New “The Rebellion Begins” OotP Poster


May 11, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

There is a new poster for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from Warner Brothers now online at some Brazilian websites. The poster, which sports the tagline “The Rebellion Begins,” and features members of the DA including Neville (Matt Lewis), Ginny (Bonnie Wright), Luna (Evnanna Lynch), Ron (Rupert Grint), Hermione (Emma Watson), and Harry (Dan Radcliffe) . You can view this poster here.
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Avatar Image says: Well at least Ginny still looks like Ginny in this one! Some awkward positioning but the colours and layout are good - Thanks!Avatar Image says: Cool poster. All of them look great on it. Avatar Image says: And here we are ! Another one ! There has been no news for several months, and then... boom ! Three new trailers, a dozen of new posters... It makes the waiting still more unpleasant ! About this poster, Ginny is recognisable this time, Harry's scar is visible... but it's not quite original, it's sort of déjà vu...Avatar Image says: Finally! Ginny looks like Ginny! WB actually listened to our outcry. Or at least that's what I choose to believe.Avatar Image says: Yay! And it's in English...I hope that its the International poster, rather than that Spanish one :)Avatar Image says: I like this poster and at least we are not getting the expanded Hermione Granger. Avatar Image says: Really cool! :D Guys, probably you don't know, but if you click on the little photo under "Galeria de imagens", you can see this new poster in a bigger resolution ;) Here: /images/galerias/hp_ordem_da_fenix/hpodfexclusivo.jpg (take the spaces)Avatar Image says: OFGS, hold your wand properly, Hermione! That just looks ridiculous...Avatar Image says: I find it quite funny that they have found a way of not showing ANY of Hermione's body in this poster. We don't get it expanded or normal jajaja.Avatar Image says: Joana, thanks for the tip on the bigger size! Awesome poster! I love the sextet focus. :D I also like that Bonnie looks like Ginny, and Hermione looks normal. Avatar Image says: cool poster, but it was obviously photoshopped (notice we've already seen those exact poses for Ron and Hermione in previously released images). Though I'm glad that's actually Bonnie Wright and not a *ahem* stand-in like we've seen in the IMAX poster. :pAvatar Image says: I hope it will be in high res soon. I can't wait to see any other posters from this film. 2 months to go!!Avatar Image says: *Sigh*, there's just no pleasing some people, lol. Here we have a poster... * without Cho, * with Bonnie looking like Bonnie, * with Hermione NOT closer to Harry than Ron * with Hermione NOT wearing pink * with Hermione's hair NOT too blonde * with Ron NOT looking like a wimp... and STILL we complain. Gotta love HP fandom. Avatar Image says: Definitely my favourite.Avatar Image says: If you notice, the posters for GoF are also all "photoshopped". They have the kids do a bunch of different poses individually and then they pose and rearrange them in the different posters. We see the individual pics later. Also I think the posters are done in advance- if these show up in magazines now, they will have been done up ages ago. (online, it's different, of course)Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, this is indeed a beautiful poster, but... did Warner Bros. confirmed it as original? I mean, I'm from Brazil, the first site where it appeared was a fan site which claimed as "exclusive and original", a site known for some lies spreaded throught the fandom and for its good knowleadge of image editing. It's a good poster, but without the confirmation from Warner Bros., I don't believe it's not fake.Avatar Image says: Thanks for bringing back Bonnie!Avatar Image says: That's more like it ...Avatar Image says: Omg this rocks! Can't wait till a higher def one!Avatar Image says: Someone from WB is definitely lurking around HP fan sites: here we have a poster with practically every complaint resolved: Harry's scar is visible (le gasp!), Ron looks tough, Hermione isn't wearing pink, has dark hair and her breast aren't even visible and Ginny is Bonnie. ;) The first one is still my favourite, though. Avatar Image says: Fandom wouldn't be fandom if we didn't have something to complain about.It doesn't hurt to keep Warner Bros on their toes.Avatar Image says: That DOES NOT look like Emma Watson! Either she's changed a ton, or they put tons of makeup on her, or someone messed with the picture, because that doesn't look like her at all.Avatar Image says: I really like this poster, You have all six, you have Ron looking like he's going pull out a can O'whipass and Hermione might be toward the center but she isn't the center of attention, and oh look harry has a scar. Avatar Image says: I like the poster, I like the pic of BadassHarry, how they center the attention on his scar too. Avatar Image says: Nice poster ! Better the swedish one. Hope this one will be released in France.Avatar Image says: What are those vaguely phallic things the boys are waving around? Have those been digitally enhanced?Avatar Image says: thank goodness they've fixed everything! No one looks too photoshopped. Love the poster.Avatar Image says: Great poster!Avatar Image says: It's a nice poster but we need it in high resolution so we have a better look at the seconday Trio. I want to make sure it's really Bonnie back there.Avatar Image says: Hey guys, on HPFZ it says that the WB changed the UK and US movie dates to July 12th... i actually like this poster, although im still not to keen on emma's positioning, and her hand looks kind of uncomfortable...but at least we can actually tell its bonnie!Avatar Image says: I love the new poster and it's nice to see Bonnie back on them too. lolAvatar Image says: Loved it! And now Ginny realy looks like Bonnie..i need to see this poster bigger.Avatar Image says: I love the poster, but I said I would scream if Harry pointed his wand in a poster again, so, here you go: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AH AH AH AHHHHHHH!!" Once again... c'mon WB, be creative!! But otherwise, I like it.Avatar Image says: Omg!! That is freaking awesome!! I want it!!Avatar Image says: Love it! Can't wait for a High Res version!Avatar Image says: Yay! You can see Harry's scar!! I'm not to keen on Hermione's underhand wand-grip though. It looks awkward.Avatar Image says: Now THIS is what I'm talking about. I'd pick this out of all the posters so far for the dvd cover art.Avatar Image says: love it!Avatar Image says: Can someone please tell me that this is NOT fake? On imdb the board is saying it's fake. :(

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