New Photos of Arabella Figg, Luna with the Quibbler and More


May 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

More scans from that Panini sticker album with new images from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are now online. New are better looks at Arabella Figg as she finds Harry and Dudley after the Dementor attack, a new photo of Luna holding an upside down copy of the Quibbler, Ginny, Lucius confronting Sirius during the battle at the Ministry, another look at Dawlish, Kingsley, Umbridge and Fudge as they confront Dumbledore at Hogwarts, Umbridge with a captured Harry Potter, artwork of the Centaurs, Harry and Arthur in the Phone booth entrance to the Ministry, the Trio in the forest, and more. To see these, click here.
Thanks to Rowenathewitch via OotPmoviepics!

UPDATE: Mirko from let us know that he also now has additional scans of Harry, Kingsley and Ginny at Grimmauld Place, Prof. McGonagall reading the Daily Prophet announcing (finally) the return of Voldemort, Snape, Harry with the Prophecy globe, Filch with Trelawney’s suitcase, Harry entering Dumbledore’s office, and more.

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Avatar Image says: I loved the huge lettering on the newspaper Prof. McGonagall is reading. It screams tabloid rag and panic. I laughed when I saw it because it reminded me of the way the New York papers print sensational headlines. Avatar Image says: I am so glad that they more or less kept the storyline towards the beginning. Unlike GoF which did not include the Dursley's at all!!! And I had hoped to see their fireplace explode :( Anywho... 42 days til OotP's release and STILL NO VOICE ACTOR FOR KREACHER?!?!?!?!?Avatar Image says: Ginny's hair is beginning to annoy me. I don't get why Ginny's hair is brown, Hermione's hair is blonde and Harry's hair is not messy. *grumbles* Other than that, lovely to see the pictures!Avatar Image says: the bad thing about these pictures is that i'm getting my hopes up skyhigh! to me it seems they didn't cut out anything important anyway, except quiditch but still! i'm trying really hard not to get too excited cause the pics are soo awesum! expecially the luna oneAvatar Image says: LOL... that pic of Umbridge capturing Harry is so funny! she looks so demented!! ;-)Avatar Image says: Ginny's hair isn't really brown, it's auburn. The way the color comes off really depends on the lighting. Since the scene looks very dark so does her hair color. In the books, Ginny's hair is supposed to be more of a fiery red than dark auburn red, but what can you do? As you mentioned many of the actors don't quite match up completely with their canon counterpart. Luna's not supposed to have Malfoy-bleached hair it's dirty blonde and straggly, Harry's hair should be black and messy, Hermione's should be brown and bushy, Ron should be taller, the twins should be short & stockier, and so on. I'm just glad to see Bonnie looking really pretty and natural. Hopefully, when they give her a chance to stretch her acting chops she'll live up to her character in spirit. I love that shot of the Quibbler! I would totally suscribe to the magazine. Evanna looks adorable. And omg @ Arabella Figg in her little hair-net thing with Harry trying to support massive Dudley. These are all great shots!Avatar Image says: JimiBob'sPants-- Just because WB doesn't announce the actor's name doesn't mean that they can't find one.Avatar Image says: I was curious as to how they were going to pull off Harry basically carrying Dudley. It looks just as hilarious as Arabella Figg does. The photo of captured Harry with Umbridge is rather good, though.Avatar Image says: Yay for Luna! Too bad the pic is such bad quality though.Avatar Image says: Dawlish looks stupid, maybe it's just a weird light and angle, but he is in the movie, I hope DD will say his warning. Arabella is in, that's a delight! can't get my hopes to high! must stay not so positive about this movie! :)Avatar Image says: this confuses me...Harry is supposed to be carrying a "deadweight" almost unconscious Dudley, so why is Harry limping and Dudley standing upright?? I do like Mrs. Figg's funny rain hat, its typical of who I'd picture as a batty old ladyAvatar Image says: Kreacher doesn't have any lines. He's kind of like mute. His character is only developed by his actions.Avatar Image says: These pictures are so cool! But Dudley looks much more . . . conscious . . . than I had expected.Avatar Image says: Aberforth actually looks rather like micheal gambon.Avatar Image says: Anyone else see the resemblance between Dawlish and John????Avatar Image says: Harry is tied up on a chair...Avatar Image says: In an earlier picture that comes right before that Lily? :)Avatar Image says: Yay for a great Bonnie photo. She looks grt even with that stupid head band. Avatar Image says: *laughs* Naga, you made me laugh. Tis true, well John Noe, it's all for you I guess. =D *decides to laugh at people* Some of you guys are so funny when it comes to these movies. I'm not being mean, I'm just saying how different people's POV on characters are. *sighs* Well, I, for one, am happy about the movies.Avatar Image says: The Quibbler looks very good!Avatar Image says: Is it me or does Dawlish looks like John Noe.!!!! Sorry John Avatar Image says: Ginny was down right nasty in HBP. I hated her which was a shame because I liked her before HBP. So I doubt her there will be much surprise since I know WB will tone down her characters vile temperment. Also Ginny is supposed to be a supermodel not a bag lady.Avatar Image says: I think Ginny is gonna be wonderfull. Don't know why people keep thinking she needs to look like a supermodel for Harry to like her. I think she's going to surprise us all the next film.Avatar Image says: ^lol Ginny looks great! Loved all the pics, thanks guys!Avatar Image says: We all have our opinions on how the characters look like...Avatar Image says: I love all these pictures...I don't have a problem with Bonny at all she does a fine job of Ginny...Don't bag her out people...we've hardly seen her acting yet!!! LUNA!!!!*SQUEE* Brilliant...wish it was a better picture :( I love Evanna WOOT! OMG wtf is with Harry Tied to the chair....Looks like Umbridge is getting...yucky....What the...???Avatar Image says: "Also Ginny is supposed to be a supermodel" ... I .. Don't even know how to reply to this. Are you joking? You have to be joking. Avatar Image says: He He He. It looks more like Dudley has got Harry in a headlock. Also, I think Ginny looks fine.Avatar Image says: that picture of harry and the prophacy looks so heartbreaking. Avatar Image says: Ginny looks so cute in the Hogs Head picture! Also, yay, Luna with the Quibbler! :DAvatar Image says: Hmm...looks like they changed the layout and formatting of the Daily Prophet. Looks more modern...Avatar Image says: Lupin doesn't exist in the world of stickers. Woe.Avatar Image says: Mrs. Figg! Yay! And may I say how HOT Snape looks! Must be the wig, it looks different to me. :D 'STILL NO VOICE ACTOR FOR KREACHER?!?!?!?!?' lol! I know! Hopefully soon...Avatar Image says: "Ginny was down right nasty in HBP. I hated her which was a shame because I liked her before HBP. So I doubt her there will be much surprise since I know WB will tone down her characters vile temperment. Also Ginny is supposed to be a supermodel not a bag lady. " You must have been reading a different set of books to me, Ginny is not supposed to be a supermodel, just a normal pretty girl. Anyone who thinks Ginny was nasty in HBP lacks a sense of humour. Most of the scenes you people complain about were written by Jo with humour in mind. Of course most of the people who say this wanted Harry to end up with another girl..hmm.. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?Avatar Image says: Bonnie Wright is an excellent Ginny! The producers only play down her looks because they don't want to take away from Emma's attention.Avatar Image says: That's just rude SOLO! How much you hate Bonnie/Ginny to say horrid things such as that? I must agree with the other people, you must be reading something else's set of books. You are one of those who CANNOT thoroughly understand what the books meant. It's so pathetic of you, stating comments without comprehending what you read. Everybody got their own opinion but maybe it's proper also to respect other people's feelings. Too bad if you think she should be recast because she won;t be, I'm telling you! You will be left feeling sorry for yourself! Bonnie will prove herself mark my word SOLO. BTW, your name suits you, SOLO, you are all alone in your opinion. Avatar Image says: Those were fantastic pics. Avatar Image says: snape is cooooooool!!!!! he looks a bit furious and yeah...his wig looks a bit different....... In that figg-picture , harry seems to drown under dudley's weight......lucius and sirius are priceless....... Avatar Image says: Okay ... why is Harry tied to a chair??? Otherwise great pics, though Dawlish will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. He's so creepy!Avatar Image says: Otherwise? I laughed when I saw that. it's so awesome!Avatar Image says: I liked that Harry is tied to the chair in Umbridge's office. In the book she had a hungy, and eager expression on her face as she is about to give Harry the Cruciatus curse, as well as pointing the wand at different parts of his body. She would definitely enjoy tying him up. Very creepy. Avatar Image says: I can honestly say I've never seen a headline that big ... but it's cool. But what the heck's up with Kingsley's clothes? Just 'cause you're black doesn't mean you can't wear normal clothes, you know ... It was just the same with Cho and the Patil twins, at the Yule Ball. Grr.Avatar Image says:

hahaaaa lol. i always think im lunas daugther.. she actally marrys nevile u know! lol i think its werid how hermione just drops her tjings, runs to ron he drops his things they kiss with other hermoione gets lifted up and swayed and harry goes: OI THERES WAR GOING ON HERE! lol! it reminds me of the saying make love not war.

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