Confirmed: Change to US “Order of the Phoenix” Release Date, Now July 11


May 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Update: Now confirmed to TLC by Warner Brothers:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will open in the US on July 11, 2007
No reason was given to us for the change, however as Coming Soon first reported, “this will give the movie a potential big five-day opening, from Wednesday through Sunday.” Readers will remember that in the UK, the OotP release date was moved one day earlier to July 12.
Thanks to everyone who has mailed!

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Avatar Image says: "WE'RE #1 WE'RE #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA AT YA GURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥⠙?♥♥♥♥♥ " That's just childish.Avatar Image says: Yay! Wait, what?? ahhh.. countdown changes :S!!! ahhhhAvatar Image says: "Ha, ha, Americans always have to be first, or else they will throw all their toys out the pram and hold their collective breath..." And this isn't childish? Like any regular American has the power to get WB to change the date. Avatar Image says: Please, oh, please be true!!Avatar Image says: AWESOME!! 2 days less to wait!Avatar Image says: OH my god! Please oh Please be true. Please oh please. I hope this is true very, very, much! PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASEAvatar Image says: It's true I would not worry about that : D. Gotta change the days I asked for work off now lol.Avatar Image says: That would be fantastic - happy birthday to me!Avatar Image says: Hmm, maybe to give a little bit more time between that and the book.Avatar Image says: YAY! I am happy!Avatar Image says: THIS IS LAURA MALLORY'S DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: that's all great, we have a release for July 12 in UK, and a release for July 11 in America. ---But what about Canada!?! Avatar Image says: Wow, they're cutting this a bit close! Gabrielle Avatar Image says: 48 hours chopped off from the wait. Awesome.Avatar Image says: You know, I don't I'm going to see this movie. I have been planing for a year two parties for JULY 13 and WB changes the date to make some money. Well what about the money I just lost in all the tickets, posters and everything else that was planed for JULY 13 ? Thank you WB, thank you for making life better. Avatar Image says: Strange. Why would they do that? Oh well, less of a wait. :DAvatar Image says: I can't wait for the movie or the book...but to bring it out on a Wednesday night seems a little strange....most people will not be able to get there during the middle of the week, too much going on with work, etc. But, I want to see this bad enough that I just might sneak out of work at lunch that day and take the rest of the day off so that I can go to a matinee!Avatar Image says: Time to change all the countdowns! hahaha. Just kidding. Please, Leaky, don't have a heart attack over it! :)Avatar Image says: Does this apply to Canada as well? I know we usually get lumped in and when people say "America" they are referring to us as well, but I don't want to make any assumptions. Before I get my hopes up too much, any chance of confirming this for Canada, Leaky? Thanks! :)Avatar Image says: Hmmm... I will be attending Enlightening 2007 and this kind of ruins premiere night. Everyone will have seen the movie already. The anticipation will be absent. I guess it's cool that we have two days less to wait for the movie but still, I didn't expect them to change it like this.Avatar Image says: This sort of seams like a competition. Maybe the US and Europe are fighting for an earlier release. MAYBE the dates will keep going down!!!! That would be awesome !!!! Fat chance that will happen though. Just nice to think in positive ways like that. I don't really mind what day it comes, I just don't want it to be pushed back at all. THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE!!! It's bad enough waiting for the seventh Harry Potter book!!!Avatar Image says: This is good news and bad news. The good news is that there is more time between the movie and book! The bad news is that the opening weekend will probobly be lower than any previous HP movie....Avatar Image says: Really? ok im happy but confused! lol i really like that july 13 date! lol oh welll its one day earlier than in the u.k!! woooo hoooo!!! Avatar Image says: Yeah, I don't understand this at all. This will definitely reduce its opening weekend. I don't see the point. Avatar Image says: Oh yeah, oh yeah!!!!! I just scared my lil cousin cuz I screamed of joy! XDAvatar Image says: Either way is good. I really don't care which of the summer movies makes more. Saw Pirates today and loved it. But I know Harry will blow them all away. Midnight show I am there. ANd the next morning too! Will have to maybe take the day off though now. OH well. :)Avatar Image says: People who say this will decrease the opening weekend are wrong - the reason WB have done this is because adding two days to the release before the weekend will count as part of the weekend. In this way, they will be able to count all five days of the opening towards the initial box office figures - so if it does well, it does really well, and if it does bad, the impact is cushioned. The competition is really hotting up this summer, and no one wants to be the loser.Avatar Image says: Haha. As awesome as that is it totally dashes my midnight release plans, since my friend is flying in on the 11th round noon. Bah. Ah well. Avatar Image says: OMG THIS MAKES MY LIFEE!! i was gonna be out of town on july 13 and im not gonna be on july 11!!! YESSSS!!! I LOVE YOU WB!!! AAAHHH AYYYYYAA!!Avatar Image says: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait!!! I'll skip watever i got planned!Avatar Image says: Awesome!!!Avatar Image says: WHAT. This kind of ruins the game plan I had to prepare for this time period in July...Avatar Image says: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I won't be there!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm only coming back on July 13!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad!!! This will be the latest that I will have ever seen one of the movies!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!Avatar Image says: Any news for Canada?Avatar Image says: I know exactly why they did it: money. A longer opening weekend=more opening money numbers. No matter whether we care about that stuff or not (I don't), I have a feeling all the executives feel competitive about that kind of stuff. It also may have to do with the book release date, though I doubt that.Avatar Image says: PLEASE, Leaky, tell us if this applys to Canada! Sometimes they just say America and mean America and Canada, but I can't tell with this one. Please tell us the canadian date!Avatar Image says: YAY!!! But I won't believe it 100% until they change the date on harrypotter.comAvatar Image says: What about Canada??? Please don't say we get it later than the UK and the US!!Avatar Image says: Chase- That's the last place that will update, so in the meantime, beleive Leaky. They are always right. :)Avatar Image says: Bobby nailed it. Spider-Man 3 had the biggest weekend opening ever. To try to top it, Pirates 3 moved their release back a few hours (from midnight Friday to 8:00 p.m. Thursday). I absolutely knew this was coming, especially since Pirates did not beat Spidey's three-day domestic take but apparently slaughtered its international opening. If OoTP tops THAT, they get tons of free press and encouragement for everyone else to go see it who hasn't yet.Avatar Image says: I'm happy about the earlier date... but now that ruins my plans. That weekend (July 13-15) my company is planning a trip to Orlando, so we had that friday off. So, I was able to make it to the midnight premiere, going home late, and then not have to wake up early the following day. Now, I won't be able to go to midnight premiere, seeing that I'd have to wake up at 7 a.m the next day to go to work. Oh well, I guess I'll have to see it that friday...on the day it was supposed to be released. Atleast I'll be able to see it. Although, I'm not surprised that they're releasing it at an earlier date. Seeing that this summer, there will be tons of incredible movies releasing, including sequels and known blockbusters. The competition begun on May 4th, when Spidey came out and I bet WB wants to beat the competition. Good luck to them =)Avatar Image says: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! IT'S ON MY BIRTHDAY NOW :) HAPPY SWEET 16 TO ME!Avatar Image says: So...What? Are they going to change the trailers, posters, countdowns, etc? Are they going to move Half Blood Prince's release date as well? (11-21-08) Seems like a rahter big hassle to me, but whatever, all the more joyous to see it sooner!!!Avatar Image says: ooo pleeeeeeeeease let this be for Canada too!! That way i can see it before my mom drags me off to victoria. lol However, i think they might be making a mistake here. Pirates opened thursday evening and they appparently lost a bit of money in the weekend box office... Who knows?Avatar Image says: "People who say this will decrease the opening weekend are wrong - the reason WB have done this is because adding two days to the release before the weekend will count as part of the weekend." It doesn't count as part of the weekend. It's why Pirates of the Caribbean had such a disappointing opening weekend; Thursday night showings took a lot away from it. I'm also a little upset about this because I liked seeing HP on opening night with all the big fans, but unfortunately....on Wednesday, I can't. Avatar Image says: I don't like this either. I was planning on going to the midnight premiere and taking off work that Friday to catch up on sleep and probably see the movie again. But now I can't get off work on that Wednesday if I go the the midnight showing. Too darn busy at work to take off on Wednesdays! Avatar Image says: I'm SO not happy about this. For a year, I've planned to see Harry Potter with my friends, and I've already bought the plane tickets so I could go tot the midnight showing. This really stinks.Avatar Image says: There's going to be a lot of Harry Potter hype in July. I bet they are just trying to get a couple of extra days in before the book comes out. Once the book is out the hype (in the entertainment business) will definitely start to wane. I don't think it's a box office thing because they only count weekend sales as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For Pirates they didn't count the Thursday shows in the total weekend gross. Either way it doesn't matter to me, I'm going to be there at midnight.Avatar Image says: do you realize how many people want to see the movie when it just comes out? extending the "weekend" by two days will basically allow thinning down of masses, so there is no mass murder at the theatre doors. It's good. The hard core fans will have seen it by Friday night, and allow more space and a chance for regular movie goers to see the movie in the first opening weekend. It's good. Now, is there a chance that book release will be moved up? [hopeful, but not optimistic]Avatar Image says: I'm guessing the Canadian release will be the same as the US. Unless they make it the 10th in Canada....Avatar Image says: I'm actually kinda sad about this. I wanted to go see it on opening night, but now I can't, cuz I go to bed at 9:00 and get up at 4:00....I could go when I get off, but I don't have anyone to watch my son....oh well, I'll just have to wait till Friday night...I'm more excited about the book. anyway, enough rambling... :o)Avatar Image says: I don't think that it will hurt the box office in anyway. Lord of the Rings always opened on Wednesday and it always did pretty well.Avatar Image says: Now all the count down clocks will have to be reset.Avatar Image says: OK. So are you going to fix the desktop countdowns to reflect the new date?Avatar Image says: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! two days less!!!!!! i got a stitch in my side from jumping around so much!Avatar Image says: ok that has to be the best thing ive heard all day.Avatar Image says: I'm sorry your plans have been foiled like that, flik258. :( I hope you can work something out. Avatar Image says: Okay, so does this mean there will be a midnight release for this or not??? I would expect that wouldn't change, now it will be midnight on Wed rather than Friday. No matter when it is I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Why the date change? I am so confuse. :( Explain to me why? I want to know and we will understand. :DAvatar Image says: DOES THAT MEAN FOR CANADA ASWELL?Avatar Image says: Great news, maybe the WB will have 8 P.M. showings on Tuesday (I am going on vacation and will come back on the day of the new release date for OOTP) and I can see it at IMAX.Avatar Image says: This is all so bizarre. Loads of the publicity is gonna have to be altered. And my feeling of British smugness has evaporated.Avatar Image says: For those of you saying that this will increase their weekend numbers, look at Star Wars. The prequel trilogy would have had the highest opening weekends if Thursday counted, but they don't so all three never had the highest box office. The only reason I can think of is so that they can have more time before the book comes out since all the fans of the books won't go and see it the second weekend, which will probably cause a huge dropoff. Also, please no one say they hope the book is coming out earlier, because it's bad enough that those of us who have to work will have a hard time getting wednesday off, but to try and ask for time off two weeks in a row is alomost insane. Personally I am mad since this will greater decrease the amount of fans that will be there at midnight and I enjoy going opening night to spend time with my fellow Potter fans. I almost want to say screw you WB. Sorry, got a bit carried away.Avatar Image says: Not that it matters to me because i'm in Australia, so we have to wait longer for EVRYTHING. at least the international date line works in our favour...) I bet it is to avoid other movie releases as much as possible. showed about five other fils set for release on 13.07.07 and only one other for 11.07.07. Guess that's why Pete Jackson did the same with LOTR. if it were here in Australia i'd say it was to take advantage of late night shopping (we have extended trading on thursday nights in Aus), but i'm not sure if US and UK shopping is 24/7 yet.Avatar Image says: AAHH I just wanted to share my excitement with you all because this means that I will actually get to see it! I'm leaving for Europe on the 12th and wouldn't have gotten a chance to see it until I returned on the 29th!! Now I get to see it before I leave!! yay!!Avatar Image says: one question: will the ootp countdown widgets be fixed or are they already fixed?Avatar Image says: I just can't understand why they did this so late... they've promoted the july 13th release date all over the place... so much is going to have to be changed! including the trailer that's airing all across america! so odd...Avatar Image says: I'm happy and disappointed at the same time. July 13th is my birthday and I was looking forward to having Harry Potter as my present. Oh well... two days earlier isn't too bad. Avatar Image says: All this hype about "opening weekend grosses" and records etc. amounts to bragging rights for studio executives... is a few years old, but it certainly enlightens. I'd love to see OotP be the most popular movie of the summer... from the stills and trailers, I think OotP is going to be more successful than anticipated... the SPECTACLE of it all... and unlike SpiderMan3 which was basically a CGI 'cartoon' of New York (I liked it I admit), OotP is going to be SPECTACULAR and I think more than just us fans are going to see it more than once...OotP has the power to make fans of the indifferent... I mean, once you've seen it in the regular theatre, and are blown away, won't you go see it AGAIN in IMAX with 20 minutes of 3D footage?? I predict that even in the context of ~$200 million dollar productions, OotP will get "EE" for "exceeds expectations" from WB and the non-hardcore HP fan... us hardcore fans have pretty darn high expections, and even if they're just "met" it'll be AMAZING.Avatar Image says: Because of the seven years at Hogwarts everyone assumes that there will only be seven books. However in the sixth book Harry says that he will no longer be attending Hogwarts and will instead be focusing on killing Voldemort. The seven years at Hogwarts are no longer relevant to his situation. Could there be an eighth book?Avatar Image says: "However in the sixth book Harry says that he will no longer be attending Hogwarts and will instead be focusing on killing Voldemort." Just because Harry says he won't be back for his last year doesn't mean he won't return to Hogwarts at some point in DH. I mean, the books don't have "Year [insert number]" printed on the spines for nothing (for us in the U.S. at least).Avatar Image says: UGH!!!! ia m mad to tell u the truth, because it should be released everywhere on the same day and everyone watches the opening movies on friday....hopefully it will stay july 13 in canada cuz its my b-day and i was planning to see it and stuff, and if it changes here i waill be so mad!!!! i still think changing it is weird, becuz all HP films where on friday and should keep it that way!!!Avatar Image says: Does this include Canada?? Could someone email me and let me knoww? Because I live in Ontario, which is close enough to the states! lol Avatar Image says: Why would they do that? It makes no sense.Avatar Image says: ...and now all the countdowns and widgets need to be altered.. lol!Avatar Image says: Lovely, now I have to go in and change my request off day at work. Funnily enough I requested the 13th TODAY. Then I came home and realized that it changed on me! I can't really complain because it is 2 days earlier, but it just seems so random! I wonder if there are some superstitious people at WB who thought Friday the 13th would be bad luck or something. Totally random. Wow.Avatar Image says: I don't suppose they're suspitious and don't want to release on Friday 13th? :)Avatar Image says: Well, the earlier the better in my opinion! :-) I know I will be there Tuesday night, July 10th at midnight for the release of that awesome movie that will be OotP!Avatar Image says: Oh this pisses me off...I TOOK THE DAY OFF TO GO SEE IT!!!!!! LOLAvatar Image says: does this mean the same thing for Canada?Avatar Image says: But Australia was going to get it first (on July 12 due to time zones) but now we won't! :( oh least im on school holidays then when most schools aren't so me and my frind can go to imax on the day it comes out...Avatar Image says: STEPHANIE - DID U SAY IMAX??? - OMG!!! MEGA POTTERAvatar Image says: it should be as simple, australia/canada/usa/uk and other english speaking countries should get the film on the same day, let the dubbed translations comes after. I am in the united states, and am partly excited to see it two days early, but I still think it is unfair they keep changing the days. sure, the american audiance will count for a good chunk of the film stubs, but why cant they just pick a day and release the english version on it worldwide.Avatar Image says: YAY!!!YIPPEEEE!!!HOOOOOOORAYYYYY!!! So happy! I am sorry for all the people that this messes up their plans and days off work, but I am so happy it is two days sooner, I just CANNOT WAIT!!! Let's just make it JUNE 11th, how about that??? Pretty please??? : ) Seriously so happy and also because now I don't have to worry about the potential problem we would have had here with a performing group who was inviting everyone to the midnight release just to boo at Michael Gambon and that would have seriously ruined the movie for me and my girls. I just want to enjoy the movie! I want to go to every showing! Ican'twaitcan'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait!Avatar Image says: This is completely unfair. The Americans get all American films before us, and not they get OUR films first too? Lovely, that's really fair. I was happy that just for once, we got something first, but NO. xxxAvatar Image says: I'll agree with you, NotTheHBP. It'd be great to actually get a movie at the same time as everyone else!Avatar Image says: Trust the Americans to see a British movie before the UK, we where so close *sigh* Think it's a bit strange to movie it to Wednesday though, now loads of people wont be able to see it on the opening night. Guess it's for the money and the extra numbers.Avatar Image says: omg THATS NOT FAIR it should be released worldwide on the same date cuz now people in britain might be susceptable to spoilers.Avatar Image says: "I was happy that just for once, we got something first, but NO." I think we got PoA first, didn't we? I agree though; it's a bit odd.Avatar Image says: Spare a thought for those of us in Japan where the release date is July 21st! *g* Yes, the premiere will here but who gets to see the movie then?Avatar Image says: This will leave OTP with hardly any box office competition until the Simpsons Movie comes out a few weeks later. However, I wonder if the release of OTP so close to the release of Transformers will hurt.Avatar Image says: Boo....I knew we would get beaten! Oh well.Avatar Image says: Ohh great, another move to make sure they make record sales. Damn it there goes the friday the 13th enigma! and new zealand don't get it first now!! though... the theatres i have checked say that its coming out july 5... Avatar Image says: I was in the hospital when I read this, and my roommate immediately said, "She's going to kill Harry -- you just wait. They're adding more days so the movie can earn back the money they spent on it before the book comes out, becuase nobody will want to see the movie once they know for sure that Harry dies." Ruined my day, but my grandmother said that JKR had told people at a bookstore in Chicago when the first book was published, on her first book tour of the U.S., that Ron, Hermione, and Harry would survive all seven books. So I felt a little better -- even though I know that two characters who were supposed to live in the beginning, are now slated not to live. But I was glad to get home from the hospital and away from that roommate. He ruined my whole day! I hope the change in U.S. release dates is for some other reason!Avatar Image says: Hey, everybody, get a grip. I dont want to hear any complaining. Sure, I want it to all come out at the same time too but to think that just because you live in England means you should see it first isnt even logical. The movies are AMERICAN. Warner Brothers is an American company. Of course we see it first. What are you whining about anyway? You get the book several hours before us. Shouldnt that make up for it? We all know what happens in the movies but we dont know what happens in book seven. Think of the spoilers the Americans get from being in a different time zone.Avatar Image says: they changed it because July 11 is my birthday!Avatar Image says: South Africa's is also released on the 11th!!! WOOHOO!!!!Avatar Image says: As soon as I saw this story I new it would make people mad being British I am not that bothered really I will see the film what ever. "I don’t want to hear any complaining. Sure, I want it to all come out at the same time too but to think that just because you live in England means you should see it first isn’t even logical." First off I think most people (not all I know) are saying we should get at the same time its only fair not earlier or after. You would be saying something different if we got it before everyone else. "The movies are AMERICAN. Warner Brothers is an American company. Of course we see it first." You should not say that it will just piss people off. HP movies AMERICAN don't make me laugh.Avatar Image says: sorry, british peeps. i agree that the english version should be released on the same date world wide. Wouldn't it be neat if they could do it at the exact same time too. taking into account the time zones. just remember britons, you had america first too. sorry. that was snarky. but you do get the book first. cheer up.Avatar Image says: Yay for OotP on my 13h anniversary! :DAvatar Image says: YEAH now I can catch it on opening day! (Wasn't going to be able to prior to the change!!!)Avatar Image says: They should have kept it for July 13th. Now what are they going to do about the premiere? Are they going to change that as well? There are a lot of places that scheduled events around the premiere...some places even have some of the actors attending these events. I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous!Avatar Image says: well, as I'd already booked my tickets anyway it doesn't bother me either way. Avatar Image says: Errr I know there's a lotta hype about the movie but... sorry, I don't really see the point in putting it to Wednesday. Some people only have off of work on weekends. Great. Now I can't see it at midnight on opening night like I'd wanted to because I don't have a ride! Thanks WB. For trying to give yourself bragging rights. *rolls eyes*Avatar Image says: I actual find it funny when the UK people complain. Everyone is going to get the chance to see the movie if they want too. So what if it’s a day or two later then some other places. Sure it would be nice if the whole world got it on the same date but that is not how it is. Probably be different if a British film company made the movies, but nope Jo picked an American company. UK only complains when USA gets something before them. Any other country could get the movie prior to them and they wouldn’t care. Netherlands, Portugal , Germany and Australia are countries that were getting it on the 12 even before UK date was changed. Because of time difference I believe the folk down under will see it first even though it’s the same date(7/12). Heck Spain is and was set to get it on the 11th. Avatar Image says: OH THAT IS SO COOL!Avatar Image says: We (australia) are still getting it on the 12th...and cause of time difference thats only like a couple of hours after USA ^^...Liek 2 hours or something...Os *meh* :) Woot!! Kinda sucks though LOL i though we were cool cause we FINALLY gotr somethign before America hahah...oh well :)Avatar Image says: Here's how the box office should perform July 11 (Wed)- 49 Million July 12(Thu)- 27 M July 13 (Fri)- 34 M July 14 (Sat)- 32 M July 15 (Sun)- 24 M 3 day weekend- 90 M (12th biggest of all time) 5 day weekend- 166 M (4th biggest of all time)Avatar Image says: Nick K, I dont know how but you didnt understand my post. The Harry Potter movies are made by Warner Brother Studios...which is an AMERICAN company. So therefore, they are American and it makes sense that if anyone is going to see it first (for whatever reason) it would be the country that made the movie.Avatar Image says: That's my birthday!! OMG Im so excited. Im literally dancing... MY BIRTHDAY!!! I CANT WAIT!Avatar Image says: Booyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This totally made my day! I have to tell my best friend! Now I don't have to rush rereading the books. Oh, this is positively perfect! I could faint form happiness. Oops, too late! *faints*Avatar Image says: Actually to correct you Warner Bros finance it!! They dont make it! There's a difference! What do you think David Heyman job is? He's the Producer, whose job is to basically put the film together with the help of the director and scriptwriter.Avatar Image says: Bendy I know WK is an AMERICAN company. The HP movies has always been classed as British just because WB provide the money for the films does not make them American as its been said a billion times the producers (most of them) the director, the actors and the author are all British so it makes it British. You said you should get it first cause of the WB thing well the point most people are trying to say is we should all get it at the same time not the Americans, British or the Aussies should get it first. Sorry if I was a bit nasty before that but saying all that I am not that bothered when the film comes out I will go see the film no matter what. Avatar Image says: Brandy: If you get off your high horse for a moment you'll notice that OotP is made by Heyday Films. WarnerBros are merely the financiers and distributors. Ergo, it is a British film. And stop being all self-righteous at everybody; there's no need for it and it's rude.Avatar Image says: ohm yeahhhh! i cant wait . that takes off 2 days from my calendar !! woot wooot=) and stop the BS by saying americans get their way. cus FYI we didnt do nothing. they just changed the date. and im happy =DAvatar Image says: Ha, ha, Americans always have to be first, or else they will throw all their toys out the pram and hold their collective breath... Now wouldn't it be fun if the UK moved to the 10th, let the fun begin.Avatar Image says: Lizzie, I was looking forward to the Friday the 13th opening. WB wants to get bigger numbers with a longer opening weekend so that's why they are changing the date. Avatar Image says: Well, America would have to get everything first, wouldn't it? *eyeroll*Avatar Image says: hehe I can't believe I checked this up, I have too much free time :p But to be really picky about the arguement of Warner Bros being American, actual fact it was founded by four Polish brothers. So you could argue its Polish lol Image says: WE'RE #1 WE'RE #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA AT YA GURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Avatar Image says: "Ha, ha, Americans always have to be first, or else they will throw all their toys out the pram and hold their collective breath..." "And this isn't childish? Like any regular American has the power to get WB to change the date. " I never said that, so you can't accuse me of being childish.Avatar Image says: I'm not bashing Americans, I merely said that by going on like "WE'RE #1 WE'RE#1!!! AMERICA ROCKS!!!!!!" is a very childish way to act. It's that kind of attitude that creates this tension between British and American fans, when it comes to things like who gets what first.Avatar Image says: You are all being childish! This has nothing to do with Americans vs. Brits. It just means that WB changed it. And if Brits want to see it earlier then get on a plane to America. See how easy was that now?

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