Happy Birthday, Draco Malfoy

Jun 04, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The calendar on JKRowling.com has been updated for June 5th to wish Hogwarts student, and apparent budding Death Eater, Draco Malfoy a Happy Birthday. Cheers Draco!

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Avatar Image says: Do you guys just have a scraper or what? LOL. I check @ 3:59 nearly every day and some how you always beat me to it. :) (Good work, though...)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday you shmexy snake.Avatar Image says: another Gemini --- duality anyone?Avatar Image says: Hey, since we are on the subject of birthdays has anyone heard of the theory that the characters whose birthdays are celebrated on Jo's website are still alive after book 7? If you think about it, when has jo ever celebrated voldemort's b-day? If she has then i stand corrected. Has wormtail's b-day ever been celebrated, if it hasn't then the theory could hold itself up to be possible.Avatar Image says: Yes, the birthday theory still stands, and it is possible that everyone who has a birthday is possibly still alive in real time. The evidence of that is Dumbledore, since he was alive in the books when she started her website, but she never gave him a cake. Of course, she knew he was going to die. She has never given us the B'days of James, Lily, or Sirius either. She has never celebrated any other DEs birthdays except "Professor" Snape, and Draco. We only know Voldie's B'Day from HBP, "The Secret Riddle" - Dec. 31. The bad news is that she's never wished Luna Lovegood, Fleur Delacoeur, or Tonks a Happy Birthday, and also a few of Harry's roommates are not on the list. I hope that it's just because they are peripheral characters, but we just don't know.Avatar Image says: I love you Draco!!! Happy Birthday you Sexy Slithering.Avatar Image says: I have a feeling this will be a big year for young mister Malfoy.Avatar Image says: Oh wow, it's my birthday too! :O yay!Avatar Image says: happy b-day draco! hope ya live in the next book, sexy ^_^ 9th?Avatar Image says: i really dont want to wish draco a happy b-day... what is with all the b-day theory? so what if jkr didnt put everyones b-days on here..... Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Draco! Fight them death eaters!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Draco! I know there's some good inside you =)Avatar Image says: Oh, gosh! I do hope beyond hope that Luna, Fleur, or Tonks doesn't die! Gosh...I'm getting nervous now. I hope she's just trying to fake us out. Anyway, Happy Birthday Draco! We all love you! ^_^Avatar Image says: okay the theory sounds a little sketchy to me, but what do i know, i'm just a lowwly muggle. No one is allowed to use that agnist me, Please. Happy Birthday Draco.Avatar Image says: He's not a Death Eater - he's a werewolf. ZRAvatar Image says: My birthday gift to you, Mr. Malfoy, is......... LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...and perhaps some salt water taffy :D If anyone needs it, it's you! Avatar Image says: Hey! Was the swipe at Draco's character necessary, TLC? I don't appreciate it :(Avatar Image says: Yay! Happy Birthday to Yummylicious Draco! Mwuah (lol)! Yeah, I agree to what SnapeMaverick had said :)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to the most appetizing blond God in the magical universe!Try not to die next month,kk?Avatar Image says: happy birthday draco!!!! (i hope u live to see another one)Avatar Image says: HAPPY B-DAY DRACO!!! Gemini... dual... good and bad?...!! T__T I just want you safe!Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED DRACO! We know you are good but, even if you do still become a death eater we still love you! :)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday my favorite snake charmer! Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Honey Avatar Image says: Get a grip, folks, this birthday we are celebrating is of the character of Draco Malfoy, not Tom Felton. Draco is a nasty piece of work who deserves a serious fright to bring him to his senses. To his credit he found himself unable to kill Dumbledore, but that is the only positive statement that can be made.Avatar Image says: He better enjoy this birthday because this is his last one.Avatar Image says: Sexy, appetizing, yummylicious? *chuckles* I think perhaps several of these well wishers have been reading fanfic.Avatar Image says: hy draco! happy birthday. i think you are one of the best enemy in the world.Avatar Image says: Happy B'day Draco!!... Avatar Image says: Have a great birthday, Draco! XXXXAvatar Image says: Happy-happy birthday, Draco, dear!:DAvatar Image says: I'm not all Tom Felton -_- I was a Draco fangirl first. Happy Birthday Draco Honey. Me and Padma'll be 'round later. We'll bring sherbet. XD PS. You're *older* than Harry. You beat him at one thing at least XD.Avatar Image says: June 5, 1980 sun 16 GE 11 moon 9 PI 59 mercurius 7 CA 27 venus 29 GE 48 mars 12 VI 10 jupiter 2 VI 36 saturnus 20 VI 22 asc 14 SC 39 Unsteady, fickle, restless, discontented nevertheless, happy birthday Don't know how much importance should given to the " Birthday Theory" it's not a very solid spoiler. Only thing I know is that draco's birthday was added rather late to the list of birthday's, only after HBP was released. I think Rowling only then got into serious furnituring Draco's character and maybe used a horoscopp as a frame. Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, you little twerp :PAvatar Image says: Get a grip, Graymayne, and let people celebrate whatever the hell they want. You're not the boss of HP fandom.Avatar Image says: I think Draco can be redeemed, because he is just doing the whole Death Eater thing for two reason: 1. It's "cool to be bad-to-the-bone" 2. Daddy is making him. So, Happy Birthday, hopefully it won't be your last!Avatar Image says: Yeah! It's looking like a Slytherin month!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, you little stinker! Cute stinker I might add ;-)....Avatar Image says: Yay, Draco is turning 27 today! Unless he dies in Deathly Hallows, but I hope he doesn't!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Draco, and Many, Many, More To Come. *Blows him a special Happy Birthday Kiss* Interestingly, tomorrow is Jason Isaacs' (Lucius Malfoy) birthday. There's another good reason to celebrate. :o) Avatar Image says: happy birthday draco! love you! Avatar Image says: Love you! HAppy birthday! :}Avatar Image says: Happy Happy Birthday to my number one favorite Slytherin. AS far as I am concerned, you beat Harry any day...Avatar Image says:

Happy birthday. What is you most imberising moment out of the movies 1,2,3,4,5 well HAPPY BIRTHDAY i hope your’re having a great birthday

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