J.K. Rowling to Include Bookmarks in Deathly Hallows to Help in Search for Missing Madeleine?


Jun 02, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The Scotsman is reporting that J.K.Rowling may take new efforts to help in the search for a missing child from the U.K by including special bookmarks in copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As we told you previously, Jo had donated a substantial amount to the reward fund for Madeleine McCann, a young four year old girl from the UK who was taken from her family while on holiday in Portugal. Tonight, the paper quotes her father as saying of this new possible contribution by JKR:

“There has been some indirect contact with her. We are thinking about getting bookmarks with Madeleine’s photographs and getting the author’s agreement.

“Someone like JK Rowling has got massive appeal and a Harry Potter book would be ideal.”

You can learn more about this case of the missing Madeleine, here.

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Avatar Image says: I do hope that Madeleine is found safe long before Deathly Hallows come out.Avatar Image says: Same here, Miss Hagrid.Avatar Image says: About 70000 children go missing in EU every year. It feels sort of wrong that the media is so focused in one single case.Avatar Image says: me too. I dont quite know how this idea of the picture is implemented though. Do they mean on the jacket sleeve or on a bookmark? I think its a good idea as Madeleine mayb anywhere in the world and so will Deathly Hallow so increasing the chance of finding her.Avatar Image says: I hope they'll find her before, but I agree with Yukito that it seems kind of unfair that thousands of children go missing without anybody putting that much effort....Avatar Image says: I agree with yukito. It is sad that this little girl has gone missing. What I dont understand is why she is getting so much media attention and why all the stars are donating money to look for her. Wouldnt ther emoney be better spent donating it to the Missing Persons Unit to help the THOUSANDS of of children to be found.Avatar Image says: About 70000 children go missing in EU every year. It feels sort of wrong that the media is so focused in one single case. Posted by yukito on June 2, 2007 at 9:15 PM the second I saw this post, that is how I felt too. I just can't help feeling sorry for all the other missing kids that don't get attention at all. :(Avatar Image says: I´ll by my Harry Potter book because I want to read the story...NOT because I want to find some missing child...And I totally agree with yukito; What makes this child so special ????????Avatar Image says: uh the fact that she was kidnapped from her hotel room and no one saw is what makes her special. I really hope they find that poor child.Avatar Image says: Seems more like something the family wants to do, and wants Jo’s approval. I guess it would be a nice idea but honestly what about the thousands of other missing children? What makes Madeline so special? I suppose it might be the circumstances of her kidnapping being taken while family was on holiday. The parents are at fault they left their children at the hotel room unattended while they went to dinner. Does not matter that the restaurant was close (40ft) What were they thinking? They should thank God all their children were not snatched as they were all there. I’d think any mother would have strong feelings over any child being kidnapped. Avatar Image says: Not more Madeleine!I'm sure she was nice ut she's been missing for a while and still everywhere I look, it's Madeleine! Madeleine! Madeleine! I really hope Jo doesn't agree to this, it probably wouldn't make a difference...Avatar Image says: I live in Texa,USA. So I don;t know much. But I think that is great and they will find her.Avatar Image says: i think this is so great!! i love this idea! i really hope j.k. rowling goes through with it, it would be really coolAvatar Image says: Ok, I am very sorry that this little girl has to pay for her parents lack of a brain.....Who would leave their child alone in a hotel room in a compltely different country while they went out to eat????? Then these celebraties are pouring out money to help these parents get the girl back?????? ARE YOU KIDDING??? No child deserves to be taken like this don't get me wrong but maybe the money these people are handing out should go to other ways of helping...LIKE PARENTING CLASSES for these people. They should have their other child removed from the home and placed with responsible adults. Some others have posted asking why this little girl is so special.....I can tell you. She is from a white family that has money. How often do you see this much attention on any other ethnic background kidnaping???? Avatar Image says: I feel bad for this little girl, and even more-so for her irresponsible parents. I pity them for the fact they've lost their daughter, but I do not pity them for their outright stupidity. I agree with you Queen, what kind of parent would leave their 4 year old unattended like that, let alone anywhere? I could understand if they had been more responsible and gotten a babysitter or something, but the fact that they went out to dinner and just left her there alone is just bad parenting. And honestly, do you know how many children are abducted in the world every day? How much attention do they get from the media? I'll tell you- none. For Madeleine's sake, I hope they find her, but if/when they do her parents are going to owe her a huge apology when she becomes a little older to understand.Avatar Image says: I'm not sure that anyone who has kidnapped Madeline is going to buy HP7, but maybe the bookmarks might jog a memory and help get her back. Still, I hope she is found long before July 21st. Avatar Image says: "Some others have posted asking why this little girl is so special.....I can tell you. She is from a white family that has money. How often do you see this much attention on any other ethnic background kidnaping???? " I agree, most people are aking why is she so special? there are so many missing children, and yet Madeline gets celebrity status. I want her to be found, but its so unfair. I hope jo doesnt do it actually.Avatar Image says: "What makes this child so special ????????" Posted by Sonja on June 2, 2007 at 9:24 PM Sonja, every child is special--plus she's missing, so she really needs to be found and hopefully brought back safely to her family. Just because other children have also gone missing from other places in the world, doen't mean that this one doesn't deserve to be found. Avatar Image says: No one said the little girl doesn't deserve to be found, only that she's just one of thousands and yet she gets international media coverage. Doesn't make much sense. I hope she's found but these cases almost never have happy endings.Avatar Image says: While visiting my family, I found out that a friend of ours is that little girls aunt? (part of the family, in any case) and was in constant contact with Madeline's mother the entire time I was with her. (We were at a soccer game) What makes me sick about this is the media coverage concerning her disappearance and how it was construed that her parents were unfit and that they "deserved" to have their child suffer. This is wrong. As for the amount of money and how much coverage she is getting... shouldn't we be pleased that at least one child is being helped?Avatar Image says: Some of you seem a bit heartless to me. As a mother of three little children (oh, and I'm white ;) ) I can see what agony it is to lose one of your babies like that. And I believe that Jo would do just the same for a black child, by the way. The family lives in Scotland, guys, where Jo lives, too. If she chooses to support this special case, she's a) absolutely in her rights to do so and does b) a wonderful thing. "I´ll by my Harry Potter book because I want to read the story...NOT because I want to find some missing child..." Posted by Sonja There's a nice little invention, Sonja. It's called wastepaper basket. Just as a hint. I'm not sure however if the bookmark story is true. If it's not, it is a very poor joke by the press. What kind of paper is the "Scotsman"? Being German I've got no idea if it's reliable. Avatar Image says: The parents made a mistake, yes. But I do believe that it was an honest one, and that nobody, nobody, deserves the sort of pain they are going to have to go through for, in the worst case, the rest of their lives. Is it sad how the media only focuses on one child while hundreds and thousands of others go unnoticed? Yes. Will this ever change? No. If you are really concerned about other missing children you should do your own research, the information IS out there.Avatar Image says: another possibility for Jo to show how good she is. She needs that. Poor little girl! Now her fate is the ego booster for a bored billionaire.Avatar Image says: My work colleagues friend has gone missing. She met her mum, got in her car to drive to meet some friends and never arrived - the police have found her car, but not her. She went missing on Tuesday, there has been nothing in the National News. Possibly because she's not a child, but still this is a young woman (mid-20s) who has vanished. At the risk of starting another fight, the only reason why there is so much attention is because it's a middle class white couple with good occupations - if it was anyone else they would have been charge with neglect by now. Whilst I have every sympathy for someone who looses a child, I can't help the fact that as someone has said over 70000 children go missing in the EU every year. A big donation to Barnardos or any Missing Persons charity would be a much better idea. Avatar Image says: You're both right MissHagrid and Eleonore. Whether or not the press and celebrities are fair in their efforts to find every single missing child in the world is a separate issue from wishing that this poor, innocent little girl is found unharmed and returned to her family. Yes, her parents were stupid for leaving their children alone, but neither they nor Madeleine should be punished for this with the girl's life. Unfortunately, given the length of time since the kidnapping, and that there doesn't seem to be a ransom demand, it doesn't look very good. I'm disappointed in those of you who are so selfish and desensitized that you can't feel bad for the atrocity that has taken place and would rather turn this into an opportunity to whine about unwanted bookmarks or socio-economic issues that should be part of a completely different discussion.Avatar Image says: But is a couple of million free bookmarks going to make a difference? I doubt people will be inspired and start looking for her....Avatar Image says: "I hope jo doesnt do it actually." That is so cold. What is with the "all or nothing" approach people believe in these days? Is it just a cheap way to sit back and not do something? It's no wonder there are so many injustices in the world today! People act like they have to be a superhero who rescues a whole city in order to be doing some good in this world. Why not help search for this girl? Why not someone wealthy and famous take advantage of the opportunity to reach the millions of her fans to save a child's life? What if a member from YOUR family was kidnapped, God knows who took them, where they are, what's being done to them, or if they're even still alive, and when a celebrity was going to step in and help bring them back home to safety, someone said that they hoped they wouldn't? We are talking about saving a life! Yes, Madeleine isn't the only missing child in this world, and it's cruel that there are others missing, their fate uncertain, and who haven't been as fortunate in the media coverage, but does that mean we should shatter any hope of her being one of the lucky ones? I hope that Jo DOES agree to the bookmarks, and that a child can be safe in her parents' arms once again. Avatar Image says: If they havn't found her by now, after JKR has offered a big reward, she's probably dead. :(Avatar Image says: I am not normally a poster but feel obliged to respond to some of the comments regarding this subject. Complaints that the Madeleine case has received so much prominence in the media have abounded for some time now but I was saddened to see them appear on a Harry Potter fan site. Regardless of what the parents did and didn't do that night, what we must remember is that a tiny girl was taken from her bed, away from her family and friends and is no longer safe. This was (and remains) an evil act. What really surprises me therefore, is that some people feel that we should no longer take a stand against this evil because it has been going on too long or because the media is pandering to a white middle-class couple. Is this really what we pick up from Harry Potter? For me, the underlying theme of the HP books is that we must take a stance and fight evil in all its manifestations. Does it matter in HP what type of family you are from, what colour skin you have, whether you are pretty or not? The resounding answer is no. If we fail to support the McCann family now we allow evil another foothold. Anything that raises the profile of Madeleine and other missing children can surely only be good. If we don't allow the plight of a frightened four year old to tough our hearts then dark and difficult times really do lie ahead for us all.Avatar Image says: all or none, no i dont think so, thats really crule i hope jo finds it in her heart to help who ever she wants, without cold heartles people commenting...Avatar Image says: Why did this recieve so much media attention? Forget Race, Creed, Class and all that crap. What makes this case so sensational is the child was taken from a bed in a hotel room where she was supposedly safe, while her parents were (what 100ft away) eating and with her siblings right beside her. What makes this frightening is people in the hotel watched a man carry her out and diddnt realize she was being abducted. People deserve to be able to grab a bite to eat while their children are asleep, provided they take proper precautions. (Yes checking on the children ever 30 min is considered a proper precaution, so is locking the hotel room both of which they did) JKR is not some millionare trying to prove how good she is, she is a mother who is in a position to help a fellow scotswoman and mother try and find her little girl. So for once in your lives, those of you who have come on here so cynically, All of you take your predjuices and shelve them. For heaven's sake use the intelligence you've been blessed with to do something CONSTRUCTIVE and follow Jo's example. HELP FIND THE MISSING KIDS!!! It dosent take much to be ware and be aware, maybe we can bring some of them home. P.S. I am thinking this particular angel was taken to be raised instead of ransomed. Too well planned for the later and enough care taken to suggest the former. Avatar Image says: This is an awful thing to happen to that family. From the first days the parents have been withering away with worry, you can see it in their faces. To all those saying that so many thousand go missing without this much attention I say please be silent. That is hurtful and unfair,we should be GLAD that this case has gotten this much attention and hope further cases don't go by unnoticed. To all US fans, this case has been extremely high profile for well over a month now. Avatar Image says: You people are disgusting. Have a little heartAvatar Image says: Don't get me wrong I think it was a dreadful thing to happen but kids get missing every day so why all this attention to JUST Madeline? What about all those other children that went missing?Avatar Image says: I think the little girl is from England, actually, not Scotland like the article says.Avatar Image says: Oh pleeeaase, stop fuzzing around about Jo's ego! She is just aware of her responsibilities, which is fantastic. Anything that helps to find little Madeleine should be done.Avatar Image says: Some of you people are being unfair Madeleine is under 5 years old for goodness sake and abducted in another country have a little heart. I read papers and watch news and have not seen a story like this in a long time so stop saying it happens every day because it does not. I know people get angry that Madeleine gets a lot of attention at the moment its not her or the parents fault its the media blame them. People need to stop saying stupid things and all hope Madeleine is found.Avatar Image says: However much Rowling is moved by that litlle girl´s disappearance (and horrible as it is), I still think that she should keep these things separate.Avatar Image says: I do think that this move, if it proves necessary (and I hope Madeleine is found before DH comes out), might help, because although the media has been rather saturated with the case, DH books have the potential to reach people who don't read newspapers, or listen to the news (not what a normal boy does?), or who may be in countries where this case hasn't received much publicity. Also this case is unusual. People have quoted large figures for the numbers of children that go missing each year, but the vast majority of those will either have been found quickly or be older children who have at least some choice in the matter. I don't see the publicity that Jo may or may not gain through doing this actually matters (for herself at least, it might help to find Madeleine and raise the profile of missing children in general), because I doubt it will sell more books, and if she was just after publicity, there are much more cost effective ways to get it.Avatar Image says: Wonderful gesture but I wish they'd do the same for ALL MISSING CHILDREN and not just this one, who has had media saturation while other missing children have pretty much been ignored by the media and celebs jumping on the bandwagon.Avatar Image says: Good lord, some of you are cold-hearted.Avatar Image says: I hope Maddie is found safe and werll before DH is released. Otherwise, I think this is a fantastic idea and hope Jo agrees to do it. Avatar Image says: I think there would be some value in making the bookmark a general "missing children" one that features Maddie. That way it still has some value if Maddie is found between the production of the bookmarks and the release of the book.Avatar Image says: Coming from a country where people (not only kids, but also teens and old people) abduction is something that happens as often as bombings in Baghdad, I say well done for Jo and the media networks. If it hadn't been for all the media this case received we (or at least me) wouldn't have waken up and realize that this kind of things shall not pass through without mention and without justice. Avatar Image says: Why is it cold-hearted for people to say that they wish this gesture was for ALL missing children rather than just for one? I would have thought that was very warm-hearted actually. Avatar Image says: Three things: 1) It makes perfect sense for Jo to do this. This British child was kidnapped in Portugal and it is thought that she was taken to Morocco. There is an international dimension to this particular kidnapping, and continuing to publicise the case - especially in books which will be on sale in every airport bookshop! - is a great idea. 2) Whatever anyone thinks about whether the parents should have gone for dinner a hundred yards down the road, and just gone back regularly to check on the sleeping kids - what difference does it make to Madeleine's abduction? It's still a terrible thing, it shouldn't have happened and nobody in the family deserved it. 3) Giving money to this cause is a great and generous action. Just because it happens to other kids too, doesn't mean people shouldn't help find Madeleine. Of course we should all donate to good causes to help find missing children, but help and publicity are needed to find this poor kid who has been abducted abroad, and helping her and her family is a good start. Obviously we should all do more to help with good causes generally, but the vastness of the problem is too often used as an excuse to do nothing. Picking one cause and supporting it is a good thing to do, even if you start with a narrow focus. Nobody would criticise Jo for supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society just because other people also suffer from different illnesses.Avatar Image says: It is really distressing to such such animosity and lack of empathy being thrown around here-with several good points mixed in. This is the nature of media-a case comes along occcasionally that gets sensationalized. Anyone remember Natalie Holloway-same circumstance. NOONE thinks the other 70,000 children should be ignored, nor are they. But there is also NOTHING wrong with helping this family. Does doing this hurt any of the other cases-NO! Can highlighting the case help-YES! Really people, it would be wonderful if there was no need for this type of discussion- but it is appalling for people to think that BECAUSE she comes from a well-off, white family she shouldn't be helped. Really-the arguement that those are the only reasons she is getting the pub can be flipped the other way. A child has been stolen. Jo has offered her assistance. It is as simple as that. Go Jo!Avatar Image says: But how would bookmarks help? Everyone already knows that she is missing, if someone sees her walking down the street they'll say something. But people won't go searching for her because their bookmark told them to.Avatar Image says: Reading some of these comments makes me feel sick. Yes, the McCanns left Madeleine on her own for half an hour. But, for a start, whoever took her was obviously very quiet because (s)he didn't wake up the twins, and therefore if Gerry & Kate had been asleep in the next room, it wouldn't have made any difference! And regardless of whether or not they get Madeleine back, they're going to feel guilty about leaving her for the rest of their lives, they don't need idiots they don't even know to be parents. As for the people complaining about the children who don't get this attention- yes, it is very sad that those children have gone missing as well, but why should they make it less sad that Madeleine has gone missing? Mostly the media attention is down to the family making sure she doesn't stay out of the media, and fair play to them! No-one really knows why Madeleine has captured peoples' hearts (as for me it's because she lives near me) but we shouldn't be cynical about that fact. If one of your family members went missing, you'd be glad of every scrap of media attention, because the more people know, if the person were alive, the more chance of finding them! Lastly- 'How often do you see this much attention on any other ethnic background kidnaping?' Oh please. When has there been this much attention on any other kidnapping full stop? This has nothing to do with her ethnicity, don't try and turn this around into making someone else the victim. Why can't everyone just be pleased that Jo wants to help find Madeleine?Avatar Image says: Who is really giving the case publicity now? The article says they are only thinking about asking Jo about the bookmark. Also have any of you thought that Jo's husband my know the McCanns? They are all in the medical profession. Gerry is Scottish, but Kate isn't. Avatar Image says: "DH books have the potential to reach people who don't read newspapers." yes I agree- would be good if this is international since she could be anywhere. "People have quoted large figures for the numbers of children that go missing each year, but the vast majority of those will either have been found quickly or be older children who have at least some choice in the matter." I agree with this too. I have heard of a number of 'unusual' disappearances appearing in the national press, tv and newspapers very quickly after the disappearance- the McGann case is not unique in having national coverage. All the nationally covered cases have one thing in common- the children went missing suddenly and in suspicious circumstances. That is very different from 'runaway' cases and that's why they get the coverage. "At the risk of starting another fight, the only reason why there is so much attention is because it's a middle class white couple with good occupations" No. The reason for the extra media coverage was because the McGanns went to the Press in desperation because they were not getting anywhere with the local police, who failed to take it seriously, consequently giving the kidnappers 12 hours' headstart! Read the paper archives for the days following the disappearance to see what I'm saying. I think any parent would do the same if they feel the authorities are failed them. It's an act of desperation.Avatar Image says: "But how would bookmarks help? Everyone already knows that she is missing, if someone sees her walking down the street they'll say something. But people won't go searching for her because their bookmark told them to." The above post doesn't make any sense. "Everyone" doesn't know that she is missing - there are large segments of the population who don't watch the news or read the paper on a daily basis. As someone else mentioned in another post, there is also the chance that other children and adolescents will see the DH bookmark and remember Madeleine's picture. If someone tries to put her in pre-school (or down the road in grade school) maybe a child will recognize her. No one expects every person to drop everything and embark on an individualized manhunt because of a bookmark any more than because of a news report. It will, however, have the effect of reinforcing Madeleine's picture in people's memories. Having the photo of Madeleine posted as many places as possible will help people remember HER face and not get it confused with the dozens of other children one sees in public. (Remember she has a distinctive feature in her right eye.) This isn't a domestic kidnapping. The international aspect of this makes it imperative to try every possible option of raising awareness in as many countries as possible - including countries where a British child's abduction wouldn't make the news but where HP is sold. For those of you expressing concern that the same steps aren't taken for other children: How often do you make the effort to check out John Walsh's website (or others)? Have you signed up for his e-newsletter? http://www.amw.com/missing_children/ If you're so worried about other kidnapped children not getting enough publicity do something about it - other than suggesting that an innocent four year suffer by minimizing press about her case.Avatar Image says: "Why is it cold-hearted for people to say that they wish this gesture was for ALL missing children rather than just for one? I would have thought that was very warm-hearted actually." No, what is cold-hearted is people saying that because this gesture isn't done for all the missing children out there, Madeleine shouldn't get extra help from J. K. Rowling.Avatar Image says: It is the high media coverage that helps. Elizabeth Smart(abducted while sleeping at her home) was found a year later because her parents refused to let the public forget. They came up with several ways to keep her name in the media and fresh in the people's minds. She was found the following year because 2 people, who saw the man suspected of kidnapping her from the show America's Most Wanted with John Walsh as host, recognized him and called 911. It is so sad to hear or read how others begrudge another person's attempts to help. The bookmark was only a suggestion. The parents have suffered, and still are, more than enough. Questioning their actions is just plain petty. No one is perfect. Cast the first stone if you never made a mistake or did something wrong in your life. Avatar Image says:

I have a few thoughts on the subject… one, I really hope Madeleine is found safe and sound. I do find it sort of unfair that she gets all this attention, but I also think it is terribly mean to ask what’s so special about her. She’s a sweet little girl who deserves to be found just as much as every missing person out there. Also, I think her parents are totally irresponsible. I would never say they deserved it, because we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about this innocent girl. Finally I am sick of all these “oh, it’s because she’s white and has money” comments. I’m sure there are a ton of white kids from well-off families who go missing all the time, and a huge search like this is pretty rare. Also, does anyone remember that baby that they found? I don’t remember the details but didn’t a dog find her? And everyone wanted to adopt her, and I don’t think she was white, but I’m not sure. Ok really finally Jo can do whatever she wants and if she wants to give to this she has every right.

Avatar Image says:

I think it is a nice idea to put the picture on the bookmarks… maybe more authors of best-selling books could do that, only with different children in certain areas. Random, I know…

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