PotterCast 89 Now Live: Mama Noe in the House


May 13, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Only a few weeks before we hit the road, and one week before New Orleans, the 89th PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, is now online: To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (—>), or use iTunes, or direct download. In the show this week:
-Scribby 5: Sock it to him! (Voldy’s feet? Ew!)
-Greek mythology and the tie-ins to Harry Potter
-Dishing on Sibyl, Argus, Minerva, the sphinx, and more; predicting Minerva’s upcoming role and Harry’s potential death
-A lotta pounds of awesome
-John ending up in a coma
-Chipotle Challenge Part II (heaven help us…)
-New Orleans on the way!
-Mama Noe joins the crew…with some very interesting John stories. Some very interesting Johninadress stories indeed.

RT: 53:33

Fan Interview, Scribby: Matt Kelliher
Trio and Show Comp: Jeff Gregory

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Remember you don’t need an iPod to listen. Listen easily on iTunes, which you can download and install here, by clicking here to listen, or you can just use the streaming Flash player at PotterCast.com or just on the right side of this page. Discussion of the PotterCast is right here. Enjoy!

28 Responses to PotterCast 89 Now Live: Mama Noe in the House

Avatar Image says: Squee!!!!!! PotterCast is on time again!!!! Thanks for making sunday evenings rocking again!!!!!Avatar Image says: *listening*Avatar Image says: Oh. Em. Gee. I had to skip right to the Mama Noe segment after that teaser, and just... wow. Wow.Avatar Image says: Nice Fan Interview. I lead weekly Greek Mythology discussion sections and try to sneak in Harry Potter when I can. I am so proud that the world's most successful author is a fellow Classics major.Avatar Image says: Yay, Pottercast! and yay, Johninadress! :-P Also, today's trivia question is wrong, and it makes me sad. But AHHHH, 67 DAYS!! ^o^ Avatar Image says: PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! Ahem... Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Noe. Avatar Image says: From the looks of things it will be raining PotterCast aplenty. Keep going the shows are great. Avatar Image says: WOW! Another great episode. I must admit that I loved hearing from John's mom. She's so sweet. Also HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY SUE! It's 8pm in Hawaii so it's still Sunday ;) Avatar Image says: Johninadress stories. Sounds great already:P Avatar Image says: hahahahahahhahahahahaha Poor Johnina...... Great show guys! I can't wait to listen to the tour!Avatar Image says: melissa and sue, please please please please please get pictures of johnnida! who needs dancedancerevolution when you got pictures of john in a dress!Avatar Image says: I see that neither TLC nor Lexicon have the spelling of Professor Trelawney's first name correct. If you check Prisoner of Azkaban you will find that it is spelled "Sybill".Avatar Image says: awsome!! did you guys notice that Jo updated her site? it has a new jurnal entry about leaky!!Avatar Image says: Mr Noe, if Snap is a very bad man, you are gonna be AKed in your bed! And yes Edna, I noticed that Jo's updated her diary entry, just waiting for the speechless newspost from Melissa and co....!Avatar Image says: Sue, if Helga Hufflepuff is to be revered as a founder of Hogwarts, doesn't Salazar Slytherin deserve the same? Salazar created the basilisk, Helga enslaved the house-elves. What bad things did Godric and Rowena do?Avatar Image says: I know its off topic... but Props to Jo! First of all 2.5 million pounds! Then the diary entry! Woohoo! Our favoutrite author strikes again!Avatar Image says: OMG, this is so mean! I'm travelling with my uni in Tennessee and Kentucky for a week, and I can see PotterCast, but I can't listen to it!! Cursed security on hotel computers!! I feel like Quirrel and the Sorcerer's Stone is PotterCast #89! Yes, a bit overdramatic, but I don't know how I'm going to live without my new PotterCast of the week! I hope you guys have an awesome time in New Orleans this week!! Wish I was there with you!Avatar Image says: Oh my god I'm laughing SO much at the mama noe part. Johnita haha. Ah poor John. Avatar Image says: Actually, Graymayne, there's a bit of a controversy over how Trelawney's first name is spelled-- because Scholastic changed it, for PoA only. In the UK editions and in the US OotP (which is the only other book we see it in), it's spelled Sibyll. But in the US PoA, they reversed the "i" and the "y" to make it Sybill. These are the kinds of things you discover when you proofread essays by people from both sides of the pond. :)Avatar Image says: awwwww I loff Bre's youtube vids. John/Bre!!!!!! I NEED. SIX EGGS. Thats too expensive... lolAvatar Image says: Johnina! That is actually quite clever for a 4 year old. I just hope that John is still talking to his mom--and I'm a little worried for Melissa and Sue. What revenge will John have? How many weeks together in a car will you have?Avatar Image says: Hey guys u know that you recorded a little after the podcast right? (maybe its just on iTunes)Avatar Image says: I must say that this was a really good pottercast. I loved the fan interview for a change (I adore mythology and history), and the talk with Mama Noe was amazing! Keep up the hard work and don't kill John on the car ride. He's the comic relief. Avatar Image says: I agree with Andrea, awesome show, so was 88, they're both really awesome, i listened to 88 like 3 times, and I plan to do the same with 89, heres to a good 70something days left to 7th book in the best series ever!Avatar Image says: y on earth r thr no links or scrolls or anything on the right-hand side on the page ne more???Avatar Image says: More cowbell- John, I think I love you. Mama Noe is awesome. Another great PotterCast!Avatar Image says: "Giant singing frogs". Ha Ha!!Avatar Image says: I loved Mama Noe!!!! She was the coolest!!!! John I want your mum! (I hastily point out I'm female, I mean in the I wish she were my mum sense...) whew! *gibber*

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