Bill Nighy Talks a Possible Harry Potter Role


May 24, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Actor Bill Nighy (Love Actually) has been promoting his new film “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” where he gave a new interview to the Washington Post and he spoke about wanting a possible role in a future Harry Potter film. The actor talked about his friend “Order of the Phoenix” director David Yates, and mention was made of the fact that he had appeared in two of Mr. Yates earlier films. Bill Nighy went on to express an interest in appearing in the Harry Potter series, especially now that David Yates is directing a second Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Quotage:

“The actor says that when his friend David Yates, who had cast Nighy in the TV movies “The Girl in the Cafe” and “The Young Visiters” and the British series “State of Play,” was named director of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (due out this summer), his heart leapt. “I joked with him that maybe now I wouldn’t be the only actor in England who hadn’t been in ‘Harry Potter.’ ” And yet, he says, with a tone of mock heartbreak, “nobody called.”

It may not be too late. “And now, apparently, he’s doing the next one as well,” Nighy says. “Somebody’s got to talk to him.”

Please note: we should caution the article continues on to speculate on a possible casting theory that has been popular among fans, but again this is only speculation by the reporter, not Mr.Nighy as the article reads:

“Mr. Yates, are you listening? If you’ve started working on “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” and you still haven’t nailed down the casting of Fenrir Greyback, the werewolf, I’ve got just the man for the job. He doesn’t need the work, but we could all use another one of his nutty experiences.”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is scheduled to begin filming later this summer with a release of November, 2008.

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Avatar Image says: Yay!!! First comment! (twice in one day!)Avatar Image says: i hope not... i dont like him all that much. talented but an over actor.Avatar Image says: "i hope not... i dont like him all that much. talented but an over actor." Are you kidding? Most of his roles are -incredibly- subdued. Avatar Image says: I think Bill Nighy would make a FANTASTIC Rufus Scrimgoar.Avatar Image says: I think he'd be a much better Scrimgour than Greyback. Nighy's great in Shaun of the Dead!Avatar Image says: I've always enjoyed this actor's work, so I wouldn't mind having him in Harry Potter at all. But I don't know if he could play Fenrir. But Scrimgeour is a good idea. Avatar Image says: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I love Bill Nighly, but in HP? He doesn't have the right feel! And omg he'd absoloutley ruin Greyback for me, and I can't see him as ANY of the characters.Avatar Image says: Yes-Nighy for Scrimgeour! That would be a dream come true. He's exactly the actor I envision for the role. I don't really see him as Fenrir.Avatar Image says: The first character that i thought bill nighy could play was scrimgour, and he's already played a vampire before (underworld), and he was really scary! While we are on the subject of casting i know the perfect actor to play slughorn: actor Jim Broadbent. To see a pic go here: Image says: Only thing I've seen him in is Pirates and I find the character he plays silly but the graphics cool. His voice sounds like a Scottish Greyback (who I always imagined having a growly, gritty English accent) I guess. But meh. I dunno. I haven't seen anything he's done besides Pirates. But, I think they need someone fantastic to do the job of filling in new characters, especially the darker ones. I'm nervous about Tom Felton returning because I have not seen him ever play someone so serious and dark like Draco in HBP (he'll actually need to act in that one), but I'll rest my faith on the fact that's he's a good kid. Ughh, my eyes want to shut right now- my brain is slowing down. It's been a long day. *sigh* Avatar Image says: I don't see Nighy either as Fenrir, but my heart's choice for Scrimgeour is none other than Patrick Stewart -- who could get more leonine than he can?Avatar Image says: WB is being very quiet with Half-Blood Prince news. They haven't even officially announced that Yates is the director. I guess that they are waiting until most all the casting is done, and then they'll release their standard press release that includes the summary of the movie. Avatar Image says: I love Bill Nighy--he was the only thing that saved HITCHIKER'S GUIDE from the bottom of the bin! Personally I would like to see him as Scrimgeour--but no matter what role, he'd be a great asset to this wonderful film series! Avatar Image says: Not Greyback; Scrimgeour! He'd be perfection! In fact, that's who I thought of even before reading the reporter's suggestion. I love him. He's a fabulous actor.Avatar Image says: I think Bill Nighy would make a better Scrimgeour than a Greyback, but he did evil reasonably well in Underworld, so it might still work. Slughorn is the other big HBP character, but he is probably the wrong shape for that role.Avatar Image says: Liam Neeson would be a good Scrimgeour, not Bill Nighy. Bill would be great in the movies though (I support him for Fenrir, I guess). Davy's my favorite character in Pirates of the Caribbean.Avatar Image says: I was gonna say he could be really good as Greyback, especially if the scar up his face a lot ... but you guys are right!! He's the PERFECT Scrimgeour!!! AHHH!! yay! they better cast him!! haha.Avatar Image says: As much I agree with the reported that they should cast Greyback, I think, like many of you, that he would make an EXCELLENT Scrimgeour! Who ever came up with the idea should get a golden star! XD I loved him in Underworld and Shawn of the Dead, he's a great actor. :D *Going to see Pirates today!* XDAvatar Image says: In my opinion, Greyback should be cut from the series all together, but what do I know... I can't say I'd miss Scrimgeour should in the HBP movie either.Avatar Image says: Since the moment I've read about Scrimgeour i thought BillNighy would be perfect. he is a very good actor that is good in manydifferent things from Davy Jones to The government men in The Constant Gardener to the the Rock singer in Love Actually to Hitchikker's Guide to Galaxy. I loved him in all of them.Avatar Image says: I cant remember who the heck he is. I wish someone posted a picture of him. Oh well.Avatar Image says: He was in the Underworld movies... and uttered the immortal words... "What is dis ruckus?!" :DAvatar Image says: i agree with the patrick stewart suggestion by "judy" and i think i actually could see bill nighy as greyback. yup. i think that is a better idea. he does do evil very well.Avatar Image says: hmmm I dunno, he looks too old for Greyback to me, I think he'd do better at Scrimgeour.Avatar Image says: There's one actor who would be perfect as Slughorn, but he's already busy playing Uncle Vernon.Avatar Image says: I've seen Bill Nighy in "Love Actually", "The Girl in the Cafe", "Notes on a Scandal", and in "The Vertical Hour" on broadway. He's a wonderful actor. I don't care what role Yates gives him...PLEASE JUST FIND A PLACE FOR THIS MAN!Avatar Image says: Pirates 3 is gonna be the BEST movie in the history of movies, AFTER Harry Potter that is.Avatar Image says: :O YES PLEASE. I♥U BILL. THIS MUCH. He is so adorable, especially when he does his little salute with two fingers. Anyway. Scrimgeour, definitely.Avatar Image says: I've always wondered why ol' Billy hasn't joined the Potter Cast. He's absolutely brilliant. I can't think of a role for him though. Unlike many of you, I can't see him as Scrimmy. But I guess, any role he plays would be great no matter what. Hopefully they cast him. Avatar Image says: I love Bill Nighy--and I'd love to see him in HP. The first thing I thought of was Scrimgeour, not Greyback. He's very versatile as an actor--I'm sure he'd be great in any role. *fingers crossed* Love all the movies already mentioned and he also was in Blow Dry with Alan Rickman--if you haven't seen it, it's great with the two of them at odds with one another throughout.Avatar Image says: I love Bill Nighy, he's one of my fave actors. And he's so gifted, they could give him any role and he'd be great in it, I have no doubts. I personally always pictured Brian Cox as Slughorn. Someone made a suggestion of Jim Broadbent. Nothing against Mark Williams, but I always pictured Broadbent as the perfect Arthur Weasley. As for Nighy, Fenrir or Scrimgeour wouldn't really matter, he'd be great in either one.Avatar Image says: I have been a fan of Bill Nighly for a long time. He could play any role and be great. I would love to see him in any roll in the Harry Potter films. He was also in "Hot Fuzz" which was another great film. Put him in WB, you will get a great performance in return.Avatar Image says: Nighy would be a solid Scrimgeour, but the name that popped into my head while reading the interview was MARVOLO.Avatar Image says: I was thinking that it was time for Stephen Fry to finally debut in the films (and not just do a masterful job reading the books). Frankly, I've wondered if Jo wrote the Slughorn character with Stephen in mind. Bill Nighy is a wonderful actor - he's excellent at humor (he was terrific in Love, Actually - wasn't he Oscar nominated for that role?). Actually, I think he'd be really fun as the Prime Minister. ;) ZRAvatar Image says: I'm with KB Prez, anything, anything...just give him something, he'd own whatever role it was. -BAvatar Image says: LMAO!! I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toooess! CHRISTMAS is all around us, and everybody knows!!Avatar Image says: I've always belived there are WB representatives (or someone there at least) who read these comments to get a pulse on the fan reaction/opinions regarding the films. If you really exist and are not part of my imagination, I'd also support the idea of seeing Bill Nighy in the films.Avatar Image says: I hope they do ask him to work in HBP he is wonderful and would be excellent in the film. Actually the part they made note of would be perfect for him.Avatar Image says: Bill Nighy for Scrimgeour! As soon as I read the character description, I pictured Bill. Also, I *looooooove* the idea of Stephen Fry as Slughorn. Either him or Jim Broadbent.Avatar Image says: Ghnocci....Not only is that my favorite dish to make and eat but I agree whole heartily, Richard Griffiths is perfect for both roles! Mabey they could do a trick with prostetics and make-up, do the movie voodoo that they do.=) Avatar Image says: This is great! I have always thought Billy Nighy would be good in a Potter movie too! It really doesn't matter what he plays, he'll be wonderful. He's one of the actors you like to watch no matter what he does.Avatar Image says: SCRIMGEOUR all the way! I can't see him as Slughorn (Brian Blessed?). As for Fenrir Greyback, Robert Carlyle or Sean Bean would be perfect for that role, although who knows if they'd want to do it. Greyback is such a small role.Avatar Image says: I don't think he'd work as Scrimgoar since he's not got the general gruff manner. Whilst Greyback would be the perfect role.Avatar Image says: Ahh Yes!! Bill Nighy would complete Potter! :-D I love him so much...Shaun of the dead; brilliant, Pirates; double brilliant. (My sister is seeing the midnight showing of Pirates tonight by the way, soooo jealous). Eeeeek I hope this is true! David, my people will call your people who will then call Bill's people.Avatar Image says: Actually, what I would love to see would be for the "Other Minister" chapter to be included in the film, with Tony Blair as the Muggle Prime Minister. After all, he'll be out of a job by then, he has the looks, the gestures, the voice...and the sense of humor! Now, that would be something to see!Avatar Image says: I've been wanting Bill Nighy in a Potter film for AGES! I'm also shocked that he has yet to play a role. As for Dame Judy Dench I always pictured her as Neville's grandmother :DAvatar Image says: YUS! He's make a excellent Scrimgour!Avatar Image says: Bill Nighy is awesome - loved him as Davey Jones, and he was a great "Victor" in the Underworld movies. I think he'd be a good Scrimgeour, but my money would be on Marvolo Gaunt.Avatar Image says: Mmmmmmm, yummy thread! English icons who should appear in Harry Potter include Peter O'Toole (I had REALLY hoped they'd ask him to follow Richard Harris), Michael Caine, and Patrick Stewart. I enjoy Bill Nighy very much but I've seen mostly his comedic work.Avatar Image says: I love Bill Nighy, and I'd love to see him in one of the Potter-films... But perhaps not as Greyback - because I really see someone more burly and macho and...well, PRIMAL doing that role. Maybe Scrimgeour? It could be cool. Nighy rocks!Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG! I would love to see Bill Nighy on HP Movie! OMG! I love him. He's a magnificent actor and... OMG!!! I hope he gets a role on HBP! *crosses fingers*Avatar Image says: I've always thought they should cast him for Scrimgeour!Avatar Image says: So many great new roles appear in HBP that there is a good chance! I think he's awesome and don't see why he couldn't be in an HP movie. After all he meets the requirement of being british :) and I think he's a very good actor as well so here's to hoping! fingers crossed!Avatar Image says: So its "official" official that Yates is directing 6?Avatar Image says: Yes! BN absolutely needs to be in a HP film! He'd be a perfect Scrimgeour and would be great as Greyback too!!Avatar Image says: Okay, I know this is -completely- and -utterly- stupid, but did anyone else think of Bill Nye the Science Guy when they saw this? Of course I knew after a couple of seconds that it obviously wasn't him, but when I first glanced at it.... Yes, feel free to ignore me. I know I'm crazy. :) Avatar Image says: i think he would be great as scrimgeour. i have sort of had him in mind as perfect for that for ages. i think tom baker is the absoloute perfect slughorn. and i want eddie izzard as greyback, mackenzie crook as morfin and the girl who played the daughter in 'vera drake' as perfect for merope.Avatar Image says: I don't want anyone who has already been in a blockbuster like Lord of the Rings or Pirates or Narnia touching these movies. There are so many brilliant British actors that I think the WB should "spread the wealth" so to speak. I would love to see Bob Hoskins (Roger Rabbit) as Slughorn and for the brit muggle prime minister, why not go for the guy that's been playing him on theatre and bigscreen, Michael Sheen? For greyback, Daniel Day Lewis would be great, but I doubt he would take such a small role. Also he's a method actor, so he'd probably try and take a bite out of our Dan lol.Avatar Image says: Actually, the second I saw the headline, one character name popped into my head. Of course, it would (just guessing, here) mean waiting until the last movie, but... Aberforth.Avatar Image says: bill nighy the science guyy?Avatar Image says: Bill Nighy was hilarious in "Love Actually"! It would be cool to see him in a Harry Potter film. Avatar Image says: Let's recap: ".. that Rufus Scrimegeour looked like an old lion. They were streaks of grey in his mane of tawny hair and his bushy eyebrows; he had keen yellowish eyes behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and a certain rangy, loping grace even though he walked with a slight limp. There was an immediate impression of shrewdness and toughness;..." - HBP I think that by this description Bill Nighy fits the bill(!) quite nicely. In my humble opinion any of the others suggested here could not fit the description of Scrimgeour as well as he can. Brian Cox comes close but I never pictured Scrimgeour with a Scottish accent. And as for Slughorn.. "".. an enormously fat, bald old man...his shiny pate, his prominent eyes, his enormous, silver walrus-like moustache,... The top of his head barely reached Dumbledore's chin." I never thought of Brian Blessed as Slughorn - I've always pictured him as quite tall and powerful, but I think he is the best one suggested so far. Tom Baker is way too tall and, well I haven't seen him recently in any roles so I'm wondering if he would go for it. Anyways, Bill Nighy for Rufus Scrimgeour! Avatar Image says: [quote=annie]So its "official" official that Yates is directing 6?[/quote] Yes - Yates confirmed that and it was reported by MTV a while back: [url][/url]Avatar Image says: i love bill nighy. give him a role in HP!Avatar Image says: I've got an idea for Slughorn, but I don't suppose it will happen, though I think it would be absolutely perfect. Martin Clunes, aged up as he was in 'Goodbye Mr Chips'. He would be absolutely perfect. It would also make the pensieve scenes much easier too because they'd just have to take the aging prosthetics and makeup off! Also Clunes was marvellous in that role as an elderly school master re-telling his life story. If you haven't seen it, watch the DVD and see what you think, otherwise if you're just imagining him in Men Behaving Badly you'll think I'm bonkers!!Avatar Image says: I personally DO want to see the best actors playing in the HGP series (sorry radcakesfan, but i really disagree that good actors are "tainted" by their previous roles - Mark Hamill was an exception, not a rule - look at Harrison Ford to compare) get the cream of the crop i say, and particularyly ones who can capture the "essence" of the character, even if they don't fit the description 100% - look at Dan with his blue eyes *grimaces and prepares for "hailstorm of owls" on subject of Dan's eyecolour*Avatar Image says: I really, really hope Bill Nighy gets a part in HBP. I can easily see him playing one of three characters: Scrimgeour, Greyback, or Marvolo. He would be excellent as any of them. I think he would maybe bring a little comedy to the role of Scrimgeour (probably the way WB will go with that character-comedic in a pitiful way). I can see him be scary and twisted with the role of Greyback because of how well he played Victor in Underworld. I can also see him be snakelike (the way I imagine him moving) with Marvolo. Helena Bonham Carter is the woman I imagined for Bellatrix and that worked out well. I hope Nighy does too (and it looks like it will). So, I'll say it now: Joss Whedon to direct Deathly Hallows!Avatar Image says: Bill Nighy for Scrimgeour Michael Sheen for Greyback Bob Hoskins for Slughorn Avatar Image says: I can certainly see Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour. For Slughorn, I'd like to see either Geoffrey Palmer or Simon Callow - although somebody earlier on mentioned Derek Jacobi who'd be brilliant as anybody - I'll never forget him in "I Claudius".Avatar Image says: I think Bill Nighy would be great in a Harry Potter film. I liked his performance in "Shaun of the Dead" and he was the best thing in "Love Actually". The part in the film where he was on that live music show and he wrote over that poster of Blue (British pop band) and then spoke to the camera was so funny. Plus, he has also been a part of a blockbuster franchise already (Pirates of the Carribean). Avatar Image says: Hoping that this character will blossom in book seven, I'd love to see Bill Nighy as Aberforth Dumbledore...I think he's got just enough mystery about him to pull it off!!Avatar Image says: *had wanted Nighy as Mundungus Fletcher for OotP* But I vote a typically Nighy cracked out performance as Marvolo Gaunt, so that Liam Neeson can be Rufus Scrimgeour and I can struggle with my soul yet again as a detestable character is played a madly charismatic actor... Avatar Image says: God, let Bill Nighy have Dumbledore's role! Boot that scoundrel Gambon out and get someone in who can be *bothered* to give a performance which matches the character in the book rather than some egocentric, hystrionic travesty borne out of that ghastly man's arrogant belief that they hired Micheal Gambon to play Michael Gambon, not a much-loved children's character which any self-respecting child could recognise with ease. Get rid of Gambon, or the lightning-struck tower will not cause a teary eye in the movie theatre, but more likely a rousing cheer. Nighy's eyes can twinkle, and he speaks with a charm and poise and melancholy, but most of all, humour. These are the qualities needed for AD. Nighy for Dumbledore! Let's start the campaign now! Avatar Image says: Whatever Bill Nighy is offered will be brilliantly done, I couldn't be happier except that I'm bound to want more of him than there will be script play. Someone mentioned Marvolo but a more suitable actor I would suggest would be Andy Serkis (Gollum in LOTR).Avatar Image says: Nighy for Dumbledore! Helen's post just felt so my own! Gambon out. Nighy in. As simple as that.Avatar Image says: Jeremy Irons for Greyback! But Bill Nighy is awesome and should totally be in HBP. Rufus Scrimgeour all the way!Avatar Image says: Kate Beckinsale for Merope Gaunt!!! I think Bill Nighy would be a good Fenrir Greyback, he played Victor (a vampire) in Underworld, so why not a werewolf in HBP? It can't be worse than him being Davey Jones in Pirates... From what I read on wikipedia there are several choices for Narcissa Malfoy, I vote for Naomi Watts. And jeeze... When will they get a voice actor for KREACHER???Avatar Image says: Who will play little Tom Riddle, d'you think? that kid would have to be scary. I have limitless faith in Tom Felton for some reason. He'll be able to pull it off, come on. i mean just cuz he's had a minor role up until now, doesn't mean he's not capable of handling it. Recasting would be terrible. TERRIBLE. I'm sure he'll be able to pull off that whole angsty, up until midnight every day kinda look. Stupid cupboard! *kicks cupoard* Stupid minions! *disguises minions as girls* your ugly selves will draw too much attention. *cries* stupid *Pot- er. uh oh.* *get's sectumsemprified* not too challenging. -_- Seriously WB would be out of their minds to replace Tom; to whoever suggested he should be... XP to you. Avatar Image says: Kate Beckinsale is too attractive looking for Merope Gaunt. Does Kate Beckinsale look like the sort of woman who has to use a magic potion to get a man? PS Down with Michael Gambon, sorry I could not resist it. When Rickman blasts him off the top of the tower it will be a mercy killing. Avatar Image says: That blows my theory out of the water... I thought perhaps Nighy had done the voice for Kreacher but they wouldn't confirm it until the publicity for Pirates was over and decided whether he'd also get another role in HBP. Never mind. Anyway, Nighy for Scrimgeour and David Suchet (someone else who has worked with Yates before) for Slughorn. Please! Pretty Please? Avatar Image says: Bill Nighy is in talks for scrimgeor and Claire King has apparently signed for NarcissaAvatar Image says: Yes, yes yes! Let us all encourage Mr Yates to cast Bill Nighy as Fenrir! He's exactly who I thought of for Greyback when I first read HBP!Avatar Image says: While Nighy is a wonderful actor, there's almost too much vulnerability in his most treacherous of villians (Davy Jones, for example) for me to see a bloodthirsty, slavering werewolf in his makeup. At the same time, I don't have any countersuggestions for the role. Nighy as the Muggle Prime Minister, however, would be hysterical -- by the time Tony Blair is out of office when HBP premieres, you'll need an actor who is NOT like Michael Sheen to give that part some resonance. But when I read JKR's description of Gaunt, Bob Hoskins instantly came to mind. Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart are two great prospects for Scrimgeour as "aging, limping lions". Brian Cox would be a nice Slughorn physically, but is not essentially effete enough -- his emotional nature feels more like Brendan Gleeson as Moody. Broadbent or Stephen Frye would be perfect!Avatar Image says: I heard Brian Cox lost so much weight, it cost him his voice job on the Narnia movie. If he kept the weight off, I don't think he'd be good for slughorn. He could maybe do the Minister, though. Emma, I agree about getting the best actors. My point is that there are loads of OTHER excellent actors, like Derek Jacobi who haven't been in one of these famous trilogies, like Xmen or LotR who I'd like to see do HP. I like that there are some brit actors who haven't been in HP,but say they want to be in it, especially if they've already been in something big. Heh heh, it's more of a childish "nyah nyah" thing, sorry! As for the green eyes/blue eyes thing, I think the essence was that Harry had rather beautiful and unusual eyes, and that Dan has. I doubt the filmmakers thought people would be able to pick out his specific eye colour except in extreme closeups. As for matching character appearances, well, rupert doesn't have that long pointy nose or tons of freckles and certainly was never as tall as the twins, now was he?Avatar Image says: But Seriously, if we can't change DD casting, dont u think that next best think for Bill Nighy would Aberforth DD?? I'm sensing he'll play an important role in book 7..surely that's a good compromise for everyone!!Avatar Image says: I have thought that Natasha Richardson would be a great Narcissa. I think Bellatrix was completely miscast. Helena Bonham Carter can ACT the part but she totally doesn't look the part. She is too "quirky" looking. She isn't exotic and traditionally beautiful enough. Natasha has that regal, willowy, haughty beauty that is the symbol of Narcissa. But who's going to listen to me anyway!!??Avatar Image says: Bill was in Flushed Away too -- as Whitey. :) "I kept my legs together, Spike..." Come to think of it, Andy Serkis would have made a great Kreacher... Avatar Image says: "Anthony Stewart Head should be the Prime Minister, he does it so well in the British comedy show Little Britain" That would be brilliant. And David Walliams could be his aid like in "Little Britain" and get insanely jealous about the Prime Minister meeting Fudge. LOL! (Only joking about that bit, but that could be a great idea for a "Little Britain" special).Avatar Image says: Hopefully Jo will introduce a new character in DH that will create a movie role for none other than.......Pierce Brosnan! he-he I would love to see Dame Judy in any role. I thought she would have made a great Umbridge.... I think it's amusing that Brit actors are dropping hints about wanting to be cast in future movies. The HP phenom is now even infecting the acting world! Avatar Image says: "that kid would have to be scary." Hmm, where do I send my 7-year old to audition? I'd have to dye his hair dark, of course ... at the moment he's more of a little Malfoy.Avatar Image says: "Tom Baker is way too tall and, well I haven't seen him recently in any roles so I'm wondering if he would go for it." he *is* rather tall, but i think his haughty manner and voice would be just perfect. he has done a bit of acting lately (he was on one of the new episodes of miss marple). and i must add, i think joely richardson would be perfect for narcissa.Avatar Image says: I think Bill Nighy would be an excellent Fenrir Greyback! I didn't see him when I read the book, but then I never see anyone famous as the characters when I read. I still see my original vision. But I digress. The vulnerability portrayed in Davey Jones is explained in the third Pirates. (Saw it last night and it totally rocked. PS: Stay until the end of the credits.) Nighy is very good at picking up on those little nuances and putting them into visual translation. He was very good as Victor in Underworld as a ruthless villian. I think he would bring something very....edgy to the part. But, guess we'll just have to wait and see who they cast!Avatar Image says: Oh no please, I wouldn't want Joely Richardson anywhere near these films, I think she's a terrible actress! Having said that I think she looks more like Narcissa than Claire King does. I think Lisa Maxwell would be a good Narcissa. She's been in loads of things, but is best known at the moment for playing Sam Nixon in The Bill.Avatar Image says: Sorry, but I am sticking with Tony Blair as the Muggle Prime Minister, that just appeals to my sense of the universe and its underlying absurdity... and it would give a touch of "realism", of the breakdown between the wizarding and Muggle worlds, that is found in HBP. Has anyone mentioned Sean Connery, if he could be convinced to come out of retirement? Sheez, even if he has an invented role and just stands there, he'll steal the scene! Let's see...we still need Morfin, Mrs. Cole, and the assorted Death Eaters who invade Hogwarts.... Avatar Image says: He would be awesome as Fenrir!Avatar Image says: Oh help. If Nighy plays Greyback, people will actually start liking Greyback. I was also thinking before that he could probably make a suitably wacky Dumbledore. Perhaps he could play... Ron? Heh. That could be so funny... (not serious)Avatar Image says: Isint Alan Rickman in HHGTTG? He made me watch that movie to begin with. So i dont think it was only this guy that saved that movie.Avatar Image says: SCRIMGEOUR! Bill Nighy was born to play Scrimgeour! "[He] looked rather like an old lion. There were streaks of grey in his mane of tawny hair and his bushy eyebrows; he had keen yellowish eyes behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and a certain rangy, loping grace even though he walked with a slight limp" (HPL)Avatar Image says: exactly ladylucius, exactly what I thought as well.Avatar Image says: I always pictured Liam Neeson as Scrimgour and Albert Finney as Slughorn. I also think Bill would make a great Greyback, he's got the face for it and he can play evil!!!Avatar Image says: Right you are, Judy, about, they'd need to put a lot of padding on Dench tho! See, Dawn French should have waited! Actually, I think the film version of HPB will probably start with Harry waiting for Dumbledore, and panning Harry's room will highlight various Daily Prophet headlines ("Fudge replaced", "Vance Murdered", "Bones Murder", etc) to give us the important story info. That will chuck out the Other Minister altogether...tho it really might be nice to at least have Spinner's End because of the insights into Snape, and the complexity that scene will add to the overall story and Snape's complicated role. Sometimes, I wonder why the HP films haven't imitated the Lord of the Rings approach: a shorter version for theaters, and the expanded version for dvd release.Avatar Image says: for reals??? nighly would be a cool fenir.... me heart pirates of the caribbean. heart heart heart HEART!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I LOVE Bill Nighy! Who else besides me has seen "Still Crazy"? That was the first time I saw him and he was absolutely perfect as Ray. I think he'd be good as Scrimgeour or Fenrir Greyback. As long as he gets a part, I don't care! He's one of my favorite actors. Avatar Image says: Bill Nighy as Fenrir. Great idea. I want Brian Cox as Scrimgeour. I was hoping for someone like Jim Broadbent for Slughorn but Albert Finney is an excellent idea. Joely Richardson as Narcissa Malfoy. I got some other ideas. Gabriel Byrne as Marvolo, Rhys Ifans as Morfin, and Emily Mortimer as Merope. Hezipah Smith... probably Anne Reid who was in "The Mother" and more recently, "Hot Fuzz". Avatar Image says: Oh, we cannot forget Helen Mirren. Of all English actresses, not already involved, she is the most essential to include! Now I love Sean Connery as much as the next female, but let's face it -- he's window dressing. If he didn't have those piercing eyes and that lilting accent, he'd never have made it as an actor. He always plays Sean Connery. VERY watchable, very enjoyable -- but out of the league of the other notables involved in HP. Bob Hoskins would make a decent Mundungus. I'm still holding out for Michael Caine. I don't know what he'd do, but he's such a chameleonic actor, I'm sure he would serve any role well. PETER O'TOOLE AS ANYBODY!

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