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May 16, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

As expected the official US Warner Bros. Harry Potter website has been updated with a brand new Order of the Phoenix layout and features. Included in the revamped site are the Theatrical and Teaser trailers, Posters, a gallery of images from the film and features eight new wallpapers all available for download. These wallpapers feature the images of Tonks, Sirius Black, Dumbledore, group shots of the DA and much more. As with the UK Harry Potter site updated yesterday, the new features lovely music from what we believe to be the Nicholas Hooper composed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film score.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released in the US July 13.

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Avatar Image says: #1? sweetAvatar Image says: I so love the music. I hope it is in the soundtrack. Cool site.Avatar Image says: I recognize the Umbridge theme right off the bat :P And what seems to be the subdued introduction of the possession theme.. and what sounds like a sort of sad theme, probably for Sirius. I'm not sure where that end song fits in though :DAvatar Image says: AAAAH my harrypotter site wont download it got stuck at 22%! I wanna hear the music Avatar Image says: Was anyone else really mad that Ginny wasn't included in the wallpapers that included the DA with their Gender. So there was one with Harry, Ron, and Neville, and there was one with Hermione, Luna, and Cho. Why would they do that? I love Katie and everything, but personally, Ginny is part of the sextet, not Cho. I have no clue why they would add Cho to a poster like that and not Ginny. If anything, they could have just added one more girl to the wallpaper, and if not, remove Cho. I don't know why, but I'm seriously really mad. This is just another example of WB neglecting Ginny's character.Avatar Image says: "Was anyone else really mad that Ginny wasn't included in the wallpapers that included the DA with their Gender. So there was one with Harry, Ron, and Neville, and there was one with Hermione, Luna, and Cho." (Noelle) I am. Why do they do this? Don't they know Ginny has lots of fans? And Bonnie too, BTW. Why do they would want to get Ginny's fans mad? I really don't understand WB. Avatar Image says: Oh my goodness...The music is ASTOUNDING. Phenominal. It seems like a preview to the different main tracks. This will DEFINITELY win an Academy award. It's beautiful, original... It has the perfect dark themes, the best upbeat tones.. wow. It really takes Hedwig's Theme and makes it totally original. It's SO beautiful... I can't stop gushing! (I play piano and have a good ear, but I love flutes and piccolos playing over strings in minor key..) Noelle- yeah, I wish Ginny were there too. It's the films though. Can't expect they'll get everything right. *sigh*Avatar Image says: Remember the time Cho went with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Luna to the Department of Mysteries.... Disappointing about that wallpaper but I'm expecting more of that in the coming weeks.Avatar Image says: Noelle, that was the first thing I noticed and I'm very upset about it. After I saw the awesome Neville/Harry/Ron poster, I was expecting a Hermione/Ginny/Luna one to mirror it and display the girls of the Sextet. I haven't got a clue why WB thought it would be a good idea to replace Ginny with Cho, but it really wasn't. They also neglected to give Ginny her own "facing-off-with-baddie-in-an-orb" poster. NONE of the movie-only audience is going to buy Ginny as an important character come HBP, let alone Harry's romantic interest/gilfriend/true love! I adore these films but they've really done a horrible job of developing characters. It's very disappointing. (And just as a disclaimer, before anyone accuses me of such -- no, I'm not an insane Ginny/Bonnie Wright fan. I'm just a Harry Potter fan who is concerned that the main characters get enough attention in the films.)Avatar Image says: If anyone wants to simply download the music of the UK and US sites, I recorded them and uploaded it. Enjoy! Sorry, I'm sometimes a little slow. Is there anything further you need to do when you go on the site. nothing is happening for me when I go there, so i'm thinking I'm missing something. Help please. Avatar Image says: Yeah for the site! And wonderful, beautiful score! I wish I could not cry every time I see the site and hear the music. AHHH..can't help it..Avatar Image says: While I would like to see more of Ginny included in the promotional stuff, you have to remember that this is the movie with "THE KISS"! And while we have all seen the stills and clips starting late last year, it's still supposedly a big deal. I suspect that we will see a much more prominent Ginny in the HBP movie next year. Cho will pretty much be making her swan song this time (so her Patronis is appropriate, I guess)so they are playing her up in the ads.Avatar Image says: to download the song, you have to enter that download code you see into the text bar, enter, then wait how long it says to wait. Then it'll give you the download link and voila :)Avatar Image says: I just love the music! It's definitely my favorite so far. Deeper, more epic-sounding. The accordion (right, that's what that is?) takes some getting used to, but it fits somehow. I really think this movie is going to be my favorite of the five. I may even buy this soundtrack and I haven't bothered with the first four. Avatar Image says: Is it cynical of me to think that the IMAX Hermione poster was never a mistake considering the IMAX Hermione has cropped up on the UK and US site. Admittedly the picture has been cropped down on the US site, but isn't that her in all her um... glory on the UK site?Avatar Image says: LUNA- the website you gave me says that the file i am trying to access if temporarily unavailable. did you give the right one?Avatar Image says: You know, I don't usually complain about the lack of Ginny in the promotional pics and all that... but this is too much!! When I saw the Harry-Ron-Neville wallpaper I was expecting the Hermione-Ginny-Luna one, and what do I get??? Cho!!! It's not that I don't like Cho's character, but it's Ginny who goes to the Department of Mysteries... she should get more credit... Avatar Image says: OMG! I'm at school, I can't wait to get back home now. It sounds great! Are any John Williams fans loving Hooper's music even more?Avatar Image says: I agree with everyone about Ginny and that wallpaper, it's crazy that just for marketing reasons (I have to assume, otherwise it's just dumb) they put Cho in there instead of Ginny! Okay, it's THE KISS and everything... but HELLO! They are featuring the six that went to the Ministry, not the "hottest HP girls". Is something wrong with Bonnie Wright that they seem to be hiding her and her lines at all costs?Avatar Image says: Thank you Loleia! I don't know what WB has against character development, but whatever it is, I'd really like to know. ~NoelleAvatar Image says: stop whinining about ginny and enjoy the beautiful music..Avatar Image says: Grub--That's what I thought at first. Compare the US to the UK mainpage. Not the same photo, but the effect on the UK opening page is similar to the IMAX one. (the US Site uses the poster image.) Now, on the US Page, goto the download section and compare Hermione in 1 of 8 to Hermione in 8 of 8. I'm almost positive that IMAX Hermione is being used in 1 of 8. Again, I could be wrong.Avatar Image says: amy, I'm gonna do both ;p Yeah, while it's nice to finally see Cho in promotions again, Ginny should have been on that poster. To be honest I was really surprised she wasn't on it considering the good publicity she's been getting. And, the music is very nice!Avatar Image says: Alright, I'm usually not too picky when it comes to this type of thing but.. I can't believe that they didn't include Ginny in that poster! What's up with that?? Do they have some sort of prejudice against her or something? Because they seem to like Cho more than they like her. Don't get me wrong, I really like Cho, but I am a huge Ginny fan and she really deserves more than that! She has a larger role in HBP, and I'm afraid of what they're going to do for that movie if she's barely known in this one. I hope she has a lot of screen time so they can build up her character more. Everyone I know who's only seen the movies think that she's just a weak little girl who can't defend herself because the most they've seen of her was in CoS. Ginny's so much more than that, and I really hope they realize that and that in the movie she gets more credit. Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to say what I thought. Avatar Image says: Can anyone tell me how long the music that we get to hear is? Is it reminiscent of John William's?Avatar Image says: "Can anyone tell me how long the music that we get to hear is? Is it reminiscent of John William's?" It's a preview of some of the soundtrack. Imagine the lovechild of John Williams and Patrick Doyle and you'll get the gist of it.Avatar Image says: the score is 10x better then Doyle and a little better then John Willams Avatar Image says: I would say that Nick's music is slightly better than John's music.Avatar Image says: The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. That is what I get when I go to the site you give grub. I don't see any download codes or text bar. :( Hermione looks the best in the trio female walllpaper of all the posters we seen of her so far.Avatar Image says: Brilliant ! Avatar Image says: I want Ginny. :( no cho.Avatar Image says: Hey, the first wallpaper has Hermione's air-brushed version. They said they would take it out.Avatar Image says: Whoa, amazing music on the site!!!!!!! I hope its in the movie!!!!Avatar Image says: "lets be honest, cho is more important.. cause she is harry's first love and.. KISS !! " Harry was not in love with Cho. He was physically attracted to her, but they kissed *once* and went on one date that was really bad. It was only infatuation, nowhere near love. I don't think Harry's in love with Ginny yet either. They just aren't there yet, but I have no doubt that they will get there. So she's his first love interest but not his first love (maybe that's what you meant, in which case ignore above :)). That being said, I too wish they put Ginny on the wallpaper instead of Cho. I mean Cho is just annoying in this book. Ginny is cool. She should be on this wallpaper looking all bad-ass. Maybe the wallpapers are just boys and then girls and have nothing to do with the battle. In that case, it makes sense Cho is there because we know she will be more prominent than Ginny in this film. I don't know. . .I'm not too fussed. Ginny will have plenty of prominence in movie 6. I LOVE the music. I can't wait to hear more.Avatar Image says: Try to put things in perspective when it comes to those wallpapers. It seems they decided to do a poster with three boys, and a poster with three girls, and the three girls most important to the central story of OotP are Hermione, Luna and Cho. That's just the way it is. Hermione because she pushes Harry to start the DA, Luna because she's the one who draws Harry out of his isolation at the end, and Cho because she's the love interest. Ginny is a DA member who tags along at the end, but doesn't contribute much to the central story itself. She's there more to set up her role in HBP. I love Ginny, and it would have been nice to see her on that poster as well as the other three, but choosing Hermione, Luna and Cho above her makes sense in story terms. She just doesn't contribute that much to the story in OotP. "NONE of the movie-only audience is going to buy Ginny as an important character come HBP, let alone Harry's romantic interest/gilfriend/true love!" In November 2008, most of the movie-only audience won't remember much of what happened in OotP. It will just have been a fun movie they saw 18 months ago. Even if they set Ginny up now as some amazing witch who Harry is sure to fall in love with, most people will only vaguely remember her when HBP comes out. The point is, whatever they do with her in OotP, Ginny will have to be set up as Harry's love interest from scratch in HBP. And that's the way it should be. OotP has to tell the story of OotP, not set up a movie which is over a year away. HBP has to work as a movie in itself, so Ginny's development will need to take place early in that film - not this one, where it really isn't relevant to the story. As long as they set up Ginny well enough early in the HBP movie, the audience will easily buy her as Harry's love interest. Heroes fall in love with new characters in new movies all the time - think of Indiana Jones. You don't need development in any prequels to buy the romance.Avatar Image says: luna- try copy and pasting the link from grub's comment. it worked for me.Avatar Image says: Steven said, "Hermione because she pushes Harry to start the DA, Luna because she's the one who draws Harry out of his isolation at the end, and Cho because she's the love interest. Ginny is a DA member who tags along at the end, but doesn't contribute much to the central story itself." Steven, I don't agree with you, but you do bring up valid points. The only thing I can really say to that is with Harry Potter, you can't just think about from movie to movie. You have to think about the story as a whole from book 1 to 6 when pointing out your most important characters. Yes, Cho is Harry's "love" (for lack of a better word) interest in this movie, but she is hardly more important then Ginny. While Cho may be his "love interest" in OotP, Ginny is his love interest for the long run, and in the end, that's going to be more important. Also, you have to give Ginny some credit. She doesn't just tag along with the DA. She gives a lot at the Ministry.Avatar Image says: Steven is right.Avatar Image says: The music sounds great.Avatar Image says: my gosh if that's the music for the film... woah... I like it a lot! The sight's layout is really neat; it's dark, and it really captures the feel of the movie, from what we've heard. I like the new desktop backgrounds...Avatar Image says: The score sounds brilliant! Just adds to my excitement about seeing this film! Woo-hoo!!!Avatar Image says: Ginny actually has her big moments too - they just don't happen as often as say, Cho's or Hermione's. She actually has -about- the same "profound moment" ratio Luna. There's the talk with Luna about death and discussion about thestrals, and there's the Lucky You/Library scenes with Ginny.Avatar Image says: OMG! The music is fantastic! I think I could listen to it all day! And the wallpapers! WB you are killing me! XDAvatar Image says: try thisAvatar Image says: Grub and Steven, I'd say ginny is more important than Luna in the book. she draws Harry out of his isolation twice and Luna only once. The thestrals scene in the book with Luna doesn't help Harry at all, because he isn't reassured and think both of them are hallucinating. It's only hagrid's lesson that finally makes him be relieved about the thestrals. Ginny is with Harry in the summer, in Christmas in the DA, she names the DA, she is funny and compassionate. She should shine in this film like she did in the book. It seems they opted to cut all her important scenes. I just think it is completely absurd, because it will make people that don't read the books get very confused in the next film, even if they make a lovely H/G. People will still think, why was love all of a sudden interested in the girl, if he never looked at her before? In the books it is explained - she had a crush, tried to get over it, became more relaxed and Harry and us get to know her and see how appropriate to him she is, in the films it's completely cut, even the bits about how she is.Avatar Image says: What I wonder is if Cho is more important and prominent than Ginny, like some have stated, then why in every poster promoting this film she has either been microscopic or non-existent? And Ginny has been in every single one, with the exception of the orbs and now this new female poster. Ginny is important in OotP. That is why they are trying to promote her as a character more than Cho. Cho's only role is Harry's love interest. That is it. She is in the DA sure but she does not have the same signifigance that Ginny does nor does she add the same that Ginny does. Ginny is far more important to Harry and his cause in OotP and that alone earns her the spot on that poster. Most important females to Harry's cause. And if I do remember correctly Ginny was a great friend to Harry and someone he could talk to who helped him alot in OotP, so Ginny is way more than just a tag along little sister who adds nothing to Harry in this one. Her role in HBP will be far more prominent and deserving and that will be something for Ginny fans to revel in, but she is significant in OotP and deserves to be shown as such. My two cents. Agree or not.Avatar Image says: I am sooo not going to see this movie. They've pissed me off with each poster, especially using the same pic of Hermione from the IMAX poster (just the mirror image).Avatar Image says: is that the soundtrack playing in the background cause I like it alot.Avatar Image says: lilyp: I did the same thing when I got the digital version of the book. *i was 15 and have nothing better to do lol* anyway, Ginny is important to Harry in this book. SHE'S the one who made him LISTEN to others for a change. It was Ginny, not Luna, not Hermione, not Ron, who made Harry feel guilty about the way he was treating (sp?) others. Team Ginny represents ahauhau Avatar Image says: grapes- try this. Thank you so much. That worked. Grub, your amazing for putting that together. Thank you. Avatar Image says: Wow! The music is just...I've just left the site and let it run the music over and over...I sounds bloody amazing! How many tracks are in there!! It just keeps on changing!Avatar Image says: And thanks to too ;)Avatar Image says: Ginny's character is so underrated in these movies. In spite of the fact that she DOES have a signficant role in the book this time they're still insisting on playing her character down for the sake of building up others. I expected more from the movie adaption than for her to be completely cast aside until it's time to [abruptly] wheel her out so she can snog Harry in the sixth movie. Unless they mean for Hermione to get that scene as well. I say that partly in jest, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if it happened at this point. WB loses for wasting a great character. Avatar Image says: I'm really surprised that people are so enthusiastic about the OotP music... I'm not into it at ALL.Avatar Image says: I'm really disgusted with WB. What the heck is the matter with them? Ginny is Harry's girl! She is extremely important to Harry in Ootp and this would have been a great opportunity for WB to promote her as Harry's future wife, as we all can guess that is where Ms. Rowling is going. Can we please have a man to write the screenplays who understand romance? Avatar Image says: Go Lilyp! You made my day! Now we have solid proof that Ginny's more prominent in the book. Take that - Cho lovers!Avatar Image says: I was excited for half a second when i saw the 3 guys and i was like OMG i have to find the one of the girls because Ginny will be on it...and then no!!! ugh!!!! Is it that difficult to just include her!!!Avatar Image says: Wow, ok, people are *definitely* exaggerating Ginny's role in the 5th book. Yes, Ginny is a *great* character, and she really does shine in HBP. And yes, she has her *moments* in OOTP. But there aren't that many of them and for me atleast, they weren'extremely prominent. "She is extremely important to Harry in Ootp" I think this is a bit of an overstatement. Yes, she's important to Harry in OOTP as Ron's sister and his friend, but she really doesn't have that big on an impact on him, I'd say. In an *800* page book, she has what, one moment when she truly effects Harry? I'm talking about the part where she talks to him about being possesed by Voldemort. For me, Luna's scene at the end was *far* more memorable then any of Ginny's - while important - not as significant scenes. Luna's dialogue with Harry about death was one of the most emotional scenes for me in *all* the books so far. She helps Harry deal with his grief over the death of Sirius. I'm willing to bet that Harry was more troubled by Sirius's death then he was by the prospect of Voldemort possessing him. Yes, it was extremely hard for him to deal with that possibility, but the death of an extremely close loved one had a much deeper effect on Harry. Luna is the one who helped him with that. Speaking of death, one of the most emotional scenes, for me, in HBP was when Ginny takes Harry's hand and guides him away from DD when Harry is kneeling beside him. *Ginny* is the one that conforts him here. *This* is where Ginny shines. I love Ginny as much as the next person, but in OOTP, I think Luna definitely plays a more significant role in Harry's life as she helps him deal with death. Ginny doesn't truly have a deep effect on Harry until HBP. "People will still think, why was love all of a sudden interested in the girl, if he never looked at her before? " I read books 1-5 many times before book 6, and even I thought Ginny kinda came outa nowhere as a love interest for Harry. I thought Harry saw her just as Ron's sister. But when it came to HBP and Ginny's character began to shine brightly, Harry taking an interest in her seem natural. Their romantic relationship was beautifully written in HBP, even though I kinda never expected in. I'm sure it can be the same for movie-goers. Avatar Image says: I don't agree that Ginny should be the forefront of all the female attention (save Hermione). You are all projecting what happens in book 6 to this one, and in book 5, Ginny had a rather minor role. Her stuff was easily overlooked until Book 6 came out. Cho and Luna are definitely of more importance in this movie than Ginny. Even in the MoM scenes, we don't see what happens to Ginny, as she is in a separate group from Harry. The only time i realized Ginny was of any importance was the fact that Jk Rowling seemed to pay a lot of attention to Ginny and her many boyfriends, which seemed to indicate that Harry would soon follow suit.Avatar Image says: Good post Kal-El, very sensible look at how thing goes in the series. I understand the frustration of Ginny/Bonnie fans but looking at the bright sight, the less emphasis on Ginny now will make the light shining on her even more when HBP comes along. Avatar Image says: The thing about Ginny is, she *is* apart of the sextet, she fights along side with Harry and the others and holds her own. Plus she has the scene with Harry about his possession and the one where she gets Harry to open up about wanting to talk to Sirius in the library (both scenes I assume have been cut). She deserves to be in the girl's picture just as much as the other three and there's no reason the couldn't have added her. I agree Hermione and Luna are extremely important, and that Cho's the "love" interest in this book, but with the way the movies have been filmed, Ginny's character has been cut down so much many of the people who only go to see the movies don't know who she is. And it's because of stuff like this. Yeah, you can't fit everything into the movies, but it's sad when people don't even know her name... Avatar Image says: No one is saying that Ginny should be the most important female in this movie. However, she's an important character. Ginny's the one who helps Harry with his possession and the only one Harry confides in about wanting to talk to Sirius. It's very significant that he feels comfortable talking with her about this when he can't even do that with his two best friends. In OotP, we get to see the real Ginny - the Ginny who stands up for what she believes in, stands up for others, names the DA, convinces Harry to let her go to the ministry, becomes an excellent seeker, and does many other things. I can understand why people are angry that Ginny's not included in the posters. She's much more than just a future love interest. She's a brilliant character in her own right and we won't get to see that if the movies just keep shunning her aside.Avatar Image says: snape in the wallpaper section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really glad that they included him..........Avatar Image says: Actually, if we're counting, then Ginny helped Harry more than Luna did. Ginny was there for him in 2 situations, where he was most desperate, and avoiding everyone, including his best mates, and those are: 1) When he thought he was possesed by voldy, she was the only one who managed to get to him, and "convince" him that he thought wrong. 2) When he was upset because of what he saw his father doing in Snape's memory, and was again avoiding everyone, it was Ginny who he confided in her his wish to see Sirius, and she "helped" him to get his wish. As for Luna, it was only that scene in the end, and it wasn't even through convincing, it was mainly because Harry felt "sorry" for her, which was something new for him, as he's usually too busy feeling sorry for himself, to feel sorry for anyone else. So, if we're counting, Ginny was there for Harry more than Luna. And if we're talking about the most emotional scenes in OotP book, then Mrs. Weasley's boggart, and Neville's parents in the hospital, were far more emotional than Harry feeling sorry for Luna in the end, IMHO. Avatar Image says: Where's GINNY???Avatar Image says: Personally I'm glad that they put Tonks in.....I thinks she's cool, although she was facing very rough times in Harry's 6th year.Avatar Image says: I've noticed something: They hide Ginny and steal her lines and don't put her on the poster. Ron has also had his lines and admirable qualities stolen that made him Ron and given to Hermione. As well as he is a coward and goofy looking. Bill and Charlie have yet to make it into the series, except being mention once or twice in the entire series. Mrs. Weasley was also absent in movie four. And where is Percy? Are they even going to do the Percy the Prat arc? I haven't heard a thing about it. And I have a feeling Percy's separation from the family is going to have something to do with seven. WB is anti-Weasley! JerksAvatar Image says: Hooper's score sounds brilliant. Much more accomplished than Patrick Doyle's score for GOF, and if the rest of the score follows suit, could be in the same league as John Williams's score for the first three movies. I also like how Hooper recalls the music box cuteness of Williams's scores in terms of orchestration, such as playful woodwinds, piccolo, and celeste, without losing the darkness established in the previous two scores. It seems that Hooper really had fun writing the score, and I hope his services are retained for HBP and perhaps DH. (My greatest wish would be to have a returning director for DH that's not David Yates, and bring back John Williams to finish up what he started.)Avatar Image says: It's great to see Alan Rickman on that Wallpaper, front and center. And as far as Ginny in this movie, Harry is supposed to be in love with Cho and he just met Luna, who explains the Thestrals to him. Ginny is much more prominent in Book 6, when Harry is in love with her, so I wouldn't worry. She's in alot of scenes in this movie - you can see her in the trailers.Avatar Image says: Could it just be that Cho is easier to market than Ginny? Some of the PR spin for OotP involves Harry's first kiss. The overall story isn't as important as getting bums in seats. Fans are going to see the movie regardless. They don't need to market the movie to us. They need to market the movie to the general population. Like it or not, this is how movies have been marketed since the dawn of coming attractions. Scenes are arranged to mislead, footage not in the final cut is used, dialog is spliced, additional footage is shot. Actors who appear for mere moments on screen are featured. The actual story doesn't matter--making someone want to see the film is what matters. I think it's great that people are so passionate about Ginny but... well... as long as Ginny is an important character in the movie what does it matter if she is featured on a desktop download. Its not a conspiracy, its marketing. That said, why don't you all get proactive? I couldn't find a feedback email address for the WB site--but I did find a customer service form. Avatar Image says: "As for Luna, it was only that scene in the end, and it wasn't even through convincing, it was mainly because Harry felt "sorry" for her, which was something new for him, as he's usually too busy feeling sorry for himself, to feel sorry for anyone else." The fact that Harry is able to feel sorry for *someone else*, when he is experiencing such painful grief of his own, shows GREAT maturity within Harry in this moment. Luna *does* help him deal with is grief through acceptance. She helps Harry to accept that while Sirius may be be gone from their world, all might not be exactly what it seems. There may just be a "next great adventure" after death. Luna helps Harry begin to understand that though Sirius has left his physical existence, he may have moved on to another life. Anyways, I think it's extremely poignant that Harry is able to feel for someone else in this scene, even when he is trying to deal with such terrible grief. Life still goes on for Harry and his friends. He can still feel for others, he is still human, even though he said he wished he wasn't just a chapter before. Sirius has moved on from this world, but he may continue to exist somewhere/somehow else. Also, Luna's line about her "things" always turning up "in the end", I found quite haunting for some reason. Especially when Harry is dealing with the loss of some of his "things" too, "things" being some of his closest friends, ie Sirius. Could Sirius "turn up" again, in some form, "in the end"?Avatar Image says: OMG OMG OMG OMG IM ABOUT TO BURST! The music is so brilliant! I was obsessed with John Williams, but this one is 10 x times better! It's what the films have been lacking, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Why does it say, "Take a look at the final Harry Potter trailer." ? FINAL? Don't they mean latest? Newest? Current?, why Final?Avatar Image says: WB are adept at disappointing fans of the books. Let's just add the downplaying of Ginny's character to the long list. Avatar Image says: Books are about the written word while movies are more about image. Some characters simply look better than others folks. Ginny is simply less impressive looking than Cho or Luna.Avatar Image says: Nice, I'll go on it later.Avatar Image says: RE Percy- I thought I read an interview with the actor who says he becomes a 'bit of a git' in OooP so I think he's still in the film? RE Ginny v Luna At the end of the day we don't really know that Ginny's character is played down until we see the film. It's natural for WB to push the new characters in the promotion. But I think the overlooking of Ginny is reflected (IMO) in the fact that Harry overlooks Ginny ALL the time throughout the series, even in OooP. She may be present quite a lot and she does help him in a couple of situations but I don't think that registers with him as much as his experiences with Luna, however brief. Luna is important in this book in that she makes him see things differently- he gets uncomfortable feelings when he's around her because of the way she says things. He only really notices Ginny in HBP. So I agree with those who say that her day will come in HBP. Avatar Image says: *sniffle for the track that sounds like it'll be Sirius's* Even if the rest of the preview music seems a bit... tinkly. But then, I definitely enjoyed Doyle's music last year, and have only really liked William's PoA soundtrack. Just dipping a toe in here - could they not have given Cho her own stunning poster as glorified love interest and kept Ginny in the girls' pic? Avatar Image says: Ginny should be given equal promotion to the other girls. She did play a larger role in the books than either Cho or Luna, but WB just seems to want to forget about her existence. You never hear any interviews about her character or what's in store for her from the movie producers and Directors. I also think WB has done a poor job with Ron and the Weasley family, in general. Book 5 is a huge book and cuts are to be expected, but if they balanced out Ginny/Cho/Luna's roles I would be so upset. Ginny - 222 times Luna - 145 times Cho - 148 times Wow! That's a very large increase for Ginny over Luna and the book five girlfriend - Cho. I'm not surprised, because she helped Harry several times and got him out of his funk and made him laugh a bit. A bit of sunshine in his life in a dreary book for Harry. Avatar Image says: WB doesn´t get it. They shun the Weasleys, especially Ron and Ginny, because they have not understood what the HP books are about. Ah well. I would have wished they´d included Ginny in the ladies´s wallpaper, although I kind of understand why Cho is important for OotP. She is after all his LI in this movie. And they obviously wanted to make a three boys and three girls poster. What a pity no one at WB´s marketing department seems to have actually read the books. Cho is part of the DA, but she has been made the sneak in this movie. And it is the sextet including GINNY that goes to the DoM. Cho is long since out of the picture then (btw: I like Katie very much. She is a sweet, lovely girl, this is not against her). Apart from that: I loooooove the score. It is awesome. Can we order it already? Yay, for the score (I did like the GoF score as well, Btw). The US site is amazing and it has more wallpapers (love them all, even the ladies´s one. Emma looks stunning). Overall I prefer the UK layout. It is more cool, IMPO.Avatar Image says: I feel that all the main girls should be promoted. This was the book where Ginny wasn't overlooked anymore and was finally noticed. Not in a romantic way, but yeah she was noticed for who she was. So for me Ginny, Luna and Cho *all* deserve to be given their fair share of publicity. They're all pretty important to the book IMO. Actually I would have preferred two wallpapers. One with the DoM girls to match the DoM boys, and one with the DoM girls and adding Cho. Also I'm still hoping for posters that have Ginny, Neville, and Cho on their own posters with a bad guy in the glass orb.Avatar Image says: I think the whole beauty of H/G love story is that after crushing over Harry for FOUR years she finally moves on and THEN Harry falls for her. How on earth are they going to ENACT that out in HBP tiem frame alone? To me even in print it was not convincing enough. But in movies they BUTCHERED this storyline already when they chose to put the horribly invented 'I am not an owl' scene over the 'Ginny-you-can-go-to-the-ball-with-Harry' scene. And now in OOTP by chopping the lucky you and helping-to-talk-to-Sirius scenes. In short they have mucked it up BAD. Yes it is possible to build up a romance in one movie alone if that movie itself covers the time span of the build up. But in case of HP the build up years have already passed in these 5 movies. Come HBP how will they show a shy and sqeaky Ginny, a crushed-to-miss-the-chance-to-go-to-the-ball-with-Harry Ginny, the-helpful-Ginny and the-no-need-to-take-that-tone-with-me Ginny. The more I think about it the more it frustrates me. The movie audience might buy it but the book fans will be disappointed badly. Avatar Image says: In OoTP Harry's love life is focused totally on Cho Chang. Ginny is still just a friend at this point, mostly in the background hanging out with the other Gryffindors (obviously her name appears more often; the fact that Cho is distant is part of what makes her interesting to Harry). In the posters Ginny is given much more prominence than she has in the story. I guess this must be a concession to 'fans', and it anticipates HBP more than is really necessary. It's amazing how some people rush to complain about some tiny thing that they think is wrong in the movies when they don't really know the books. It is kind of interesting that Jo Rowling went to the trouble of giving Harry a failed romance. Cho is certainly not a bad character, but neither Harry nor Cho know how to be comfortable with each other. This is one example of where the books are more human and complex than just fantasy or airport novel formula, and I'm glad the movies understood this and kept it in rather than doing Filmmaking By Fan Poll.Avatar Image says: "Anyone recognise any old HP themes?" Yup. Besides a better Hedwig's theme, you can hear bits of Williams' friends theme in the second song in the suite(I believe it's the quiet version of the possession theme.)Avatar Image says: I'm loving the snippets of soundtrack so far. Even though we've only heard bits of it, it seems a far more cohesive soundtrack than for GOF, which while it had nice moments, didn't really gel together as a whole. I also like Hooper's reworkings of Hedwig's Theme, and from what he said in the recent interview, he is going to use it as a unifying piece for the film. This is one soundtrack I am definitely buying. Avatar Image says: And we were worried about the music! It's fabulous. I can't wait for the soundtrack to come out. Any word on when that will be? I've finished looking at the downloads, gallery, etc, but I'm still listening to the music, even though I know it's repeating. I really like what WB (both US and UK) have done with the updates to the sites--nice continuity with the other movies, while this one still stands out as being a distinct change from the earlier ones.Avatar Image says: Eeyore, I believe the soundtrack is released July 10th.Avatar Image says: So my comment may not be original, but WOW!!! The music sounds great. I cannot wait for more. Avatar Image says: I music is very lovely. And I love the wallpapers! Did I mention that I love the music?Avatar Image says: I think the emphasis on the gloomy side of the picture could discourage film-goers; there's just no escape from this downbeat misty blue. It makes it look like a horror movie. Umbridge in pink might be quite a welcome relief!Avatar Image says: What some people don't get is that we, fans of Ginny are upset not only because of her role in book six, but because of her role in book five. Not as a love interest, but as the only friend of Harry that could take him out of his brooding in two important situations. The one that know how to address him, without fear, without nagging and in a way he really gets comfort from. She made this in the Christmas break, she made this around Easter. She appears much more than Luna in the book. I just want to see it and to have photos of her so that we can make icons. She is much more important than Luna in any way you look at it. And she is the girl that goes to DoM. So I think the trio girl should be Hermione, Luna and Ginny, but if they wanted to take some girl out of it, it would be better to take Luna out. Ginny has much more scenes in the book: she is the one who names the DA, she is with Harry in the scenes mentioned above, she is the one who has ideas of what to do to help him talk to Sirius not only in chapter 29, but also in chapter 32, and Harry notices her, he notices she is now speaking around him and her funny lines, and so on. This is reflected on the fact that her name appear in the book more 50% more than Luna's and Cho's. I know they are marketing Luna, because she is different and a new character, but that shouldn't mean cutting Ginny. It's the book when we get really acquainted to her and that is much more important to the overall arc (not only because she will be Harry's girlfriend, but because she was possessed by Voldemort and the way she was possessed is mentioned and it is different from the way Harry is - this certainly is important) and to OotP's story than either Cho's or Luna's role. HBP can't bring the things she does in OotP back. So, anne, if you don't think Ginny is that important, I thoroughly disagree. Avatar Image says: If that's the music, I'm so impressed. Wow. Nick Hooper may put John Williams to shame, and I never thought I'd say that. It's freaking awesome.Avatar Image says: I just listened to the music all the way through - it's beautiful. In places, it reminds me of "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues, and in other places by "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." It's quite different from the other movies, which is appealing.Avatar Image says: I've just been on the website and it's great. I really like the music and I can't wait to hear it in the film. The wallpapers are cool as well. 54 days to go!! And to add to the whole Ginny debate, I'm sure she have much more of a presence in the film than she did in the last 2 films. Plus, it's the first time she has been featured on the posters, so she must have a bigger part in the film. Just as long as they don't cut any of her scenes in HBP, then I'm happy. I think to make the Harry/Ginny relationship more realistic in the 6th film, I think the film makers might have to add one or two additional scenes or alter the scenes between them slightly. I'm sure in the end, their relationship will be portrayed well in the 6th film. Avatar Image says: Lilyp, I agree 100% with you. Avatar Image says: I think the all the blue is actually just right for the film considering it coincides with the book cover. And the book is very dark so of course they are going to portray the movie the same way Graymayne. And to add to the Ginny debate I completely see where your coming from LilyP. They should give her more emphasis but we cant judge for sure just yet until we've seen the entire film. Plus on the good side of things atleast they didnt put her ALL the way in the back like they did with Cho in the DA pic.Avatar Image says: One of the tracks you can hear on the site seems to be inspired by the "harry's wondrous world" theme from philosofers stone, am I right?Avatar Image says: I also had the gut reaction that Ginny rightfully belonged in that grouping of DA girls, but I have to remember that's my own bias based on two things: I've always loved Ginny, and I have foreknowledge of what will occur during the movie to make Cho fall from favor. Remember, all those promotional shots and files are meant to market the movie to people who *don't* necessarily know yet what's going to happen five minutes into the movie, let alone two whole books down the road. A lot of people seem to be looking at this movie through the filter of our own hindsight. Obviously Cho would get more focus in the promotion of this movie because the romance subplot is such a big deal. Ginny, at this point, is still mostly Ron's little sister. She's gradually revealed throughout the book as a talented witch, but she really comes into her own as a fully accepted member of the sextet only near the end of the book, when she proves her worth by spying for Harry outside Umbridge's office, and when she goes with them to the ministry. We also want to see her featured because we think of her as "Harry's girl" as someone phrased it - but she's NOT Harry's girl - not yet. Not even close. That won't begin to really take shape until the next book and the next movie. I'm always going to be disappointed when they give my favorite characters so little screen time, though. It's hard to see them shunted aside in "present time" because we have inside information on how their characters will develop later on (Remus and Tonks, for example). I was more incensed by the fact that most of our favorite Order members got their own wallpaper except Lupin, and I haven't forgiven them for (apparently) leaving him out of the Advance Guard - it's one of my favorite scenes of his in OoTP. The movies seem obsessed with excluding him as much as they can, for no reason I can see. I also wonder why they felt the need to have Sirius appear shirtless in the King's Cross scene with Harry, when he looks so natty in his velvet jacket and waistcoat, complete with pocketwatch and fob! So gorgeous. I know he's meant to be depressed at parting with Harry and that he doesn't take good care of himself when he's depressed, but you'd think he'd at least put on a shirt! :) Well, at least I can drool over him on my desktop any time I want to, now! ahgem2000 and Noelle, I'm with you. I'm painfully disappointed in so many ways by the lack of character development in all the movies. No wonder the movie-only fans get so confused. All niggly little complaints aside, I love the new wallpapers and photos. I'll take any little glimpse I can get. It's pathetic.Avatar Image says: Now we have complaints about how little Ginny is in the BOOKS! Sorry, not much that can be done about that.Avatar Image says: Isn't going to the ministry and fighting Death Eaters more significant than an alluded to kiss and failed date? They can promote Cho all they want. In fact, she should have got her own wallpaper. But it makes no sense to promote the sextet without Ginny. Cho didn't go to the ministry, Ginny did. Plus, it's just awkward to have Cho with Hermione and Luna since they're not even friends. Ginny should have been there and Cho should have had her own poster. Avatar Image says: If Ginny doesn't warrant inclusion on any wallpaper because "all she did was to go to the Ministry", then Neville needs to be deleted because that's "all" he did.Avatar Image says: redbeard- Really??!?!? WHich one?!? Thas my fave john williams song, and I was wishing Cooper had made a version!Avatar Image says: People are looking at the situation with knowledge of what is to come in HBP, and that's not fair. Imagine Ginny didn't develop a romantic relationship with Harry at all in HBP, and just look at her scenes in OOTP. Her role is slim compared to that of Cho's and Luna's. It's good that Ginny is featured on the main poster, it shows that she is going to be given more exposure in this film, surely enough to prepare movie-goers for what is to come in the HBP movie. But it is the responsibility of the film-makers to tell the story of OOTP first, and tell the story of HBP when the times comes for that film. Think of how many important scenes there are in the 800 page OOTP. It is being condensed down to a 2.5 hour film. Many, many things can't make the transition. Everyone keeps mentioning the same 2 important parts Ginny has with Harry, the possession talk and the library scene. Ginny's role was a minor one in an 800 page book, and when that 800 page book is being brought down to a 2.5 hour film, it's small proportion has to stay. Yes, it is also the job of the film-makers to tell the story of OOTP within the context of the entire overarcing story to some degree. But stop to think about *why* the Ginny relationship in HBP was so effective. A huge part of the reason is because it is such a huge *contrast* to the relationship Cho and Harry shared. Harry and Ginny actually connected and their personalities got along. The Harry/Ginny relationship is only so striking because we are able to witness the *failing* relationship between Harry and Cho first. It provides that sharp contrast, and it shows that things don't always work out like a fairly tale. By properly portraying the Cho/Harry relationship in the OOTP film, the Ginny/Harry relationship in HBP will the all the better for it. It is important for the makers to concentrate on Cho now, and Ginny later.Avatar Image says: Kal-El, It is not just about knowing what's ahead in the books. Neville is included on a wall paper because he went to the MoM with Harry. Ginny should be on a wallpaper because she went to the MoM with Harry. Forget about the future romance. I'm talking about what she did in OotP, and ONLY OotP. Avatar Image says: "To say she isn't important or less important than them is nonsense." I'm not saying that Ginny isn't important. She is. I'm just saying that Cho, Neville, and Luna have a greater effect on Harry in OOTP then Ginny does. I think they leave a deeper mark on him during the OOTP time frame then Ginny does. Harry constantly thinks about Cho because she's his love interest in this book, and Luna connects with Harry on matters that have to do with death. Neville's role also vastly grows in OOTP, not to mention we learn he almost became the Chosen One instead of Harry. Ginny is still important, but Cho *definitely* effects Harry's mind in OOTP more then Ginny does. Ginny still is a good friend to Harry in this one, and this will be reflected in the scenes where she goes alongside Harry to the MOM. She *is* featured prominently on the main poster. It's just that it's not until HBP that she truly begins to shine. Even if they included all her major OOTP book scenes in the movie, I still doubt that movie-only audiences would register her as very significant until the HBP movie, where she truly does become a very significant character.Avatar Image says: "I don't get it that the reason one person was included is the same reason another person was excluded." This is probably because there are only three main guys, so they can go on the poster, but with the girls, there are four prominent characters. I'm sure if Harry didn't have Cho as a love interest in this story, it would be Ginny on the wallpaper. But seeing as how there are three guys on the guy poster, there's gotta be three girls on the girl poster, and Cho made it because she has a more prominent role in this film then Ginny does. But we're all delving into this poster businesss far to much. Just becase Ginny isn't on a *wallpaper* doesn't mean she won't be important in the movie. Again, she *is* on the main poster, even placed more prominently then Cho or Luna.Avatar Image says: I think the development of Neville in OOTP was far more staggering then the development of Ginny. For me, anyways. Besides, the issue here is Cho. And I think it's fair to say that Cho effects Harry's mind far more then Ginny does in OOTP. She has an entire love interest plot to herself.Avatar Image says: I agree with everyone who's said that Ginny should be on that wallpaper with Hermione and Luna, not Cho. The wallpapers looked to have a DoM theme going until you got to the girl one. Someone even brought up the fact that Hermione, Luna and Cho don't even get along. It looks silly compared to the Neville/Harry/Ron one, whom are all good friends. Ginny was just as important in OotP as Luna and Neville were. They were all three friends who Harry didn't exactly expect to make friends with, but they were all there for him in the end and helped him many times throughout the book. Avatar Image says: These posters and wallpapers aren't for Book5, but for Movie5. Therefore, it's pointless to debate characters' roles in the book. They should be promoted accordingly to part they play in the movie, not book. And all people who had already seen this movie were unanimous about hierarchy of female characters' prominence. Giving excessive promotion to character who doesn't play important part in marketed film is sort of cheating the audience of non-readers and can only lead to their dissapointment. Fans who want to make icons with character they like shouldn't be satisfied at the cost of non-readers. Avatar Image says: Ergh. What is that awful noise in the background? I like the original score =(Avatar Image says: Kal-El, We clearly will not agree with who had a more stunning development in book OotP. I still claim it is Ginny. She replaced Harry as seeker. She caught the snitch in both games she played. Harry was described as being "quite impressed" with her performance. In fact, after the book game out quite a bit of fandom was whining about how she "came out of nowhere" was a perfect "Mary Sue", etc. I didn't hear any complaints from fandom that Neville was a "Gary Stu" who came from nowhere. But, anyway, back to the wallpaper. It IS about Neville and not about Cho. Why was Neville included on the wallpaper? Because he went to the MoM with Harry. So why was Ginny excluded from the wallpaper? Because all she did was go the the MoM with Harry. I don't get it that the reason one person was included is the same reason another person was excluded. Avatar Image says: I meant to add that, if anything, Ginny would replace Luna on the wallpaper, rather then Cho. Hermione and Cho have the largest young female roles in this story, and even though Cho didn't go to the DOM, she's gonna be on that wallpaper. The third spot was either gonna be Ginny or Luna. It can be seen either way who is more important in this story, Luna or Ginny. Isn't it a fair trade of that while Luna go to go on the wallpaper, Ginny go to be placed more prominently then Luna and Cho on the Theatrical Poster? The Theatrical Poster is a bigger deal anyways.Avatar Image says: Crookshanks, I think the second track was inspired by "harry's wondrous world". But I'm not sure, because I haven't got the cd's. Maybe you can judge if I'm right?Avatar Image says: Sorry, but this is actually incorrect. Neville contributes to the plot more in the movie and has far greater prominence than Ginny. I don't want to give spoiler details, but reviews of first screenings all said it. Big marketing of Ginny in comparison with her small role in the film is misleading audience. The poster of three girls shows that WB finally realised it.Avatar Image says: I read every single report that I could fing written by people who attended the test screenings, I don't recall anyone saying that Neville had a larger part in the movie than Ginny. I will give some Kudos to Warner Brothers...the vast majority of posters feature the sextet in its entirety, with Ginny being more prominent than Neville or Luna or Cho. THAT is how it should be.

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