is where you put the emphasis. If that makes any sense? And the reporter wasn't explaining what Liberation was for the reader's benefit, s/he could have done that informatio in parenthesis for readers. He was telling her and it seemed to me that she was telling him he didn't need to do that and waste the amount of time they had left explaning it to her. Some reporters, when you let them know that you are familiar with a certain topic, it could lead to more questions once they understand you are better informed. There is nothing wrong with that. Anyway, cool interview and sounds like she has a good grasp on Hermione! She definately has her head on straight.Avatar Image says: The interview was a nice one. I'll have to agree with some people that Emma did come off as rude AT TIMES. But again, this is paper... it's hard to judge the tone of a person. And I agree 100% with her about Ron and Hermione, "A perfect couple" *laughs* I agree with morning_star about the H/Hr shippers. Jo is never wrong about pairings! (Guys, I'm not making fun... one of my bff is a H/Hr shipper herself)Avatar Image says: If I were Emma, or any other cast member of HP, at this point I would decide to never give another interview again. The way every single word is held up to a magnifying glass and examined for layers and shades and depths of meaning is absolutely ridiculous. Emma's a lovely, relatively normal young lady who seems to be trying to balance the enormity of the HP franchise with some semblance of a real life. The way some people talk about her, you'd think she'd personally done something evil to them. Give. Her. A. Break.Avatar Image says: Emma was not rude at all, with the Dan comment, she was only joking. And if a reporter started to explain a newspaper to you and you know about it, wouldn't you speak up instead of listening to an explanation? I would. But I don't think the reporter was speaking to Emma like she was a child either. Now, if a reporter was talking about the number "2", saying, "You know, 1 +1..." then that would be ridiculous. But he was giving some background information about a French newspaper that he didn't know if Emma knew about or not. There's nothing wrong with that. Emma seems very articulate and intelegent. I like what she said about Jo, they both seem very kind.Avatar Image says: Great interview, thanks, Stefano! She seems a very intelligent girl, but I didn't like the feminist part and disliked the "leader of the DA" part even more. Please, not the Pink Power Granger again.Avatar Image says: The part that made me think her response was a bit rude was the fact that the interviewer said "sorry". That does suggest that her "I know what Liberation is" was said in a not-so-polite and short way. There's no excuse for that kind of attitude. As for the rest of her comments, I agree that some of them can be read as her being a little bit full of herself, but do remember that she is of the age where people tend to think they know a ton about a lot of things. She'll probably look back on these interviews a few years from now and go, "What an idiot I was!" Well, hopefully she'll think that anyway. Avatar Image says: Haha. she sounds like me. sarcastic and likes to make jokes. But guys, I know you can't see her facial expression & stuff but the way she talked.. it's just like I do & I'm always laughing and joking around. The American High School thing.. why's it always AMERICAN!? Oh well.. I would kinda like to know what she's been turned down for though.Avatar Image says: I thought she sounded very intelligent and mature. She was simply telling it like it is. She wasnt rude or anything of the sort, maybe a tad sassy but she wasnt trying to be hurtful, even in her comment about Dan. I thought it was a lovely interview. And I absolutely adore her adding in the bit about Ron and Hermione. Almost every interview she is talking about how she wants them to get together and they seriously need to get it on. I just love it. She is a true shipper. She knows JKR and knows the characters, she has serious insight to Hermione and knows what she needs, she knows that Ron is her hero and is the person that she needs. I love that. Good for Emma. And I agree that H/Hr shippers seriously just need to move on. It aint gonna happen. It wouldnt be an interesting twist, it would be a horrible cliche and would waste her development of six books. Sorry but no.Avatar Image says: Michele, I've seen many interviews, I'm a fan, but that made me sad. It's a written interview, if she was joking, she should have known people would not know it when they read it. And if she was joking, it was a very rude joke. She says: "I'm just waiting for the right opportunity" after saying she wouldn't do what Dan did, that's offensive. What Dan did was taking a fantastic opportunity. Like theatre critics has said, Alan Strang is the best character a young actor can play on stage. onmasseave, I've not said she can not talk about her castmates's proyects. What I've said is she shouldn't talk about a proyect if she doesn't know much about it. If she would have read Equus or just inform herself a little about it, she would know it's a brilliant play and she would know it's a fantastic character for an actor to play, she wouldn't talk like that. She was not even asked about their proyects,she was asked about her future, she could have said a thousand different things, so why did she have to say that? You say she is not criticizing, well, she is not saying something nice either. If she wanted to talk about this proyect in particular she could have talked about how positive critics have been, what a fantastic opportunnity is for Dan, how much he is enjoying it, what a brilliant play is. I think she is talking with scorn, like it was something wrong, or she is too good for doing it. Well it's a Tony award winner play...no-one is too good for it. I hope I'm wrong about this last thing, because I want to think she is still very down-to-earth, but she should have been more respectful. Daniel has won rave reviews and the audience's love for Equus, she should be happy for him. He appears naked and with a horse for a reason: he is playing a character. Great actors are not afraid of playing different characters. It's not even a horse, it's an actor... Maybe the problem is this makes me realize they have not supported Dan in one of the most important and difficult moments of his life. So I'm even more proud he succeed because now I know he did it almost alone, but it makes me sad too. star, I'm the first one who tells other fans that we shouldn't overanalyze interviews, pics etc But I still think we can talk about the pics, interviews... and give our opinion. I always say good things about them, just because one day I don't like something... Avatar Image says: Are you people serious? Emma was making a joke about how uncomfortable she'd be getting naked on stage and you think she was dissing Dan? I don't understand you guys sometimes...Avatar Image says: I think she was rude when she talked about English movies and also about Equus and even when she talked about Ron and Hermione, calling it the "it is so typical" and calling Hermoine the leader of the rebellion when Harry is the leader of the rebellion and Hermione was the one who helped him organizing this rebellion, but since this interview is in another language then I have my doubts to some of her comments, the way people translate to one language then back to english you can lose a lot of what really was in context with so much translation.Avatar Image says: Many of you have brought up the Liberation thing. To me it just sounds like she was acting as Hermione. Wouldn't Hermione step up right away and say "well I know that." I don't beleive she was trying to be rude. Also about Dan's play. It's not her "style" she wouldn't be one to do it, Dan is those. Respect her beleives, don't make them sound rude. Personaly I wouldn't do a play like that, I have read it and it is a great play. I just ahve a problem doing a few sceans. I love the Hr/R snippet at the end. They so better end up together or else Jo is gunna have some agry shippers. =]Avatar Image says: "Why would Emma want to appear naked on a horse? Hopefully she has more respect for herself than that?" Lady Godiva did, and she seemed to have a healthy amount of self-respect.Avatar Image says: Uh, Isaac, lighten up.Avatar Image says: I love this! :] And I think she handled the interview very well!Avatar Image says: I wonder if this so called new interview is real or not, if it is new why they didn't have a new picture of Emma, I also wonder if this interview is 100% true, specially the part of Jo, she has said it many times, including last year, that she has little to almost none contact with Jo, the only times she has seen her is in Premiers and when Jo goes to the set.Avatar Image says: SeaJay I am English and I do have a very irreverant sense of humour myself but I couldn't tell it was a joke without seeing her facial expression. Dan can laugh at himself too, and that's fine; Jonathan Ross did too, but he also balanced it with terrific praise for Dan's performance. That's the difference IMO. But as Onmasseave says, Emma knows Dan well and is (hopefully) still friendly with him so she must know that it's ok to talk like that. Onmasseave, yes it's ok to mention fellow actors' other roles (I don't think the person you replied to was saying it wasn't) but I think there's a difference between joking about them and supporting them. Dan was apparently terrified that he would fail in the play and it is the first time he's been properly judged in a major way since Harry Potter. He may see the joke now after receiving such good reviews, but they are all of them worried about their futures, so I would have expected Emma to be more mindful of that. But I guess I'm forgetting what it's like to be a teenager and you don't always think about those things at that age. It's just that other things I've seen and read about her show her to be a more thoughtful sort. Avatar Image says: Isaac: giving opinions and analysing interviews etc is one thing; even over-analysing, to a point. But I can't think of a single interview by either Emma, Dan, or Rupert, where some people haven't used the opportunity to heap vituperative scorn upon them for every thing they utter. I know many people aren't fans of one or the other of the three actors. That's fine. I'm not a huge fan of Emma or Rupert's to be honest-I like them in their roles, and think they're perfectly nice people but I don't go to their fansites. I'm just not that interested in them personally. But I don't understand why some people feel they have to belittle, criticise, or otherwise constantly find fault with people who haven't done a thing to them. And it happens every single time a new interview surfaces. Every single time. That just gets so tiresome to me. Avatar Image says: I agree with Emma, Ron nd Hermione are perfect couple. I never thought Hermione as a feminist. I mean, is she really? I don't remember any part of the book where she said something and done something about the equality of men and women, Unless I'm mistaken or have missed a part of the book where Hermione did fight for feminine right. Although, I think Emma meant that Hermione is a feminist because Hermione has a very strong personality and won't let anyone abuse her or whatever. In the book she ever mentioned about it but she inspire women to stand for themselves. I guess that's what Emma meant to say. Now, I've seen couples of her interviews and she's straight-forward. That's her nature. But I didn't expect her to say such things like the "American thing"... "Naked with a Horse"... It sounds to me like... uh, never mind! Avatar Image says: There's a youtube video of Emma's MANY comments on Ron/Hermione! It's a compilation of interviews, and I love how she's so open about it. Anyway, let up on Emma- I'm not a huge fan of hers, but the problem with reading interviews and not listening to them is that you can never tell the intonations and the way things are said. Whatever manner she intended, it definitely was not to make herself sound rude, and I think the way this interview was written made her seem rudely intelligent. She is quite considerately intelligent in video interviews and doesn't cut people off and whatever. It was an interesting interview all the same.Avatar Image says: Probably the most interesting interview I've seen with Emma Watson. It was nice that she chose to defend the HP books against those French attacks, in detail, when she could easily have given some bland PR-type answer instead. What some people are reading as "rude" is just the way people tend speak in England, that is, unsentimentally. For some examples, why not look at, say, the HP books? Hermione being called a "total feminist" is slang for "very feminist", not "radical feminist", and in response to the comment that HP was sexist, not anything Emma herself brought up. I'm glad Ms. Watson still feels free to say whatever the hell she wants, despite knowing that thousands of people will obsessively pick apart every syllable, facial expression and item of wardrobe exposed in public.Avatar Image says: Chris - thanks for showing us your ignorance about the play. First, it's not a real horse, second, he is not on the horse in the nude scene. And why would an actor want to do it? Because it's a brilliant play, which is on school syllabuses. Interesting how someone who says she maybe wants to be an actress, wouldn't do a play which every student play... Much more, because it's a brilliant character, considered the most interesting and complex character a young actor can play in theatre. Because nudity is there for a reason, and obviously it wouldn't make sense with clothes on. Because real great actors are not afraid of things like that, they only care about showing how the chatacter is, their real characteristics, not if the character is nude in a scene. They like to play demanding roles, and they understand it's acting, having respect about oneself or not is not related with it at all. If she doesn't want to play something, great, but there is no need to say it like that. I don't expect people to be perfect, so I undertand it's nomal they do mistakes in interviews. What is not normal is some fans who don't understand this, and try to justify everything. HPFrEak13 - I'm not sure Hermione would be like that. But doing something like Hermione doesn't mean is something well done. Hermione is not perfect. Even if the way Emma talks about her seems she thinks Hermione is perfect. Maybe that's the reason Hermione looks like a supergirl in the movies, because Emma doesn't realize her character is not perfect, Hermione makes mistakes and she has defects too.Avatar Image says: Whoa there. Avatar Image says: I guess my point was that I never thought that Emma was insulting Equus. All she said is that she wouldn't appear on a stage naked. How is that insulting the play? She passed zero judgement on Dan's performance or the play itself. Where is the criticism? And why would she have to say something nice at that point? He didn't ask her what her opinion of Equus was, he asked her if she planned on doing projects "like" her co-stars and she answered in a joking manner--she isn't going to appear onstage naked. Therefore, she won't take on roles like Dan. I guess I just don't see the criticism? And not wanting to appear nude onstage does not imply she is too good for the film. The only thing it implies is that it isn't her cup of tea. Oh well. Good luck to Emma:)Avatar Image says: I see a sense of humor is not really big here for some. Her saying she's not going to get nude on a horse is no big deal. Hopefully she's talented enough or doesn't care enough not to have to do all that for attention. I can't think of a reason for her to do so and she wasn't trying to offend anyone. Even if a few Dan fans don't, I'm sure Dan has a healthy sense of humor and would have found what she said funny. If newspaper articles are to be believed even Dan didn't want Rupert and Emma to come see his play and they were greatful. I'm sure it's probably a standing joke between them all but Dan has to do what he has to do and since he got a lot of publicity he definitely wanted for "Harry Potter in the Nude, ZOMG!!", I'm sure it's worked out for him and everyone is happy.Avatar Image says: Libération is renowned to take the opposite view of the concensus. They did it with "Les Invasions barbares", a film that won a first prise at Canes festival and an Oscar in Hollywood. Libération cannot go with the flow. It is their tradition. They have to demolish. As far as her reaction "Yes! I know about Libération", let us not forget that this was a dialogue between a journalist and an her. It is all part of the mechanics of a dialogue : give and take. The reader is not present during the interview. This was not television, or was it. Lastly, teenagers frequently look down on anything with wich they are familiar. What is foreign to them looks more attractive. It is part of growing up. I, personaly, appreciate English culture, even though I am better acquainted with the French culture. The grass seems greener... as we all know. The truth is that both French and English cultures, to mention but two, are very fascinating and enriching cultures. Every day I appreciate these two cultures : friends, books, music, films, radio, televison, theatre, etc. An open mind has a lot more fun in life than a limited one.Avatar Image says: Where else can you find a character as feministic in fiction as Hermione? Puh-leeze. Just about every book written since the beginning of the 19th Century? Or perhaps she hasn't bothered to read them? I'm afraid this interview does her no favours, she may not have meant to come off as a complete prat, but that's what she sounds like.Avatar Image says: Ok no one can say the interview sounded a bit rude because we didn't hear the interview so how would anyone know? I actaully think it was a really good interview. She is obviously very intelligent and has a lot of insight into the books, her character, and the relationship between Ron and Hermione. The Dan comment wasn't rude, it was probably a joke. You know how many times she has probably been asked about Dan and Equus? I am sure many and she was probably just making a joke about being asked all the time. Dan and Emma have both made it clear that they are very good friends, she wouldn't diss him. The American high school comment was very true and I don't blame her. I am American and if I was in her position I wouldn't want that role either. Also, she said she likes everything that isn't English, she wasn't insulting English culture, she was just saying she loves other cultures like the French which I think is great. I love Italy and their culture probabaly more than American culture but does that make me Anti-American? No. I think people need to give her a break for once instead of making snap judgements based off a written interview.Avatar Image says: Omnasseave, I can see your point but, Chris's comment earlier, about 'self-respect', sums up exactly what I thought was implied. That's why I think she should have followed it up with something to balance it. I didn't think it was criticism, more disrespect towards a complex play and a talented actor (yes Chris, even talented actors sometimes go nude if the play is worth it!) Just like Chris is demonstrating with tremendous flair! Avatar Image says: onmasseave, basically you say I'm putting words in her mounth she have not said, but that's what you are doing too. "All she said is that she wouldn't appear on a stage naked." No, she has not said that. That's the way you interpret it. The problem is, if she says something like that, she should explain it, because it can be interpreted in many ways. "She passed zero judgement on Dan's performance or the play itself. Where is the criticism?" Saying you are waiting a good opportunity after saying you won't do that, people could think you are implying that's not a good opportunity. I just explained why I think it's a very good opportunity. "And why would she have to say something nice at that point?" And why did she have to say something rude at that point? I have not said she has to say something nice, she was not asked about a particular proyect, she didn't have to say anything at all. I said it would be nice to see her supporting him. I just think if you don't have something nice to say, it's better you don't say anything at all. If you do, you can not be surprised people would criticize it. "He didn't ask her what her opinion of Equus was" Exactly, that's why I don't understand why she had to say that, she was asked in general. "he asked her if she planned on doing projects "like" her co-stars" I don't think that means "proyects like the ones they have done", I think he is just asking if she is planning to do other proyects, in general. "Therefore, she won't take on roles like Dan. I guess I just don't see the criticism?" The problem is she is not saying that with the words you are using. The way she says it sounds rude and derogatory. She is not saying she would not be nude (btwgood roles means real characters, real characters get nude... tell me a great actress who has not done nude scenes...), she is saying she wouldn't be nude with a horse, so she is implying Equus, so it's derogatory for the play. She is limiting what Daniel is doing to "be nude with a horse", when the true is Daniel is playing a very difficult and complex character. Now it seems I'm bashing her... and all I was saying is I was hoping she would have not said that... Just because a person doesn't think the interview is perfect it doesn't mean I hate her... I adore them all. I agree the problem is some fans don't accept they can make mistakes too, it's not the end of the world. If one of the boys would have said something that looked not very good about her, her fans would be killing them...Avatar Image says: After all this, I still think she's intelligent only that I wish she'd be more careful with her words most especially woth written interviews like these. Whatever her intentions behind those remarks, I only hope that will be cleared.Avatar Image says: You people amuse me. The trio should just stop giving out written interviews.Avatar Image says: "She is limiting what Daniel is doing to "be nude with a horse", when the true is Daniel is playing a very difficult and complex character." Well, she didn't see the play and all Daniel did was promote himself nude on a horse. Was there any other promotional pictures done? I don't think so. They only promoted the nudity so I don't get why everyone is up in arms over this when that was ALL that was promoted about the play and why most people were interested in the first place.Avatar Image says: Good interview!! ^^ But I think it's kind of conceited from her to say that Hermione becomes 'the leader' of the rebellion. Harry is the leader of the rebellion. That's just my opinion, anyway. Sorry, but that's the way that I think. But I loved what she said about Ron and Hermione. That was right on the spot!! XD And I love that she keeps in touch with Jo!! I would have never imagined that they emailed to each other!! But I love it!! ^^Avatar Image says: A quick suggestion to Leaky: disable comments for any article related to the movies, the HP cast, and definitely for Emma Watson. For some reason this stuff is attracting people who have unhealthy, negative obsessions.Avatar Image says: Nono- Alan Rickman has naked on stage? Oh do tell more :PAvatar Image says: All perspective was lost about a hundred posts ago. Avatar Image says: My God, this girl knows nothing about who Hermione is! She drives me insane!Avatar Image says: Guess what Miss Watson, I wouldn't want to see you naked on stage with a horse either, (which he is not by the way), from the way she talks, I wouldn't cross the street to see her, how dare she diss Dan's choices, and Ron/ Hermione, I've never been interested in these two and never will. I hope Dan gives her a slap. Avatar Image says: I don't think she came off very well -- was this a translation to English? Was she just saying what she thought the French or Italian press wanted to hear? Maybe her crack about yes I already know that was really more like an "oh yes! I know that paper they make us read it in French class." She was pretty insulting about the English, nevermind Hermione is as British as they come. I know Emma was born in Paris or something but unless one of her parents is French it doesn't make her French. And she still needs to improve her French from this article. And if she were as smart as Hermione she'd be studying at the Sorbonne, not hanging around in Paris deciding what she wants to do. I don't think she has Hermione's character down at all, but there's nothing to be done about it. Maybe in the end it won't matter if she suits the films. I did hear she was turned down for the remake of St. Trinian's, which might hurt. Nobody has any idea if she can cat away from Harry Potter (and some think she can't even act in Harry Potter). Well, she's still very young.Avatar Image says: I knew some haters will come out after this interview, I think Emma was not smart when she made that comment about Equus, this play is a classic and not just a nude play, unless of course you know nothing about theater art or nothing about classics theater then of course you can made uneducated comments like that. Emma, one more thing Hermoine is NOT the leader of the rebellion but the one who helped form this rebellion, Harry IS the leader!Avatar Image says: I think this article was above the IQ of most people posting her. It was above mine. But some of these comments are so stupid there funny. Did Emma say Dan had a small penis somewhere in this article because that would have been funny, and rude. But I don't see any rudeness in this article. It was very insightful and intelligent. Emma came from France also so it makes sense that she may want to return there. And after the way American teenagers treat her on this board, who could blame her for not wanting to be one in a movie. Avatar Image says: I'm going to jump on the Emma bandwagon here and say that you can not understand tone when you read something. When she made that joke about getting nude on stage with a horse like Dan, that was an obvious joke and it was probably said in a funny way. It wasn't a criticism of Dan's choices as an actor. And the comment she made about knowing what the magazine was might have just been her acknowledging that she knew what the magazine was more than her getting insulted that the interviewer was trying to explain it to her. Maybe the interviewer just misunderstood her. Also keep in mind that this interview was translated from English to Italian then back to English (thanks Stefano), and that some things were probably lost in translation. Avatar Image says: Camille... I'm criticizing it, but I'm not a hater, I think they are all very nice. I just don't agree with the way she is saying some things and the way some fans are really behaving like haters towards other actors just because we don't agree with the way she said something. I don't agree with the way some people is talking about her either, but don't put all of us in the hater's bag. Solo, maybe your IQ doesn't left you realize there are many ways of being and sound rude, not just one.Avatar Image says: Oops, I meant "act" LOL.Avatar Image says: THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH... I did not think that she had been rude at all... but if any of you are offended.... we need to STOP getting all over her as though we are better than her. WE all say things that would offend people sometimes... so let us PLEASE stop judging her! What is it with you people?Avatar Image says: I feel like I need a broom to sweep through some of the comments on here. I still don't understand why Emma can't say that she wouldn't appear naked onstage at this point in her career. She didn't say she is never going to do it. She didn't pass judgement on those who did. I choose not to sing in public but it doesn't mean I disaprove of those who do. As a staunch opponent of racism, what Emma said wasn't racist. Read carefully before calling people names. She said she wouldn't want to appear in a movie playing the typical American high school stereotype. Even American actresses say the same thing. Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff have both stated during various interviews that they are shying away from those roles, too. It is a career choice and a smart one. Just like Dan's decision to star in Equus. If Dan can be discerning in the roles he chooses, why can't Emma or even Rupert for that matter? Once again, Emma didn't give an opinion on Equus. She said she wouldn't appear naked on a horse. If she Rupert was in a musical, and they asked her the same question and she said she wouldn't go on stage singing--she wouldn't be critizing the musical. She would be stating a fact--being that she wouldn't go on stage singing. Why? Maybe because she doesn't like to sing. It doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy or appreciate musicals. To each his own Avatar Image says: VERY NICE interview. I think Emma Watson is a very thoughtful and impressive young person. Just a thought: Some Leaky posters are too quick to OVER-ANALYZE comments made by any of the trio in interviews. Their posts are always very negative and sometimes just plain hysterical. COME ON PEOPLE! These interviews are meant to be fun. They are not discussions about how to achieve world peace. And thank goodness, they’re not! Just look at how the so-called leader of the free world responds to questions about the war in Iraq! Now, that’s something to get hysterical about!!! Avatar Image says: Her mom is from France and I think she has other relatives from France. She vacations there all the time. She was never considered for St. Trinians, it was always Emily Watson, not Emma. Isn't her surname "Duerre" french?Avatar Image says: Henry, are we twins? You KEEP saying what I am about to say! That's about three times now! I don't hate Emma either, I like all of the Trio, Tom Felton, Phelps twins, well all the teenagers I've seen interviewed. This is actually the first time I've said anything critical about any of them so I don't make a habit of it. It just took me a bit by surprise, esp the Equus bit because I just didn't expect a close friend to come out with that kind of joke in public (fine in private obviously). On a positive note, and to change the subject, regarding Hermione being a leader of the rebellion- in the book she is the one with the idea, who persuades Harry to teach the class. He leads the DA but she takes the initiative, so I think Emma's trying to say that. Also her comments about the Harry Potter world, politics etc are intelligent as I'd expect from her. Except that Eragon (I haven't read the sequels) is not a patch on HP or Narnia so 'developed' is the last thing I'd call it (if there's one book I read and loathed last year it was that one!)Avatar Image says: What's with the criticism on Emma or this interview? I don't read all the actor's interviews, but I thought she came across as nice and intelligent in this one. So, she likes other countries and England a little less, that's okay. I don't agree with her, but she is entitled to her opinion. I like England very much, not in all respects, but I like it more than my own country (I am Dutch). So, I can relate to that.Avatar Image says: "Most of them are roles for the typical American high school student, which is, the be honest, my worse nightmare." I suppose she must've changed her mind because I recall reading a while back that the role she most like to play is a regular American schoolgirl or something like that. Love the way she describes Ron & Hermione. They are a perfect couple!Avatar Image says: Oh for God's sake people. You really need new hobbies.Avatar Image says: I wish Emma WOULD appear naked. Not necessarily on stage just...in general. :) Actually, she isn't that good looking.Avatar Image says: I could not agree with you more Tistytosty. What is really getting crazy is tha almost every item Leaky puts up the comments get flooded with rude, negative comments. Emma is a young girl who is giving an interview of her opions and choices. If she does not want to be an american teenager in a movie so what, if she wants to live in France so what. She gave an interview, read it and move on people. I thought this web site was for HP fans and weather you like one actor over another does not mean you should tear apart the others. I support all of them no matter what. My only hope is that these negative comments are coming from young people and not adults who should know better.Avatar Image says: Okay, I don't want to break the conversation, but honestly, in the end, it doesn't matter if Emma is rude or not. It's got nothing to do with her role as Hermione, unless ofcoarse, if you would like Hermione less, because you know Emma Watson is rude. Well, if that's the case, then just don't read her interviews.Avatar Image says: "Oh for God's sake people. You really need new hobbies. Posted by Tistytosty " LOL. That was perfect.Avatar Image says: Sorry Emma lovers, but that was an ignorant and disrespectable comment coming from someone who should know know better. Dan took a massive risk doing this play, something she doesn't seem to appreciate. She should try doing something on the same calibre as Equus, then I might actally have a better opinion of her other than how pretty she is. Try and chose your words more carefully next time Emma.Avatar Image says: Emma you said all of that just perfect! You are such a smart girl. And I am sure Jo loved what you said about her. Here, here. I agree! And I wish you much happiness wherever you go. I hope we get to continue to see you grow, without annoying you of course. Love you! :)Avatar Image says: It looks like Emma doesn't have great projects been offer to her that maybe she’s jealous the great offers her co-stars are getting, specially Dan and the success he’s having in Equus not only box office numbers but also this is a critically acclaim play, I remember Rupert saying something that he doesn’t text message her anymore, that he and Dan has become closer friends, maybe Emma think she is way too big for the franchise, after all she waited lots to sign again for the last two...Emma please grow up, it is not your co-stars fault that hey got better projects or that they have been great in auditions and because of that they have taken better roles.Avatar Image says: it was pretty obviously a joke, but i'm sure daniel radcliffe would appreciate all you guys getting offended for him. not everything has to be followed up with "oh no, thats terrible, im only kidding" and then a giggle. Avatar Image says: "Most of them are roles for the typical American high school student, which is, the be honest, my worse nightmare." Good call on turning those roles down. Two reasons why. Firstly, Emma is a British girl and putting on an American accent would not do well. Two. Going from a character like Hermione to one like Lizzie McGuire/HSM/Hannah Montana would be a step down. Those roles are for 14 and under girls who aren't old enough for the more serious role. And the Dan comment - it was a throwaway comment that she probably didn't put any thought in. If she hasn't read the play, she wouldn't understand Dan's character. Dan himself has asked that she and his other co-stars not come and see it, so she only knows about the nudity and the horse like many of us do too. Avatar Image says: Calm down people. Everytime leaky posted a news about the youngster (be it posters, trailers, etc),specially bonnie and emma, there has been some very rude and hysterical comments here. Those comments don't make the HP fans look good or smart. Don't let your dislake for the characters they are playing or themselves get in the way you critic the movies or interviews. Would dumbledore be proud to read these comments. No. Avatar Image says: Original (though translated) question: Are you also planning to take part in other projects in the meantime, like Radcliffe and Grint did? Here are two ways to take that question: 1. Radcliffe and Grint have recently taken on other projects -- will you take other projects as well? 2. Radcliffe and Grint have both recently taken more grown-up roles -- will you take part in grown-up roles as well? She answered both questions -- She probably wanted to make sure she covered all the bases on it. There are other ways to take comment on the stage bit. One person may read derision. Another person might read overwhelmed admiration. Perhaps she things DR is incredibly brave and feels she would never ever be able to do something like that. Does that mean she doesn't support DR? I took it to mean that she doesn't see herself taking on hefty controversial roles. That's it. Remember, the subtleties of language are easily lost just translating one way -- translating in one direction and then translating it back could really screw up said subtleties. Add that this is a print medium and that obscures things even further. Avatar Image says: I think we need to calm down. What I've always thought is that a lot of times, these things are fabricated. I have yet to come across an out of country publication that doesn't have something that makes you go, "Wait a minute..." I mean, are we really to believe that J.K. Rowling e-mails Emma all the time?! Hermione doesn't lead any rebelion, it's Harry! She she pushes him to start it, but it is Harry who does it. And I really can't believe that as good as friends as the trio are that Emma would even remotely come acrossed rude like that. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if in the next few days you get a statement issued that this completely and utterly false. Avatar Image says: Dawn, that's not true, he hasn't asked them for that, it was confirmed it was not true, please don't believe all the things tabloids write. Many HP actors have gone to see the play. Her comment can be interpreted in many ways, maybe that's what people are criticizing, she should have left it clear what she means. And much more important she could have said it in a different way. Some people are saying she sounds very clever, but someone clever would have said things in a different way. Like: I want to do these kind of things and I won't do this other things because whatever reason she has. Also, Dan has done much more things, for example WB has just bought the rights to distribute December Boys internationally, which is a huge step for an independent movie. So she could have talked about the movies they have done too. There was no need to make a comments that sounds rude so it can be interpreted in a very offensive way. In a very complimental way too like keiko said. It's not that I think I would have done it better, but I don't think it was intelligent.Avatar Image says: BIG MISTAKE on the part of those here making long comments about the article. You who would be JUDGE JURY and EXECUTIONER. Just STOP and THINK. You are making castles in the air. Nobody knows EXACTLY THE WORDS Emma used, or what order she said what she said. Nobody knows in what spirit or in what CONTEXT Emma said what she said. Nobody knows what the journalist left out of the article. Nobody knows how the article was edited to change emphasis. Now GET down OFF of your High Horses.Avatar Image says: Dan fans are really taking this too far. Actually, the whole Dan worship has gone too far. She didn't say anything bad. I'm beginning to think that the fan girls aren't so secure about what Dan did thus the over emotional reaction to a simple comment about not going nude. I doubt Emma will care either way if Dan lovers don't like what she said, they've been trashing her for years anyways.Avatar Image says: I read and re-read Emma's comment about "not appearing nude on stage". Gee, do you think it's at all possible SHE MIGHT EVEN HAVE BEEN SMILING when she said that? I am amazed at all the hysterical comments. Why does this seem to happen so often on Leaky, but rarely on other HP sites? I think some of these posters are ready to burn Emma at the stake! Hey, let's bring back the Salem Witch trials. Are Leaky posters so OLD that some have forgotten what it's like to be a teen-ager? LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!!!Avatar Image says: I fear for our world, right now. Leave. Her. ALONE. Avatar Image says: Since none of us was there when she was interviewed, we really don't know what was truely asked. The interview could have said "Liberation as you probably don't know is a french newspaper" and her response could have been "I do know that paper". She is just a teenage girl who is trying to be the best she can be. She still has all the emotional ups and downs of a teen but is going through it publicly. Let her be. Also for the person who claims she drinks and gets drunk with her friends, are you just slamming her or do you have real proof.Avatar Image says: I think she´s a "snob". I allways had and I allways will think that. Nothing more nothing less....But she´s a pretty young girlAvatar Image says: OK guys, there are still rules here, even in the comments section. I will not censor opinions, I'm just asking that you remain respectful. Seriously, it's one of those "be nice or don't post" scenarios. There is truth, then there is just plain mean. Let's leave the mean out of it and enjoy a civil discussion. Thank you! futureweasley TLC ModeratorAvatar Image says: Here's the deal, folks. It's an Italian rag, plan and simple. As for you all jumping in and tearing each other to shreds over it, yes...I'm exhausted. In my opinion, nothing Harry Potter related should give any of us the right to be as rude as a few of the posts we've seen in this section. It's sad, and I'm a little sickened by it, to be honest. I have gone through and deleted a lot of the "over the top" rude comments. And, unfortunately, you could have said something worth keeping here, but you added a rude or flaming kicker, and I deleted the whole post. Sorry, I don't have the ability to edit...it's an "all or nothing" kind of thing. Please, lay off the insults. Seriously, guys...Leaky is a love word. And I know that Sue, Melissa, Edward and the rest of the news staff pride themselves on their journalistic integrity. If the story has merit, you will find it here. futureweasley TLC ModeratorAvatar Image says: Oh Moderator...could you take a look at some previous posts? Things got a bit rude. Thanks. p.s. Maybe the interview was from a while ago and the interviewer couldn't ask her whether she liked the play or not. In any event, it's 1)a translation 2)a journalist's take on things and 3)the words of someone young. Avatar Image says: As Dan himself woule have said " sarcasm does not translate well into the written word". I don't think Danfans have anything to worry about. He knows how it goes with this kind of game well. Incidently, although not officially confirmed but a fan who went to see Equus just reported that J.K. Rowling went to see the play (so did Dustin Hoffman on the same night). Avatar Image says: hey what's wrong with being an American High School girl!?!?!? lolz just kidding!!! plus i couldn't imagian some one with Emma's talent doing a chessey role like that!!!Avatar Image says: I have half a mind to consign this interview into just another bunch of misquotes. Some of the things Emma mentioned in this interview sounds like things she could have said but many seem to be exaggerations of the reporter. As in 'email with JK Rowling? Now, I don't know JKR's 'keeping in touch habits' but she doesn't seem to be the type to sit down in front of a computer and surf the net all day. The manuscript for the last book was even hand written! As for her "derogatory" comments about Dan,It could either be she was joking (she was expecting that question) OR she was condescending enough to say she won't ever accept a nude role. And that cheesy answer aboutRon and Hermione seems to be a shot too at Dan, I mean Harry. He gets to kiss a girl in OotP so Emma must show that Hermione also got some too. And here I've always thought she was intelligent. sigh...Avatar Image says: "Actually no one has taken the rights to distribute DB internationally yet, just domestically and of course in Australia. Just Driving Lessons has that. But I'm sure that will change. " I think you need to read more news about this movie, it has taken already an international distrubutor with Warner Bros. Pictures International and Village Road (distributors of the Matrix) while Warner Independent Pictures will distribute the movie in US, hope you get it now!Avatar Image says: *rolls eyes* *goes to play somewhere else where people aren't quite so crazy* (what is it about fans of actors and craziness? Is there some random crazy gene?)Avatar Image says: Emma about hermione being a feminist: I remember (was it the ABC Family special??) that Emma said that Ron said a sexist comment in Order of the Phoenix and Hermione got angry... that's what she was probably refering to when she said Hermione is a feminist.Avatar Image says: Good post kathlin! And I have been called a Dan worshipper myself, lol, so I'm going to put my two cents in as well. I hope Emma was misquoted and that the reporter just misinterpreted her BUT if this is an accurate quote then Emma has committed a major faux pas by commenting AT ALL about Dan's decision to go nude in Equus. The reporter didn't even ask her directly about it. It was a general question and Emma didn't have to include it in the discussion. Even if she was only joking, it's still in bad taste to indirectly comment on a co star's work. Not professional. Not even if you are best friends. Has she forgotten who she's talking to? The Emma who has complained about the Press before? It's a good thing the reporter didn't follow up and asked if she had seen the play. I shudder to think what she would have answered then. Avatar Image says: It's a good thing the reporter didn't follow up and asked if she had seen the play. I shudder to think what she would have answered then. Posted by jasmine on April 30, 2007 at 12:08 AM Very good point jasmine..I would´ve just "looooooved" to read the answer. I really think it´s a shame that one single line can destroy an entire interwiev. I said in an earlier post that I think she´s a snob, and I do, but I also think she´s intelligent, and this interwiev shows both sides of Emma... But I do think it´s interesting that the majority of movies she´s been offered is "high school girly movies"...Could that be a coincedence or.....????????Avatar Image says: Hmm... One reason I like Leaky's own interviews is that they write down when people laugh, so that you know it was supposed to be a joke. It makes it a lot easier to interpret... I'm hoping that Emma was being more easy-going than the words here seem to say! Part of it might be that when things are translated they often get a bit more formal than they'd sound in the original language... but I don't know. The Liberation comment was odd, to me. But she might not have said it in a derogatory way... I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.Avatar Image says: I perceived no rudeness. I read that Liberation comment as "Oh, I know Liberation! :D" You know, in a happy way. It's kind of like if two chicks are talking and one mentions some guy she met, and the other, remembering from his description that she met that guy too, says, "Oh, I know him!" You see? Avatar Image says: "Actually no one has taken the rights to distribute DB internationally yet, just domestically and of course in Australia. Just Driving Lessons has that." You're WRONG, Warner Independent Pictures will release December Boys in the US on September 14 and internationally, the film will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures International, and, in select territories, by Village Roadshow Pictures and Becker Entertainment. The difference is that while DL went to many festival to try to get distributors DB was bought right away by two important and huge distributors.Avatar Image says: yea...I heard people talking about her saying something about Dan in Equus, in a negative way...no where in there does she say that? is this another interview? but I do feel she needs to be more careful when she talks, she tends to put her foot in her mouth. even at that age I was more careful. I don't think it's the translation...it's what she said. I have confidence in Stefano's translating ability.Avatar Image says: I am sorry but this article is incredibly dodgy for many things. Emma does not need to re learn French she speaks fluent french, her mother is part french and her grandmother is french so why relearn it when she speaks it. Does this article not know she just signed for the last two movies therefore how can she do a eurotrip at 17 and come back and go to college at 19 when she still has school now and another two movies. Now new photos again dodgy, a magazine that has never been heard off - again dodgy and the whole thing about the other members of cast of HP, sorry call me a cynic but this magazine article sounds about as made up as anything the sun in the UK can do, and that is saying something. It does not sound like Emma Watson doing the article, she doesn't have assistants she has one, each member of HP are assigned one, so again dodgy and you are printing this as the genuine thing. I would worry about my sources for this one smells completely dodgy and not the person they are meant to be advertising, never mind calling Ms. Rowling Jo, none of the cast have ever called her Jo in public.Avatar Image says: Daniel Radcliffe does not need Emma Watson in his life for anything.Avatar Image says: Well I haven't seen December Boys yet. I have seen Driving Lessons, it was shown on UK tv at Christmas. Neither film is likely to appeal in the blockbuster sense so let's not compare distribution of the two. They will be distributed where-ever the powers believe is a market, very different for each film. What pressure the three are going to have to put up with! The expectations and comparisons they will have to cope with. I would be really happy whatever the Trio (and other HP teenagers, Tom, Matt, the Phelps) succeed with in the future. More to the point, I would be really UNhappy if they failed. I'm quite anxious about it (ok it's not my life but I care about them), just as I was anxious that they might not all sign up for the last two HP films. This is the main reason, incidentally, why I did get upset at the Equus reference made by Emma, because I feel it's too early in his career for her to be making jokes like that AND taking it out of context at the same time... and I thought they were friends and it's not something I would personally do to my friends. I realise that now, having slept on it (yes, I actually got 5 hours bad sleep though it was 2am before I could pull myself away from here!), that it was maybe also a defensive reaction on her part because she probably gets the comparision questions all the time: 'why are you not doing other projects' which must really put the pressure on! well anyway... talking of pressure, I really must get to work.Avatar Image says: The major INCONSISTENCY in this article is the bit about her spending two years travelling the world and living in France - it then says "And then when I'm 19..." - Hang on a minute...Emma is 17 now and still in the first year of her A levels, the second year of her A levels takes her to the age of 18; she has still got TWO Harry Potter films to complete. So how can she spend the next two years travelling the world and living in France?Avatar Image says: Wow. Emma really hit the spot when she described how Ron and Hermione would make the perfect couple.Avatar Image says: "I won't be appearing naked on stage with a horse"...that line was priceless. Emma seems to be a really clever girl, even in choosing rols, the world doesn't need more Lohan's or Duff's. Good for her. I think she's just giving her opinion, so no need to get mad at her. It was just a sassy and cute sarcastic remark. Yo go girl!Avatar Image says: What a strange world we live! So many find it so easy to hate.Avatar Image says: folks folks folks....keep in mind....the translation isnt always exact to what is being said! Why cant everyone on this site just cut a break all these interviews?? every single one...complain and pick apart everything...geez!Avatar Image says: Hermione is the initiator of the rebellion. She coaxes Harry to become the leader, which he does, eventualyl.Avatar Image says: Nice to see that there is a star who does not play the always-nice-and-smiling role only because the public and the industry wants her to do so. She just says what she has in mind. When you have a bad day you sometimes act bad....you cannot always be nice and calm. That's human!Avatar Image says: "Emma fans want it erased because it shows a side of Emma that's pissed more than just Dan fans off." I'm not an Emma fan, I'm just fed up with all the rubbish and nastiness posted in the comments.Avatar Image says: Emma shouldn't be too hard on American teenagers. After all, they spend a lot of money on movie tickets and she is certainly benefiting from that!Avatar Image says: It seems to me that EVERY TIME there is an interview with one of the trio, the comments quickly descend into nastiness from Dan, Emma, or Rupert fans who feel their favorite has been slighted. A lot of the comments here are ABSOLUTELY FRANTIC! Hey Leaky Moderator, tell the truth...do you ever tire of this kind of nonsense??? Avatar Image says: "It seems to me that EVERY TIME there is an interview with one of the trio, the comments quickly descend into nastiness" After about page two in this case. Maybe there should be a time limit and then it gets closed for good. Then it could be replaced by a simple vote based on the early comments, but with NO comments board attached to that (ie not like the vote board one on Leaky). The problem is not the valid criticism if it's backed up and remains civil. It's when it gets really personal against the actors or their fans and in this case some snide comments slipped in sideways. Then it really escalates and it's not so much the interview as the comments themselves that are being answered.Avatar Image says: A joke about a friend and an excited show of familiarity with a French magazine cause all of this ruckus? Blegh! This is why the internet sickens me.Avatar Image says: Emma certainly did sound annoyed by the people asking her questions! Oh well. She does sound kind to a certain extent i suppose...Avatar Image says: The plain truth of the matter is that Emma thinks highly of herself that's why she comes off as a bit of a snob. And didn't you get the feeling that she's got a bad case of Dan envy? She wants to be as witty as Dan in interviews but her jokes fall flat. She wanted to do theater and Dan beat her to the punch and even established his name as a serious actor because of Equus while she's stuck with teen American roles that are a dime a dozen in this business. And that aside to the assistant is a typical Dan scenario. Dan often does that in interviews: stops and consults his publicist if he's free to reveal something. Maybe the reporter just filled in the gaps and exaggerated her answers to come up with a lengthy article but perhaps that's the impression s/he got from Emma - that's she's just like know-it-all Hermione.That "leader of the rebellion" is just so pathetic. She wants to enlarge her role in OotP cause,blimey, there are too many girl competition now in the HP series. She's being pulled down from heroine status to Rupert's level of secondary mediocrity.Avatar Image says: Lemon Fresh has made a very good point. We don't know if this Equus comment was meant as a joke or not. She could've laughed afterwards...we don't know. Also keep in mind that as some have mentioned, doing nudity is looked apon differently for girls than it is for guys. So even if she was being serious Emma, being a rather "feminist" person (and perhaps only 20 at the time) doesn't sound like she'd be one to do something like that anyway. If it was meant degrogitory that, rude as it is, if she and Dan are in a fight, than that's there problem. We have no right to judge. I also agree that this article was a bit weird. But I suppose, this is a whole different country we're dealing with. Some of their customs are different. It's also possible that a few things could've been lost in translation. We just don't know. Avatar Image says: i think the interview was quie funny, shes always very articulate and gives the fans just enough information to keep everyone happy. i really dont think peopel should read so much into everything, although, everyone is entitled to their opinion, just dont go too far.Avatar Image says: "And didn't you get the feeling that she's got a bad case of Dan envy?" No. I doubt that scenario occured to anyone on earth but the rabid crazy and delusional daniel radcliffe fangirls who clog up this site with their emma and rupert hate every. single. time. there is a post about them. I'm so sick of it and I'm so sick of everyone acting as though it doesn't happen when it happens every time there is a post about them!Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD how can anybody say any of these thing for all we know Emma could have been laughing when she said that about Dan who knows ,, i dont think any of u should be jouging her like that no body but her freinds and perents know her as she really is we (her fans) know Hermione Granger not The real Emma Watson .Avatar Image says: With this I'm sure Emma is really nice person. I like que way she says her ideas.Avatar Image says: You do realize Emma was talking to a magazine that has an average age of 40 yrs old for its reader. It's not a teen mag, or a kiddy mag. It's written for adults. Most of its readers are college grads, older, and on the wealthy side. It wasn't directed at the fangirls, it was written a different set of demographics. Unfortuantely that demographic age doesn't post here so the article probably should not have been posted here. There would have been less teenaged fan girl hysterics.Avatar Image says: Wow, She sounds really sophisticated, but it looks like someone needs to relax, and think a little more before saying some of what she said. So what if Dan, is naked on stage with ahorse, you don't need to degrade it. Avatar Image says: You go, Emma! I am so glad to see that she will not lower her standards to participate in "shock" acting or allow herself to be cast in stereotypical roles. I admire that. I did not interpret her references to Dan Radcliffe as envious at all. She just does not see herself doing what he is doing...thank heavans!Avatar Image says: Wow I find a lot of these comments very rude. You guys don't know Emma? So how can you judge her so harshly. I took it as a joke when she said the whole "naked on stage thing." I think this interview shows what an intelligent young woman Emma has become. Just lay off!Avatar Image says: I think the reason why anything about Emma immediately sparks 235436 comments is simple - people expect her to be like Hermione. But the fact is that she's NOT Hermione - nor should she be. She's simply an actress. She may be a great person, but unlike Hermione, she's not a character we're invested in, so does it really MATTER what she's like? People may say she's a role model...well, no! Hermione should be the role model - we know all about her. Emma's simply this teen who gets to make cool movies, so shouldn't we leave her alone? My pet peeve is when people call the actors by their characters' names...for example, I was in Oxford this summer, and my friends saw Emma in a coffee shop and immediately told everyone they saw Hermione. Nooo! Once people separate the actors and the characters, I think they might get over this. Avatar Image says: Is it me or are Dan fans sounding as crazy and delusional as Harmony shippers? They're beginning to give me that same creepy vibe of people not quite in touch with what's really happening with some of the comments here. Why are you guys so insecure? If Dan is going to be "hot" (LOL) then trying to drag down Rupert or Emma shouldn't stop him now should it?Avatar Image says: "Is it me or are Dan fans sounding as crazy and delusional as Harmony shippers?" Well Carmen, maybe, but what IF she was referring to Driving Lessons, by saying something like: "I don´t wanna do cheap independent movies" I´m NOT saying that you´re a Rupertfan, it was just a general questionAvatar Image says: "Here's the deal, folks. It's an Italian rag, plan and simple." Exactly. But when I mentioned this yesterday my comments got deleted, it's almost as if this was designed to create this furore that's gone on here. This interview isn't even real, it's a cut, paste and ARTISTIC LICENCE job but the problem is, people WANT to believe it. Is it any accident that there is no on-line link to this article?Avatar Image says: And why are you generalizing that all those who criticized Emma's tactless remarks are Dan fans? Can't the normal HP fan just comment that what she said was unprofessional? The Dan fans are just the ones arguing back and forth with some other posters here but I've seen some comemnts that look just like casual remarks about Emma's pseudo sophistication. And don't call me a troll either. I'm just stating an opinion that Emma fans may not find to their liking but then, nobody's perfect.It's time they start accepting that.Avatar Image says: OK I have to respond. Some defenders should note that they are bashing as much as the people they are calling the bashers. And that is what fans the flames of this 'storm'. emma fan, very well put, (except for 'trolls'). Your second paragraph hit the nail on it. Public versus private opinions/jokes. That's not Emma-bashing if said in a civil manner. deanne, carmen, kimberly etc, I, along with some other posters, am not a danfangirlie thank you very much. I am approaching 40. I like ALL the Trio, including Emma. The snide remarks like those you have recently made, that dan-bash for the sake of it to support your arguments, are what feeds the storm. You will ALWAYS get people who will leap in at that point, like me. Because is it AS OFFENSIVE as any Emma-bashing. What snide remarks?, did I hear you say? Dan did not take on the role to become 'hot', to lower his standards, or for attention. Quote "I didn't look at a nude scene and say- oh great" - DR. It's the most challenging stage role for a teenager. He did it to prove he could act- he was terrified he would fail. Full stop. Avatar Image says: "A joke about a friend and an excited show of familiarity with a French magazine cause all of this ruckus? Blegh! This is why the internet sickens me." I completely agree.Avatar Image says: While Emma and Dan seemed to be very close during the PoA and GOF phase, it does seem that they might not be as close any more possibly because of Dan's busy schedule. We can only speculate here which is actually fun if the tone is proper and not offensive to the sensibilities of the actors and more importantly their fans;) It's hard to believe Emma would say anything offensive towards Dan or Rupert. The general working principle of the likes of The Sun, Mirror etc is to print "Emma will never talk to Rupert or Dan anymore" when Rupert might have just mentioned that they don't talk as much anymore (as they used to during previous filimings). So I think we are all intelligent enough not to believe in and fight over things printed by the press :) Avatar Image says: "And didn't you get the feeling that she's got a bad case of Dan envy?" PUHR-LEEEEEZE! What is so ideal about prancing around naked on stage every night? Not every celebrity has exhibitionist tendencies! Emma is a smart girl and she was just joking about nothing but the T.R.U.T.H. Isnt danrad-ical "appearing naked onstage with a horse" indeed afterall? So its true that truth hurts? lolAvatar Image says: Tnaks to those who realize it is not just Danfans bashing Emma. I happen to love Dan/Emma chemistry and think editing choices may explain Emma's eyebrows lol. (They do scenes numerous times different ways. The editor/director happened to choose similarly acted scenes for her few lines. What I don't understand is why the girls on here don't get Emma's comments on her doing any kind of nude anything. Look at how many girls end up on the cover of Maxim or some mag posing in underwear or less, totally emphasizing how "hot" they are. It's all based on their looks. Why aren't the females here angry about that? I'll bet Emma has had it up to here with comments on when she'll do her first Playboy/Maxim/whatever cover. Not only that, but there is the "ick" factor as well of much older men ogling her since she was very young. Natalie Portman was apparently icked out when she was 13 and seeing the similar reactions from grown men from her first movie (can't remember the name). I agree with her choices, as it is more degrading and expected! for females. I can also understand how she doesn't just want to do anything (thank god she's not doing that shark girl movie-sounded like a dog) -all of them need to choose their other roles wisely. Regarding Dan's Equus choice, he would have been bashed for NOT doing the nude scene, as it has been a very obvious part of the role. It is a outstanding role, a huge one, for a young actor, and kudos to Dan for nabbing the role and succeeding at it. I can smile at danhaters/ jealous fans of other actors (waves at carmen and others). I find it interesting how he gets name dropped for a lot of projects, including a new film version of David Copperfield with "Mr Bean" Rowan Atkinson (Times, i think). Avatar Image says: Maybe this is just a jab back at Dan for his comments in the courier-mail. He didn't have to use an example of drinking at the age of 15 and getting caught. The quote was "If (the paparazzi) got a picture of me at 15 doing vodka shots - which by the way I wasn't - then they'd be having a field day." I immediately thought of Emma after this quote. Maybe Emma jabbed back. After Dan's comment, she's easily entitled to it. Just a thought. Avatar Image says: -Thanks to those who realize it is not just Danfans bashing Emma. I happen to love Dan/Emma chemistry- So do you love Emma on her own or do you only love her when you think she's romantically interested in Dan Radcliffe. She seems to have a lot of fair weather fans, judging by the response to this article!Avatar Image says: The R/Hr shippers want this interview to be true and accurate. It's because of that 'perfect couple' thingy. The Emma fans want to discredit this interview as just tabloid trash. It's because of that tactless remark about nude roles and that arrogant 'leader of the rebellion' claim. The rest of us are just enjoying your show. lol Of course, there are some who can't resist and have to argue with the above. sheesh...Avatar Image says: Solo; seeing the fact that Dan NEVER visits website about himself or other HP Actors, and especially NOT "trash" sites, the chances that he had EVEN seen those photos of Emma drinking is allmost non excistentAvatar Image says: Agree with Solo!!!!Avatar Image says: "Look at all the coverage drunk lohans and the geldof girls get" If I ever start a band, I'm going to call it Lohan and the Geldof Girls... (sorry to interrupt the battle. Do carry on.)Avatar Image says: "I find it interesting how he gets name dropped for a lot of projects, including a new film version of David Copperfield with "Mr Bean" Rowan Atkinson (Times, i think)." I've read about that as well. If he gets the part (which the people behnd it said that he is a good choice to play the older David, so it's a possibility), then that's another string added to his bow. sorry if that was off topic. It was just interesting news.Avatar Image says: Emma gets to make it or break it as an actor all on her own. I think she was pretty good in the first 3 films and just awful in the 4th. If she acts well in 5,6 and 7, so much the better. If she doesn't (or if she just doesn't like acting enough to make it a career) she's clearly got the brains to have a successful career doing something else. I didn't read her comments as being either tactless or unprofessional. At most, I only see ambivilence. Avatar Image says: Tistytosty, maybe Lohan and the Geldof Girls could write a song lamenting the end of Dan and Emma's love(lust)? Between the vodka shots and the prancing pony comments, it's love on the rocks, I tell you! (I love how this "story" won't die!) Avatar Image says: A poster at Ew.net says the translation is horrible. He/She doesn't have time to translate it but said the Liberation translation is wrong. It is: The question is "Liberation, it is a newspaper,..." and she didn't say the newpaper was a french magazine. And Emma, of course, reply to her " I know what Liberation is.." . Sense is very difference. You guys should place so much stock in a translation that's flawed.Avatar Image says: I am compelled. Below is the first hit from Lohan and the Geldof Girls: The trouble with romance at age eleven when you'll be acting in films which total seven is that everyone wants you to date. He's a boy, she's a girl and her hair doesn't curl but who cares when your fans wish you'd mate? Oh Dan and Emma, oh young teen starlets, Why, your fans ask, do you not act like harlots? It's in your eyes, they say, nay insist, and they're longing for the day when you kiss Cos H/H won't be in the books but real life would do. But oh no! Disaster! The latest crisis gets 'round faster Than a very, very, extremely fast thing. Alarming indiscretions About horses bring confessions That, for Emma, there will be no naked fling. Some fans wail and gnash their teeth "Oh no! She brings us harrowing grief!" They cry, with tears resembling dollops "We thus conclude she is a trollop!" "It's all her fault; Dan's not that bad, How dare she make us feel this sad?" Oh Dan and Emma, oh young teen starlets, Why, your fans ask, do you not act like harlots? It's in your eyes, they say, nay insist, and they're longing for the day when you kiss Cos H/H won't be in the books but real life would do. The Emma fans cry, "This cannot be! "It's Daniel's fault - a great cad he!" "Our Emma wafts 'round in angelic suffusement!" And all others watch in increasing bemusement. Oh Dan and Emma, oh young teen starlets, Why, your fans ask, do you not act like harlots? It's in your eyes, they say, nay insist, and they're longing for the day when you kiss Cos H/H won't be in the books but real life would do. --- Fin. Don't forget to tip your waitresses, I'll be here all week, etc...Avatar Image says: *golf claps* Whoa, way to go! *mutters someone has way too much time on their hands...* *hey, I like h/hr and D/E...can they help it if the screen burns up..and they're so cute together..and everybody sees it..see past movies...they gotta have it in there for the rest too..DON'T LISTEN TO NAYSAYERS, WB! it helps sells the movie...Avatar Image says: Tistytosty, you made my day! Thanks Lohan and the G. Girls. Great song!! I want it for my iPod.Avatar Image says: "Incidentally, Nicole Kidman, Kathleen Turner among others have gone naked on stage, and no one called them sluts." These "women" did it at the right age and stage of their careers! Dan is not even 18 (hence the underdeveloped immature body) and to jumpstart his career outside potter, setting a wrong path!Avatar Image says: DanFans, you're not going to take that one lying down, are you? (Sits smugly back and puts feet up on table.) Posted by bebe on May 3, 2007 at 12:46 PM Nope, Me, I´m just sitting back and waiting for this story.....and Miss Watson dissapearing into oblivion after HP Avatar Image says: ".....and Miss Watson dissapearing into oblivion after HP" .....along with Mister Radcliffe. Only Mister Grint will probably remain standing in the end. Avatar Image says: Never heard about any of those new projects for Dan that youre talking about LOL Maybe all of that are just rumors, like Rupert being attached to Tintin. Everything he gets is all just because he is harry freaking potter. Why dont you wait until all the potter hype is over before you gloat. If dan wants to accept everything he thinks is good being offered to him right now just to prove something, thats his deal but I dont think that will make any big difference because he will always be just the harry potter kid. Maybe if he grew taller, shaved his head bald and grew a beard for a role, because he has tried getting naked and it didnt seem to have done much LOL anything less will not have as much impact. hes clearly used up all his aces by going on the deep end too early LOLAvatar Image says: Wow. Radcakesfan and Sonja (Are you the same person? You type eerily similiar. You must be good friends!) I think it's sad that you would take all this time to spew venemous hate against Rupert who did nothing against you! Why can't you just hope for the best on the trio and not worry about anyone else?? What did Rupert ever do?? I hope all the trio make it good! I know they are all capable of it!! You should feel the same way. Or at least, as we were always taught, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all! I think that goes for everyone! Avatar Image says:

RON AND HERMIONE ARE SO SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.I KNEW THIS SINCE PART 3 IN HARRY POTTER! I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE OUT IN PART 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar Image says:

RON AND HERMIONE ARE SO PERFECT. I LOVE THEM BOTH. I KNEW THAT THEY LIKED SORRY LOVED ONE ANOTHER SINCE PART THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE LIKE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE OUT IN PART 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM TRULY THEIR BIGGEST FAN. EMMA, PLEASE RESPOND TO ME ON THE RESPONCE I GAVE.

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