New Scans from OotP Sticker Book Feature Our First Look at Percy and More


Jun 05, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Even more scans from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix sticker/poster book we’ve been showing you are now online, courtesy of This new batch features, among others, our first look at Percy Weasley in this slightly spoiler-rific scan from the film. We also see:
A new scan of Harry and Ron,

You can see these scans along with many others from the film, here in our galleries.

Update: A number of additional scans from the sticker book have surfaced online courtesy of UHP. While many images are new, some do appear to be duplicates or are slight variations on images we’ve already seen. In this batch we see Remus Lupin, another shot of Tonks and Moody as well as a shot of Harry and Dudley standing in the alleyway and then, a pic of Dudley suffering the aftereffects of the Dementor’s attack. For those with weak stomachs, click with caution. The rest of the scans can be seen starting here in our Image Galleries.

Thank you Mirko!

51 Responses to New Scans from OotP Sticker Book Feature Our First Look at Percy and More

Avatar Image says: Nothin spoiler-ish abt these...pretty good!Avatar Image says: Do you think theyve changed it so Cho is the sneak??? Avatar Image says: Yes, They have made her the sneak.Avatar Image says: I love the total lack of expression on Luna's face ... it's almost as if she's thinking "Try something - I dare you."Avatar Image says: Percy!!! OMG, MY JAW JUST DROPPED!!! I can't believe he is there to catch them!! omg I'm slightly speechlessAvatar Image says: Love the Tonks and Moody one, I wonder what she's telling him. Maybe not to call her Nymphadora. XD And Percy! We finally get to see him, he looks nice but snobbish. :D Once again, poor Luna!Avatar Image says: Goshh! How cool! Though Tonks looks a little not like how I expected her to look like. I thought she would have short, short hair! :] But, those picture are awesome! thanks! =)Avatar Image says: Poor little Luna!Avatar Image says: sinead, yes they did change it to her... I just wanna punch percy which is exactly how we should feel! And I still just wanna hug Evanna...Avatar Image says: The total lack of expression on Luna's face is exactly as described in the book. Harry mentioned that she looked very calm unlike the others. It's because she's so spacey.Avatar Image says: There's a contest to see a "sneak preview" of OotP, I think they're showing the winners the entire movie. Image says: these darn pictures are taking ages to download. :( I'll come back some other time. The leaky page has been acting hormonal lately. I wonder what is up?Avatar Image says: Wow. That picture with Percy. Wow. Also, in the one with Fred and George in the common room, who is that tall, dark-haired guy in the center? Not Seamus?Avatar Image says: Great to see Percy's in this one. Avatar Image says: I was looking at and found a picture of umbridge being interviewed by the press. Is that in the film? I hope not. Avatar Image says: Wow! Percy's looking pretty snazzy, nothing like his father, Arthur. I love it when we get these pic's. It sint a spoiler for me, just a reminder as to how awsome this movie will be! I've never been a Ron fan girl but he's getting cuter as the movies go on.=)Avatar Image says: I wonder what Percy is doning with Harry and Cho!! Isn't he out of Hogwarts already, and working at the ministry? What is he doing with Harry & Cho in that pic?!!!Avatar Image says: Maybe he is part of Crouch's pose when he comes to DD's office with Dawlish, etc. because they have just caught Harry and gang in a meeting.Avatar Image says: That group picture isn't in the room or requirement or the common room- at least I don't think the murals look familiar- where are they?Avatar Image says: Who's the fourth person behind Hermione in the picture of her, Ron, and Neville in the Forest?Avatar Image says: Wow, poor Chris Rankins, his beautiful red locks... gone!Avatar Image says: lol i like the percy one.... and moody does look debonair.... and yeah. percy makes me laugh.Avatar Image says: actually they DID change it so cho was the sneak.. which ruins a big part of snape's fake veratisirum thingieAvatar Image says: Leaky, the picture of Hermione, Ron, and Neville takes place during the Ministry battle I think. If you look at other pictures from the film, this picture more closely matches the setting and the lighting of the Veil room than the Forbidden Forest. Avatar Image says: Claire, you're right, that looks like the top of Luna's head directly behind Hermione, and when you zoom in, that looks like a hand and part of Ginny's jumper even further back (partially hidden by Neville' arm). I think all 5 of them are there.Avatar Image says: Hasn't Percy already left Hogwarts? Although, yes, he's not in uniform, he's in a suit. But what did he catch Harry and Cho doing???(heehee) But cool pics.Avatar Image says: Percy did leave Hogwarts in Ootp, so what is he doing back at Hogwarts. Rupert Grint gets better looking each movie; he's such a groovy actor. Evanna Lynch looks very good as Luna; her expression matched the description in the book. I hope she's as good of an actress. Avatar Image says: Cho as the sneak? That ruins alot about her. Sure she had emotional issues because of her dead boyfriend, but I don't think she would ever be that cruel. Gah. I heard they were taking the "sneak" part out of the movie. Hmm. How then would they portray Dumbledore's departure?Avatar Image says: Don't worry-It was my understanding from reading about the Chicago preview that Cho doesn't expose the DA willingly. Besides, Cho sorta sided with her friend the Sneak at the end of OotP so the net result of ending Cho's association with Harry is the same. Avatar Image says: Percy is there because he works for the Ministry remember? He was there in the book writing down everything Dumbledore was saying....Avatar Image says: If Cho was the sneak how come she doesn't have sneak on her face? =( It wouldn't have taken a lot for them to have included that in the film! Claire- I can see someone else in that picture too, not enough to make out who it is though! Percy is there when the DA get caught out by Umbridge, I thought it was a bit obvious from the way he's got hold of Harry... And it's the FORBIDDEN Forest! *curses films*Avatar Image says: In the Harry/Ron one where they're talking to Hermione, Harry's looking at Hermione's face. Ron's looking at Hermione's...hands? Yeah. Yeah, that must be it. LoLAvatar Image says: This pic with Neville,Hermione and Ron is in the VEIL ROOM! The rocks are similar to those in the Veil Room. Besides, it is only Harry and Hermione who are in the middle of Grawp and Centaurs fight. The others come some seconds after the end of the "forest battle".Avatar Image says: You know, if they just released these scans all at the same time, it would be a lot easier on the Leaky staff. But we would have about fifty different conversations going on at once. :)Avatar Image says: *gasp* What? I--what? What is Percy doing there? I love his look, though. Avatar Image says: I really like the Percy, Harry, Cho one. Percy looks really nice actually (considering I can't stand his character) but smug though :). He is meant to be in that scene in the book, though he's only taking notes. asdfadsf I don't see how Cho as sneak affects the fake veritaserum bit. I thought the fake ver. was what Umbridge was using to get Harry where Sirius and Dumbledore are (and he didn't drink it anyway), just before the Weasley' Twins' explosion? I think the one with Ron, Harry and Hermione is when Hermione's nursing Harry's hand after detention? That's why Ron's looking where he is. Tonks looks nothing like I imagine her from the book. I imagine her with short spiky hair and a pierced nose! Hopefully her personality's right.. Avatar Image says: In the books, Percy and Harry are both included in the part where Dumbledore is supposed to be arrested after taking blame for the DA. Marrieta Edgecombe is also there but Cho is the sneak in the film.Avatar Image says: Why is neville in the forest??? and yeah, cho is now the sneak. which is a bit stupid. Cho wouldn't have done that, and it wouldn't have taken much extra time to add in marietta. Tonks looks great, as do moody and umbridge.Avatar Image says: OMG dude, I adore Tonks. she rules. and percy makes me want to laugh in his picture. he's such a prat with is suit and his greased up slicked back hair. I nearly died laughing... but they need pictures of lupin b/c there aren't like... any.Avatar Image says: April. It was also violet in the first chapter of the book.Avatar Image says: OMG those are great pics!!!!!!!!!!! i love that pic with Luna!!! she looks like no matter what hse'll keep her calm attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: minnie, it was only purple until she was with harry and said "does purple make me look peaky?" or something to that effect. She then changed it to pink. why is it STILL violet when they're outside of privet drive and at Grimmauld, etc, etc?Avatar Image says: has more pics up (I think) at least I didn't notice them here. Avatar Image says: That pic of Dudley being sick and Harry watching him in disgust made me laugh. Great facial expression from Dan. The rest of the pics are great. Avatar Image says: How can we get one of these Sticker books for ourselves?

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