Time Magazine Satire on Possible Future Harry Potter Books


May 11, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The May 21 issue of Time Magazine has a satire on possible future Harry Potter books. You can see the scan of these funny covers here in our galleries.
Thanks much Gina!

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Avatar Image says: I love the one called "the dark lord of the dance", voldemort dancing looks hilarious!!Avatar Image says: The Dark Lord of the Dance is actually pretty scary. Not nearly as frightening as The Paris Hilton Enchantment, though. 0.0 Avatar Image says: I cracked up at the Dark Lord of the Dance one. That's awesome! :)Avatar Image says: OMG I love those... My favorite is the Dark Lord of Dance with Voldy cuttin' a rug!Avatar Image says: These are great! I like the one with Dobby clinging to Harry's leg. He looks really scared. The Dance one is definitely the best, though.Avatar Image says: Fantastic!! I love the Audition of Doom with the silhouette of Harry singing, and Dark Lord of Dance!Avatar Image says: The "Harry Potter and the Audition of Doom" one was hilarious, but the "Paris Hilton Enchantment" one was appalling.Avatar Image says: I Knew IT! Dark Lord of the Dance is so Obviously a precursor to the famous Harry & Voldy improv group 'Who's Soul is it Anyway' featured on the cover of DH. Unfortunately Drew Cary REALLY can't dance. My apologies to anyone who finds this joke less funny the second time. Avatar Image says: omg...*spews Diet Coke all over keyboard* Dark Lord of the Dance. Brilliant. LMAOAvatar Image says: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha hehe, I needed a chuckle. xxxAvatar Image says: OMFG!!! I showed this to some of my co-workers (all of whom are HP fans) and we are at work dying with laughter!!! The best one is of V-Diddy doing the Lord of the Dance stuff. Classic!!! I don't buy Time magazine, but I will go out and purchase this issue just to have this in color!!Avatar Image says: "V-Diddy?!?" OMG, that's great! I almost spewed coffee all over my keyboard. Thank you for the laugh!Avatar Image says: Dumb and a waste of time. Not funny at all.Avatar Image says: OMG! That was sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Especially the audition of doom one, pricelessLMAO!!!Avatar Image says: that's sooooooooo hilarious.. and the pic. with Voldy dancing is just soooooooooooo funny..Avatar Image says: pretty bad...lolAvatar Image says: LOL!!! Those are so hilarious!! I love Voldie dancing!!Avatar Image says: FUNNY!! But did no one else have a problem with the phrase "Coven of Dementors"? Do they have covens and why would Hermione fall in with any coven let alone the 'wrong' one?Avatar Image says: I think most of them were pretty bad, actually. They need to do something funky with the titles that is more related to the series and less pop-culture commentary. Sure, its ok, but...I'm quite partial to Harry Potter and the Stoned Philosopher (I read that suggestion on Mugglenet). :D Its witty and slightly alters an already existing title to make it hillarious and completely impossible, considering the wholesomeness of the series. (Then again, everything is relative...isn't it Ms. Mallory?) ;)Avatar Image says: Honestly, these were not meant to provoke deep thought - they were meant for a laugh, which I've certainly had!Avatar Image says: So I'm not the only one who thinks the Dark Lord of the Dance was the best one.Avatar Image says: Zoltan - you are not the only one who thinks that. TLC almost had to buy me a new keyboard, and pay for my hospital stay after I nearly choked on my drink and then narrowly avoided spewing (and not in elvish welfare kind of way) all over my keyboard. And the Paris Hilton one isn't bad either.Avatar Image says: The Dark Lord of the Dance! XD And the one of Hermione is just scary. Gatta love the Times for this! :DAvatar Image says: The Paris Hilton one is SO TRUE! What with pictures of Emma and her friends getting wasted popping up everywhere, and the increased breast enhancements on Hermione... But other than that, the other ones were kind of irrelevant and out there... Avatar Image says: Definately needed a spew alert for that! (not to be confused with S.P.E.W. alert, though Dobby doesn't look too happy...) Avatar Image says: The one with Hermione scared me (especially with bald Britney Spears). The Dark Lord of the Dance killed me. ^_^Avatar Image says: "Dark Lord of the Dance" is the best. I haven't laughed so hard in weeks.Avatar Image says: Definitely Dark Lord of the Dance FTW.Avatar Image says: The Dark Lord of the Dance HAHAHAHA! awesomeAvatar Image says: Ha. I think I've got to give the edge to "Dark Lord of the Dance" too, but "Audition of Doom" is a close second.Avatar Image says: Hahahaha XD Loves it. But "On the eve of..." I wouldn't call it the eve of the DH release just yet!Avatar Image says: Ha, these were pretty funny. I liked the Dark Lord of the Dance and the Paris Hilton one.Avatar Image says: Oh my lord! I'm actually crying with laughter - you've got to give these people credit for coming up with them! The bald britney cracked me up as did the dyson substitute broom! Thanks for cheering me up! I can't breathe properly yet but that'll be sorted out soon! XXXAvatar Image says: To me, these are mind-blowingly lame. No offense to those of you who enjoyed them, I just agree with shadowquill. Not a big fan of pop/mainstream culture and even talking about "celebrities," much less bothering to make fun of them. I have a feeling Joanne might agree... The HP series is charming, witty, creative and magical. Mixing it up with trashy pop culture references cheapens it (or rather, shows how boring and uncreative the Time staff can be). Ugh, gonna try to forget I saw these...Avatar Image says: I agree -- mildly funny, but too "of the moment" to be lastingly hilarious. owlpost, please don't be offended by the mention of "covens". Remember, a "coven" is a group of witches -- NOT indicative of Satanism, as many would have you believe. Paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft are NOT Satanism. Posted by a proud pagan with her hackles up!Avatar Image says:

Hhahahah!! the Harry Potter and the auditionary of doom’s book’s so hilarious xDD funny picture :P

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