David Yates Directing HBP


May 03, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Sci-Fi Wire reports that David Yates is confirmed to direct Half-Blood Prince:
As long-rumored, the director, whose first work on Potter has yet to be unveiled to the public, will be the second Potter director to direct back-to-back films. He told Sci-Fi Wire that:

“I am doing Half-Blood Prince, and I’m doing it because I love the world, I love the characters,” the BAFTA-winning director said in an interview. “I think I have more business with this world and these characters.”

PS: Of course, as always, WB has yet to officially confirm. Yadda yadda, you know the drill.

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Avatar Image says: I can't decide whether I like this, or don't like it. thoughts?Avatar Image says: I've seen Order (you all hate me, I know). And I have this to say: He REALLY NAILED IT. HOWEVER, I don't think he's the right director for Half-Bllod Prince. I definately believe he deserves to come back for Deathly Hallows as I'm sure that one will be quite obviously epic. But HBP is more of a suspense thriller. I don't think Cuaron would've been fit either. Nor Newell or Columbus. Ah well. Overall this is still pretty good news, I think.Avatar Image says: I think my opinion--not think, I KNOW--will depend 100% on what OoTP is like. I'm optimistic, though; a back-to-back director knows what he's doing and what he's getting himself into. He also may not be afraid to really assert his opinion and go for the integrity of the novel if he's done this once before. We'll have to see.Avatar Image says: Well - we won't know whether this is good or bad until we see what he's done with OOTP, and even then you don't know how he handle HBP. However, my instinct tells me it's a good thing. At this point in the canon, I think it's important to have some kind of consistency with the emotions and characterisation - two things Yates is said to be very good at eliciting. Good luck to him. If he loves it half as much as we do it's in good hands, right?Avatar Image says: well I don't think we can really decide until we've seen Order of the Phoenix...I really don't know how they can make HBP much better though, for Ootp movie looks great.Avatar Image says: We can only base our reaction on our views of the two trailers, and the reports from the test screening a few weeks ago. I like what I have seen and I liked what I heard, so I reckon that, at this stage, I am pleased by the news.Avatar Image says: No Biggy- we all saw it coming. I bet it was like, "Oh we forgot to say back in December? Whoops" Im still excited because he's an excellent director... I think.Avatar Image says: Good! I am glad. I think that the last three films all need the same director and I am glad that it is YatesAvatar Image says: I'm not displeased with Yates coming back. He'll probably make a great film. I was just really hoping for Cuaron for Half-Blood Prince. The Prisoner of Azkaban feel and cinematography would just work so well for HBP!Avatar Image says: I'm happy with David directing HBP, although I would also have liked a new drector!Avatar Image says: I don't know if they'd really make him do three films, or if he'd even have enough energy left to do the last. If it were my bet, Cuaron will be back to direct Deathly Hallows.Avatar Image says: Although I would flip if Cuaron came back (even with his crazy bird obsession!) I'm happy Yates will return, I saw a film he did recently, another book adaptation, you could definitely see someone's vision and direction coming through, and he stayed very true to that adaptation which makes me very happy! Avatar Image says: Well doesn't this kick up the interest in OotP a notch or two? I was hoping for Chris Columbus to come back to provide some continuity between the first two and last, but I guess that is not going to happen, perhaps he will do the last one, unless Yates proves himself to be so good he is brought back by popular demand. John B.Avatar Image says: I just don't know what to think. It might be good, it might be a catastrohpe (and it might be a good catastrophe). We'll see.Avatar Image says: BRING BACK ALFONSO. Cuaron for DH!Avatar Image says: fizzingwhizbee,which of his films sare you talking about? George, do you have an account on the Leaky Lounge ? I'd like to ask you a couple of questions about the movie, after what we've seen in the trailers? Avatar Image says: I don't have a negative reaction to this . . . but agree that we can't really judge until we see the movie. He does seem to love the world, though, and I do agree that is a good thing. Most of all, I'm with all of you who want Alfonso Cuaron back for Deathly Hallows! Please make that the next official announcement! And if OotP and HBP are great, why not Cuaron with Yates as a producer??!! Avatar Image says: In it says that WB hasn't confirmed Yates as HBP director. //o-o\\ The WalrusAvatar Image says: I think this is good news. It will be nice to have continuity, and I feel that Newell and Cuaron did not really pay that much attention to future films because they only knew they were doing one. I just get a good vibe off of David Yates. He seems to truly care about the material. I like how he said that he loves the world and loves the characters. I think Cuaron is a fabulous director but I just feel nervous with him. I just wouldn't feel safe about him handling the last film. He goes for feel rather than story, and I think the last movie will need story. Of course we don't know yet, but just my gut feeling. I think POA is the best film, but one film was enough, IMO. Newell shouldn't return because he didn't make GOF dark enough, and DH is most likely going to be very dark. I also don't think he got the best performances out of the actors. So for DH I say either someone new, or just stay with Yates. He could finish out the last "trilogy". And Prince and DH are supposed to be like two halves of the story, so one director might work better in that sense. I could be very angry come July and completely take back what I said :) but I hope not.Avatar Image says: That's great news. From what I've seen so far of OOTP, Yates has done the best job directing. It's great as well because then the tone of the films will be consistent. Just over 2 months to go until OOTP! I can't wait to hear more news about the 6th film. I hope they don't cut too much out (the whole meeting between Fudge and the British Prime Minister I can live without, but I hope to God they don't cut anything to do with Harry and Ginny, like the day dream and all the other lovey dovey things). I also can't wait to hear more about the casting for HBP. Avatar Image says: Yaaaaas!Avatar Image says: good news.he understand harry potter' soul.Avatar Image says: Sirius: WB hasn't confirmed, which is why we didn't say they had. :) It's a pretty solid thing to hear it from the director's mouth, but of course, we expect a WB confirm not too long from now. To be honest, guys, this is for real. It's been VERY solid rumor for months, and those kinds rarely end up false.Avatar Image says: GOOD. Order of the Phoenix looks FANTASTIC and I've been praying he'd come back. OMG.Avatar Image says: If the trailers are any indication, I think that it is great. Avatar Image says: From comments the directors have made (Cuaron vs. Yates) it seems like Yates is really more into the story than Cuaron ever was. I felt like it was just another project for Cuaron whereas Yates seems more like a fan now. I know Yates admitted to not having read HP before the directing opportunity opened up to him but it seems he has embraced the series more so than Cuaron or Newell ever did.Avatar Image says: Here's why I have a good feeling about Yates: Early reviews for Spider Man 3 have been mediocre. Why? because it was TOO LONG and had TOO MANY STORYLINES occuring at once. Yet Yates has made it clear that, to the chagrin of hardcore HP heads, the movie will be SHORTER and LOSE SOME PLOT. There is a growing backlash among critics towards long films, with even some of the best critics like Richard Roeper (Ebert & Roeper) giving films like LOTR and S-M3 bad reviews for being 2 1/2 - 3 hours long. I honestly believe that OTP will be the best reviewed of all the HP films.Avatar Image says: $%&^%^# YES! (I hoped for Cuaron doing that unspoken romantic tension in HBP and Yates doing final DH) BUT it's still awesome news. I believe he can truly do the books justice. I'm very happy with this news :DAvatar Image says: Wow, that's great news. OOTP looks great and if it lives up to expectations, then I can't wait for HBP.Avatar Image says: YAAAY!! can we keep michael goldenberg too? can we can we? pleeaasse? Avatar Image says: My god - couldn't Leaky have found a more recent picture. That one's about thirty years old and makes David Yates look like the star of some 1970s porn movie.Avatar Image says: Oh YES!Avatar Image says: KT from CT has a good point about Spider-Man 3, it may even help OTP and HBP that the film is condensed a bit. Avatar Image says: Anyone but Cuaron!!!! YAY! Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that DH will be safe from the man who made Flitwick look like Hitler and turned my favorite book into "Hermione Granger and the Prisoner of Azkaban"!!!!! YAY! Please David, please don't have screwed up OoTP! -BAvatar Image says: I think that Yates' take on things will be similar to that of Alfonso Cuaron. I think he's a great choice and seems well into the series. Bring on the remaining movies!Avatar Image says: I was expecting to hear this, and I must say I feel pretty good about it. Sounds like the cast and crew have adored him, and the trailers look good. I've only had a couple minor disappointments in what we heard about the test screening, and those problems could be changed, who knows? We need someone who feels a fierce loyalty to the books and who isn't so concerned with putting his own stamp on the story, so I agree with those who said one was enough for Cuaron. He's way to controversial. I know Columbus would cause lots of controversy too, so I'm kinda hoping Yates finishes it off. IMO, the lack of continuity has hurt the series a bit. But I too might be eating my words about Yates after OOTP! Avatar Image says: Dan said last year that he would "walk on hot coals" to work with Yates again. Well now he doesn't have to walk on hot coals (I wouldn't want him to do that anyway to his feet). I think that he will do a great job with HBP because it's shorter than OOTP and GOF so then there won't be that much cut out. You're right, KT from CT. Spiderman 3 has received mixed reviews (The Times gave it a 2 star review, ouch!). I think that OOTP will probably be the most acclaimed blockbuster released this year. "My god - couldn't Leaky have found a more recent picture. That one's about thirty years old and makes David Yates look like the star of some 1970s porn movie." LOL!! (Yeah I know it's mean, but I couldn't help laughing) Avatar Image says: Right now I say YAY, because so far the things we've seen from the new movie have been really good, but my judgment might or might not change after seeing the movie. So until then, I really don't know if I'm okay with him directing HBP. :DAvatar Image says: From what I've seen from the trailers, Phoenix looks like it will be a totally, excellent movie under Yates direction and if that's the case then I will be very excited for HBP!!Avatar Image says: YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I'm really glad about this, to say the least!!!! If the trailers are anything to go by, OOTP will be the best one yet! Now either bring back Cauron for 7 or keep Yates! If he has not gone mental after 6 that is..... David is taking such a long time commitment on himself. Finishing of OOTP for july, already being in pre-production for 6 (I knew it!) and another 1.5 years to go! I love this comment: 'I'm doing it because I love the world, I love the characters'. Can we say he's one of us now?Avatar Image says: I am not sure how I feel. That really stupid of the WB to sign this guy for the next movie without even see the fan reaction to the OOTP movie, but that the WB for you!Avatar Image says: Awesome. I was hoping it would either be him (David Yates) or Cuaron (Alfonso Cuaron) would do it. Can't wait for the WB to confirm. Avatar Image says: It would be great if David Yates could direct HBP! OotP seems a great movie to me and I'm looking forward to HBP if David Yates would direct it!Avatar Image says: Probably a good choice. I personally have a soft spot for Chris Columbus, but he is really buried in projects that he is either directing or producing. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for getting the series rolling, choosing the cast, creating the filmic Harry Potter world, etc. He made his contribution, and then, wisely, stepped aside to let others have a shot. Cuaron was very good, Newell did a serviceble job of GoF, and all indications are that Yates will be very good indeed. All in all, we win: we've had very good directors, each coming along at a particular moment in the history of the series, when the particular talents of each were very appropriate for that particular film. And every single one has been a blockbuster. Can't complain about that!Avatar Image says: I'm very excited by the trailers for OP. This film may surpass my favorite PA by Cuaron. So if its that good then I would like the continuity of style.Avatar Image says: I know I've said it a few (hundred) times but this is probably the (second to) last time you'll see me write: I really wish Terry Gilliam was doing this movie. I just think he could've pulled it together better than anyone else.Avatar Image says: Well if the trailers are anything to go by, this could be a good call. I know this won't be popular but I'm not really a fan of Cuaron and I wasn't happy to hear rumours he might be back. There were things about the POA film that annoyed me, the fadding in and out between scenes for one thing and I don't feel that he got the best performances out of the kids either ....Dan's crying scene was poor and I blame Alfonso for that, not Dan. Guess we'll have to wait until July to know if David truely got it, but the trailers gave me chills and I can't wait to see it :-)Avatar Image says: Thank God! From all the articles and interviews I have read (not to mention how good the traillers look), it is obvious that Yates really wants to get the resonance of the story line correct. It might not hurt, TLC, to reprint those first 2 installments (weren't there supposed to be 3 nstallments?) of the Yates interview regarding OOTP. I am still impressed by the fact that Yates had a, what would you call it, a 'trauma therapist'? come in and educate Dan on what a person goes through, who has been emotionally traumatized; in his preparation for playing Harry in OOTP. It shows a lot of for-thought and sincerety in trying to get this whole emotional journey (that Harry goes through) correct. Additionally, with Yates at the helm, hopefully he will be able to keep everyone in line, and more dedicated to following and developing the more important storylines in HBP (taking into account that in GOF, between Kloves and the special effects department, they hacked that story up so badly- no Sirius, no debriefing, no 'parting of the ways' section- all just to have an extra long dragon scene and see Rita Skeeter in the broom closet). If Goldenberg was doing the screenplay for HBP, I wouldn't be so worried, because he also (ref: Goldenberg interview) was very dedicated to developing the main storylines to their fullest. Anyway, cheers for Yates!Avatar Image says: This is great! The OTP trailers really look wonderful. I was so afraid we were going to get Curaon again...I just couldn't deal with a shrunken head horcrux!Avatar Image says: "YAAAY!! can we keep michael goldenberg too? can we can we? pleeaasse?" Posted by marillawhite I second that!Avatar Image says: having not seen the fifth movie i dont know how i feel about this, but if order turns out as good as it looks than thats awsome.Avatar Image says: YES. Yates is by far the most competent, creative director so far. I'm very happy and relieved by this news, and hope he's picked for the last. Fantastic news.Avatar Image says: Thank God No Cuaron!!!Avatar Image says: YES!!! I know that I'm going to love OotP and he should do a GREAT job with HBP!! I'm so excited :) Avatar Image says: I'm so happy!!!Avatar Image says: David Heyman wants these films to be great, which is why Terry Gilliam has never and will never touch one.Avatar Image says: I think this is great because so far, from what I've seen from the trailers (which I might say blows my mind and makes me so excited to see order of the phoenix more than other trailer has made me feel for a potter movie so far!) yates knows what to do and what parts to translate on to screen from the book. Now, the question remains, who will direct Deathly Hallows, as for me (I know this will never happen, but can a girl dream?) I hope that Peter Jackson would direct DH, but I think it would also be cool if Alfonso Cuaron directed DH because out of all of the directors (but we have to wait and see what yates has done) I think he really caught the essence and feel for Harry Potter (just no more of those little shrunken heads please!).Avatar Image says: I am not happy with this. After reading the reviews they said this movie has been cut down alot which is a bad thing. Also they said this movie is the shortest movie of the series. This shouldnt happen, esspacily when this is the longest book. Third Yates cut out the pensive which is something newell explained in the 4 movie for the fith and sixth. Also he cut out key characters and put out a crappy relese date for the fifth movie. The movie is complete and its ganna be relesed mid July. For heaven sakes relese it in June. I personly think they should bring back Chris Columbus. David Yates will ruin the remaining movies!Avatar Image says: After US Weekly, there wasn't very much doubt in my mind, and looking at how OotP is turning out to be---THANK YOU WB! We may very well have a steady director at last... I'll keep my fingers crossed. Avatar Image says: I can't say that happy or unhappy about this choice since I haven't seen ootp movie. I'll make my full judgement when I see the movie. From the trailers , it looks good. so I hope they made the right decission in keeping yates. Avatar Image says: I'm happy because this rumor HAD to be put to rest! AND I'm happy because he could develop H/G by using what he kept in OotP. That is.. If they've hinted at H/G at all in this movie. *sigh* My few non-book-fans/movie-fans all want Harry and Hermione to get together (*barfs*). But I'm sketchy about it being PG. Well, I guess GoF has a bit more gore, but Harry getting his hand sliced open? All those battles in the ministry that are pretty violent in the book? I seriously hate being surrounded by five-year-olds squealing/screaming/crying. Anyway, cool beans. He must be good to be coming back a second time. Avatar Image says: I also have a very good vibe for Yates. And from trailers. Trailers can make really bad movies look like the greatest film of all time - so we really cant judge by trailers. What we can judge by is yates portfolio and what he says about the way he is crafting the movie. It is his underlining thoughts of what the books are about and how he describes translating onto screen is what gives me a very good vibe about him. Id OOTP is even half as good as how we hoped, this is good news in terms of continuity.Avatar Image says: "I am not happy with this. After reading the reviews they said this movie has been cut down alot which is a bad thing." No It's not, not everything in the book goes well on screen. "Also they said this movie is the shortest movie of the series." POA is still the shortest. "This shouldnt happen, esspacily when this is the longest book." With a lot of filler material not essential for the plot. "Also he cut out key characters and put out a crappy relese date for the fifth movie." Here it is where you lose credibillity: Key characters, Bill and Charly Weasly (I assume that's who we are talkng about here) are not key characters. And as far as release date goes, that WB's choise. "I personly think they should bring back Chris Columbus. David Yates will ruin the remaining movies! Chris is good at kids movies, not at thrillers. In wich David is a master. "Also the fifth movie is rated PG" No, the trailer is rated PG. The Movie itself is not yet rated. "ONCE OOTP IS RELESED U WILL ALL WISH CHRIS WAS COMING BACK!" I doubt that. "Yates you are destroying the series!" Grow up. The End....Avatar Image says: I'm not usually one to gloat but...I told you so!!!! I am so pleased about this. I've been a huge fan of David Yates for a few years now and I'm so pleased that his vision will continue into the next film. David Yates is that rare combination so far - a huge fan of the books and a great director. I'm just hoping they signed him up for the last two films like they have the trio. Avatar Image says: YAY!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw the trailer for OOTP it was closest thing to my imagination of HP since the 1st two films, so I am soooooooo happy! I think he'll do a brilliant HBP film, I really hope he makes it tons dark so maybe it could get an MA (don't ask me why lol) but omg I'm sooooooooooooo relieved about this, I'm so SICK of the changing directors. What a relief!Avatar Image says: I don't want this guy to do the movie. I hope that this guy is NOT directing the movie. Yeah, the trailers have a lot of cool effects to them but there are also a lot of stuff that is not in the books. 4 words...Voldemort in a suit! Avatar Image says: I can't really make a judgment until the movie comes out, but my gut feeling is that Yates is a good choice. He seems like he's really invested in OotP, which makes me happy, and the actors seem to love him. And of course, the trailers look wonderful. Not that that's much to go by, but the little we've seen is amazing. I'm really hopeful for OotP, and if Yates continues on in this fashion for HBP I'm sure it will be a great film as well.Avatar Image says: Looks like we are all in wait and see mode. The trailers look killer though. Not sure I want alfonso back. He backwarded a lot of poa if you remember.Avatar Image says: I think it will be interesting how they do HBP. There is a lot of dialogue and explanation, which has in the past been anathema to Kloves and previous directors. There are also a number of pensieve scenes, which might seem a little repetitive in a movie. There are so many important pieces of information passed on in HBP that I am a little worried about how any director or writer can get all of that in even if they want to, which Kloves has never seemed to concerned about (jury still out on Yates). I believe that Yates will keep the themes intact, but I'm skeptical about the ability of any director to keep the integrity of the way Jo lays out clues. I think that the big ideas are safe with Yates, but the movies haven't really had the "Aha" moments that the books have. It's not just that I have already read the books, because I still enjoy finding the clues that Jo planted in so many places, even after reading the books 10+ times. The movies don't have that quality for me. I do enjoy them, but it's not the same (which is understandable) and I am worried that HBP is full of the clues and mysteries that I love and that don't translate into a movie. When those things are removed all that's left is the death of Gambon (which I am looking forward to) and a hunt for horcruxes that we might not really understand because the information that explains them has been. I hope I am wrong. He does look like a good director and I am the most comfortable with him that I have been since Columbus (though I hadn't read the books when those came out.)Avatar Image says: I just don't see HBP being a good movie. The book just doesn't translate to an engaging narrative on screen, even though it is on paper. The only real filmic scenes are at the end, but how they all transpire will be a tough job for Yates and Kloves.Avatar Image says: BRAVO!Avatar Image says: Well if he does a brilliant job on OotP, then I will be absolutely thrilled, but only one director so far has managed to really capture the characters, and that is Chris Columbus (even if the editing and script was a bit choppy and dull, everything was just spot on from costumes to characters).Avatar Image says: "so agree with cutting out the pensive, changing the looks of the dementors, aiming for a pg rating, taking out weasly is our king, not bringing john willams back, not bringing nearly headliss nick back, keeping out the fat lady, and dobby,the list goes on and on my friend." You complain too much, mike. What if, despite everything you said, the OOTP film actually turns out to be good? I'd rather settle for an enjoyable cinematic adaptation of OOTP than endure a slavish book-to-film conversion of OOTP. And besides, if Cuaron comes back for DH, he'd most likely bring back John Williams. Avatar Image says: I guess I'll have to wait until I see OotP before I decide if this is good news.Avatar Image says: "ONCE OOTP IS RELESED U WILL ALL WISH CHRIS WAS COMING BACK! " Mike, are you Chris Columbus' agent by any chance? David Yates is a brilliant director who understands the difference between directing a film and directing a moving storyboard.Avatar Image says: It would be fantastic if Alfonso Cuaron would come back AS A CO-PRODUCER and have Guillermo Del Toro direct the DH movie. Avatar Image says: I think that WB is giving no answer right now because they want OOTP to be released first. If OOTP receives very negative comments from critics and general audiences, WB will be ready to fire Yates and replace him with another director. (and I hope that won't happen.)Avatar Image says: I'm very thrilled by this news! I get a good vibe from Yates and I think he'll be a good choice for HBP.Avatar Image says: Interesting. Thing is, OotP is a bit unique out of the HP books for its tone, plot, political nature etc - which is where Yates seems to have found his niche. HBP is a far more conventional fare with the Inferi and bounds of romance and plot at every corner - I thought perhaps a director more familiar with thrillers. Nevertheless, he seems to have done a fab job on Ootp, so it looks like it'll be a good choice...Avatar Image says: " I think that WB is giving no answer right now because they want OOTP to be released first. If OOTP receives very negative comments from critics and general audiences, WB will be ready to fire Yates and replace him with another director" That's not going to happen. Apart from the faith I have in David Yates, by the time OOTP is released there will be no time to get another director, and seriously, so not going to happen. I suspect it might be more likely that they want to fold this announcement in with the OOTP publicity blitz.Avatar Image says: I am in the pro-Yates camp and from what I have seen of this project and his previous work, I think this is excellent news. However, as everyone says, only 13th July 2007 will tell. He certainly knows the right things to say, though. "I love these characters". What more could a fan possibly want to hear?Avatar Image says: I would like there to be a sort of "Colubus Sandwich." He got the ball rolling...its altogether fitting that he should finish the job. P.S. He did the best job taking viewers to a whole new wizarding world. He was the best by far!Avatar Image says: Didn't I tell you they'd use Dan's influence to ease us on changes in the films? Dan said he found quidditch a pain and there was no quidditch in OotP. He said he'd walk through hot coals to work withYates again and there you go - Yates is in for movie 6.Avatar Image says: get rid of kloves, please!!Avatar Image says: "get rid of kloves, please!!" Agree! I can get used to Yates for movie 6 but please, we desperately need a new scriptwriter. Avatar Image says: I highly doubt Dan was the reason they cut out quidditch and put Yates back as director for HBP. Remember, filming quidditch is the exact same as filming any broom sequence, and by the looks of the trailer there is a lot of broom action in this film. Additionally, I remember David Heyman saying that they ask every director to stay onboard, and it seems like Yates really fell in love with the project, so decided to stay put. Avatar Image says: Please don't bring columbus back. Anyone who knows anything about films, knows that columbus makes flat superficial and loud comedies (like home alone), I did like the first films, but that's because they were nice (jet uninspired) kids-movies, but he's not good enough for an adult production like deathly hallows. The reason that the first two movies looked great because of good special effects, good cinematographers and great setbuilders (not to mention a good script-writer) It didn't have that much to do with columbus. I thinks Yates might be a good choice. He's seems intelligent and sensitive enough to make the films great, but I'll postpone my judgement untill i've seen ootp. Avatar Image says: I, um, suppose I'm the only one who wasn't too impressed by the trailer(s)?

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