Swedish “Deathly Hallows” Title Supplied by JKR


May 30, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

The Swedish Rowling Fanclub e-mailed us earlier in the week to let us know that the Deathly Hallows translated title was, according to publisher Tiden Young Books, supplied by J.K. Rowling. Jo’s representatives have now confirmed this info to us. Since this is official info, straight from Jo and her publishers, and the title suggests a more concrete explanation of “Deathly Hallows,” that title will be placed under a link for the bottom half of this post – those reading this news via RSS feed, or on the text-only page, now is the time to stop if you don’t want to be spoiled. As always, our comments areas are spoiler zones. Beware.
The Tiden quote reads:

“Because the title …is very difficult to translate, especially if you haven’t got the manuscript, JK Rowling decided to provide an alternative title to all the foreign publishers for translation. The title was ‘HP and the Relics of Death’ which is easily translated to ‘HP och Dödsrelikerna’.”

The Japanese title, first translated to us by former Leaky staffer Erin, has been revealed as “Harry Potter and the Secret Treasure of Death” (or simliar) by Say-Zan-Sha Publishing.

Our reader Frini says that the official title in Brazil is now “Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte,” which means “Harry Potter and the Relics of Death.”

62 Responses to Swedish “Deathly Hallows” Title Supplied by JKR

Avatar Image says: Cool - I was right for the most part. Deathly Hallows is a way of saying "Harry Potter and the Horcruxes" without making it look dumb.Avatar Image says: That's cool. Yay for translation to give more and/or better cluesAvatar Image says: Hmm, makes me think it's not refering to the horcruxes, actually. A horcrux is the opposite of death - it's an attempt at eternal (mortal) life. I wonder if any of the "relics" will be found at Godric's Hollow or at the Potters' graves...Avatar Image says: Excuse me Grub, It's just an easier way of saying "Harry Potter and the Horcri". I was wondering, does thr new release date mean that John is going to have to make a new countdown?Avatar Image says: Hmmm.....interesting....very interesting.... However, don't jump on the Hallows=Horcruxes theory too quick. These could be different relics entirely--maybe even relics that will kill Horcruxes...or relics that will enable someone to go through the veil and then come back.Avatar Image says: Interesting. I think they probably refer to the horcruxes, but I do like the theory that they could sort of be the opposite of Horcruxes. I believe that has been talked about on past canon conundrums too. Katie- Actually the plural of horcrux IS indeed horcruxes, not horcri. I'm pretty sure Jo said that at some point. Unless you were making a tongue-in-cheek comment, in which case, I apologise for misreading it. :) But remember, this isn't latin class, and the 'x' ending doesn't get deleted.Avatar Image says: There is a chapter in the HBP book called "Horcruxes" - plural. Chapter 23. "Relics of Death" could be horcruxes, or could be something Harry will inherit when he turns 17, or things he already has from those who are dead - the cloak, the mirror, the map, and the fake-horcrux locket. Possibly the title refers to both groups of things. :)Avatar Image says: According to www.hpfl.net (Taiwan). Swedish's "dödsrelikerna", if translated back to English, could also mean "Undying Hall". Meaning the hall of death from Department of Mysteries. http://www.hpfl.net/home/website/news_center/autonews/news_lowprofile.php?nid=471Avatar Image says: one word: Horcruxes. :)Avatar Image says: Not much new in the title: hallowed = something held sacred, relic = something held sacred, treasure = something held sacred Avatar Image says: Having the deathly hallows mean the horcruxes is just too obvious. The anti-horcrux idea makes more sense.Avatar Image says: this is crazy!! it only backs up the theory that the dealthy hallows are the horcruxes!!!Avatar Image says: Well I am swedish and "dödsrelikerna" is nothing else then "relics of death". "död" is death and "relik" is relic however, the use of __"dödsrelikerna" sounds just wrong__. "relik" is almost only used to describe the remains of a saint in swedish. Sometimes it refers to just old bones. To combine the word "relik" with any word life/death/memory etc turns it into literally anything. Swedish is tricky to translate and this makes the things it can mean just as wide as the english title.Avatar Image says: I don't think the Relics of Death are the Horcruxes necessarily -- they could be the relics of the four Founders that Voldemort *wanted* to use for his Horcruxes: Hufflepuff's cup, Slytherin's locket, Gryffindor's sword(?), and Ravenclaw's (wand? staff? spear? ??). These possibly correspond to the four Hallows of the Grail legend, which are connected to the four Hallows of Ireland (treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan) and the four suits of the Tarot deck.Avatar Image says: Stephen Sclafani, you mean the antihorcruxes that canon those not say exist? logically, it is more logical to say the deathly hallows are possibly the horcruxes more then it is to say it is something distinct like a Anti-horcrux that canon never says exist. I am not saying it is impossible, but a horcrux is a more logical choice at this point simply because of the fact that we know horcruxes exist, they are created from a deathly act, and that voldemort has a obsession with objects of revernce within the magical world. a revered object is often also called a hallowed object, so logically, its more sensable to claim deathly hallows are pluasably the horcruxes, which we know exist, then something canon those not say exist. case in point, the registration a few years back of the titles "harry potter and the hogwarts hallows" and "harry potter and the hallows of hogwarts" if these were random, conincedences, then bravo warner brothers, but having two hallows titles seems suspect. and seeing as we know voldemort used hogwarts relics for his horcruxes, though we dont have a exact number of how many he did find at this point.Avatar Image says: Pft. They're horcri for as long as I listen to Pottercast. :p On the title: well, at least we had time to discuss it before this came out. That was fun. Although it's far from certain what it means even now, because it could be a double meaning in the English version. Or even mean something different completely, though I guess that's doubtful.Avatar Image says: I also think that 'Relics of Death' = Horcruxes. (btw. Katie, it is not Horcri - Jo has specifically stated that plural of Horcrux is Horcruxes) I also think that it does not necessarly follow that 'Relics of Death' = 'Deathly Hallows'. She has provided an alternative title for translators when it's impossible to translate 'Hallows' with it's various subtle meanings. So, the title 'Deathy Hallows' remains as mysterious as it ever was. Avatar Image says: David, if Pottercast is saying that Horcri is the plural form they are not in agreement with Jo, go check her F.A.Q -page. Avatar Image says: It makes sense really for the title to be about the horcruxes as it tells us nothing new about the books contents. Avatar Image says: Nah, that FAQ-entry wasn't written by Jo, it was planted by chipotle-hating hackers.Avatar Image says: I don't understand how hocruxes, which are shards of soul have anything to do with death...? I see a soul and death as two completely separate things. Of course horcruxes are the means for Voldemort to overcome death, but they are not relics of death...if you see what I mean. I will be much more excited if the "relics of death" are something new that Jo will introduce in te 7th book, something that will explain everything, tie everything together...Avatar Image says: This just confirms my suspicions, and props for the Japanese translation to the wonderful ErinRae (next up--the four Tarot suits and the Magician's card!) My take on "deathly" is that it is a form of "deadly"--and we only have to remember how badly hurt Dumbledore was when he destroyed the ring/horcrux to make that connection. So "deathly hallows" are revered relics of the four founders that have been turned into horcuxes . . . the destruction of which may cause mortal injury or death. And clever Jo--the other side of the death/horcux connection is that a death is used in the making of the horcrux, and Voldemort's aim for using them is to escape death. Avatar Image says: RedCat: The Horcruxes are made "by" death, to "overcome" death. Remember that in order to make a Horcrux, you need to kill someone as a part of the procedures of making it. As for the "relics", I suppose it's the objects that contain that part of the soul, and as most of Vold.'s Horcruxes, are "relics" that have some magical & historical value, then it only points more strongly towards it being the Horcruxes.Avatar Image says: MlleMolly: "David, if Pottercast is saying that Horcri is the plural form they are not in agreement with Jo, go check her F.A.Q -page." No, the term was coined by John Noe. It's just a bit of fun. Don't stress about it :pAvatar Image says: I think there is slightly more to the title than just "Harry Potter and the Horcruxes" though that is the main meaning. The titles "Deathly Hallows", "Relics of Death" and "Hallows of Hogwarts" (which was a trademark for a while) suggest to me that there are a set of Founder relics/hallows (actually a specific set of four magical objects though Dumbledore may not have realized this) that Voldemort wanted for his horcruxes, and the ones he succeeded in getting are the deathly hallows.Avatar Image says: I was looking forward to finding this out while reading the book ...Avatar Image says: Thinking about it again - yes, Leaky, how about a new spoiler policy? You are so strict in your forum, yet spill the beans right on your front page. :(Avatar Image says: I suppose if we wanted to debate it, the true plural of 'horcrux' should be 'horcruCes'. ;) Either way--bring on those items, whatever they're called! An apt title!Avatar Image says: Thank you TLC for the way you posted that spoiler info. I did not and will not click on the 'Continued ...' like! Thanks for keeping it real! DannyAvatar Image says: The horcruxes are relics of death in a sense... relics of the deaths that helped to create them. Avatar Image says: I hope this isnt a literal thing! Hoping the relics ar ejust deathly! and not much more!Avatar Image says: oh man, Sirius is so coming back.Avatar Image says: Finally our lovely Erin gets a shout out! She made a really brilliant observation and it only goes along with her terrific tarot theory! love you! Avatar Image says: I wouldn't be surprised if she pulls a fast one and these 'deathly hallows' are not even horcruxes at all.Avatar Image says: Those horcruxes are indeed deathly; let us just hope they are not deadly for our protagonist :o)Avatar Image says: Isn't that sort of canon, though? Unless they're not referring to the Horcruxes... but I think Horcruxes could pretty accurately be describedas Relics of Death. Of course, maybe I'm missing something. In which case, hm.Avatar Image says: I told myself I wasn't going to look, told myself I didn't want to know yet....and then of course....I looked. : ) But really it wasn't too big of a surprise. It was pretty much what I expected anyway.Avatar Image says: I would just like Leaky to know that the Brazilian tittle is now "Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte". That means "Harry Potter and the Relics of Death". Rocco Publishing House just confirmed it to be the final title chosen.Avatar Image says: Frini, there's a reason why there was a spoiler space on the main page!Avatar Image says: Jo obviously has a plan here involving the Horcruxes (does anyone actually know how to pronounce that?) as well as the veil and the "Hall of Death" in the Department of Mysteries. Yes, it is HORCRUXES. It's called Chapter 23 HBP people! Some of you are as bad as Laura Mallory... Read the book! *sigh* The trio obviously goes through the veil with an elf as seen on cover of the UK children's verion. We know that Kreacher is EXTREMELY important as Jo has said many times and the ears match the description of his more that Dobby's, however the elf seems to be holding the sword of Godric Griffindor, so idk what the deal is there. "Relics of Death" beautifully translates to "Hallows of Death" or "Deathly Hallows" so accept it people and move on. Has Jo ever said what other two titles she was considering? She said she might tell us after publication.Avatar Image says: Oh.. umm... that's huge...Avatar Image says: Totally off topic, but I love the TLC counter for DH. I waste so much time at work just making that book spin around and around.Avatar Image says: So far, all of the books' titles have introduced something new. And we already know about Horcruxes. So...these "relics of death" could very likely be something else. Avatar Image says: Nice observation, cinderella. I like it.....Avatar Image says: The official turkish title is Harry Potter ve Ölümcül Takdis which means (something like this) Harry Potter and The Sanctification of the Mortal Avatar Image says: When I first heard the name for the book I knew that it was refering to the Horcruxes! I think that people want to make more out of certain things. If you look back at all the titles that JKR has chosen you find what the book is focused on! Every thing that happens in the books surround this pivital focus!Avatar Image says: Dear Starling, did I spoil anything? Oh my God! I didn't mean to do so! Just wanted to let Leaky know that there's an official title in Brazil too. Oh, Gosh ... I'm so sorry! I didn't realize that! Sorry everyone! And thank you Leaky for reading my comment and putting the information on the post! Yay!Avatar Image says: Wait ... but the comments are spoiler zone, so I didn't do anything wrong ... maybe I didn't quite get your tone on the post, Starling. *confused*Avatar Image says: Are the comments a spoiler zone? I must have missed the memo. I use the text version of Leaky, by the way. It doesn't do spoilers or anything, it shows everything. I mistakenly thought that Leaky wouldn't post spoilers at all. My bad.Avatar Image says: Wow Mellisa posted this news at 1 in the morning? Talk about devoted. But...I think that this is most definetly talking about the horcruxes.Avatar Image says: might mean something related to horcruxes Avatar Image says: "that title will be placed under a link for the bottom half of this post - those reading this news via RSS feed, or on the text-only page, now is the time to stop if you don't want to be spoiled. As always, our comments areas are spoiler zones. Beware." That should settle it. Does that mean I need to hide myself 1 1/2 month before book release?? (Instead of the 2 weeks I had planned) Avatar Image says: I think that the comments being a spoiler zone means that official stuff such as titles, film clips, stuff on Jo's web site etc. can be discussed. I doubt real spoilers like book leaks will be tolerated, but there is no guarantee that Leaky can deal with the idiots before you are unfortunate enough to read what they have written.Avatar Image says: We made our policy very clear and it has not changed. Official info about the book, as this, will still go on the site, behind cuts and warnings. Unofficial spoilers, never. I made a very clear warning about the text-only page. We will delete unofficial spoilers from comments, but we can't promise we'll get to it before you will. Hence the warning. This has been the method of operation for books five and six here on Leaky. Nothing has changed.Avatar Image says: Aha, that makes it clearer. Thank you Melissa, and Roonwit. I did get the memo after all, sort of!Avatar Image says: relics+hollow+death=not a good outcome...*shivers* personally i'm really scared to read the book...

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