Leaky Re-Opens PotterParties.com, the Place to Find and List Deathly Hallows Parties!


Apr 29, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

We’re VERY happy to announce that almost three full months before Deathly Hallows hits shelves, PotterParties.com is live again!
What is PotterParties? It is a comprehensive, free listing of Harry Potter book parties all over the world. There are ALREADY 1,163 parties listed in our database! You can search your area for Potter Parties and find out which nearby bookstore is throwing the kind of release party YOU want to attend – and bookstore owners and managers can list all their plans for making their party the BEST Harry Potter release ever. It’s all super-easy, as well as custom-designed and custom-programmed for this exact use.

This is also the place to go if you’re planning a Harry Potter party: We’ve listed, literally, hundreds of activities, recipes, decorations and costume ideas to make sure you have all the tools you need to party like it’s 2007.

Since PotterParties depends on cooperation from bookstores and party planners worldwide, here’s the part where we ask for your cooperation: Get the word out! Tell your friends and local booksellers that if they want to get the most Harry Potter fans inside the store on the big day, they need to submit their party NOW.

This could NOT have been done without our Super!Alex, who coded this whole system, based on our former one coded by Nick Poulden in 2005. John Noe designed the site, while Chantelle Berg gave us the beautiful art that graces its front. We have also had wonderful, huge, tremendous amounts of help from our moderators and helpers: Doris, Lizzie, Kadi, Gina, Miranda, Sillyputty, SunnyElf, libbysmom, NYBookworm, mjk, andy the house elf, Pyxis, You_wont_know_who, LunasLion, SusannahMio, Josée~Madalia, Dragonsinger, Questauthor, danae24, lilinferi, Punky, Seven of Nine, mikey, ladymadaysia, HPFan731, and accio_lily.

PotterParties was originally conceived as Meet Up and Read-In by BK Delong in 2005 and created by the LeakyStaff as PotterParties.com in the same year.

These guys will be working to make sure PotterParties.com is up to date with safe, confirmed information, from here through July 21. We have A LOT of updates coming here in the future so stay tuned and THANK YOU! Here’s to the worldwide PARTY coming July 20!

44 Responses to Leaky Re-Opens PotterParties.com, the Place to Find and List Deathly Hallows Parties!

Avatar Image says: sounds awesome!!Avatar Image says: Squee, I really want to go to a Potter Party! My thanks to everyone!Avatar Image says: Wow, the site looks fantastic! I love the design. Well done, I'll be sure to let people know about it.Avatar Image says: Wow there is already a party set up in my town, Blaine, MN. Anyone else going to a party in MN??Avatar Image says: I'm getting a "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable"...Avatar Image says: Oh no, temporarily unavailable! BTW, is Leaky doing a special party anywhere? Melissa, are you going to Times or Union Square or something? We New Yorkers want to know!Avatar Image says: it keeps timing out anytime i click on a link .. it may be "open" but its NOT working! thought you should know!Avatar Image says: i'm getting the same thing billy! *tear*Avatar Image says: Guys those errors should be all set now. We had a small bit of technical difficulties, just like we always do when something brand new goes up :) --AlexAvatar Image says: Great site, great idea... but personally I'm going to a big party that no one outside of the invited knows about. Yet. But hopefully it stays that way. I don't want to go to jail after inserting a fence post up someone's anal region over a Deathly Hallows spoiler.Avatar Image says: Incredible timing!!!! I was just looking online to find a release party near by.... Uncanny lolAvatar Image says: I`m going to let the book shop know where we went last time. I am torn though whether to go this time,I really don`t want to hear any spoilers,but it will be the last time we ever get to do anything like this.(Until Jo`s next series of books,maybe?)Avatar Image says: Hey Melissa, is Leaky not planning to list parties outside of the USA? I would love to know if anyone is planning parties in South Africa.Avatar Image says: The B&N in my area's party is on there, but the Books-a-Million one (the one I'm going to) isn't. Next time I'm out, I'll try to remember to go out there and let them know. You guys rock!Avatar Image says: i remember using this site before the sixth book came out and then i went to one of the parties. it was a great site and i hoped it would be re-opened for the release of the final book, i'm glad it did. thank you so much to the staff of leaky! will you add UK parties to the site too? thanks a lotAvatar Image says: I'm sure the site will continue to be updated, yes? I wonder if it'll list Australian parties. I'd love to go to one. :)Avatar Image says: Yeah! An Aussie party would be plain awesome. :) Avatar Image says: There's at least one Aussie party planned for Melbourne, and if you go to the Allen and Unwin website, they have some listed for the other states.Avatar Image says: Hmm. Well I love the idea, I think the site is fantastic, but I can't find this 'stats' box that is spoken of on the FAQ page. I can't seem to find the pending parties at all. *alas* Other than that it looks great and I love all the ideas and stuff.Avatar Image says: This is a great idea again, although I will be grabbing my book and going straight home to read. Thanks again Leaky for continuing to do things for the fans for FREE. We appreciate the hard work that you all put into this site in the little free time that you all have, and that you continue to think like the fans about the fans and not to try and make money off the fans who frequent this site. I have to say I am more than a little disturbed at the trend at the other large site to try and make money off the fans, by printing books they have to buy (instead of a free ebook on Deathly Hallows as Leaky and it's associates like HP Lexicon did)of their views of DH and now setting up a pay per view/listen podcast et al. Like other sites which start off free and then start to charge, they will syphon off all the good stuff for those willing to cough up the money that will go into their pockets, leaving the dregs for the teenagers who frequent the site who can't afford to pay up. I don't like getting narky about fan websites, and I know people put a lot of hours in, but I think those who work on this site would admit the hours they have put in have been worth it for the premieres they have attended, and for the people they have had the opportunity to meet. By the way, I put Melissa's book that she is writing in a different category. Melissa is a trained journalist doing an analysis of the fandom with a lot of research involved over a long period of time. It's NOT an opportunistic attempt to make money off the fandom, unlike the other activities I have mentioned. Avatar Image says: Wow, this is my first and last time through this, so I definitely want to attend one of these things, they sound so much fun. I went looking and found at least 5 locations near me that I could definitely go to! So excited!Avatar Image says: This would be great... if I lived in the USA. As it is I'm left feeling slightly miffed. For one thing the 'parties pending' box which is supposed to contain non-usa stuff (according to the FAQ) doesn't existAvatar Image says: I'm going from Holland to England to attend the Potter Party in London. But the only Potter Parties listed are the USA ones. I hope you can update the site with Potter Parties in other countries soon!Avatar Image says: I can't find the pulldown box that we're supposed to be able to use to change the country. Is this a glitch?Avatar Image says: Somebody give Alex a medal.Avatar Image says: this book from the title seems to be very interesting.i am definately going to read this book as i read the different parts of harry potter. i am sure the site will continouosly tell us some interesting talks about harry potter and his movies. Avatar Image says: Great site guys, thanks for updating it and running it again. Always cool being apart of it! Can't wait till you update it and put our party on! Sure will show all different countries as stores apply their events. Good good good! We going to have an awesome event in South Africa. TomAvatar Image says: Do you really think it's unreasonable for them to charge for a book? I'd have to pay for the toner and paper if I were to print out an e-book anyway and that still wouldn't feel the same unless I went all out and took it to be bound and so on. (I prefer being able to hold a book in my hands. ) You can find plenty of their theories around their site anyway. I doubt you're being deprived of much. As for your other comment, what is this about PPV podcasts? The main MuggleCast is still free. The PicklePack is just an additional option that gives extra content. They're only accepting registration through mid-June, so I highly doubt they're going to "syphon off all the good stuff for those willing to cough up the money that will go into their pockets, leaving the dregs for the teenagers who frequent the site who can't afford to pay up." Considering the fact that it includes a shirt, 30 bucks for an entire year doesn't sound bad at all. Neither you nor I know the details of Mugglenet's (or for that matter, Leaky's) finances. Could they be swimming in dough? Perhaps, but I think it unlikely. If you've ever managed a website on the level of Leaky or Mugglenet, I'm sure you're aware of the huge costs associated with running and maintaining it. Ads may or may not cover all expenses. Again, I don't know the financial situation of either site, and frankly, I don't care. They are popular and free sites that are very media-heavy. Paying a litle for extra, entirely non-essential content is quite reasonable. Avatar Image says: thank you so much leaky i have been looking everywhere for somethign like this and i had about ost hope of finding a party anywhere near missouri but I found several just a few hours from where I live. I'm sure I could convince my parents to take me to one (seeing as I'm only 15 with no permit) you have no idea how much this means to me to be able t attend a party for the last book. Thank you so much. Avatar Image says: Great news, but I don't want to have DH potentially spoiled for me (even though I wasn't spoiled on the release of OOTP or HBP). I'll just sit pretty until it arrives on my doorstep July 21st.Avatar Image says: WOW! This is simply a fantastic service! Thank You Leaky! I was able to find two parties in my town and one is less than a mile from the house! WoooHooo! Harry Party and the Deathly Hallows! Avatar Image says: I totally RSVP'd to the party by my home town.. I'm so glad there was one reasonably close! I plan to deck myself out in my witchy finest!Avatar Image says: Hey guys: We are doing our best to get parties outside the US listed, but sometimse we just don't know about them - which is the beauty of PP. Just tell your bookstore to sign up! Or tell us about the bookstore (or its chain) and we'll contact them. I'd also like to remind everyone to please stay on topic. This is not the place for discussion of MN finances. Thanks. :)Avatar Image says: Awesome! I'm gonna go check it out!!Avatar Image says: Thank you, thank you, Leaky, for once again anticipating the HP fandom's every need! I've been thinking of putting together a daytime HP party on July 20th for my son's summer day camp (mostly elementary school kids). But I was overwhelmed trying to figure out where I could find recipes, games, decorations and other ideas to make it a memorable day. And there you go and put it all in one place for me! Now I know everyone will have a blast, whether they're old enough to read the books yet or not. Avatar Image says: I've never been to a launch party type event like this. It should be quite a site. I'll have to bring my pipe. Like puddlefoot I think this will be great fun while waiting on line, but once that book is in my hands, I'm flying home.Avatar Image says: Erm... I can't seem to find Canada on there.Avatar Image says: Thank goodness for this! I live in a really small town and there aren't any bookstores within about a half an hour radius, so I got on here to search. I found one fairly close, and I'm going to keep checking. Thanks!Avatar Image says: Hurry up and put England on there! Please! I know I have three months but I have plans to make!!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!! *Faints*Avatar Image says: So where are Mellisa John and Sue going to be? Thats definatly where I want to be on that fateful nightAvatar Image says: that sucks they don't have any for England.Avatar Image says: Ooo, great site:-D I hope we'll get to know about London soon! This summer is going to be the best!

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