Happy Birthday, Pomona Sprout


May 14, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Well well well, this is certainly shaping up to be quite a banner month for a certain house in Hogwarts! First we have a new Wizard of the Month who just happens to be one of the four founders who is known for her festive and inclusive nature, then we learn a certain multi-hair colored, nose changing, tushie kicking auror is a member of this same house, and now, it is with great joy this editor can say that the calendar for May 15 on JKRowling.com reads Happy Birthday, Pomona Sprout!
Cheers to the head of HUFFLEPUFF! :)

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Avatar Image says: hufflepuff power!!Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, Professor Sprout! And yay!! for all the Hufflepuff love lately! =)Avatar Image says: and how fitting for prof. sprout to be born in may, the month of spring and everything green :)Avatar Image says: i have this feeling you squeed your pants again sue? love you much all of you hufflepuffers!Avatar Image says: Hmmm, it wouldn't be happen to be Sue that posted this news article would it?Avatar Image says: SO much Hufflepuff pride this month so far! Happy Birthday Prof. Sprou and YAY FOR ALL MY FELLOW HUFFLEPUFFS!Avatar Image says: HA! I bet Sue almost Squeed her pants! I love Sue. Keep up your good humor fellow squirrel!!!Avatar Image says: Squee to Sue! Hufflepuff rocks out loud! Avatar Image says: HUFFLEPUFF RULES! SQUEE AND VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE HEAD OD HOUSE!Avatar Image says: it's funny that this week's fan interview was about mythology, and the Wizard Of The Month is Pomona Sprout. [Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards, and her last name is Sprout like a young plant growth]Avatar Image says: Yes! Congrats to Pomono Sprout! Our much beloved teacher of my House! :) With love to all my fellow Hufflepuffians!! :)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Professor Sprout! Many happy mandrakes to you!Avatar Image says: I now declare May as the Month of Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff as Wizard of the month, Tonks was a Hufflepuff, and Sprout's Birthday? Hahaha, I think Jo is trying to send up a little message. ;DAvatar Image says: OK, MELISSA, Not in your shoes in your back pocket! Happy Birthday Professor Sprout...Way to go Hufflepuffs!Avatar Image says: Oh Sue, this is like Christmas time for you, isn't?! XD Happy BD Professor Sprout!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to my old head of house! Squee!!! :)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Proffessor Sprout!! I think the month of May will officially be known as "The month that Sue just about Squeeed her pants." LOLAvatar Image says: Hahaha, I can only imagine how much this makes Sue happy :]. Aw. Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: Oh, Sue. This is exactly why we love you:))Avatar Image says: This has been such a stressful week, and this post just made me laugh and laugh - Sue, you are the best!Avatar Image says: WOW! May IS Hufflepuff Month. Sue, since we keep getting all this info on your house maybe you didn't hit Jo with your Bloomingdale's Bag ;) YAY! Hufflepuff!Avatar Image says: Even if Jo doesn't declare it so, we Hufflepuff can party all month long like it IS Official Hufflepuff Month! Hey! Let's continue the festivities at Phoenix Rising!Avatar Image says: Kyle - Thanks for the goddess information,from Roman mythology. My guess would be that her name is the derivation of the French for apple, which is "pomme". We Hufflepuffs are good at digging into reference sources and rooting out such tasty morsels:) Avatar Image says: hehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY POMONA ^_^ lol Hufflepuff are rockin' this month ;PAvatar Image says: I've never been prouder to be a Badger! Puff Pride yo! -BAvatar Image says: a badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom

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