New “Order of the Phoenix” Commercial Airs


May 18, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Last night a new TV commercial for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix aired during the television show “Supernatural.” This new thirty second ad features mainly clips from the film we’ve seen in previously released trailers, but does contain a few new shots that we haven’t seen yet.
You can now view this new ad here as well in Leaky’s Video Gallery. In addition to the video, a number of screencaps from the new commercial can now be seen in our own Image Galleries from LiveJournal community ootpmoviepics.

Thanks much to Linda and all who mailed!

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Avatar Image says: This may be somewhat off topic, but the movie will be released in just over a month, and they STILL don't have a voice actor for Kreacher? Cutting it a bit close, aren't they?Avatar Image says: I saw Dracoooooooo. the spell looked the shape of his face when it hit the door.Avatar Image says: cool!Avatar Image says: I think I saw Draco too!! cool! To bad he wasn't hit!Avatar Image says: This is great news to wake up to! I can't wait for this movie!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Did you guys see Fawkes flying into Dumbledore's Arms with Dolores. (Fawkes Flying Out From Dumbledore's Astronamy Thing?Avatar Image says: Hey, I volunteer to be the voice for Kreacher... I'll give it an accent and everything!Avatar Image says: I've just watched it again. It was pretty good. I'm hoping there will be another trailer out soon. Avatar Image says: I was watching the show (it is one of my favorite shows) and I turned from the t.v to help my dog up my bed when I heard Daniel's voice and I was like "what?" I was surprised because I haven't seen the trailer in any commercials here. Then, when it was over I rewinded it and saw it again. It was great seeing Draco and some those new clips. It was awesome. Can't get enough of the trailers. Avatar Image says: I've seen it, but I had to make do without the sound because I watched it on a college computer which didn't have speakers. I'll watch properly when I get home.Avatar Image says: The blackness is probably Deatheaters who apparate and appear in the Veil Room. The man is Remus Lupin, it is clear enough. He is in the Veil Room, you can see the blue/black bricks and he is apparating from white light or something. Avatar Image says: Thanks, {Johnny}!! I thought it might be the Death Eaters moving about, but was not sure because the dark apparition trail (for lack of a better description) almost moved like an arm. And that's Lupin? Really? *goes off to squint another look* :-D Avatar Image says: I sprinted to the TV last night when I heard the commercial start. Woo Hoo!! Does anyone know whether a trailer for OOTP will air before Shrek 3? I didn't get to see the one before Spidey 3, so I was hoping that it might be with Shrek as well? Anyone know?? Thanks!Avatar Image says: It appears that there will be dementors at the Ministry during the final fight scene. I don't think I realized that until now. Interesting.Avatar Image says: I know that in the first big domestic trailer they had Voldemort saying "Harry will lose everything." I'm wondering if that's not a fancy piece of editing and he's really taunting Dumbledore instead...the bit at the end of this commercial shows Harry lying on the ground looking over at something else which also might have been on the ground...I'm not sure. Just a thought.Avatar Image says: I still don't care for the 'you will lose everything' line, but I guess I'll have to get over it. :) Dumbledore looks so powerful in this trailer! I love this side of him, as long as he isn't the angry Dumbledore. I don't think he will be, though.Avatar Image says: oh, anotherweasley, I really hope, that they will show it before Shrek, like in your case, no trailer before Spiderman, and really really hope that i can see it before Pirates!!!Avatar Image says: yay :D i'm gonna watch shrek tomorrow, but who's watched it already? i want to know if they show the HP OOTP trailer in the previews! even though they're different every time a movie is shownAvatar Image says: Very Cool cn't wait! Hexrpgcom Avatar Image says: Johnny, Are you 100% sure that there are no dementors at the MoM? Look at this screen cap: It really looks like something that is flying, although I guess that could be a Death Eater apparating. I don't know.Avatar Image says: What in the name of blazes?! I was watching Supernatural and completely missed this. It's a good thing I recorded it too. Waaaah all these trailers, tv spots and clips are making me so excited for the movie. I love the tiny new bits of scenes in the tv spot, especially where Harry's lying on the ground as Voldemort says "you will lose everything"Avatar Image says: Not to change the subject but did you see the girl power wallpaper for Ootp with Hermione, Luna, and Cho. Emma looks unbelievably gorgeous. Stunning. Cho and Luna look great too.Avatar Image says: I saw it last night and it was awesome!! I was surprised since I hadn't heard the trailer was being aired on TV. I wasn't paying really close attention, but I did see scenes I hadn't seen before. I am SOOO stoked to see the movie! Seeing an add for a movie I KNOW (OOTP is my fav book) I will love during the season finale for a show I love helped aleviate some of my depression. :)Avatar Image says: For a moment all I could think of was "levy corpus" when I saw pink in the pix, pity that doesnt come until HBP I must be getting 'very norti' (its my terrific age you see) he he he he eeeeeeAvatar Image says: I'm the biggest Harry Potter fan around !!!! I'll be the first one to read the new book, and the movie !!! It looks so totally awsoume and I can't WAIIITTT until it comes out !!!Avatar Image says: That was awesome!! I love the new footage!! That Lupin thing is so cool, but I wonder what it is?? And the thing that annoyed me was seeing Malfoy, looks like he's being used as comic relief again *sigh* I miss him from the 1st two films ...Avatar Image says: There are new tiny clips of Draco, Lupin, Fawkes to the rescue, and the return of the 'white' apparition! XDAvatar Image says: they do not show the trailer before shrek3.(saw it tonight). maybe they think that it(pheonix) is too intense for smaller kids although there were other annoyingly suggestive trailers that they did have.Avatar Image says: i've sen it it's awsome!!!Avatar Image says: I think that this trailer finally crossed the boundary from "awesomely intense" to "too fats to make sense of". It looks like they tried to cram in 5 minutes of trailer material into a thirty-second clip, and it does NOT work out. They're rushing from one quote to another, and it just doens't flow nicely. But DD does look uber-cool!Avatar Image says: WOW! Supernatural is my FAVORITE show in the world (Ive NEVER missed and episode),And Harry Potter my favorite movie! So when they were combined,I nearly fainted!LOL Double SQUEE!Avatar Image says: This was great... but I have to get thus off my chest so I can sleep at night...I like Sir Michael Gambon as DD, but I fear his acting will be my most dissapointed not from no last year episode (whew), but from the Images I've seen thus in the MoM HE is leaning to the left the DD from the book and past movies always did what I thought he would stand proud no matter what, second he seems to shreek at things... the last nname frm the Goblet, the fight in the MoM (yes DD showed scared in the book. but only Harry could see it) And last but not least DD in his office escape DD would have never raised his hands above his head giving aways his intention, which we ourselves have been taught close your mind....I hope he redeems himself from last years uum fiasco, by trying to be as close to RH (manner) rest in peace my friend) but what I see so far I have little hope well on that not the movie looks wonderful and a I look forward to seeing all the other cast members acting achievements and growth in thier talents.Avatar Image says: Two things: First, to those saying there's no voice ator for Kreacher: because it hasn't been announced it doesn't mean there isn't one. Second, hasn't anyone noticed the VEIL! ( without the space) It has no actual veil! it looks like glass or something! Weirdddd!Avatar Image says: Haha!That's not the Veil. That's just some spell and that's something like smoke after the spell.U can see that it comes out of Harry's wand.:-p:-pAvatar Image says: Actually, in the arch, there is a silvery curtain on the top. It is clear, I think. And these MUST be Death Eaters. They just make their appearance a bit more impressive. lol. Dementors=nooooo waaaay...Avatar Image says: Argh, no way. I was /watching/ Supernatural, but apparently I was freaking out too much during commercial breaks to notice the trailer... *facepalm* Thank God for video recordings. It looks awesome. I'm so excited for this movie.Avatar Image says: ah i didn't see the commercial on TV yet! D: i should soon though!Avatar Image says: hey guys, just thought you should see this new ootp posteR: please credit :)Avatar Image says: Alright Im really that Malfoy fighting Harry and Sirius infront of the veil? What happend to Bellatrix. Im not upset, it looks awsome (anything with Jason issacs is better) but the pictures where hard to see. On another note, WE FINALLY SEE DRACO!!!!! The git!Avatar Image says: HP and Supernatural? Coooool. Unfo I'm in Aus and didn't get the *doublesquee* experience as Martini put it ;) but that's cool news. But ahem, oh yes the trailer...I don't want to spoil myself further, but it sounds great. And cool new poster, masterofmystery. Bonnie Wright actually looks like herself, *pleasantly surprised*!Avatar Image says: thank you masterofmystery.....the new poster was very cool.....and the video of the great hall,snape,umbridge and mcgonagall was fantastic..Avatar Image says: why do they always have Snape saying "Prove IT!"? I'd hope he has more than that line, though I wouldn't be surprised...Avatar Image says: Another line that has been in every single one is "If Voldemort's building up an army, then I want to fight!" I mean, yes it is a really good line to summarize the plot, but it gets very old. It's so weird when you have seen something in the preview tons of times and then you finally see it in the movie.Avatar Image says: yeah, have u noticed harry says that " fight" thing two different ways. its different in the UK trailer than the US one..his tone is different...Avatar Image says: Yeah, I really hate the way they have that line in all the US trailer and tv spots. It doesn't sound half as passionate as the other way. The difference is the pause between "army" and "then". I really hope they go for the version in the International trailers.Avatar Image says: I agree it sounds weird when you go to see the movie and hear lines you've heard a thousand times before. It kinda takes you away from the movie a bit. Avatar Image says: There is another commercial! I saw it last night. It starts with Lupin talking to Harry with Kingsley in the background. Other then that, its basically the same stuff we've been seeing.Avatar Image says: hey! just thought i'd let you know another new commercial aired while i was watching heroes! the new stuff i saw that i remember was a zoomed out look of voldy making a swirling ball of water at the ministry(pretty cool), of ginny laughing at something shes levitating in the DA, and harry yelling stupify blasting whoever it hit away(looked awsome!),anyway, i hope somebody recorded it!

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