New Scholastic Box Set of All Seven Harry Potter Novels


May 09, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The first image of a special box set due from Scholastic containing all seven Harry Potter novels is now online. This set, which you can see here in our galleries, includes a nice case or trunk with the Harry Potter logo on it, as well as what seems to be printed hardback copies of all seven of the books, including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. While we do not know if this is the actual printed book, or perhaps one they used as a mock up for the photo, it is a reminder that yes indeed, the last book is definitely on its way. wow. This set, which is available for pre-order from via our Cauldron Shop, is set to be released on October 1, 2007. Also while shopping on Amazon, be sure to check our blog found here as well.
Thanks much wert!

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Jay, we also know this set is also available via Barnes and Noble, and there it states the “the books come snugly packed in a decorative, trunk-like box with sturdy handles and a privacy lock — and includes decorative stickers.”

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Avatar Image says: wow. that's so amazingly awesome! I can't believe it. Avatar Image says: Woo! I love this thing! I posted this on my Myspace two days ago and was so excited to see it when I was on Barnes and Noble.comAvatar Image says: Someday I'd love to own the new set - wow!Avatar Image says: well, it looks pretty real to me. it's so sad but exciting at the same time to see this.Avatar Image says: I think that that is the real book b/c July is in 2 months and the book should be printing by now, I think that they are just not telling anyone so that it isnt a repeat of HBP.Avatar Image says: i would buy it, except I just bought the box set of the six... in retrospect, I should have waited. oh, well :)Avatar Image says: Cool! I'm definitely going to get that eventually, but more for decoration than for reading. But damn, that's a lot of money.Avatar Image says: that is so cool. if it was not so expensive, I would buy it, because our copies are getting really worn.Avatar Image says: I like the new box - I wouldn't mind getting newer (corrected, in some cases) and not-falling apart books. 117 for the set isn't that bad - comes to about 16/17 dollars a book - very cheap for hardback copies, I'd have to get a better look at the case though, can never tell if its cheap and worthless or actually cool.Avatar Image says: WOW!!! There's the Deathly Hallows book -- in real-life (sort of). It's a printed book!! I only have OotP and HBP in hardcover - the rest are paperback. I promised myself I'd get the boxed hardcover set when all seven books were released. If I start now, I could maybe save up enough money by October (maybe). Love from, Jenny WildcatAvatar Image says: This is amazing. I bet that's the actual book. Wow. Wow. Wow. I can't wait to buy's about time they gave us something cool like this for the hardcovers.Avatar Image says: Oh man, oh man. I want that thing so badly, I just can't afford it. Someday...Avatar Image says: Hm. The cover paper spine part doesn't seem to pop up like in the other books, and the cloth spine part is usually contrasting color... but still!!! IT'S COMING SO SOON....!!!!!Avatar Image says: Wow. There they are. All seven in one place at once. I'm am honestly insanely proud to say that I have shared this experience with all of you guys for the last 6 years of my life :)Avatar Image says: *drools* That is so lovely. :-) The first three look so little compared to the last four. Avatar Image says: Wow Cynthia. *tear* I can't believe it's all coming to an I need moment...Avatar Image says: That's 3 fill ups at the gas station, my two phone bills, Gas and electric bill, food for a week a new suit or maybe even some new shoes,. Oh yeah I need a new cell phone. Barnes and Noble here I come a set for me and if she wants a set for my daughter. This will be a treasure for many years to come. I have Star trek plates and acoordingly they are worht more than I paid for them because like these books they are priceless. Be Yourself and Be Happy about it Avatar Image says: I want one!!!!!Avatar Image says: I wish they would just sell the box. I'd love that, I'd buy it even if I had to spend the only money I had left.Avatar Image says: The Barnes and Noble site has a second view of the box closed! Click on "Move Views"!!Avatar Image says: Well it is not a good deal if you get it from Barnes & Noble. They sell it for $136.50 and then you have to pay shipping because they say it does NOT qualify for Free Shipping, and its going to be like 20 lbs., so that will be between $10-$20 extra. It is better to get it from Amazon, at least I will try and get it from them, because they sell it for $116.99 and it has Free Shipping. Just trying to save the fans some cash! :) I know at least I don't have over $100 easily available, so the least I spend the better... EVEN BETTER, I'll try to get it from the Cauldron Shop and help Leaky out too! YAY!Avatar Image says: Wow I really like that... It looks so Hogwarts like...Avatar Image says: Actually the best place to buy it would probably be from They don't get things until a little later sometimes but it is worth it. I saved $70 dollars when I got my book set there.Avatar Image says: Fabulous. Avatar Image says: I want it! Squeeeeee!!!! I wouldn't read any of those copies. They'd be for my collection.Avatar Image says: Why didn't they throw in "Fantastic Beasts" & "Quidditch through the Ages" for good measure, lol. This is a fantastic set! And the box! Oh Man!! But its way too much money, sigh, When will it come to India? Can buy if its reasonable here and can save on shipping charges.Avatar Image says: No chance they'll just sell the trunk...? Sigh.Avatar Image says: What if you just want the trunk?Avatar Image says: I don't know if anyone's caught this (and I haven't seen it posted here yet), but the official OotP site has a US movie rating already (scroll down): PG-13 for fantasy violence and frightening imagesAvatar Image says: The set is gorgeous! This is exactly what I've been waiting for!!!! Im psyched! All of my books are either worn out paper back or beat up hard covers with missing jackets. It's about time I replaced them.Avatar Image says: Me wants it, me wants it!!!!!!! Although I'd prefer the British edition, to be honest. The US one is nicer, but I am not a native English speaker anyway, so I'd rather stick to the original books. Avatar Image says: Nice, I hope Bloomsbury does something like this.Avatar Image says: looks really cool. too expensive for me though!! but id love to have it- it'llgo on a huge discount someday!Avatar Image says: "Nice, I hope Bloomsbury does something like this." Me too, the Scholastic ones fall to bits.Avatar Image says: The chest/trunk looks really beautiful and very Gryffindor-y. My favorite part of this picture? Seeing Deathly Hallows' girth compared to OotP's. It's almost the same size! I really hope the text font is small like in OotP and not larger like in Half-Blood Prince. Avatar Image says: No news whether the UK adult version is gonna be available in a nice Box Set like this one, or not? :)Avatar Image says: Two Questions... The first one directly effects the answer to the second which is why I'm asking it first... Can I buy just the box? Do they come in Ravenclaw?Avatar Image says: Does it say Yr7 on the spine of DH?Avatar Image says: I really want this-it's just beautiful. I may splurge and donate my current copies to the library. Avatar Image says: Wow this is fantastic! I have been wanting to buy a box set of the books for years but have been eagerly waiting the one with all 7 in it. I am in the UK so will wait to see what they come up with for here butif you don't get that case or something similar then I will so be buying this one, sod the shipping costs ;-)Avatar Image says: I will have all the hardbacks, soon. I have become fond of the books that I first read and reread HP. I wonder if we can just get the box to put our favorites inside. Probably not. I love the look of the cse though.Avatar Image says: Oh my it crazy that I have chills just looking this picture? I want to go into the computer and get it! Its just amazing that its sitting right there! Why cant I just have it??? lol Avatar Image says: Stickers?!! YES!Avatar Image says: That trunk is so awsome! I would get it, except I don't exactly have the money. I bet it'll be like 100 dollars at least.Avatar Image says: Okay! So we have a boxed set of the american versions, what about the UK? :( (although I totallu Intend to buy both!)Avatar Image says: I just answered my own question! does have a "1-7 hardcover set" pre-order availble for CDN$ 235.81!!!!! It also say's that it will be availible Oct 1 2007. The US Version is only CDN$ 81.88, because they have a %37 saving on it! I thought that maybe it was a special edition, but if you scroll down further, you have "Harry Potter Special Edition Boxed Set" for the amazingly low price of CDN$ 415.47!!!!! That's my rent for the month! Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out! And i would suggest no one gets too crazy and buy either the UK or Special edition sets until they have a picture up! The price will probaley go down with it, as it did with the US set. Cheers! Avatar Image says: Oh my gah...I want that. That'll be my set that never reaches open air. : )Avatar Image says: I've definitely got to have this (whenever I can afford it). What would make it even better would be if the lid of the "trunk" had a Hogwarts Crest instead of simply a "send to" label.Avatar Image says: I just want the case as well. We all have the books. And I sure don't want to squeeze my precious books into that. I never understood why they never came out with book cases with HP on them, to put our books in.? That would seem the most obvious HP gift item for us all! Attention books sellers!!!!!Avatar Image says: guys, the books likely havent gone to print yet. that is most likely a mockup of the final book. jk rowling was still editing HBP in may of 2005, a month and a halfish from when the book was released, and givin that this book was sent to the publishers 2 months later then HBP was, and is longer, it is likely they also are still editing and formating at this point. DH will likely go to print at the end of may, early june, if that. scholastic did say it only takes a few weeks for them to print 12 million copies, and given the secracy, they are not likely going to print them 2 months in advance and leave them sitting somewhere. they likely are going to print it closer to release, then send them out like they said, the day before release.Avatar Image says: Will there be a similar version with the UK books? Cos it looks really cool!Avatar Image says: Well I certainly would like to buy the box only, as I have enough with one book each. Do they sell it separate ?Avatar Image says: Oooh, that's lovely. I was saving my pennies for the gold-edged, fabric covered Bloomsbury special editions, but I might have to have this one instead!Avatar Image says: that chest/box looks really cool. i hope they release a UK edition. i'm gonna buy Deathly Hallows on the 22nd anyway. if they do release a UK version i'll donate the books to library, if they want em. Did anybody notice that on Bloomsbury site the age range is 9-12!!! that's just wrong, especially when you consider that the first book was released in 97 and kids have grown since then. and it really doesn't matter if you're 7 or 70 years old.

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