New “Order of the Phoenix ” Trailer Airing on US TV


May 14, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The other day we first told you of a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, portions of which were shown on syndicated program “Entertainment Tonight.” The complete spot has begun airing on network television here in the states, and you can watch this via The Movie (click here, then scroll down to TV Spot 2). As reported earlier, new in this spot is footage of Sirius and Bellatrix by the Veil, Lupin speaking at Grimmauld Place, Mad-Eye Moody and more. Update: Thanks to for letting us know you can also see the trailer on you-tube as well, here.
On a related note, via our galleries you can watch the portion that was shown earlier on E.T, here, as well as the first OotP TV spot (contain no new footage, only a new voiceover announcer), here.

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Avatar Image says: WOW! Ill go check it out! (1st!!)Avatar Image says: JK ROWLING HAS UPDATED HER SITEAvatar Image says: dudes I KNOW Jo (awesome lovely and way so coolperson she is) updated, but hang on, a post coming soon, we promise! Avatar Image says: Love it!!Avatar Image says: Gees, with all these trailers we are getting there will be no need to go and see the film once it is released. We will have seen it all in trailers by then ;-) *hops of to JK Rowlings site to see the updates*Avatar Image says: So, how long until Melissa stops hyperventilating so she can respond to Jo? Or maybe it has become old hat to her? (She has been invited to tea, ya know.) I just can't imagine what it would feel like to be mentioned by name, by Jo. Makes me swoon just thinking about it! Congrats! Avatar Image says: i want a bigger screen and screencaps! because i still try to see what's going on in the veil room shots and these with voldy and dumbledore and it is quite difficult. never mind,i LOVE both tv spots!Avatar Image says: Great, can't watch it now though. I can't access Youtube on this computer as the college's computer server filters out websites like that.Avatar Image says: OLD HAT?!! Never old hat. There are hats and hats may be old but that kind of thing from Jo is never old hat. I was sleepy. :)Avatar Image says: Guys, you know the part where Voldemort says "I look at me" or something like that ? You can see him in what I guess is a mirror, and he is wearing Harry's clothes. A pretty neat shot to show Harry's possession. I just hope it doesn't look silly in the movie. What Voldy says sounds very cheesy already.. "I look at me" isn't that what he says ? You can see it on Moviebox. It's a much clearer quality than the YouTube version Avatar Image says: Wow, voldemort in harry's clothes, that's! Really cool. Could july come any sooner somehow.Avatar Image says: Yes, please -- high res photos of the new snippets of footage! Also, major kudos to Melissa, Suze and John for earning (as always) JKR's respect and appreciation. You make me proud to be Leaky Listener! Avatar Image says: Andrew, I think Voldemort just says: "look at me", like Harry says to Dumbledore. But that's not the possesion scene, that one take place at the Ministry of Magic, and don't worry everyone who saw the prescreeening of the movie in Chicago said the possesion scene is very well done and the acting wis perfect. I think the mirror scene looks great too, to see Harry looking at the mirror and seeing Voldemort is awesome, it shows how Harry has this connection with Voldemort and he thinks he is becoming crazy. I agree July can not come soon enough!!! Thanks for all the videos!Avatar Image says: i read there is a shot with sirius falling through the veil!!! but it is not there. and that 3 SPOTS HAVE BEEN RELEASED! NOT TWO! Soooooo....we're missing something? Avatar Image says: It that's a shot of the veiled archway, where's the veil? It does not look like there is any cloth hanging from the arch. Maybe it's not the arch. Thoughts? wwAvatar Image says: Great video, but quite short. I'm hoping they're will be another trailer soon.Avatar Image says: "It that's a shot of the veiled archway, where's the veil? It does not look like there is any cloth hanging from the arch. Maybe it's not the arch. Thoughts?" It seems there will be no veil, but just a shimmering cg thing. You can kind of see it behind Sirius in the US trailer when Harry is making his speech about the great wizards. It may be easier to shoot Sirius' death this way instead of using cloth. The archway is definitely bigger than I imagined. I like this new t.v. spot the best. I find it interesting the way they are showing Harry and Voldemort's connection. It's much more visual than the book (which makes sense). The dementor scene looks excellent (though I wish they had more robes). I love the patronuses (patroni?)! Harry just seems to be cowering in the background while Dumbledore and Voldemort fight. Avatar Image says: hang on.... why does it look like a dementor is holding harry against a wall? i thought it must be dudley at first...but i dunno.Avatar Image says: yess i've been waiting weeks&months to finally see the trailer on tv, and not the computer. yayyy :]Avatar Image says: Squeee, that trailer was awesome!! The Bellatrix/Sirius fight is blink-and-you-miss-it, but that Lupin scene rocked! I cna't wait for OotP!Avatar Image says: i just got goosebumps from watching that =DAvatar Image says: why didn't I see Bellatrix fighting Sirus? Which is THIS scene in the trailer because i saw shots but i can't point out who is who.

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