New Interview and Images of Dan Radcliffe from Japanese Magazine


May 26, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The July issue of Japanese magazine Myojo features a few new pictures and an interview with Harry Potter actor Dan Radcliffe, who spoke more about his performance in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. has scans from the magazine as well as a translation of part of the interview. In this bit from the article, Dan speaks of working with OotP director David Yates and the relationship between his character and that of Sirius Black (Gary Oldman) in the fifth film:

I discussed the plan for acting with David Yates. The main objective was to get the movement of Harry’s feelings by reading the book. It was very challenging work though; I had made my own character finally. It was the first time that I deeply related to the scenario. Before the scenario writer began to write, we discussed whom who relations were most important. David agreed with my opinion that the concentration of energy on the relationship between Harry and Sirius in particular is important. Because Sirius is a very important existence for Harry this time and it connects with the last important scene by firmly drawing it.

You can see scans of the two page spread here and here via and now in our very own Image Galleries. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released in theaters on July 13.

Thanks to those who mailed for the heads up!

19 Responses to New Interview and Images of Dan Radcliffe from Japanese Magazine

Avatar Image says: Boy, Dan usually looks great and at ease in photos, but in this mag he looks slightly hit over the head with a pan. =/Avatar Image says: I have to say that Dan Radcliffe's command of the English language is far greater than would appear from the translated article! That final sentence is nonsensical.Avatar Image says: Oh wow, I have a subscription to Myojo, I can't wait for this! I'm so used to seeing Japanese boybands with glued on smiles plastered all over this magazine, he's definitely a change of pace. Under his autograph, "moe" is written. Did he write it himself? He did a good job, but does he even know what it means? XD!!Avatar Image says: He looks like such a geek in these photos. Definitely not the most flattering shots of him.Avatar Image says: Ah, Dan looks so thin in these pics. Now I can believe that rumor that the filmmakers didn't want the boys looking buff for the HP films. This pic was before Equus and Dan is looking superfine these days. But Dan's input about Sirius is great. See... the actors do give their opinions on things and if that works with the director and scriptwriter, the motion is passed. Of course, Dan's getting older now as well as having more star power, so that's probably why they listen to him.Avatar Image says: He looks so cute and young in these pictures I cannot believe how a few months can make a difference specially because now Dan looks more like a man than a boy like in those pictures. Still he has this innocence in his eyes that are just too cute!!Avatar Image says: Setsu, he asks about the meaning of the characters, so I bet it's been written a lot on his fan mail from Japan or something, because otherwise how would he have noticed that particular set of characters over everything else? I's sure he did write it himself. Regarding the translation, remember it's been translated from his original statement to Japanese and then back to English, so yeah, it's not the greatest translation but better than nothing.Avatar Image says: He looks great! As usual. Such a sweetie. Love the autograph on there too. A keeper.I wonder when this was done though?Avatar Image says: "From the looks of the building outside, I'd say the pictures were taken in London" yes, that building's bugging me because I'm sure I've walked past it a dozen times! I think the photos are really nice.Avatar Image says: I don't really understand the comments deriding how Dan looks in these photos: I think he looks great! Realistically, 90% of all magazine articles we see him in are probably obsessively photographed with just the right lighting and just the right make-up and angle of the camera. I'd rather magazines portrayed actors as who they are and what they really look like. He's good looking with or without the excessive technical adjustments and photo tweaks. :) I think he looks really sweet here... and the photos have an honest feel to them, they don't look like the usual, overly-idolized, fashion mag glamour shots. This is more down to earth.Avatar Image says: The pics look natural. LIke candid shots and the mag decided to put it on the cover. But still, I have a suspicion that this is all orchestrated. OotP is going to be shown soon and after the abundance of the mature Dan pics in Equus, they are now flooding the media with pics of Dan looking about 14 years old! It's a nice balance to counter the effect of the Equus pics. Although I don't think Dan will thank them for these.He worked so hard to be considered a mature, serious actor and they are now demolishing that image to suit the HP audience. Ah, all for money... And yes, I agree. An actor can make suggestions to give his character more depth. I don't think Rupert and Emma have that kind of clout yet but Dan certainly do.especially now that he has proven his worth as an actor.Avatar Image says: I agree will Melly that it is amazing what a few months can do to change his appearance. He no longer has any innocence due to his recent endeavors. His eyes have changed. I really am sad that he has chosen to do Equus at the level that they are producing it. He is so young. I do not think of him with the same respect I had before. I just see him as kind of dirty now.Avatar Image says: I'm just glad you're in the minority kimberly. For many fans, and critics and other actors, Dan is now a serious actor worthy of respect and a few legitimate awards. If Equus is the sacrifice Dan had to do to make for that tremendous leap from kid to mature actor, so be it.

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