Details on L.A. Premiere of “Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix” July 8


May 15, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Warners Brothers has issued a press release on the Los Angeles, California premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which as we told you previously, would be Sunday, July 8. Now confirmed are the location and a few of the guests.

  • When: Sunday, July 8 with Crew Arrivals at 2pm, followed by Celeb arrivals at 3:30pm, Movie Screening at 5:00pm
  • Where: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
  • Who: Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, with more celebrity guests to be announced soon

Also now confirmed is the rating of the movie as PG-13 with a caution for “sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images.” Stay tuned to TLC for complete coverage of this event in Los Angeles, California!
Thanks Justin and granny!

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Avatar Image says: Cool! I won't be anywhere near there, but I look forward to the coverage. It's interesting that they decided to move away from N.Y. after going there for POA and GOF, I wonder what was behind the move. If anyone's interested I stumbled onto a new set report: remove spaces if there are any.Avatar Image says: That's interesting that the premier is in LA instead of NYC. Well, the guest list looks good already. I only wish I could attend. What a party that will be!Avatar Image says: that's really fantastic......i cannot go to the premiere ....thank go , at least i can see the videos........ i hope alan rickman comes to the premiere ............Avatar Image says: As stated in the orginal, the premiere is Sunday, July 8th (not July 9th).Avatar Image says: After the "When," the date is listed as Sunday, July 9. July 9 is a Monday.Avatar Image says: Wait, I live in LA! How would I be able to get there in some manner?!Avatar Image says: The article at is really good, T_D_O. That's the first time I've seen that part with Matthew Lewis, talking about how David Yates has helped him develop Neville as a character. Of course, if Yates wants Matt to find an "obsessed" group, he need go no further than Leaky! :-) Sue, this would make a great news link!Avatar Image says: Woohoo! I went across the country to the GOF premiere, but I knew I couldn't afford to do it again this time. Now it's here in LA--Woohoo!Avatar Image says: So do we get tickets?Avatar Image says: Just reserved my hotel...block north from the premiere....can't wait....Avatar Image says: Us too! Can't wait, its going to be great! I just read on a site about Graumans and they dont' sell premiere tickets, just the studios can give those out. Avatar Image says: Cool, I'm definitely watching the live footage from the premiere and from the other ones in the UK and Japan (?).Avatar Image says: Why the hell don't these guys hold events like premiers in India when they can Have them in Japan and France???? We do constitute a major part of the HP FanZone you know. But hopefully they'll be broadcasting the event here. Hopefully. Who's granny by the way?Avatar Image says: Ashley,Do you have a car?Just drive there,you are too close to miss this. Hope Leaky does a live webcast from LA like they did last time . It was WONDERFUL!Avatar Image says: can someone please explain to me why they are not having the premiere in NYC? im going to die now. i was so looking foward to the premiere this year and now its not in new york. why cant they have one in new york and LA? -jumps out of window-Avatar Image says: Does anybody know any details for the London premiere? Avatar Image says: Melissa/Sue, do all the main Harry Potter sites of repute get permission from Warner Bros. to attend the premieres and actually interview the cast? I was looking here at Leaky and also at HPANA and MN, and they all say they're going to cover it guys actually get permission? If so, that's awesome - the WB is really opening up to the whole fansite idea, isn't it? Avatar Image says: how can i get tickets? is it even possible to or is it only the celebs and the press?

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