Update on New Dan Radcliffe Movie “My Boy Jack”


May 11, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Previously we told you that actor Dan Radcliffe would be appearing in a new film called “My Boy Jack” with Dan starring in the title role of Jack Kipling, son of writer Rudyard Kipling. The New York Times is reporting today that Emmy Award- winning actress Kim Cattrall (star of ‘Sex in the City’) has been cast in the role of Caroline, the mother of Jack Kipling. The film is due to begin filming in July in the country of Ireland.

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Avatar Image says: wow...I can't wait to see all this "out of Harry potter' stuff Dan's doing...and rupert too...i think they'l be briliant!!!Avatar Image says: I love history books' reading and my boy jack's book very fascinating Kim Cattrell's is a good actress.I hope this movie will be successful. and Carey Mulligan play the young sister of Jack(dan radcliffe)Avatar Image says: I think it's a TV drama for ITV not a movie. But anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing it.Avatar Image says: YAY for filming in Ireland!!! Thats Kim Cattral's second in as many years, she made one with Brendan Gleeson recently.Avatar Image says: Wow, that's great news. I like Kim Catrell (although I'm not a fan of Sex and the City). I can't wait to see "My boy Jack". It will be another string added to Dan's bow. Avatar Image says: Awesome. Thanks Leaky. I saw this in The Sun a few days ago but didn't believe it. The New York times is much more respectable so I'll believe it now.Avatar Image says: Well of course "MY bOy Jack" is a movie. It's shown on TV but it's still a feature length Film (2 hours) unlike the usual TV show which is shown in segmented pieces over a period of time. Even a videotape is a movie, just shown on a different format. But on topic: KIm Catrall? Can she do accents? She's sexy and all but she's gotta have the British or even an Irish lilt for her to be believeable in this movie. And they got the shooting date wrong. It's JUne, right after Equus. July is OotP month.Avatar Image says: I think it is awesome that he is getting work outside of Harry Potter. I have been very impressed with all of the actors in the movies and I would like them to have long and successful careers. I will go and see it. I also love Kim Cattrell.Avatar Image says: faith, you have said it right, it's a movie, the producers Ecosse Films have won many awards for their proyects. For example, they have just released 'Becoming Jane' which was fantastic, with Maggie Smith. I really like Kim and I know the actress they have casted to play Dan's sister too, she was in 'Pride and Prejudice'. I'm very happy to see Dan involved in so interesting proyects, the story of this family was really tragic. And it's great he will be filming in Ireland! If it's true they will film some HPB scenes in Ireland too, then he will spend a lot of time there this year. :)Avatar Image says: I'm SO looking forward to seeing this. The story is a tragic one and needs to be relived in these times we live in. I am very happy that Dan is doing so many projects outside of HP and am just ready to SEE some of them soon. He is picking wonderful projects , I hope that continues. Hopefull My Boy Jack will be shown on HBO or theatrically ,even, in the US.Avatar Image says: I'm very excited for Dan. He has come such a long way as an actor. Very impressive. I hope this, and his success in Equus, will help him shed the HP typecast. I'd hate to see him go the way of Mark Hamill. He was forever Luke Skywalker and never got a chance to prove he could do other things. I'm glad Dan is branching out to show is abilities. Yay, Dan!Avatar Image says: Yipeeee, Dan will be in Ireland in July....the bestest month ever! Avatar Image says: I like Kim Cattrell,hate Sex in the City. Can`t wait to see it,hope Harry doesn`t go the same way as Jack.Avatar Image says: Not to be rude, but why is this even news when it's just a casting of a non-HP related actress? And you didn't even post news about the release date for the Driving Lessons DVD in July which has TWO HP actors! And would surely make the American fans who couldn't see it because it wasn't released anywhere near them very happy. Avatar Image says: OMG!!! I cant wait for this!!!Avatar Image says: Hum... It's Cattrall and not Cattrell..Avatar Image says: I thought HPHBP will start filming this summer? How is Dan going to film two movies?Avatar Image says: Lily; My boy Jack is a Tv Movie, and it will probably only take a week or two to filmAvatar Image says: So why does this get posted, but a BBC article about DH presales being higher in Oxfordshire than anywhere else in the UK does not?Avatar Image says: Dan will use polyjuice potion Lily! :D I think they don't start filming HBP until September, Dan will film My boy Jack sooner. Equus finishes in June (btw I just saw it, they are absolutely brilliant!) and he starts filming immediateley after that. And some people are so picky lol. This is directly related with Dan, it says he will be filming in Ireland, that's very interesting, I'll be in Ireland this summer! I wonder if they will film the trenchs scenes here. Who knows if they will film some HBP scenes there too! :D Avatar Image says: well, I hope he gets time for a proper holiday, ... and grow his hair and shave his tache before HBP :D. Avatar Image says: It's doubtful Dan will have time to even breathe! His projects are all back to back. He finishes Equus in June, starts filming My Boy Jack in July and starts filming HBP in September. Dan is working very hard and I wish him luck.Avatar Image says: So why does this get posted, but a BBC article about DH presales being higher in Oxfordshire than anywhere else in the UK does not? Posted by Tistytosty on May 11, 2007 at 2:19 PM errm Tisty, it DID get posted, as I had added it the other day to the post about Amazon - please scroll down and you will see it there. Thanks, SueAvatar Image says: Way to stay on the ball, Sue!Avatar Image says: I love Sex and the City!! Why did it have to end...*grumble grumble*Avatar Image says: Kim Catrall? Why not a British actress? She's more controversial I guess. Just look at how they keep mentioning her "sex and the City" background. Anyway, she's just a minor character. But looks like they're gearing up for "my Boy Jack" promotions. Dan's busy schedule is going to be busier. Hope he rests up a bit after Equus and not jump right into shooting MBJ.Avatar Image says: that's pretty cool news that Dan's having more projects aside from the Harry Potter movies. He's becoming a great actor. Avatar Image says: Dan finishes his current run of 1) Equus on June 9th. 2) promoting OOTP after that with OOTP premiers in Japan -- in June 3)then in the UK on July 12[just announced] OOTP primier 4)then in the US on July 13th in LA. 5)He starts filming on My Boy Jack in late July(? or maybe August after OOTP promotions) .In Ireland ,location not disclosed. 6) promotes December Boys for WB 7) then starts work on HBP. He is going to be one busy dude! I am just dying to see these projects! :o) Wonderful Dan is getting such great work offers.Avatar Image says: Morning_star, this is news because it IS news. This is what we call previously unannounced information. It applies because people are interested in what Dan (you know, "Harry Potter") is doing outside of HP too. Rupert's dvd of Driving Lessons has been out for what, over half a year on Amazon? The BBC also had a special DVD recently released of Dan's David Copperfield which apparently comes with some magazine that I would like to know how to get on this side of the pond. That information wasn't mentioned on this site either.Avatar Image says: Kim Catrall was born on August 21 1956 in Liverpool. my boy jack new photo http://www.danradcliffe.co.uk/my_boy_jack_0807_6.jpg Avatar Image says: Piewacket - Mark Hamill never played in another movie because he didn't want to, his acting carreer stoped after Stars Wars VI because he felt like that. Avatar Image says: Flor_sprout: Mark Hamill DID star in a couple of movies after Star Wars. He played a bounty hunter in a scifi movie and then he did a psychothriller. He just wasn't a very good actor so that must be why he can't get good roles. Or he was stereotyped for scifi and adventure movies. I'm sure this will never happen to Dan. And good thing he won't film MJB at once after Equus (rhymes with Ecosse films, lol). He can get some much needed quality sleep time to get rid of those pesky zits. lolAvatar Image says: Or why would people just NOT believe that Mark Hamill was and is happy with the way his career went. Just because he didn't continue in mega films and major rolls doesn't mean he was not happy with what he has done. And maybe well sought out a lesser known life. He had that taste of fame and could will have wanted a more private life for his family. [Wife and I think four children,whom are more than likely close to grown by now] You don't hear a bunch of Rubbish about his personal life and maybe he likes it that way and what he has done since Star Wars could will be what he wanted to make him and his family happy. Just a thought. Not everyone seeks continued fame .Avatar Image says: I wasn't dissing Mark Hamill. Just pointing out that his decision to stay away from the limelight was greatly influenced by the fact that after SW, he wasn't offered juicy roles that could have polished his acting skills. Maybe he was happy to take the life of a non celebrity. And why shouldn't he be? He made enough from SW to retire comfortably. Just as Dan could have stayed Harry forever and never have to work again after HP7. He didn't chose to however and I applaud him for that. Just as long as he pace himself so he won't burnout too soon.

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