New Posters for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”


May 09, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

WB has confirmed that these posters are fan-made and as such, we have removed them.
These were found on Amazon Germany .

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Avatar Image says: OOH!!!! I love them! The one of the trio looks like Ron is constipated again though...Avatar Image says: Nice posters, I particularly like Voldemort in the one with the Trio. I have noticed that Harry doesn't seem to have a scar. Am I missing something?Avatar Image says: Why do I get the feeling that these are false? I think the trio with voldemort its the only official oneAvatar Image says: Not to be difficult, but all of these look fake and completely unofficial. :/Avatar Image says: I'm tired of harry pointing his wand all the time. Why don't they use different photo of him. All these look like the same-just copied and pasted to other photos. I like the trio and voldy montage one. Something different finally. Avatar Image says: Hmm, they need to come up with better poses for Harry/Dan. They look cool though.Avatar Image says: wow...Hermione is in front of Ron....again. WB is real original...put girl in front of sidekick...these posters all look the same. same poses, same faces, for like three movies now.Avatar Image says: So who is the wizard in the Voldemort/Death Eater one? Is that supposed to be Sirius, Snape or someone else? Does WB actually do official posters for all the countries where the movies are shown, or is that something that each country comes up with? It seems to me they should only be translating the names and dates, not changing the image.Avatar Image says: LOL! If voldemorts RAISING an army hahahaha Hes like the daddy warbucks of the Death Eaters.Avatar Image says: These are nice, but I still like the ones we got the other day, with the 'enemies' in the prophecy globe thingy. :DAvatar Image says: They look fake to me. Sorry poster-people if they're real, but it looks like a case of bad blending in photoshop.Avatar Image says: "So who is the wizard in the Voldemort/Death Eater one? Is that supposed to be Sirius, Snape or someone else?" Which wizard? All i see is voldy and the eaters, if i am looking at the right pic...Avatar Image says: i agree with luna and aryl, these don't look official, and if Harry points his wand again, I think I'll scream!! C'mon, WB, you can think of a little more creative pose for Harry!!Avatar Image says: Ya the only one that looks remotely real is the first one. The rest look like crap. The quote is terrible and the DA one looks like a 5 year old tried to use photoshop. Avatar Image says: These really don't look official...they look fanmade. I say this because every single one uses pictures that were previously released, and usually new photos are used for the posters. Hmmm Also, the one of Dumbledore's Army is one of the pages in the Poster Book.Avatar Image says: Nah, they look all real to me. I would like to see Dan/Harry doing a different pose, like that behind the scenes pic of him playing with the tip of his wand in his mouth (!) (from one of the other movies) but then the canonists would all be saying he's gonna blow up his mouth with the wand and Harry wouldn't do that blahblahblah. Eh, at least he looks good,also Emma and Luna-chick. The others, well...not a great photo of them.Avatar Image says: Err, I'm glad these aren't photoshopped to the hilt, but I get the SLIGHTEST feeling that WB was like "okay, so they don't like us over-doing the photoshop- so why don't we UNDER-DO it?" I mean, they're posters, right? Not just a background and pictures. Only one that isn't too bad is the trio. The rest aren't very good, I'm sorry, WB. :) Avatar Image says: Yeah, I agree that these don't look very official.Avatar Image says: I'm pretty sure these would be the wall posters that you can buy at like, WalMart. I buy one for each movie and frame it then put it on my wall!Avatar Image says: I've liked most of the posters so far except for the over-photoshopping but I must say these set of posters are just plain horrible. I guess the advertising money dedicated to posters has run out now.Avatar Image says: The Voldemort and deatheaters and the trio and Voldy look good. The DA one isn't so hot and Dan looks really wimpy for some reason in the others. Maybe the pose?Avatar Image says: totally fan made posters =/Avatar Image says: under-photoshopping doesn't mean bad design! apart from the total lack of concept (unlike those cool orb posters we saw that featured opposing duos), they look really bad. the trio's facial expressions aren't quite consistent, especially with ron nonchantly folding his arms without a pointing wand! the placement of everything is really random, and the lighting is shot. it looks more like a fan made banner below a forum post.Avatar Image says: give Ron a *bleeping* WAND!!! It's very annoying hearing all the actors/producers/directors praising how mature and emotionally deep the characters are becoming, and Ron's character is just the kid in the back with the funny face. rant over. =/ Avatar Image says: I just e-mailed Leaky with my 2 cents. Being a veteran PhotoShopper myself, I wrote a lengthy editorial on the obvious fan-made qualities of the posters.Avatar Image says: What the...they look like shoddy fan posters...Avatar Image says: At least a few of these are definitely fan-made. The Dumbledore's Army one is just pathetic. Totally different lighting, and what is up with the font they chose?? Same with the Voldemort poster. It looks like a pose from GoF, and the font is just awful (and completely non-official looking). Two thumbs down.Avatar Image says: the trio and voldemort montage voldemort looks like he's picking his nose! Yikes!Avatar Image says: They're OK, but it obvious that they are not official movie posters.Avatar Image says: They don't look that nice. Kinda obvious it's so.Avatar Image says: I think they look like calendar pictures, they're usually awful montages like this.Avatar Image says: I can't see it at all, can anyone help me!!!Avatar Image says: What is up with the poster guys ?? They can't make ONE good-looking poster! All these look fake and have the same character poses we've been getting since the first cheesy Comic-Con poster. WHERE IS THE WOW FACTOR we got with each poster for GoF and PoA ?? WB should seriously re-consider all of these, and the previously released ones.Avatar Image says: those are FAKE.... I believe. It is only a seller with a shop on Image says: Yea, these def. look false. If they arn't I would really like to know what is up with the tribal designs on the D.E. masks...def. not what I imagined it and I'm not digging it at all.Avatar Image says: THAT'S IT! I CANNOT STAND THAT STUPID OVERUSED POSE FOR HARRY ANYMORE! ALSO, where it says 'if voldemort's raising an army than i want to fight!' that sounds like he's raising a family or something....Avatar Image says: britishwannabe (why would you want to be British? It's overrated. But anyway ... :P). I agree, that pose is getting on my nerves. It seems to be the only pose they've got him in.Avatar Image says: I think the DA poster is absolutely ugly. As for the font they used, I believe that's the actual official font for the DA - supposed to be all messy and rebel-ish, I guess. But I agree that the lighting is all wrong and they're just mashed together in totally random poses. Harry has a crazy (and pointless, IMO) red cast, and even Ginny and Neville's school sweaters aren't the same colour. These absolutely can't be official movie posters. I think the Voldemort and the Death Eaters looks (and sounds) like a poster for a band. And I agree with the many other people who have said that they are TIRED of that pose for Dan. But, if these are non-official posters, then they probably just used the one picture of him. Argh.Avatar Image says: the death eaters look much scarier then they should. *shivers* I agree - new pose for Dan. the trio picture looks like Emma's head was cut and pasted onto her body.

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