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May 07, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

That’s our new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trivia game/countdown, available for use on your Web site/MySpace/whatever (for LJ, use the “HTML” option and pick “Embed Media”). This was supposed to be out a few days ago but we’ve all been playing with the spinning book instead of working on making this announcement.

This little piece of awesomeness was designed by John Noe and created/programmed by new Leaky Flash Coder Ashley. Our Praxagora made up and loaded in the questions. It loads a new trivia question up every day. Roll your mouse over the book to spin it around like mad (hint: run your mouse over it really fast diagonally for a superfast spin – this has kept some of us entertained for hours) – click on the plus to get the code for your own site.

For this and more countdowns to the book and film, visit Enjoy!

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Avatar Image says: Funnnn.Avatar Image says: Now if only I could reach into the screen and grab that book...Avatar Image says: That's about the coolest thing ever. :)Avatar Image says: Funny, but I'm getting sea sick from the floating book.Avatar Image says: *COOOOOOOOOOL*! Man, by blog doesn't have a good spot for it. I've already got a countdown anyway. Erg. I'm a designer, too, so I don't want to put it in so it looks cheesey. Hmmm. I'll have to do some thinking. P.S. I got the Lockhart question correct. :PAvatar Image says: This is so much more fun than should be allowed...Avatar Image says: I only wish we could get this as a yahoo widget!Avatar Image says: Make one for the desktop, pleeeeease!!!Avatar Image says: Woah! Love the spinning book!!! Perfect for the easily amused..such as myself :)Avatar Image says: How much do I remember? Good question. I just started rereading Chamber of Secrets after finishing Sorcerer's Stone. Since I started reading HP after Book 4, every time a new book comes out I reread all the previous books. I figure if I go slow enough I'll finish HBP in time to read Deathly Hallows when it comes out. It does help me remember since my memory is as bad as Neville's.Avatar Image says: Wow! I love it!! I'm off to go put this on my MySpace page. But, pleeeeeeease make it as a Yahoo Widget....purdy pleeeeease...Avatar Image says: I love this countdown as much as i do the newest mugglenet one! Can't wait for a desktop version....I can't believe its down to 75 days!!!!Avatar Image says: Anything for Dashboard yet? The film/book one too?Avatar Image says: I got it right! I can hear Lockhart saying that line from COS in my head... =]Avatar Image says: I'm sorry but I don't have a house elf. I would love it if everything was spelled correctly....they misspelled yourself....Avatar Image says: Lol, now if only I had a house elf to prepare....Avatar Image says: Wow. The Deathly Hallows trivia/countdown is awesome. Yet another reason why I'm a John Noe fan-girl.Avatar Image says: I would dearly love to put this on my journal on deviantART. Would you please come up with a way to do this, as the HTML Embed Media function doesn't seem to work?Avatar Image says: it's totally AWESOME! but I think the "prepare yourelf" is kinda funny... and it totally works. hahaha shhhh no one will ever know....Avatar Image says: The graphics on this thingy are seriously nifty! Kudos to all involved! (And I kind of like "prepare your elf," actually. Every day, the words could change to another variant: prepare your elf; declare your pelf; repair your shelf; beware your health; Pierre, you're twelfth....)Avatar Image says: spining that book is so fun!Avatar Image says: That is AWESOME! By the way, I created a gravatar account and everything, and there's still no picture showing up... anyone know how to fix it?Avatar Image says: Yes.. Yes.. huularious.... John cnt spel good. It's fixed now :PAvatar Image says: Wow guys. That's AWESOME! You've really outdone yourselves. Thanks a ton for letting us use it!Avatar Image says: Congrats Ashley. Looks great.Avatar Image says: Great! Now I'm going to spend my day spinning the book instead of working! Thanks a lot! Really, Really, Cool!Avatar Image says: Ok, I am WAY too amused by this. John, you've done it again!Avatar Image says: awesomeness!! just a quick suggestion. if you get a question wrong, can you show the right answer after. just a thought...Avatar Image says: OK John. For those of us of a certain age without MySpace pages, blogs or other coolness, could we PLEASE have at least a way to put this on our desktops...? This is just too great to leave to the 16 year olds...Avatar Image says: Is there any way to get it on my LJ User Info page, cos this is just the coolest.Avatar Image says: WWEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! SOOOO FUN!!!Avatar Image says: Thanks SarahW! I hope y'all are having as much fun playing with it as I had making it :0) - Ashley Prepare your elf... Can't tell you how many hours John and I spent staring at this and still didn't catch it :-D You guys are cracking me up with the elf talk.Avatar Image says: I swear I've been sitting here spinning this thing for 10 minutes now... and I can't seem to stop... =OAvatar Image says: Leaky has done it again! Avatar Image says: very cool!Avatar Image says: Very cool. I was spinning the book and it kind of stopped with the page side facing me--I kept hoping to would open--but my eyesight isn't good enough to read print that small anyway--lol.Avatar Image says: LOVE it :)Avatar Image says: That is really awesome, even more so seeing as I'm currently doing an assignment in Flash and finding it a not-so-awesome enviroment to work in :).Avatar Image says: It would be better if there was a Bloomsbury edition version...Avatar Image says: I agree with Shaun. All these graphics ae cool and I completly understand why you would work with the pictures that you yourself are going to relate to when the book comes out but please remember that leaky is for all english speaking HP fans. Avatar Image says: I'm loving it! It's absolutely fantastic - well done!!Avatar Image says: Both covers would be cool, but the countdown is sponsored by Borders. The vast majority of Borders stores are located in the US, so that's the cover they'll be selling.Avatar Image says: For those of us not interesting enough for a bloggie thingy; yes, please for the desktop! Avatar Image says: this looks brilliant but i don't have a web site/blog or my space. can you please post it in a windows desktop version? i'll appriciate that. thanks a lot for all the hard work you do. you're the best. BTW, what about the quote widget? i'm waiting for that one to come out in windows desktop too.Avatar Image says: Could you please please please make a new desktop widget with the spinning book and the question? Thanks! :PAvatar Image says: >>I agree with Shaun. All these graphics ae cool and I completly understand why you would work with the pictures that you yourself are going to relate to when the book comes out but please remember that leaky is for all english speaking HP fans. Please remember that our programmers and designers are about to collapse in a heap of overworked exahustion. If we can get the other editions out, we will. :) Thanks.Avatar Image says: Wow that's nice... I've just ordered DH on amazon and found out I will receive the book only between july 31 and August 10 (I'm from Rome)....i can't believe i'll have to resist 10 days more than every body else....That just isn't fairAvatar Image says: Awesome.Avatar Image says: Jo's 8th Harry Potter Book name is announced here Harry Potter and the Amazing Investor Avatar Image says: AH! The books spinning is addictive! XDAvatar Image says: Did a new trivia question not load up today? The countdown and book is there, but no question.Avatar Image says: That's pretty cool, but what about those of us not hip enough to have MySpace? Anybody know a way I can add this as a Google gadget to my iGoogle (formerly Google "Personalized home")?Avatar Image says: Thanks so much for the DH count down with the questions!! They rock!!!! I put one on my xanga!! check it out at!!!Avatar Image says: Would anyone know how to put this or any of the other counters on a web page using Iweb????Avatar Image says: its realy cool! but i can't find out how to put it in my space!!! can someone help me please?!?!Avatar Image says: Love it! Parvati Patil's Boggart? Easy. Mummy! *downloads*Avatar Image says: Haha, i've been playing around with this thing all day today. I don't know why I find it so engrossing. It's so cool though. *Adds to Myspace page*Avatar Image says: I know this is off topic but... I am starting a new job tommorow (not till 11 though) and thinking I should go bed as I am ill so all the more sleep will help. However, I want PotterCast! And I know if I go bed now it will be released. Please Leaky, put me out of my missery... pweesAvatar Image says: Really cool :) Even though I have read the books many times, I am finding that I don't know the answers! How embarrassing! Avatar Image says: Hehe... that book thing is entertaining. I...can't...stop... damnAvatar Image says: This is great!!!!! Any chance of getting a dashboard version for Mac????? Keep up the great work y'all!!!!!!Avatar Image says: what no Florida!?Avatar Image says: I want to retract and apologise for my earlier comment. I did not mean by any means to belittle the really cool ticker that John and the team have created. Keep up the great work guys.Avatar Image says: Darn, "prepare your elf" has been fixed. I very much enjoyed the responses by Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher ... glad to see they're paying attention!Avatar Image says: Can I just say this: I love the spinning book. It made me laugh between finals. Thanks!Avatar Image says: I do really love this book and i can't stop thinking about it. It seems like jk rowling has put true magic in her book and you will feel it when you read it. I really love it and keep up the good work. goodluck!Avatar Image says: I've just got one question about this. When you flip the book so that you can see how thick the book is, is that really how thick the book is going to be? Or just an extimated guess? I would like to book to be that thick, that just more pages of the final, oh-so-precious Harry Potter book to enjoy.Avatar Image says: I just spent like five minutes straight playing with the book. Way to give the blonde something spinny, althought it could be worse, it could be spinny and shinney,then I would never leave my deskAvatar Image says: Will you, please, PLEASE make this a widget or active desktop item?!?!?!?! It's AMAZING! (thus, I want to be able to see it all the time, not just on websites!) Avatar Image says: How do you access this without having to go and find it each day? Peeves? Great Trivia quiz.Avatar Image says: Today's Trivia Question, Who was Fleur Delacour's date for the Yule Ball, answer: Roger Davidson is wrong...I am reading GoF right now and it was Roger Davies.(p.413) Do I get a better grade on my WOMBAT, now? :)Avatar Image says: I love this game.. and so far I made no mistakes.. yayyyyyyyy and for the one asking how to get straight to it just save the link its:

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