Update on New OotP Clip Set to Air On “Ellen”


May 17, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

We have been getting word from a number of our wonderful readers who saw today’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show, that the ‘world premiere’ clip from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that was scheduled to air Friday, will now air on Monday, May 21 instead. As before, if anyone is able to capture the video, please send it in!

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Avatar Image says: Noooo!!! I'm going to be in Disney World on Monday, and I won't be able to watch it on TiVo until I get back...they probably won't have the Ellen Show o nthe hotel TVs...thats annoying!! Probably someone wil lsend in a clip of it to TLC (hopefully! please?) so I'll be able to go onto my dad's laptop and watch it from there... Avatar Image says: ughhhhh, i wonder why the date had to be set back?? Looking forward to it anywayz! second post??Avatar Image says: I knooo!!! i saw!!! nooo wayyy!!! but im still seeing on friday just in case!!! lol! Besides i love ellen!!! :DAvatar Image says: Cool! Is it a "real" clip, just like for Pirates 3 (captains fighting..)? Or is it just another trailer? Avatar Image says: I wish Ellen was still on at 4 in the afternoon instead of 10 in the morning. I used to watch these clips live and giggle uncontrollably. Chaya says hi from New Orleans, Edward :DAvatar Image says: YAY! I can't wait! :D And we have absolutely no idea what clip it will be, huh? Which makes it all the more exciting... I hope it isn't just another mix of trailer clips, but since it's called a "world premiere" clip, I'll assume it is entirely new footage. Yippee!Avatar Image says: Awesome! I am so happy it got pushed back. I am moving tomorrow, so now I will be able to see it! Yahoooo!Avatar Image says: I was just watching NBC and I saw an ad for tomorrow's Ellen. It said that the Harry Potter clip is still going to be on.Avatar Image says: Is this going to be on NBC? Avatar Image says: *sets VCR* :-DAvatar Image says: Thank goodness you can download Ellen here in Aus!! it doesn't air here :( (and there's so much crap on aussie free-to-air tv too, it could do with a watchable show...) speaking of lame, idiocy-inducing TV, i heard a rumour on fox owned channel ten news that JK WAS WRITING AN EIGHTH BOOK!!!!!!! of which proceeds would go to charity... i know we are often left behind the times here - i can't find anything on the internet, and nothing on JK's official site, or channel ten... CAN ANYONE CONFIRM/DENY THIS RUMOUR? AND WHERE THE HELL DID AUSSIE CHANNEL TEN NEWS FIND OUT ABOUT IT??? please help - oh, i would LOVE it to be true, but i'm not holding my breath....Avatar Image says: "please help - oh, i would LOVE it to be true, but i'm not holding my breath.... " Emma, there is nothing new in this "news" about the eighth book. It's just that some of the media are finally catching up with what Jo said a long time ago about possibily writing an encyclopedia of the Potterverse after Deathly Hallows, it is not an eighth book in the series as such. It was talked about on this site on May 12th after an article appeared in The Scotsman from memory, and I have seen it repeated at very media outlets, including several Australian TV shows. Nothing new here.Avatar Image says: there was a new commercial today shown during the show 'supernatural': http://thesnitch.net/site/news/comments.php?NewsID=6236 i think people in the west coast haven't had it aired for them, so they could see it or something?Avatar Image says: Bah! I have Fridays off, but I have to work on Monday. Thank goodness I have a VCR and know how to use it. :PAvatar Image says: I'd love to see the clip - I might watch Ellen just to see what Harry Potter references she makes. And I hope my "Real" Gravatar shows up. The one I keep seeing here is one I actually deleted over a week ago, and I can't figure that out. It doesn't even show when I log in over there.Avatar Image says: As of 5-17-07 if you go to LeakyNews.com they have a trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix.Avatar Image says: Here you can see the preview of the clip: http://community.livejournal.com/ootpmoviepics/46218.html Avatar Image says: I watch Ellen daily....where did it say it wouldnt be on now? Nothing has been mentioned... Avatar Image says: Can anyone plz forward me an email on how to send it to tlc? cause im available monday and i will try to see if my camera is up for recording. i would luv to send you a copy, i just dont no how? help a fellow fan? cheers and thanks also for the fantastic updates. im greatful to you for keeping us fans informed on the real facts, and not all that sugar pop stuff we read about in today's magazines. thank you once again, laurenAvatar Image says: Whoever saw that episode of Ellen was probably watching the previous day's episode on an early morning rebroadcast. Some stations don't air the show on their scheduled air dates, after all. If it's early in the morning, it's probably the previous day's episode. Although I haven't yet seen the DVR recording of yesterday's episode so I can't really deny or confirm this.Avatar Image says: I'm going to upload as soon as I record it.Avatar Image says: The site to write to leaky is http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/#static:contactus .... or look for the Contact Us link on the website.(remove spaces if necessary)Avatar Image says: The video itsd available in Youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRIYa1HO8qo

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